Sunday, 13 January 2013

Out and about around PJ


was supposed to head down to KL and shop in Sungei Wang,
grab some bargain finds before Chinese New Year
( I know it's long way to go, but STILL... a girl can never have enough clothes!)

Driver of the day. jennie couldn't make it last minute.
It's like when Xuan is on then she's off and vice versa?
I'm the most ON one, even college.
No errands, no boyfriends. Damn free babi.
But hahha not totally cos of college.

Xuan was lazy to drive.
But go 1U it's a bit hard to fetch la cos my house is a weeny bit nearer.
But all the time, friends fetch each other. HAHHA.
Jennie is the one who always fetch me, sorry baby :3

So anyways the time dragged on till quite late, so decided to shorten the distance.
No Sg wang, just 1U.
Thought I wouldn't buy anything but in the end also did, babi.

 Prints. Finally giving prints a shot, testing cold waters feet first. HAHA!

Also Xuan, Amanda, behbeh, bou bou, Gwenllian.
Sorry for confusing you guys. LMAO

 Ate at Sushi Zanmai. Juicy yakitodori chicken bits. Mmm.

BUT! Seriously,
don't bother going for Zanmai during peak hour on weekends.
Without the peak or the end, it's already slow enough.
MAN. They should get a bigger space. Hire more people. BOOM.

Their customer base is big enough. It's time! Not enough money meh?!


Also saw Jun Wen and Kim Bee! So nice right siblings shopping together.
Sometimes I wished I had a sister. Who's younger than me a year.
So I can boss her around

How nice, can shop together, take ootd pictures for each other.
Lolol. Okay okay.

Short outing, had to rush home before dinner time.

New profile pichaaa.
Top was freshly bought after The Curve dinner with family.
Just wore it to mix and match. Haven't debut la.
Only virtually. Zibay, sometimes I don't like posting pictures
of clothes I haven't worn OUT yet.

HAHAH. Keep da novelty.

Denims. And my bag is on the floor.. OOPS

With clothes, I only buy things I really like. 
But sometimes, ur judgement are a bit biased. 
You know.. it's like maybe you were feeling spendy/confident that day.

Later after one or two wears you realise- it's not an investment piece.
It's a novelty piece. And that is bad, because novelty means disposable 
once the initial amusement wears off :((

Hot is like being novel. Beautiful. Well, you're an investment piece. HAHAH

Did you notice my pictures have gotten clearer? MUAHAA

Used my brother's one. It's in PINK.
People expect it's mine.

But damn. My brother buy also never use.
I mean he'll use it few times a year.
Me? More than few times a WEEK, MAN.

Look at this! Samsung MV800!!

I know I've always got my eye on Pen Mini, but that's Micro Four Thirds...
and I can use my bro one, which is actually more expensive (and perhaps BETTER quality?!)
than Pen Mini?

But lol still I think Pen Mini is the one for me.
That's what happens once I've set my sights on something.

Umm. The thing is, good quality cameras are all a bit heavy.
The portable one was Canon, but that one is like... halfway into its grave, MAN!!
SERIOUSLY!!! It keeps glitching out.

How can. Wait for you to recover the moment would've already seeped into the wind. Cis!

Anywayy. I have a sweet spot with cameras with multi view. Espo good for camwhore.
It reminds me of my old camera, the one that some little bitch fucking stole.

I swear man I'll not lose ANYMORE GADGETS.
I never really lose handbags or accessories. I mean like those cheap ones maybe la.
But gadgets are like one or two thousands. I try to keep in my mind not to lose em.

I will try my hardest :( harder wasn't enough.

LOL OKAY onto, the next chapter.


Golden ball, kanimayo temaki.

At Sushi King, just remember to order stuff with a lot of crabstick or mayonnaise
if you're unsure of what to eat. SAFE BET.

JENNIE. Was supposed to go straight to Paradox but the guys were quite late,
so we decided to go have a little dinner.

Actually I prefer DPC, but Jennie pussy, scared to see her family. HAHHAHA

Okay if me I would also try to avoid my family when I'm out with my friends la, har har ^^
I don't know. It's how teenagers are.

Doesn't mean they love their parents any less thou! <3 p="p">

Dig in! :)

Jennie taking a picture of me using my camera
while I'm taking a picture of her using her camera.


I think... it's a good idea to switch camera with your friends during an outing
then take paparazzi shots.

I trust Jennie with my camera.

Honestly, you'd think guys are better with cameras since there are more well-known
male photographers than female photographers but I'll tell you this- they are all either
REALLY SHITTY or REALLY GOOD. Like. No in between.

Girls? Most of them are pretty okay, like among us.
I think it's because we've had so much practise camwhoring, the vain punch.


okok iDiam

 Been digging skirts like this! 

Seeing a lot of these skirts around lately? 
A line skirt, but a little longer and with printed middle panel.
Looks like t-skirt, which is basically a skirt made from t-shirts. But, artfully modified
in a way you may never tell.

Baroque rock chick, can ah?

Also. Those boots were like chio comfy at first but I had blisters the second day.
Like, I never get blisters, MAN.

Will still wear it. Hmm. I need more shoes!

Good thing CNY is near. Last year I wasn't in the inspired mood to shop during CNY.

Sadly, I am into black lately.
But if I wear black I always accessories a lot, brighten it up with prints and shit to.


Keywords for styles recently- Baroque, Rock, Galaxy, Tropical, Neon, Denim, Street, Hippie, Mode, Stylenanda, Fantasy, Animals, Dystopia, Illuminati, Grunge.

To buys:
Black fedora, white beanie, beret, heels with toe caps, sneaker with heels, tropical print wedges, peplum shirt, white dress, LBD, leather flare skirt, cross necklace with black chain, college bag (michael kors?), glitter pumps, cape shirt, cut out dress in prints, and ohllalaala Frederique Constant watch.Cat eye sunglasses. Tattoo leggings (sheer nude ones)

To shop:
F Block, Topshop, H&M, Sungei Wang sixth floor, FOS, Cats Whiskers, Zara, Forever 21

Style icons:
Rihanna, Blake Lively, Victoria Beckham, Rubi Love, Rumi Neely, Cheesie, TAYLOR MOMSEN

Keywords for my style last year? Party. Egyptian. Pastel. Cute. Gold. Clubbing. Preppy. Candy. Angelic. Beach.

A lot of colours. Bright and happy. Okay, I wanna go into somber mode. Teenage angst mode okie.

Accessories, simple.

I think when people become adults they just wear their expensive jewellery all the time
because they're expensive and will last through everyday wear.

But even if I do have expensive jewellery, I'll let it rest and mix with some costume jewellery.

Accessories are like. the important bomb.

Paradox Art Cafe yoh. In PJ, just a little past 1U.
Vincent's recommendation. He used to work there for a little while.
Nazri and Sarah were also there. Even after miles apart!

The guys. They ordered buckets of beer, bucket after bucket.
Crazy. Bill came to almost seven hundred.

The manager was nice, friendly. 
Gave us a free platter of chips and wantons. YUMMY!
Thank you so much hehe.

Looks candid but it's not ^^ 
Jennie likes to take candid photos but she always tells me beforehand, and like.
The candid moment is totally LOST, posey Karen comes in.

Me, I sincerely like to take pictures without people realizing.
This is Jennie in observation mode. Something often see during school days.

 This is my ji mui. What is the difference between this:

And this







Ladies! Vinnie Lim, from Taylors. But she's changing to HELP. Wen Qi! Vince's gurl.
Also from Taylors!

No more Janine the Swiss girl! She went back few days ago :3 kinda got used to seeing her around!

With all the girls. Hehe. Not bad hor usually there's so little girls during outings. ^^

Realised every girl in this photo dyed their hair. Lol.

Very "chill" night. Cracking jokes and insults. Shao Yang and Sim Kuan bickering. Fook fook fuck off. Wtf. Lapsap here lapsap there. And this guy, poor thing mannn. I thought he was a pretty decent guy, until halfway through Vincent *leaked* something. Boom, now known as the making out guy.
HHAHAHA! Won't say it's who for privacy reaons (can't say). LMAO LMAO

Not clubbing, but got home like almost four in the morning if I'm not wrong. DANG.
Ohhh, and I love their chicken pop corn.

And that's all for today! Signing out, xoxo.

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