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Flashbacks of '12

Flashbacks of 2012. 

Take One

Take Two

Take Three

Coincidentally, all three were taken at 1U.

My trends? Summery, beachy, bohemian for a little while.
Bandage skirts, tank tops, crop tops, denim shorts.

In popsicle colours or pastel candy floss shades.

Tangerine orange is delightful, as are gold accessories.

Feathers, fringes, studs. Vivi!

Denim cropped vest, and more denim.

My lovely lovely endearing college mates.


With part of the famous eight beauties of a batch just a year younger than us.

Snippet of Penang trip. Girls this is a good way to pose. 30 inch belly can look like 24 inch ^^

DPC moment with Chi Cheng.

I bought a lot of crop tops but mostly wore em to DPC,
cos later if wear to shopping mall people say slut, how? :(

But I know I'll still wear it anyways.

There was also this period where Chi Cheng and Siet Yen were keen on exercising
and we would meet up at DPC to jog & cycle!

So healthy. That felt like a thousand years ago.

Taken at Pavi, a lot of KL trips with the ladies.

I love shopping in KL because it entails a lot of walking, to different places.
And a little outdoor in between. It's like... you don't feel so closed in and you can
pretend to be a tourist :3

At Jaya One, impromptu meet up to this crazy sale.
But it was soooo stupid. We queued up for quite a while,
they later told everyone everything got sold out.



I was supposed to do a flashback like for one whole year of 2012,
but those photos are mostly from May- September.

Because I search for photos and edit them in chronological order ^^
Maybe do another one iffff I'm feeling nostalgic and I have free time. Teehee!

Oh yeah. I have twitter and instagram, just bubuchahchah it.
As in type bubuchahchah and you'll find me ^^

Instagram is public, twitter is not.
Because I filter photos, but not words.
I bloody rant everything out. LOLOL.


Memorable pieces of 2012?

- I actually got working, first one was a six-days stint at HTC with Chi Cheng.
And then another one month ordeal at Burberry.

Honestly I thought HTC was very tiring and etc.


Lolol. Burberry was more like.. for experience. Know how a high end label works.
Because it is high end, they're also more strict and all.

HTC do liddis also no problem lolol.
Because it was also an event, so we're not inside the store and so closely monitored.
But yeah wherever you go there will be bitchy superiors.

It is also nicer if you have a friend working with you. :3

Anyways, for both jobs the only thing similar is I was very happy when it ENDED.
Bwahah. Cannot be salesperson for a long period. The long hours will suffocate you mannn.

Umm. Working teaches you the value of money like nothing can.
The only way you can learn how hard it is to earn money is try to earn it yourself.

It is also very rewarding to have money you earned.
Money you earn is different from money parents give.
It's like... planting your own apple and plucking someone else's, I guess.

-Also Penang Trip, and staying at a suite during Christmas. Both ParkRoyal Hotels.


Group picture of everyone.

Look at the horse squinting its eyes. Lol sorry horsey

Our hotel, the ladies one. Also the cleanest one.^^
And Jennie and Xuan brought their softies lol

The ladies. Pretty pictures thanks to Xuan's DSLR.

Highlights of Penang trip? That one night where everyone got knocked out by alcohol. Worse one was Xuan and Daniel and there was also an ambulance involved :x  AND CPR. HAHAHA
It's funny to think about it now, but at that time I was scared out of my wits, adrenalin pumping over.
We went to the 69 club at Penang.

It was also fun riding on jetskis. Albeit very the expensive. And a lot of swimming of course. And bikinis. And the shimmer part. Lolol. 

-I dyed my hair properly for the first time, but my hair is still stubbornly black. Kind of.
To be honest, I kind of dyed it like four/five times already.

But my hair is so bloody thick it doesn't give a fuck about the chemicals.
HAHAHA. That's the good thing of having thick hair I guess?

-2012 was the year, where I really started getting into the clubbing scene.
For me I was crazy about it January to July, but now I've gotten kind of... blase about it.
Like sometimes I'd rather stay home and chill in the cinemas.

But wtf, also end up clubbing.

Before 2012 I only went to like. Giza at most. And then 2012 came and I became bandaraya.
Because I got legal. So good right wait until legal right. Vertigo, Zouk, G6, Mist, Changkat.
Vertigo is the one I have a love/hate thing with.

my clubbing partner. it's crazy how many nights out we've been through together.
glad to have you oh cibet ^^

-I was really, really excited for college. The One Academy. It was fine until the trial period ended
and the new teachers stepped in. I love my college mates, but my teachers are a totally different story.

If you wanna learn fashion design, by god. For your own sake, try somewhere else. Because you are going to sacrifice your mental health and physical healthy plus money and time to study at Esmod Kuala Lumpur. Fuck. If you are going to sacrifice as much, better you just go Central Saint Martins in UK. Alrighty?

All students in that course have cried because of the stress, the teachers, the tantrums, the assignments. Two have dropped out less than one semester into the course, including yours truly.
Fark. I really wanted to finish it but that one fately day came. Like. Exploded. Boom. Bye bye.

Look so happy right? HAHA. Dafuk.

Okay you know why? This was before the trial period of the course ended and before the two teachers came in.

I'd just like to say that my classmates were what made classes so fun :3
Scott, Bowie, Jie Ying, Esther, Bowie, Candice, love em all. And of course Siet Yen!

Well difference to how I look is
my eyebrows. HAHA. I think they morphed that way somewhere around. September :3

And I used to believe eyeliners was a no-no.
Until I got used to it. Yeh, never give up.

Okay. There's more but I don't wanna elaborate already!
I could go on forever like this! Didn't plan to add so much to the bottom half. Lolol.

Had fun doing this post, hehe.

Here's to a great year ahead!

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