Saturday, 26 January 2013

The waves that calls out


Sometimes it catches you and you're held in flashbacks.
Yet, just as quickly you are released.

Life is always a paradox.
You can't have money without sacrificing time,
then you use money to gain back health for time.

Then you do things only to regret them later,
but if you didn't do them you might not know you'll regret it.

I suppose. In life we regret more on the chances we didn't take
than the chances we do take.

 Childhood, high school.

A nerd, a bully, the bullied, the party girl. Whatever.
I've been on one end and also the other.

Friends, whyyy. I'm still close with a huge portion of them *w*

I miss travelling. 
Fortunately for my dad and unfortunately for myself,
during the period of travelling a lot was the period when I
didn't buy much.

I remember spending hundreds literally on food so that I could eat whatever I fancy on the bus.
And oh. Kinder Hippos. Don't have those in Malaysia.

Just as our life, our houses change with us. 
Not intentionally, just somehow, the house goes along.
A new decoration here, a spring cleaning there.

A move that goes bit by bit until you only realize
a lot has changed
when you compare the pictures side by side.

This was when I was young, when I was innocent.
When I was still the girl who stayed at home a lot, but has just gotten
into partying a bit more. 

Still before I got into the whole clubbing thing.

This was the period of finishing high school.

And now it's 2013. Somehow it always felt like 2012 was a gap,
or something that was joined with 2011. 

Yeah, you heard about people being a day early or late timezone-wise.
BUT HEY. Help me! I'm a year late =,=

I guess I'd say now I've been to so many parties it feels a bit blase already
like you go just for the sake of it.

At the same time, I feel like banging the wall if you were to say I'd have to go
without partying. Because ever since high school was done and over with,
partying was what reminds me of high school days.

The sweet thing of high school was perhaps 
seeing the same group of people you're close with each day 
(whether you like it or not lol)


I don't know what's in the future,
but I promise to welcome it with open arms
and stop comparing the past to the present,
the future to the past.

Because. You can't compare fashion from 20s to say, 80s.
There's no which is better, which is worse. 
Each has its own quirks, 
maybe just you like one more than the other- it's so subjective.

I do know my direction now after writing this post
and looking at pictures.

Ooohh, continue on somewhere less public. Like in my head ^^

Hehe. Till then, see ya lovelies.

'cos everyone deserves giant helpings of LURVE~

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