Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Puppy Park

Took Cabbie the puppy out for the first time.
Venue was at DPC, to meet up with the ladies!

Strapped Cabbie in. I'm a safe driver hoho.
The pink bag is a pet carrier bag, don't worry!
Bought it for Chuckie but he wasn't used to it.
The trick is to throw your puppy inside handbags all the time. Ta-dah!

They have holes punched all over for ventilation.
Some use nets.

With Chi Cheng <3 p="">
Finally got to see her, DPC once again.

She's busy, but her busy is not really busy!!
Busy yamcha, busy pou-ing. Yeah. xP

No cheekbones you say?


Had Magharita pizza, it's so nice that they allow dogs.
Unlike Coffee Bean. Haiyo, allow dogs good for business okay
so many people bring their dogs and cats and whatnot to DPC.

It's like known for it already.

Of course, I am glad for its inception. No such thing when I had Chuckie.
Heck, that was like ten years ago.

Siet Yen with her trademark way of carrying bags. HAHA!

So nice that she's on break now, she deserves it man.
Academically-saying, she is probably the most stressed out one.
Jennie is like sometimes really stressed, sometimes less.
Me, last time stress la. Now? HAHA.

Chi Cheng and Xuan no need to say, Apple shaped relaxers!!

Oh yeah. Safety driver? I almost got pulled over by a police. Yep.
On the way to Desa Park, Siet Yen called.

I answered the phone. Boom, few seconds later, a police car appeared behind me.
He hi-lighted me. Then I heard those clicks, like fucking loud one.
At first I thought it was my radio but then I saw the sirens on -.-

I heard the click like five times, pulled over. Cos he signalled left. 
Can tell he's out for me already, wtf. 

But at that time I was still blur, I braked in front of him, looked at him from my window.
I shooked my hand and asked him what's wrong.
 He didn't get out of his car. 

So I left and continued to the roundabout, he was behind me for a while
but left me alone when he saw I was going in DPC. HAHAHA WTF.

Lucky I didn't get down of the car. Cos that time I didn't know what I did wrong.
Until I got off my car and remembered I talked to Siet Yen on the phone.
I thought it was because I had a dog in my car or something ~,~

Phew, close shave. Hallelujah.
Anyways I always don't diao my phone.

Friends will know to call the house phone to get to me ^^

Met with this b**** ma deeee.
She always comes my house and NEVER calls then scolds me for it.
Well, until she arrives and realize I'm not in, that's when she calls.


Queen of surprise visits, this one.


puppy look. Hilarious weyh this shot. ROFL

Sunny. sunny.

Pastel bohemian. This look was very me, circa last year's JUNE.
Somewhere around there, where we always went jogging around DPC.
Crop tops and high-waisted shorts in pastels and neons and whatnot!

Crop top from TopShop, Skirt by edc Esprit, Belt from Fahrenheit 88, necklace from Diva

Monday, the same Topshop crop top but in a diff corror. Lol.

With Darlene! She's so cute omg. 
Like younger version of Angie Jolie!

Behind is Andy. :)

Ootd, my brown and pink palette. Always suits my skintone.

Necklace from Diva, skirt from Kistchen, heels from Charles & Keith
belt from Zara, bag from Burberry.


Update from Kok Leong's Vertigo night which Jennie organized :3

Pui Hwa, another Vertigo Hai.
Let me tell you if you go to the same club for few weeks in a row
it won't be long before you'll identify the regulars.

Jennie ma baby~~

And Kok Leong the bday boy!

Hehe that's all tonight.

tata lovelies cya soon :)


  1. You really look damn pretty!! I wish I could take pictures like you!

    1. Thanks sweetie! *w* make up and angles, bwahah! I loveee your sense of humor. Hehe! Ur pics really tell stories :P