Sunday, 23 December 2012

Work ends and party starts

 Hello guys :)

This was taken outside of Beer Factory at Sunway Giza.
Cos they had some event for 20,12, 2012. 

Where the Mayans predicted the end of the world hoo-hah 
and before we knew it, well. No shit happened at all.
I find it amusing.

More amusing, is also that Beer Fact can simply find any occasion as a mean to celebrate.
Halloween, end of the world, LIKE ANYTHING. 

It's funny how they can make none related shit as a reason to drink.
I mean come on. Halloween was about trick or treat, not drinking.
Which reminds me I missed trick or treat this year :/

Oh well. Many more to come. 
Cheers to 2012!

With my sidekick, Jennie from the block of course.

I'd like to say that eventhough we are rude to each other (as is permissible 
and becomes the norm for people you're close with)
 I do appreciate having her very much :3

She's like my ON buddy. Cannot imagine when she leaves to UK.
Who am I going to call for outing and clubbings?
The others are busy with boyfriends, you know, the restrictions and all.
She always half-jokingly says she's like my boyfriend. HHAHHA

No, I do not know when I will get one and do not foresee it in near future.

Also also the thing is I love fashion. I study fashion, work in fashion.
Burberry? 8 out of 10 guys there were homosexual. Yep.
My old college? Only two guys.

I suppose it's a must to meet someone, like friend of a high school friend or something?
But I am always either very ON or very OFF. hoh ^^

And guess which far-flung dude is back.

Mun chun of course, from Perth. It's like reunion with Vincent, Kok, Yenshen, Ping Kuang.
I always see them drinking together. I wonder what happened with the old dog gang? :3

He looks taller and skinnier. Beside him is a girl from Switzerland.
She was always here the last time he came back.
Anyways, it is nice that he keeps in touch with us all when he's back.
Like.. not waste his time and rot at home, right? :3

Dylan chugging his graveyards. Yes, note the "s".
Two, straight through his poor liver.

But those guys, they love to drink crazy damn a lot.
And I always control, control myself.

Put a lid on my mouth and seal it.
I only ever take, one and a half glass.
And I mean those really diluted ones.

Because I know I can drop drunk faster than you can pour my drinks.
Because I know I was too wild last time and I've settled down.
But... doesn't mean I won't let it down once it a while.

The lovebirds, Wen Qi and Vince. 
HAHA! Coursemates. Recently together.
A month or two?

I like that she's so sporting, can drink with us.
She can really hold her own.
Man, suit wey. Her boyf such a hardcore drinker.

There were also a lot a lot of regulars I bumped into that night.

Charles, who was really not shameless about stealing my soup 
eventhough the number of times I've met him can be counted on one hand.
And Dillon, who's still the same ol' same ol'.

And the UK gang, Radish Kar Chun Jin Yi. Two of whom just got back from UK.
Which reminds me that I have not seen Nicholas in a long while. Die already ah?
HAHAH. It was nice to catch up with them, because to be honest 
I didn't really try last time. Because of the first meeting incident.
But okayyy, they're pretty nice to talk to.

They had free flow upstairs and I didn't know if Jennie was drunk or what but she paid fifty
to get me upstairs. Cos I looked like I wanted to dance.
LOL. But wtf, like twenty more mins after they ended.

I thought she took the fifty to pay for herself but the bar person stamped my hand instead.
lol. Farney ah JENNIE. And she knows I'll be guilty.
She's like haha sure you pay me back one

I think I got home around three. Or four. Don't remember.
But it was really just chilling. Sitting there. Like that lo

Kiddy face. Look at my eyes, like so easy to cheat right.

I have something very beautiful to announce, that is ....-
I just finished work. On Thursday.

GEEE.  I mean it's nice to do something that'll earn money
but after a while you get sick of feeling like you sold urself for money. :33
But whatever. I'm glad for the experience.

Umm. Sad thing is I also feel more biased now, like I developed this view.
Scanning people whether they're rich or not,
not feeling like using something if it doesn't look glamourous enough.
The mau sangat perception la, HAHHAA.

And like. I feel a change in style, like I don't know what I really like in my wardrobe.
Like there's many clothes, but I'm not sure if it's still me. Dilemma.
One thing I'm sure? I'd rather save up on one investment piece, 
than use it on ten disposable pieces.

Because what's the point?

In the long run, the investment pieces will save you much more.
Like I used to buy a lot of sunglasses but it didn't satisfy me 
because I always took them for granted.
Because it wasn't expensive, wasn't designer.
Now I have the B one I just ignore the rest.

I mean like once you're used to this standard,
it feels odd lowering it.

But. It's nice to experiment, plus it's even better
if you can make a cheap thing look expensive. Right right :3
So pros and cons.

It is hard to find parking at Midvalley eventhough there's thousands upon thousands 
of lots available.

I don't know why dafug is that, so many people swarming around every corner furtively like that.
But thank goodness my car is small, hatchback- no butt.
I shove it in front of the pillar. 

Let me tell you this- if you're in a parking lot and there's no free lots- fuck it.
Find wherever fits and park. Park it. Right there. Yeah. Feels good right.
Fuck it with all the waiting and decency. Yeah.
Do it as long as you don't think anyone with common sense can scratch ur car.
No nothing happened to my car. Sometimes I park beside the entrance,
where they have those yellow bars to stop trolleys getting out.

But. I never park disabled people's parkings. I'm blind to those, I don't even think about it
because it's not meant for me. It's like trying to curse myself if I take one of those.
Come on man they deserve the privilege :(

Another thing is also place where it's too tight, you'll block someone and they'll end up
scratching ur car. NO NO. Better find like a dog for parking than scratch ur car neh.
Also obvious ones are clamping zone. I don't wanna change tyres to get away, mannn.

Mmm. Yummy. I have the habit of taking pictures of food now.
To decorate my blog and console myself of where my money flied to.
Reminisce the taste that my money gave. Because that's where $$ usually goes.
I mean if I do brunch and dinner outside I'd need at least fifty already.
Five days alrdy two hundred fifty?

But then can always make like my dad and eat kopitiam food.
That's why he doesn't understands why I spend so much.
Yah. I wonder how will I feel when my child keep asking money ??
Like it's never enough??? OMG :(

That was some sweet and sour thing. Because I was working and always skipped dinner.
So supper was the way to go. That was at Boston with Chi Cheng.

Some hexagon thang again. But mainly I just wanted to see Chi Cheng.
Damn long didn't see her, don't know what she's busy with :(
last time always find me. HAHAH!


Some random meet up at desa park.
Was chilling at Coffee Bean actually
and the guys suddenly said they'll be swimming.

ISHHH never ask us to bring swimsuits.
How nice right if there's bras that can turn into swimsuits anytime :3

Was supposed to meet Chi Cheng but she left when I arrived. To dan's house.
I didn't pick up when Jennie called earlier, phone silent.
I have a habit of leaving my phone silent.

Umm. Ring my house if it's important because the ringtone is damn loud
like can be heard on three floors.

Yen Shen, Mun Chun, Kok, Janine and Jennie.

Not long after they dipped into the pool thou,
God decided to rain on their parade. Like literally. Lol.
I had to run back to get my fries which I was planning to eat
while lounging in front of the pool.

But I can't of course, cos the lounge chair was wet as the FUCKING POOL T.T

Hahhaa. Oh well. Next time next time. At least I had fries to keep me warm.
Love them most with a lot of sauce. I like em thin and crispy!
I don't like the crinkle cut.. Chinoz has the best fries. Just because.

I also wore make up to DPC. I mean light one.
The old me wouldn't even have bothered.
It's like a habit already after working.
Must keep image right.
And make up is basic manners.
What my mama told me, lol.

Gathering at alcohol den, aka Vince's crib.
So the long time didn't see Guat Tyng. She still looks young ^^

Jennie kept insulting Wei Kien the moment he arrived. lol. Epic neh.
Jennie says the first thing that comes to her mind when seeing someone familiar is
just insults. ya.

So poisonous right, see you and smile then think of your flaws and fire away.
I can't start insulting someone, because. I won't stop.
And the thing about me staring people is. My goodness. I go overboard.
I won't blink, I'll think of how much I want to throw the person off the cliff.
So most of the time I let them insult me and keep quiet :(

The thing about Wei Kien is. Lol.
He used to have this nickname in high school.
"Hoi Gao" which translates to sea dog. But more accurate would be the
cute little sea lion :)

He got that nickname because he's umm. Big and wet.
Jennie was all like. Return to your aquarium la. ^^

We played some cards. Ring of Death?
Quite interesting. I got the snake eyes, twice.
It was nice to stare, because who ever caught my stare
would be forced to drink ^^

and that's why I love the game.


Today I went 1U with Jennie to buy supplies for tomorrow's event.
But some days earlier I misplaced my camera. I felt so lost and jittery without it, mannn. T.T
I always misplace things. GAH. How can right. Must take care!

So tomorrow Sunday will be full day busy busy. Christmas.
Wake up, eat breakfast. Shopping with family. Then Aunt's dinner at Grand Imperial.
Then somehow find a way to go Park Royal.

Where I will be sleeping over. Kind of like a gathering, invited everyone.
Come to think of it, there wasn't a big gathering ever since the one Siet Yen hosted.
And fuck, that was like ages ago. AGES I TELL YOU.

Jennie and I are considered the hosts but Jennie is more of the one doing most of it :3
The organizer this time! HOHO. I think of what to do during New Year's la okay.
But that time Jennie won't be there , geebet. ;(

Hope everything will go successful, and have time to pack and curl my hair in between ^^

And hopefully selca the shit out of everything . 

HEHE. Go do your christmas shopping guys! This season of giving is a LIE.
It's a season of spending, to shopping malls and retailers and highly marked up shit.
So enjoy yourselves! HOHOHO!

PS: It doesn't matter that Santa isn't real,
as long as the presents are.


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