Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year, New Year

First post of 2013 hoho! Welcome to my new blog layout.

Bye bye to the old layout. Fresh start yoh!
But I'm not done with my blog layout, yet...
I want it white, but with.. I don't know.
Something's still missing. Bear with me ^^
White and simple for now

New Year's Eve was spent at Maison Francaise, KL.
Last minute decision, the dogs were there.

Felt a bit... anticlimatic? 
Like a by the pool outing. Lol.

I think it's more of a place to chill. Loved last year's Encorp Strand better.
Other popular places- DPC, Giza, Genting, The Curve.

For me, New Year's Eve is ALL about fireworks.
Let me be under the blanket of exploding flowers and I'll be happy :)

 This was on Wednesday, iDarts.
With Jennie and Vincent who came back from Hong Kong and Thailand, respectively.

I think what makes it addicting of throwing darts
is the competitive side of it.

Went to MJ before that, high class mamak.
Known for their shisha!

So basically. Outings are with Vincent gang (amigos)
which "mostly" consists of Yen Shen, Kok Leong, Mun Chun, Janine, Wen Qi.
Jin Fye, Li Chen, Guat Tyng, Dylan, Wei Kien.

And the other Daniel gang (dogs), 
Ding, Xian Jiong, Rysher, King Jiat, Vinoth, Chi Cheng, Siet Yen, Xuan, Qi Yao.

Ping Kuang and Weng Hock blend with both of them I suppose?
Like Jennie and I do :3

Accessories that I've been wearing often, but it on everyday without care. 
Because they match with everything. HAHA!

-Juicy Couture necklace and charm bracelet
-Gassan diamond ring
-Chanel pearl earrings
-Tiffany & Co Return to Tiffany beaded bracelet

silver makes my skin brighter while the gold sort of warms it

Jan 2 was my Orientation Day at Raffles Kuala Lumpur.
The bungalow facade. Makes me feel like I'm in a rehab.
They should put a fountain as well ehhh

What I like about is the parking. Like valet. 
The guard will come and guide you with vigorous hand motions. LMAO

Dad asked me how was my orientation. He told me if I don't think it suits me 
then he can go stop the cheque. LOL paranoid already since the
one academy ordeal.

  No no I wanna quickly get my cert done over with ;( 27 months.
Just a little more than two years and I'll be out.

Unless I wanna continue my studies at Australia, but I doubt it.
Above is my goodie bag with the timetables and stuff.

Oh yeah. Anyways, for first term it's like.
Monday 2pm-6pm,
tues & weds  9am-1pm.
thursday off... then,

why not put it on weekdays. But okay la. Tues and Wednesday
very short :3

Got a glimpse of my classmates, looks like the English speaking kind,
adult looking and proficient with make up. I'll elaborate more,
when classes commence officialy next Monday! :)

But yeah, they were pretty friendly. As am I ^^

What's in my bag. 
Gucci Bifold wallet,
Chanel vitalumiere eclat powder
Pink monologue notebook
 Chanel eyebrow pencil ( I thought they were inferior
until I realised it's actually better because auto ones keep breaking =.=)
Burberry sunnies
iPod Nano
Samsung Galaxy M (Y, but M for Maid)

Outfit, tangerine orange and hot pink bandage skirt.

Kissaten with Jennie. Had trouble waking up, and sleeping.
slept for like two hours then drove to college.

I miss routine. I miss having something to do.
HAHA! Glad that college will be starting. 

I'll be good to 2013 ! :)


1) Study hard and do good in college
2) Keep fit, exercise and diet. LOSE FIVE KGS
3) Take care of skin, fair and smooth is the WAY TO GO.
4) Party and have fun with friends (this I do every year with ease
ever since Form Five)
5) But... at the same time, keep track of spending and save money.

Okay. That's about it! 

Tata guys happy 2012 :)


  1. Hello, Karen. I've stumble upon your blog by accident (LOL) and I think it is a lovely blog. I am, however, concerned about your decision of leaving ESMOD. Having read some of your posts about ESMOD, I was wondering if you have ever brought this matter to the relevant authorities? I know lecturers are supposed to be strict and although I do think the lecturers at ESMOD may be a little too strict, you need to understand why there're like that. Did any of you guys keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again? Did you tried to ask questions if you didn't understand anything? I know that you're upset about the ordeal about ESMOD and all but that doesn't give you the right to bash a place just like that. When you're in the ANY design field, you have to put in FULL commitment, have passion for you're doing and making sacrifices (even personal ones too). And for your info, I was an ex-student at Raffles. I don't want to reveal too much but it gave me a lot of problems! The lecturers, the new syllabus, the staff, etc. As much as I don't like that place, I didn't go around telling everyone how terrible it is. I just said, "Think twice". That's it. I'm not trying to you to make you look bad But you should think twice about what you're doing. I do hope that you could reply this as soon as possible. Anyway, nice blog and thanks! :)

    1. Hello there. I think that no college/university is perfect as ourselves are not perfect. But ESMOD was really the worst college I've ever been to, based on my personal experience. When I entered, they just started the fashion design course and I was in the first batch therefore the guinea pig class. I would say maybe the lecturers had a lot of pressure on them. However, I really did not agree with their style of teaching. I do understand lecturers may sometimes get angry at students, but this was way over the limit. What more we are the first batch, students who have no inkling of how to draft and drape anything. The atmosphere in class was really toxic and every week at least a student would cry (including me). There was once I threw up because I ate my lunch too quickly due to not having enough time to eat (it was curry udon) But I would say the experience helped me to go to Raffles. In Raffles lecturers might throw tantrums etc but it was nothing at all compared to what I experienced at ESMOD. I ranted about this college because I feel like as a consumer, I have the right to detail how the experience was for me. I did go to the student counsellor and made reports against lecturer but no actions were taken. They did not take me seriously at all. After that, another classmate of mine also went to complain but again they did nothing. I was fed up, quit the college and rant about my experience on my blog. Had they solved the problem earlier or changed their attitudes I would've stayed there. But I'm glad I didn't. Anyway, to each to their own. Maybe other people would have better luck at ESMOD but it just isn't the college for me. Thank you for your feedback tho!