Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Wanna fly?


The date is on. March 23. 
Yep. Cos that's when my one week sem break begins. 

It just so happened that I fell asleep early.
And I came online after I woke up, skyped with my mum.
YEAH. Talked through everything.

The great thing about flying to Europe is I don't have to worry
about accomodation and food eventhough I'm going there myself (SCARY I KNOW)

Usually I would like rather just stay at home. But it's Europe and
Mum has been asking me to go there forever.

And like. I need my brandwhore pilgrimage okay.
Where better than UK and FRANCE?! T.T

My plan is just to get a flap bag, and a tote bag.

Chanel Boy Bag, or Perfect Edge.

Not sure which one. Will know when I try it! Mademoiselle is also cute.
But I'm not sure. It's a lot of money. I want to buy a bag I can see myself using
in ten years time. So probably the Perfect Edge.

It's like the Classic Flap but with a twist?

So cuteee. I like chain bags. 
I overuse the Prada one. It's time for a new one!
I like bags with the a longer strap that just sort of dangles there.
I don't know why, lol.

Like the Miu Miu bow satchel. I wanted to get it,
but Dad said it's not expensive enough.
As in not an investment piece, and he knows I'll keep buying
because it's not... an investment piece. 
And in the end the small things end up to cost more than if I were to get
an investment piece in the first place. That's how my dad/businessman thinks

This was over coffee at Chinoz.
The thing is, we won't be going overseas during CNY
which means I don't have chance to splurge.

So I took matter to my own hands.
The timing is also perfect, have time to collect ang paus
and it's right after my birthday (21st)
which means my Dad has to say YES.

Tote bag would be Chanel PST in cream.
I really like this bag, but the colour is. Umm.
High-maintenance. And god knows how rough I am. 

And colour transfers. Doom. But still. So pretty.
Other than this would be Prada's Saffiano or back to Miu Miu's bow bag.

I suppose it all comes to how spendy I feel 
and how much I want the bag when I've tried it?

For the trip, yeah. Two investment pieces for handbags
and a pair of Manolos. That's it.

I think that would already be like 15k. 
My bank is so gonna. KAPUT.

But really. One can only yearn for so long.
I don't like not getting what I want.

Sunday. Horseys on my chest. I love the fantasical animals theme. Or illuminatis. Secretly...

Preppy monday- stripes and collars, pinks and buttons.

A girl feels nekkid without diamonds.

Heh, that's about it. Will plan my trip accordingly.
I asked for all the contacts so I won't get lost.
Angpau and savings, have to save a new batch of RM5k.
Then beg Daddy to fork out for the Chanel flap cos it costs a fucking bomb.
The tote and heels, I can deal with it ;(

HAHHA WTF, Too free to dream about all these stuffs.
I like to dream a lot. Will take a lot of pictures.

Air tickets are about RM3500 I think?
I have to get MAS. UAE flight is cheaper but have to stop at Dubai.
Cannot la. Direct flight already scared enough. Transit?

I plan to fill my suitcase like 40% full. 
My Aviator Leather Jacket. 

120 Denier Black Leggings
A few long sleeves and tshirt and skirts. Two shorts. Done.
Anything else, borrow from Mum. HAHHA.

Will take a lot of pictures. Will probably be dressed in a lot of black.
I can't wait. HOH. Two months away.

I hope Dad trusts me to fly alone. Though honestly I am quite afraid myself.


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