Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hello puppy! And college sneak peak~

College look. Beware guys, long post ahead.

Been utilizing my camera past TWO days. But quite a lot has happened.

Well, mainly...


Say HI, to my new cutie. The ultimate perfection.

Hehe. I've actually been wanting a puppy for a long time,

just waiting for the right moment. Today was it.

I saw the puppy on Tuesday, got it on Wednesday (today).

HEHE. The funny thing was I walked into Petsmore at Desa Park,
but actually I wasn't/didn't have the conscious decision to get a puppy.
Well my subconscious brought me into the shop.

And then fate has decided for me to get an extra-friendly salesperson.
And they kept asking if I wanted to cuddle it.

At first I'm like, ummm it's okay nevermind.
But then, I was like. Fuck it, lemme cuddle it.

And there. GONE. Intoxicated by a puppy's cuteness.

Above picture was taken at One Noodle. I don't really like noodles
cos it's always about PORK PORK PORK PORK.

So, had some dim sum. :)


This is the shop.

Actually when I called my dad to tell me I wanted the dog,
he was like, "HOU SAM, MM MOI LA"

Which means something along the lines of: "save your breathe, no need la".

With dad? When you ask him to buy something,
he'll always make like he doesn't want to.
But in the end, also buy. HAHHA.

The difference? Umm. 
Don't buy la. - Means can buy.
 Don't buy la. You think worth it meh?- Don't want to buy but still got chance.
Don't buy. Not worth it at all. - VERY LITTLE CHANCE. Save your breathe!

OKIE ^^ Anyways I think I will be a bit high-maintenance as a wife in future
because. Well. My dad treats me too nice. 

 AWW. But look at how happy I am to bring him home.

I think it was around one thousand five for everything, the food and the cage.

But hey. Buy already I will stay home more,
be more happy therefore easily contented and therefore spend less.

Also go out less because I think of the puppy.
OR bring the puppy out. LOL.

After two months. When it has finish the injections.
I don't want it to die from Pavro virus or whatever fuck infections.
My baby eh.


Really like baby right T.T

I'm glad I took my camera out. Swung the huge bugger over my shoulders.

Been doing that often. Cannot miss precious moments...!!!

Dad brought Hilux. Inside the car, full of my camera-snapping sounds. ^^

I like that it is so nice to cuddle.

Very manja. Like it likes staying in ur arms.

The cibai Lucian hug a bit he'll jump hahaha.

But very qi gek if you bring Lucian for walks. Ur feet will become hot from running. <3 p="p">

The three doggies.

Lucian, Chuckie, and the puppy.

Chuckie was the oldest among all, got him when I was Standard Four. 2004, nine years ago.

It is buried in my porch now. My dad wanted to let the rubbish bin guy take him away.

I was like fuck crazy ah cannot cannot cannot. HHAHA.

Lucian is brother's. Have to get him to grooming. Two months later they shall meet.

Well probably sooner hahahha. I keep nagging bro to play with Lucian.

Siberian Husky! A bit more expensive, got him for a little more than RM3k.

Still don't know what to name my puppy. Cookie Bubu Baby??

And the puppy is whining now. Go sleep la lol.
I used to find Chuckie's whining like very annoying because I can't stand dogs crying.
But now, got used to it. HHAAHA. SHHHH

You'll probably see a lot more of his pictures soon. The unnamed puppy. 


This was on Tuesday.

I was a bit mau sangat, thinking of those people in New York.

Like they always wear black turtlenecks, some diamonds. And they look SO classy.

Classy is the theme!

Okay, I finally shot some pics at college. HEHE.

Have fun stalking.

This is some random shot upon entering Raffles College of Higher Education.

I always, always thought it reminded me of a rehab.

This is a random alcoholics and drug addict's rehab in Texas.

Seriously. The trees, the bungalows. Making you feel relaxed.

See. Block A of Raffles. Lolol.

Raffles is much windier than The One Academy.

More secluded I guess? But at TOA there's more food selections.

This is the canteen...

the place looks like shit and the food tastes like shit

HHAHAA okok non-appetizing food save money and don't get fat easy la okay.

See, always look at the positive side ^^

The lecture room for that class. This one is a bit odd because it's more long than wide.

The lecturer for this class.... is a French teacher.....
thats why can see.... everyone's face so TENSION.


Same pattern with my previous French lecturer at The One.

But I say that TOA frenchie is 10 on madness scale,
Raffles is like... 1. Okay.

I mean for them he is really strict and scary,
but for me it's like. Nah, I've seen worse.
So in a way TOA was good training.

In class. Chose the wrong seat.

I like cold, I love it.

But that spot was like crazy. Air cond to full blast and I was the only one beside it. 
WALAO. I asked my partner if she was cold.

Nola, you help me shield it already. HAHHAHA #manly

Jia Shin. I think ^^

She lives in Wangsa Permai (OHHH! someone who lives nearby!)

went to SEGI for Diploma in Music and SMK Maluri.

 OOTD, Tuesday,

Galaxy plus timeless classic.

After my class, went to meet this dude. My beloved ex class-mate.


 I drove eventhough I had like three hours of nap the night before. #MANLYx2

Superrr tired. Lucky college ends early.

Scottie also kindly forgotten to bring his keys

so we waited outside his house for his mama to come back.

I turned off the car to save battery and it was really hot.

These pictures were taken something between the lines of

Scott complaining the car was very hot

and me telling him to shut up and take pictures.

.... Well at least that distracts me ^^

Details, gold and shiny stars :)

Le galaxy skirt from Topshop, le turtleneck top from H&M. LOL.

Chill blue, cool purple

There's this awesome revolving panda for upcoming CNY.
I think it's nice that DPC those a lot of things in events, like you'll never know what to expect.

If you think about it, Waterfront is very small and there could be better places to go
but they make such an effort to make it a pretty cool place to hang out. HOHO.

ButsometimesIdon'tliketheguardsthere. SOMETIMES.

Worse, would still be Valencia. If you ever mention about Valencia among my friends,
the first thing they will do? COMPLAIN ABOUT THE GUARDS.

You live in Valencia? Oh mannn, go in have to turn off engine get down from car wait five minutes for them, give them ic and have them call the owner and then only pass you the visitor pass,
go out also have to give back the pass and let them check your fucking boot.

... yeah.

HAHHA okay let's ignore it

One more shot.

Off we ate at Amelio's.

Caterpillar Strawberry Bread.

This was not bad, and it was those cheaper ones you get off the counters.

The bun was SOFT~~~

like cotton puffs, SOFT~~~

Mushroom soup. Thick and textured. :)

Their food is not bad, but I usually go for their breads.
Pasta are a bit too creamy for me!

 The wtf face.


Yeah, that was when I spotted this little baby.

I was like, can I take a picture? (after cuddling it).

They said no pictures allowed but she allowed me. Without flash la. HOHO

Whoever knew Iwas getting it the next day ^^

Last OOTD!



 (yes there's still more)

This was right after Scottie's at DPC. And a nap of course. ELSE I'D DIE.

Yes I changed outfits. Lol.

Mei Yen dragged me to Zanmai.

Not too say I was unwilling. BWAHA! 

Was a weeny bit tired thou.

Didn't realise my hair was so long :3

Had sushi off the belt,

 Tamago Mentai.

The food is still okay...
But somehow it's like, the magic touch is not there.

The food always comes later than expected, the service is not good...

The waiting line is long...

Damn, their customer base is already good.
EXPAND YOUR RESTO or improve service if u wanna KEEP IT!!

 Okie okie. Cos Mei Yen ordered a cawanmushi.
After 25mins of waiting, Mei Yen asked the waiter to check order.
He said, 15min more mins. DUDEEEE, we've waited enough already.

So in the end nooo cawanmushi for Mei Yen.

Anyways, guys- go ICHIBAN BOSHI BAH.




Today at college before getting the puppy. HEH

With Monica. From Indonesia!

Also, oddly I remember where people come from, more than their names...

The one on the right, is Ashley!

This one is called Jae Yi!! SHE REMINDS ME OF JANICE KAM.


Also, there was this particular lecturer called Andrei, I saw him when I was parking my car.

And I thought, OMG why is Donnie Yen in our college?!??!

The dude from IP MAN.

Then, he came into my class.

And he introduced himself as Andrei. HAHHA.

Honestly, he looks so much like Donnie Yen I thought Donnie Yen quit working as an actor
to be a lecturer instead. LOLOL DAMN.

Will show you his face someday.


That's about it for today.


Not sorry at all for how long this post is.

HEHE. You guys should be grateful la ^^ hardworking blogger ^^

IF only I put that much effort into studying. I SHALL NOW.


Bye lovelies, have a day even lovelier day than mine. :)

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