Thursday, 31 January 2013

Uncap me

Hello sweeties~

Pictureful update of recent happenings.

The one on top was Qi Yao's birthday at The Bee, Publika.


Well, the name suits.

Siet Yen and Qi Yao calls each other "Ah Bee".
Disgustly cute :P

I'm glad everyone came, espo the girls.
Appearance mean a lot, no matter how short!

Siet Yen spent five hours making cupcakes.

Jennie. Thanks to her camera because recently
my bro has been jetsetting to God knows where place after another.

Can't hog his camera.
Mmm, I'd like to have my own.

Well. I still can stand it due to the guilt of losing one two many gadgets...
Three handphones, one camera.

Hmm. Somehow I feel no matter how much money one has,
they just adjust their lifestyle accordingly.

So it's like when you increase your earnings
you increase your expenditures as well.

AH, the paradox of life. Confuzzling, frustrating.

I feel PLAYED.

hahhaha! moving on,

Three of us were the earliest.
I know right, the time was set at 7pm.

Hostess came an hour and a half late,
guests came two hours late.

It's like... we follow our own clock, not the real one. /.\

Jennie and I wore quite the same, maxi from F Block.

Mine was a top and maxi skirt but no one could tell for shit
because the colour and fabric were a 100% match. HAHHAA!

Siet Yen is always is something nude/cream/pink/lacey.
In a peplum shape, few inches above the knee.

Took so many shots that night mannn.
It's like any moment was a right one for taking pictures.
Cos everyone was there. HAHHA!

Same faces, different angles.
But still nice laaa ^^

Groupppp shot!

We went to Barfly after that!

But perhaps this picture isn't very helpful
to illustrate the venue.

Oh well, full-body shots of us. Take it or leave it

Close your eyes and pout.
Jennie loves this pose.
A la Jane Chuck.

Rainbow dreams.

Well, Barfly ^^

So that's a wrap!

(well for that night :P)


 This was who knew when, a few days after The Bee haha somewhere there la OK.

BBQ at Siet Yen's her house is renowned for BBQs seriously.
The family loveeeees socialising.

Her sis in law's bday. Sho nais she invited us.
Should've given her a gift :X

Xuan came directly after work.
So cute in her uniform bwahha

Never knew princess also can work hor ^^ hhaha can la actually
But her pay she can prolly finish in a few trips to Topshop.

Topshop white dress, Juicy Couture daydreamer, Foruchizu cap.

Well. Have been studying costume history and itching for caps.
I think it's fun to add more character and play, make it over the top.
And like.. horn headbands or rhinestone eyebrows.

I'd love to have something special for parties.
Well right now I see a lot of coloured eyebrows.
Like pink and blue.

For the BBQ, the tomyam sotong was awesome shit omg.
I'd die for it. HAHHA.

I wish they sold it in packets.
I'd throng their stalls!

Okay that was BBQ. Wrap!


Presentation day at college! HOHO

New heels for CNY, RED.
Charles & Keith of course.

I came like an hour earlier than normal class time for rehearsal.
Saw Abby! HEHE. Parked right beside her.

Hatchbacks, a little polo and a little mini. :3

Everyone damn hardworking la rehearse for presentation.
Later our lecturer a.k.a Donnie Yen diao ^^

Darlene! HAHA! Her trademark bob.

And she's always in heels eventho she walks from her house to college =,=!

Donnie Yen's class is always more interacting and fun.
The french lecturer one is like... strict and formalz!


Went to KLCC with Abby after that :*

She taught me the way to KLCC from Raffles.
Hehe, might as well learn sooner or later ^^

It's like. Damn near. Can walk also geh actually. HAHA.
Love KL.

Ate at Chinoz.
Ma favouriteee. Don't go Dome.
Their service, you can vomit blood seriously ;(

Lol. Actually, walking in KL is a love hate thing.
Love that you can reach many places by walking
but at the same time hate it because I'm often wearing
unsuitable shoes. 

Oh, like four inch heels for example. Five can die wey.
 Four and a half also will. 
HAHAH! Cos I don't wear wedges much


I figured out the way from KLCC to Pavi by Google Map, I remembered.
Usually they show you the driving way. Press the walking stick man and 
they show you the route on heels (literally).

And I remember the reason I wanted to walk there... 
was to buy Michael Kors slippers. Yep, all that for one slipper.
Heyyy, sometimes the urge strikes.

Jennie ^^ No need wear heels la, tip toe and find angle, same height dy.

Don't know how many km I walked that day seriously!
Walked to Sungei Wang after that.
The route that Xuan discovered. HEHE

And here she is.
I'm with her sunnies. HEH

Well... you know the gold cap I got at Isetan.
I got it from something like forty bucks.
I asked Xuan how much she got hers.

I love this type of cap! Finally found it!
In leather as well *w*

Reminds me of policewomen.

Three of us bought hats.
I got the policewoman one and the cat one.
Jennie got the cat one as well.
Gwenllian got the NY cap!

PS: I was licking Jennie's hand in the pic.
Hmm, I tasted salt.

Ballroom style x street style..?!2iee23

Heh, love seeing Gwenllian do rock chick

Trying caps. They are so expensive.
Boyish boyish 



Had fun! Eventhough I messed up sleeping times and other schedules a bit. Well I'm catching up!

Also bought heels, they were real pretty to pass up.
Six inch though lol I only do five.

And like.. salesperson do make a difference.
I think I wouldn't buy it if the salesperson was less aggressive. HAHAHA.

But the shoes were pretty! Anyway every girl needs some glittery pumps!

Didn't buy clothes, I am glad. HAHAH!
Save up money for other things.
And spend less money on FOOD!

Wokie, that's all for this update.

Damn a lot of photos right? ^^
Thanks to Jennie and Abby! HOHO.


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