Thursday, 24 January 2013


Flipped note,

So, it was a bad day. But at the end of the day I realized I've been blessed with many things.

You can sulk and sulk over it or you can choose to learn something from it.
That's your choice when something bad happens.

First of all, of course the most important things in life are family and friends.

Dad is my all encompassing pillar, I feel invincible to have him because he'll protect me from anything that happens. I feel invicinble shielded by his love. HAHAH. (Could that be also why I'm so careless? =.=)

Okie okie, at the same time I have to grow up, be wise. Carry myself properly. It's so hard,
graduating from teen to adult. I was eighteen, but suddenly now it'll be not long, before I'm out of my teens.

When I was twelve, that was my struggling point. A lot of issues there, trying to deal with all these changes. Phew, glad I'm through it.

Mei Yen also came to the garage and I sat her car home actually (my car was being polished). I am thankful that she was there! Xuan also came to my house shortly after, and we played make up and curling hair. LOLOL.

I think that money is important but not that important. I mean it's like what the fuck does it matter when you have all the money in the world but everyone is against you and you have no friend.

On the other hand, I think I would be very happy if I was poor but everyone was my friend, good to me etc.

The good ol' money or love essay during high school. HAHHAHAHAHA. I remembered I had this subconscious thought- if he chose money over love, hmmm... I'm gonna be wary of him.

Yeah, yeah. Tone down. Might delete this post. HAHAHA.

I don't like to remind myself of bad things.

Ma de, those stupid government rasuah hai, I hope they get scammed or conned or cheated or something. Or have their shit stolen.

Meanwhile, I hope all my friends and lovely readers win lottery lah ^^



I've been an emo girl past two or three days.

I banged my car the other day, I suppose this time it's the really bad one.

Because I banged some government car, and they were being so pushy.
And me, at first I was scared of telling my dad.
Cos he's working and all, gonna scold me for being so careless.

Then I thought why, I'm so careless and wasteful.
Bang car, lose iPhones, drop out of college.

Being given good things but failing to take care of it in the end, I HATE IT.

Basically I hit the car from the side, was cutting to the right lane.
Mirror showed up nothing but blindspot apparently.
Next thing I know, BOOM BOOM & HORN HORN.

I thought I was going to die.

Phobia for driving for few weeks, maybe.

Spend almost seven hundred in the end, have to fish out money from my own pocket.
390 for the gov suckers, 260 to polish.

Which apparently it was something like RM120 to polish normal price. And my car is so tiny dafug.
Probably looked like an easy blowfish to them, lost and desperate. =.=

Basically, settle saman takes RM300. My dad said RM300 or police report.

That was what was agreed on, but apparently they wanted us to pay for the hammer job(RM90)
and take the RM300 for themselves as some tea money whatever fuck. They had those cheesy camo uniform on.

Really hate those type of people from now on, Government types who love to rasuah and suck money, ask for tea money, malay or not malay. Diu.

My dad thought why so expensive. He thought I hit a BMW or something, but actually it's a lanjiao Proton. I always hit Proton seriously. HAHAH FUCK. Damn no mood to talk about this story again.

Actually the problem is the driver. The car isn't their's, it's some government cars. Sigh, so obvious they just want to have pocket money. RM300, divide by themselves. Tiring, my bad luck day.

Will be more careful. But it's true, newbies sure will have accidents T.T

OKAY. Just lucky it wasn't anything life-threatening or *TOO costly. Above RM1k yes la.

I think worst accident that I know of is Daniel's. Haiyo, pantang la talk about accident.

I felt very lost that day, felt so bullied by the government fuckers. Ma de.

You know why so many police and government sectors love to rasuah? Their wages so fucking little and their head all love to rasuah, follow the top only. Our JIB GOR.

OKIE. I banged until their car door cannot open. My car dented a bit only. Mini good okay, damn keras. Got nine airbags can float. Won't die.

HAHAHA FUCK. The things I say to console myself.

Ma de. Give you RM300 also like RM3000 for you. Don't know need to work how many days only can get. I open my mouth can get already.

OKOK. CALM. I cried like fuck that day. This is more of a private post seriously, that's why I make it all words. So ppl would be lazy to read. Lolol. But I know Jennie sure read, lawyer eyes.


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