Monday, 21 January 2013


Weekends are always a whirlwind,
they seem to have a pulse of its own.

Swedish House Mafia was awesome, much better than David G. just sayin'!
It felt like everyone had fun partying together.

The smell of weed permeated the air.

As always with concerts (espo the happening ones), bumped into quite a lot of people.
High school friends, college friends, friend's friends.
The list goes on!

Behind me is Charlotte the beaut! The first category. Lol :3

 SARA again hehe!

Since the venue was at Sunway Surf Beach,
there were quite a few topless guys and bikini-clad chicks.

Honestly I thought it was smart to wear a bikini cos it was raining all the way anyway.
Drizzling, actually. The soothing kind of wet.

Rain, fireworks, music.

That was SHM.

 Outfit, for the night and day.

Union jack tee and layered necklace from F21, leather flared skirt from Topshop.
The studded necklace was supposed to be a bracelet but I think it's better off
pretending as a necklace.

Cos it's sharp as fuck and I hurt all my friends wearing it.
Well, the fragile ones. (Jennie)

7am till 6pm I was busy with college.
The concert starts at six.

Teenagers, just say "YES" to everything.

There is a lot you can do when you have time and energy and money.
Teens they have time and energy but less money.
Adults have money and energy but no time.
Retirees have money and time but no energy.

Well, fuck it- there's NEVER a perfect moment.
Now is as good as anytime.

Please love me eventho I'm sweaty ;(
Thank God I brought my hairband.

With my dahling, with all the sand behind.

Bite the dust, bite the dust.

The only thing I was sad about for that night was that SHM ended quite early.

Like half an hour before midnight *w*

I don't know why but music seems to sound better (and louder)
in the wee hours of the night.


Excuse the blurred out face.

Aww, can you blame me!
I had be in three places in like four hours for Saturday night.

And the places were all like here and there.
 SS2, Sunway Giza, Midvalley.

 SS2 was dinner with family (and relatives as well).

Had my first yee sang of the year! I used to find it weird when I was in primary school.
The times when I didn't know how to eat salad.

But then, I came to love the sogginess and to chew like a cow.

^^ true story

Outfit. I think I overdone it a little.

Everyone knew I was a wannabe In-duh-ren that night. HAHHA!
 People kept asking if I was going for deepavali!!

Improvised bindi. (I google Indian forehead sticker for the name. Smart I know)

Actually it's supposed to be between ur eyebrows.
But I am not indian ;( put someplace else. HAHA!

I wanted to put a row of rhinestones in my middle parting.

Err. If you wanna know what I used....

iPhone sticker.

Yeah. Those rhinestone stickers for iPhone. (Y) xD

I like accessories that make a difference.
I don't like those which are just there with no sense of direction.
Ma de, how to stand out jek~

With the gorgeous ladies. The eight beauties, BOOM.

HAHAHA. I like going to outings with them. Different looks!

Star of The Night! Chloe the little doll! Her face so the slim wtf!! ^^
Venue of the night was iDarts at Sunway Giza.

Xuan was supposed to go but MIA yet again but I know they're always so the friendly, go only.
I don't like telling someone I'm coming then break it off last minute! Guilty geh

Smiling like soham hahahah!

Quite a lot of peepo came actually. Daniel and Ding were also there.
Last time KJ XJ and Sher would always be with them but now it's three D's.
Daniel Ding Danny. HAHHA. Sumthink like that.

With Corrine! Love her hair, jealous die me!!

That she managed to dye her hair light and have it healthy at the same time.

My hair stubborn like fuck, dye five times also look the same. True story.
HAHHA! Not tempted to reach for the bleach, yet.

The good thing about my hair? Well, I have a lot of it and it's thick so it doesn't
fry even when I burn it with curling thongs. ^^

The lovebirds! <3 p="p">

Chloe and Shaun Koh!

Birthday girl holding her presents hoho. 
EA bracelet from Shaun, VS from the eight beauts.

It was lovely, glad I came <3 hoho="hoho" p="p">
Thanks for the invite!

Excuse the dazed face again, I was worrying about my flash because it kept glitching.
Then I found out it was because it wasn't screwed on properly. RETARDED ME !!!

TOO HI-TECH LA!!!! >.<

Random camwhoring.

Well sometimes the mood strikes.

This was today, I mean Sunday.

Which is basically Sacrosanct Shopping Sunday.

I think my personality would be much more different if I only stayed at home every Sunday.
But it's the opposite ever since as young as I could remember. :3

Well I'm thankful for that! hehe!


Black turtleneck top from H&M.

I passed by a girl who was in the same top but in white,
and I could just recognize it because of the waistband it had.

And my god. She wore it so ugly, like pasar malam. FUCK. I feel sad for her.
I remember I used to be like her. Until I was like fifteen.

OMG, I pray that she will find her way someday.

But I think it's better to be ugly with lots to improve but you just don't know it yet,
like you have a treasure of beauty you haven't uncovered,
as compared to someone who looks average.

Average is like a full-stop, boring, plain and negligible.
"You are average."

There, people move on, nobody cares.

Either be really good or really bad.
You'll stand out either ways.

PS: Don't take me seriously HAHAHAHAHLOLWTF

PPS: There are still updates on Kok Leong's Vertigo Night and Sunday ( where I walked something like 3km in heels Pavi to KLCC back and forth -,-), pictures pending. Anyways I camwhore like shit OOTD like fuck party like rock.

Well trust me I'm a reliable blogger. ^^

See you guys, I love you.

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