Wednesday, 9 January 2013

This and that

Hello. :) 
bright new faces all around,
new year fresh start embrace changes yoh! hehe

Outfit of the day. This was after college!
A lot of pink really. Don't know what's wrong with me. 

Leopard print is as always, my loveeee. 
Got compliments wearing this skirt. Cos it's so flowy and barbarian like I guess..

 With baby Yi Han! She has no idea what to study yet ! :3
reminds me of my life last year. Like. I had six months of free time. Farkkk.

Oh yeah the crop top was a bit revealing so I put a belt. Doesn't help also lol.
But Malaysia is like. So hot. Crop tops should be a thing.

Well I mean if you're young and fit laaa. 

Take two.

With Xuannie. She was so busy camwhoring with Yi Han's new iPhone mannnn.
Like she wouldn't even lift her eyes from the camera.  T.T

Had lunch at Ichiban Boshi, I eat at really odd times recently due to college.
Lunch at four in the afternoon. =.=

And then we went to visit Ee Inn and Wendy.
Wendy's working there for only ONE day. LOL pro.
Ee Inn I'm not so sure?

Went to F block to window shop, because Yi Han found it weird that I asked her if I wanted to shop.
She didn't know there was stuff to buy at Giza. HAHA! Like clothes. Boutiques.
So we went to F Block, the nearest to Giza and also their prices are damn good.
Window shop halfway right...

And then this happened. Meh.
It's like my eyes automatically go into scouting mode...

Got skirts and long-sleeved tops mostly. 
Xuan and I got both the lace top and glitter skirt, the same thing.
HAHA! For us we don't mind having the same thing, cos
I know she'll wear it differently.

Glitter skirt I chose first, lace top Xuan chose first. HEH.

And then after trying the clothes, couldn't help checking out their shoes.
Pointy toe shoes, still scouting.

Shoes with metallic details are loveee. Plus pointiness?!?! ON LA.
Louis Vuitton were well known for having them, but man.
I don't wanna spend so much on something you can't tell 
it's expensive... 

But I guess people always carry themselves different when they're clad in quality clothings.

Moving on,

Dreamlist, definitely a Christian Louboutin. And Manolo Blahniks.

But both of them hasn't reached our shores- yet! 
Louboutin does pumps the best, stripper heels heights even. Glitter pumps I want yohhh.
Saw some at Bershka! Siet Yen is good with pumps. They hurt me so bad.

Manolo Blahniks, well known for their mules, stilettos. The perfect 10cm heels.
They do pointy like we eat rice. YOH!

Jeffrey Campbell, damnn a lot of girls swooning over.
Lunavintage loves them a lot. But there's a lot of JC inspired heels.
The heels are a bit chunky, which don't do well for me.
But the studded booties look fab, like a rock & roll high heeled version
of Doc Martens (as if Docs aren't rock enough, lol)

 AND ZOMG. I want more accessories.

Hats. Of courseee. Been subconsciously looking for stuff to shelter me from the 
blistering tropical heat when heading to college. AND OF COURSE.

It instantly gives an OOMPH to your outift. 
Never underestimate heels my god they really make or break and outfit.

OH waitt back to headgears.
BERET! I want a beret. So classy, so parisian chic. And why not in Guccissima.
Next up would be a crocheted beanie, loose one.

Like this. This one's Xuannie's.
Pastel lilac would be great, espo for cutey cutey sort of outfits.

Next up if of course the traditional tucker cap, but with a twist.
That is, to make your head look like a porcupine 
cos the cap is so laden with studs.

The chopard happy diamonds are decorations. LOL. Unrelated.
Anddd. Tattoo leggings as well I wanna try.

Mushroom Bruschetta with white sauce at Valencia Clubhouse.
With Mei Yen of course! Went for gym before that.
The creamy cravings continue! ~,~

Anyways, I'm determined to get back in shape.
Whip it back in a month yoh! My rule is if I can't go three days without exercising.
Skipping ropes, jogging, swimming, hula hoop, push ups. 
The last two are reallyyy great for trimming your tummy.

That was on Monday! Today I jogged too eventhough it was at night.
No choice la came back home late. But still.
IF you have the will, boom. Go only.

Vampire mode. Canon suddenly died on me once more. Thanks to Xuan's iPad. Heh.
Cutie wei wei's iPad.

 Take Two.

Taken at Pastis, Gardens. YEPP.
Creamy cravings as well. Dafug is wrong with me? HAHAH.
Before this was salty stuffs.

Went to Gardens to take my salary from Burberry
and ask for the prices for 76Style salon. Forgot about the latter though..
took quite a while to settle my salary, claim incentive and all :3
And it's not finished yet. AH, I hate unfinished business.
Lol. 90% done la.

The day before I also dropped by The One to officially withdraw from my course.
Like, they didn't even know I quit? The teachers didn't inform the admin.
Damn noob lor.

Was really so happy to see my ex collegemates. They were an awesome bunch hehe.
Scott, Jie Ying, Esther, Bowie were there :3!

Done, tick my checklist. Claimed the graduation refunds.
Have banking in stuff to do tomorrow!

 Stylenanda for today. HAHA!
Do google it up and check it out :)

That's all for today! Will update more on college I swear.
If only I could make my camera swear not to glitch out!>,<

Tata ladies and gentlemen!
:) stay tuned, loves

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