Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Just , ootd.


Today is justootd day, because. ..
Well it's pretty hilarious come to think of it.
We were having a ladies outing at Giza,
and sitting down Jennie was talking about making a group
where us girls post our OOTDs in one instagram.

As simple as that!
Inspiration from OOTD magazine.
And we were talking about names,
at first it was something totally haolian and vain out of this world
like KL angels and OOTD queen and what not. HAHHAH!

And then Jennie said Just Ootd and I was like okay, done deal.
It's catchy, it's easy to remember and it's functional.

So we created the group right there and then with Jennie's iPad.

By ladies, I mean Jennie, Chi Cheng, Xuan and I.
Sometimes also Siet Yen and Mei Yen, and I thought of like guest stars.
Feature different people.

Kind of like Keep Calm and Snap On but more informal
and done on smaller scale.

Nana by Mandy Gioh for Keep Calm and Snap On.

Style nanda, I love this type!

I like reflections, or many of myself in a same picture.
Like I have so many twins, like having one of you ISN'T ENOUGH.

Our shoot, white walls are simple but good.
Starring CC and Gwennie, both of them match each other.
Le Apple ladies!

Grey wrap dress from Curve,
belt from somewhere in KL,
sunglasses from Forever 21.

Jennie. So nice right I edited for her.
her favourite blue! Lmao.

Sporty and rock look.

Sneak peek.

This funny mock up building at Giza, posh British-like.
Cute to take photos!

My meal, it makes me so hungry to look at it T.T

I just woke up and I don't dare to eat cos it'll be hard to sleep back later...
Ur body thinks it's breakfast therefore freaking no sleep time!

At Ichiban Boshi, featuring white soup udon and tuna maki roll. MMM~!!
And the food came SO fast, so much better than SUSHI ZANMAI ~,~!

We were laughing so bad at this idea. Just ootd.

Well well, we still made it in the end :P justootd!
Not bad, it's pretty easy to promote because there's four of us
and we all have insta fb twitter whatnot. BWAHAH!

I wanna target 3k followers.
I want this to be the next IT thing.

I know people are probably gonna be gossiping like who do they think they are, bla.
I know because I like to gossip as well. Bwahah! 

But  actually, I'm like. Immune. Because I have thick skin.
No secret that I am vain. Sometimes I also panic and wonder
if I have the dreaded "princess syndrome".

There was this girl, she had it so bad- she made her boyfriend do Valentine's Day
celebration... for every MONTH. That's 12 times a year and they celebrate more Valentines
in two years than a normal couple would in TWENTY friggin' years. ~,~

I think like everyone has their head in the clouds sometimes. Especially girls who think they are pretty, are entitled blablala.

Everyone wants the looks, the money, the fame. 
But none of that matters if you don't have the personality to keep your
loved ones around :3

Also on another note I deleted my twitter account for like a few days.
And then I needed to use it and now I don't know what to do.
I just wished twitter had a delete all button

I'd hate the notion of people going through my stuff, like ages ago.
And I've done things i'm not proud of etc. 
The idea of a fresh start is also tempting, reviving.
Sometimes back to the beginning IS the place you want to be,
not the place which was your destination.

I don't know.

Awww look at Cabbie! 
Took him for grooming, I don't want him to be dirty!
Later I hug him and get dirty! I want my baby to be beautiful always.

Anyway it is only RM35 for small dog, (the smallest)
but Cabbie had matted fur so it was RM60. =.=
Nifty pricing yoh they all.

This was taken during one of my college days.
Nude long sleeved from KL, 
headdress(was a necklace) and shorts from F21.


Well edit the dreamy way. ANGEL LIKE.

OKAY that's about if for today.
Have the mood to dress up recently.


will be thinking new ideas to shoot. Bwhahaaha!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Custard xixili

A pretty "normal" ootd shot...

Barbie top and leopard print peplum skirt from The Curve,
red heels from Charles & Keith.
(skirt and heels debut days)

And then... take it to the next level.

There was this wooden fence thing behind my college canteen.

Jaeyi was the one who started leaning on it.
And I practically shouted saying "OMG OMG BLOW THIS SHIZ UP!"

And then after I was done with the wooden fence,
I took the green wall beside it.

BAHAH! I kept screaming and shouting. 
Ya know that's how I am when it comes to taking pictures!
And after I went back to the canteen
only did some of my friends told me they could hear me.
From that far >,<

My inspi for poses, patxotify it! $$$!

She's this glamourous woman from Thailand, dripping in designers all the time.
I look the way she poses so confident.
A style I know I can emulate, that's why I like it. Hehe.

And oh... Heels really make a difference! :P

All of these pics, thanks to Abby! ^^
 Hehe, so lucky to have her. She's the one who's also a poser.
HAHAH! And you know, posers know their angles well.
Cos they've practised so much :P

Sadly I realize I don't have much pictures with her because
she took pics using my phone, then me using hers.

HAHA! More to come, thanks to Samsung Note.
Can take pics and edit nicely *w*

I don't know how to live, without cameras :(

With the Jaeyi on the picture on top. she seriouslyyyy looks like Janice Kam.
HAHA! Ai Lynn studied in BSD too, she agrees!
Another shot! Love this picture *w*

Honestly I didn't know my college was so good for taking pictures.
Rehab, rehab. BWAHAH!

Taken during break, lecturer let us out a little earlier than usual.

How a class at Raffles look like.
There's not so many people like in Taylors, where they count in the three figures.
Here it's one class between 35-25 students.

Also I took the Saffiano to college for the first time, 
I don't think I'll be using it often for college!
I need something that I won't feel so bad if I got it dirty.

Abby asked me what I would do if she put pen marks on my bag.
HAHHA. I laughed. And then stared at her.
Because when I worked at Burberry, they taught me that 
pen marks are one of the ONLY THINGS THAT CAN'T BE WASHED.

No wonder black bags are so popular right, draw how dark also no braplem!
HAHA! And honestly. So many girls at college use Chanel and Pradas etc.
I don't want to compete with them haih. 
Scared bag dirty. HAHHA ma de

Oh yeh the key loop is also great for hanging sunglasses.
I found a way to hold it that it can't be stolen.
Because there are two loops and the sunglasses stem fits nicely.
Locked in tightly.

And oh! Guess what ^^

I got my book vouchers! Hehehehe. And it's RM250 this time around.
Sooo stupid I didn't get mine while at The One Academy.
Paid RM20k get a RM200 voucher also can shiok a bit right.

I had my eye on this really huge Prada book, like bigger than my handbag HUGE.
 It's close to RM400 thou, so I still have to fish out some from my pocket.
HAHA! But inspiration filled coffee books are like, the bomb.
Good investments.

But then, so again are some novels or self-help which costs less than fifty bucks.

We went to Bangsar Shopping Village.
Ate at Delicious, and there were like more than twenty of us,
plus the brand manager.

Her name is Tara. As you can see from the last picha above, it's about lingerie.
Xixili! Our lecturer had a slight British accent and I kept hearing "Tera".
The Donnie Yen lookalike one. HAHA

And I took pictures of their corset in particular because I wanted to try one actually!
I wonder how big of a difference it makes.
Like high heels but for your torso?! Make you slimmer?!
Damn. I want one!

My mummy used to wear those. Even Siet Yen.
She wears it while jogging too wtf.

And then I also thought of getting the garters.
HAAHHA. Look decent on the outside but slutty inside.

Tara shared some really interesting stories, the insider scoop to managing a Lingerie store.
We are supposed to pitch a marketing strategy for them.
Thanks to our lecturer for the opportunity! Bwaha!
Sure beats a good ol' lecture in the classroom.

Also I didn't know the way to Bangsar from KL.
Lucky Chloe did, she led the way. There were five cars including both of ours.
At the toll, Ashley and Abby got lost because they took the touch 'N go 
while the rest of us took the snaily tunai (cash).

So funny seeing them slow down and slow down in the middle of the road waiting for us.
But not very funny that they got lost! We went back to the road after paying tunai 
but they didn't realise. Naww!

They did find their way in the end, phew!

I think I should drive more.
I always didn't want to drive because I didn't know the way,
but if I keep doing that, then I would be clueless forever! :<
HAHA! But I must have guidance one! Gps, or a human Gps. ;)

And this girl, Xiao Tong. She says she follows signboard.
No GPS. Nothing. Her life onto the signs. HAHA!
I asked her if it works, she said most of the time it does
just that it takes a longer time.

Cabbie! He took his first steps! Three of it! BWAHAHA!

Mummy love you oh :*

Well he didn't know how to come back down.
he did for the first step but tripped, and got scared. Lol.
But everyone trips and falls before eventually walking like a boss.
Right? Heh.

And ootd from god knows when but I know it was at Amelio's
and I was with Sim Kuan.

Stalking through Sk's pictures.
Pictures are a special thing, as a moment frozen in time.
We look the same, but then again not really.

I can't say exactly how we're different, but I guess time changes us all 
and photos reflect that. 

Maybe good, maybe bad, who knows. Heh

A little cartoony thing I painted because I woke up four in the morning.
HAHAH! Six hours of sleep and my body seems to just wake up.
Sleep early no use. 

I think like assignments are the dreaded words for college students.
But naw, don't dread it. Must embrace it!
Realized I'm not so into studying after SPM because my life after that
was outing after outing- and I got so used to it after a period of time
it became what I looked forward to.

Neyy. I don't want to retake anything.
Make sure my attendance are on the dot,
my assignments pass. 

It's *just two years. 

By the way, this are so cute! 
Chopard Happy Diamonds :3

About RM8k if converted directly from USD? 
But I don't know how much exactly in Msia.
Who knows, maybe it could go more than RM10k
with the tax and everything!!

Bloody wandering eye lately because it's my birthday soon.
Hmm, no idea what to do yet too.

I think when I was younger I used to be very whiny when I didn't get what I want.
My mood changed directly whether or not I got what I wanted.
If I got it I was happy if I didn't get it I was sulky.

And that's kind of shallow don't you think? :(
Now when I ask daddy to buy something 
I make a point to myself that I should not sulk if he says "No"
because Dad hardly spends for himself and I know the things I ask for 
aren't exactly cheap.

Basically below RM1.5k it's more negotiable. 
After that it's more like special occasions and once in a blue moon thing.

But in the end, how cares if I don't have designer shits
as long as I've got family and friends with me.

But of course. Humans always want more. Bwaha!

I guess it's also because I've worked before and I know how hard it is
to earn money, even just a little money.
I cannot imagine myself living on a RM2k wage omg with the inflation and everything
RM2k could be finished flat in one week. Or one day.
I think RM100k would be a nice sum.

Maybe I should build factories to get that kind of money.
Bwahah dafug!

And lastly a very normal ootd shot.
HAHA. Guess what, standards changed.
You can tell, probably more patxotified pichas. Lolol

Guys, I have a lot of clothes I didn't get enough wear out of.
Might just spend time dressing up and shopping from my closet. HEHE.

Till then, happy days! xx

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Furry blossoms


This was the day before today.
And yes that's Cabbie on top of the blanket.
I put this really huge blanket, like single bed size.
Then I use it to cover up my bags. Because it's so fluffy it conceals everything.
Then I put like my caps and shit on top.

Heard so much of cases where despo thieves on motorcycles
break your car window and grab your bag. 
The thing may be over in like, ten seconds.
But you would have lost SO MUCH!

So guys! Protect your valuables!
Keep it out of sight! If they don't see anything to steal,
why would they wanna risk it?

Better they just find those cars which have bags on the car seat. HAHA!

I went out with Chi Cheng on that day. But this picture was someday else la haha!

THIS, was at IKEA. Was supposed to have lunch with Gwenllian too but timing problems! ;(
She came but we only saw her for a while. Rush for her test!
After that, she has one month holiday. MMM.

I tell you hor Diploma in Business at Taylors is the most relaxing subject ever.
Or at least Gwennie makes it so!

There's lectures and tutorials, and you can skip all the lectures because there are
300+ students and only 100+ attend. 
The rest ask their friends to mark their attendance, the usual.
I wonder what if they placed a rule like three absents equals fail subject? :3

I think if college didn't have that, attendance would be... 
worse than the chips to air ratio in a Lays package.

Tropical hurricane blue tornado some shit print sort of skirt
and denim long sleeved button downs. 

From F Block and FOS, respectively.
Cheap stuff yoh, I think it's like less than RM100 for both.

I used to think FOS was like cheapskate, rejects, tasteless.
Then change another view, look at another side of the same kind-
well it's nice to find great bargains (PERKS OF BEING A CHEAPSKATE)
and get for less what Zara and all those sells.

Because. Yeah. I bought a Zara belt for RM100, saw the same one except it was rosegold instead of gold on the studs. Guess who much? RM 20. Fuck my life!!!

I can swear it was the same type of studs and leather, everything.
Except the studs didn't have the layer of gold plating or some shit like that ~,~
HEY, I'm not paying extra four fold for a stupid plating.

HAHHA! But you have to have a good eye. If you have a good eye, you can shop at anywhere.
And when you have a good body and matching skills, gee. Turn rags into gowns.
That's what the power of models is. To sell clothes.

 Reality check? HAHA. It looks good on them, but imagine them on yourself first.
Maybe you can wear it better, maybe not? Some clothes work better on skinny
some better on fuller figures. Some cute on petite, odd on tall. AND vice versa.

Lookie! Two furballs.

It's ah fook and Cabbie, for comparison.
I freaked out when I saw Ah Fook, didn't know he was so big :3

Anyway I dropped by at Jennie's house because she was supposed to come
but had to stay home to nest on her water-leaking house. Like a chicken.
Cannot move out from the house.

HAHHA! Cannot come Ikea so I brough Ikea to her.
Sadly though I found out meatballs cannot be dabao-ed/taken away.
You have to bring your own tupperware and stuff. No idea why.
But I did see people bringing their tupperwares.

Meatballs is the favourite, ma de.
Never tried it before, not a meat person.
I usually eat pasta or salmon or some sandwich.

But nevermind got hotdogs and curry puffs also. Hehe.
And ya, I felt bad tha Jennie is always the one fetching me.
In the end also always she's the one driving. HAHA!
I copy KC dabao food


Ya don't mind my big mouth I was trying to take in as much CURRYPUFF as possible.
The IKEA one taste extra good, because it is extra big and filled with extra ingredients. *w*

Pigging out on Jennie's sofa, Cabbie on my lap.
I was wondering if Ah Fook would like bite Cabbie or something.
But ironically, Cabbie was the annoying one, 
trying to hump him and stuff.

Because the last night he started humping. 
Actually he didn't get into the position himself.
I helped him. Mama must give sexual education right.
Ma babeh's a stud! HAHAH FUCK.

He's like five months?
I don't like it when dogs do the thing where they hump for no reason and
ejaculate. But that's like very rare, I've seen Chuckie done it like thrice all his life?
I mean the ones I've seen la. HAHA. Who knows about the other times.

But bitches, they period! I dong know how to handle!
Have to buy pampers and all. Doggie pampers.
Girls tend to be more mellow and cuddly thou?

But Cabbie is pretty cuddle friendly already, 
cuddle from young! BWHA! The Ah Fook, ma de.
I'm afraid to carry him, he's the type of dog who suka suka dulan.
Dulan then bark, then bite. 

Jelly Cabbie lol. He kept barking.
Dogs are possessive of their owners also, like humans.
Well like babies feel jealous and cry when their mama
carry other babies. 

Cabbie Cuddles, le ultimate stress reliever.

Doesn't he look like a panda.
The markings. LOL.


Ootd for college, got a white fluffy cap.
Basically all the hats I've listed on my wishlist are not on my wishlist already.

Policewomen! I should steal at policewoman's cap someday. HAHHA JK ^^

The farkin jam I deal with every morning.
If it's in the afternoon it's okay, but then... in the evening will suffer same fate also.
Just either it's earlier or later. 

Full day? Fuck yourself man, go there jam, come back also jam.
The sort of jam is like the cars are piled up till your eyes can't see no longer.
It doesn't look that bag in the picture, but if you see like google map bird's eye view or something.
Fuck, yong shui. All the car like ants.

It take around an hour and ten minutes in the morning, cos it's really jam.
But like 20/80 ratio. 

You spend 80% of your time on 20% of the routes that are really jam.
Basically getting past LDP toll (how I wish to bomb the motherfucker up, 
everyday suck money leech ma de why government never make roads overseas people don't know what toll money is man)

and the segambut roundabout, and jalan tun razak. That's it.
Take those out, reach KL in fifteen mins no problem.
BUT HAIYO. Since when the world goes according to your likes and dislikes. HAHA!

Just do your best with law of attraction. ^^

Very tired this week, a lot of replacement classes. Eeek.
Sleep-deprived, easy to fall ill. Cannot cannot!
Repay sleep debt. Been sleeping four hours most days.
Reminds me of The One days. MISERABLE. CANNOT. NO!

hhaha forget forget about it!



This was last Friday. Dinner at Rakuzen!

Siet Yen came over and was all dressed up,
because she just got back from hometown and wanted to go somewhere.

HAHHAHA. Practising Chi Cheng's angle.

Floral dress from Forever 21, Saffiano Tote from Prada.
The floral dress is the one I always wear each year SINCE FORM THREE
for special occasions. I don't know. I've grown sentimental to it.

Why? Because it was one of the first few dresses in my wardrobe.
When I was Form Three I only remember having like, two dresses in my whole wardrobe.
Diu. So weird thinking how I lived like that last time. HAHA!
The other one was a bridesmaid tube dress.

I remember I NEVER buy clothes until my dad forces me to.
Gee, no wonder I had so much extra money for books and electronics last time ~,~!
Now? Dresses? I have so many they take up one closet, then another one is for tops and bottoms.

But butbut. At the beginning I realize I keep buying those faddy pieces.
Fad fashion pieces. I dong wannn. I want investment pieces :3
Must keep that in mind!

also, you know before that my dad bought a Samsung Note JUST for the heck of it?
His bag has like one blackberry, two iphones, one ipad, and this samsung.

And I ... well. During Chinese New Year I wanted to play Candy Crush to play myself.
At first it was the iPad but I know my dad likes to use it (when not gambling)
so I use the Samsung one.

And then one day I changed the simcard.
And then.. the wallpapers... download.... apps... like thirty of them....
and then... add contacts. and then... don't want to go back to Samsung Galaxy Y.

EHh how can you use a good quality phone and then willingly switch bad to a laoyah one.
Don't want! But the Galaxy Y I use it when I go to places with high-risk of losing handphones.
But I think it was my problem, take everything for granted.

Now I take belongings everywhere with me, even in college where students leave their handphones on the table and go toilet. I'm so paranoid I'll bring my whole bag and pee with it. HEH.

Those cibai thieves, NO CHANCE!!!!!!!! NO CHANCE FOR YOU!

Hahaha sorryyy. My sensitive issues. I don't want to ever be friends with someone who steals stuff.
Or like, steal their friend's stuff. CELAKA

At the same time also angry at myself for losing handphone. HAHAHA
My dad also neh. He was at the airport once, placed his iPhone on the counter and forgot to take it.
Came back, HILANG LA!

Like father, like daughter.
HAHAH NONONONO don't blame anyone :p
Can't live like this!

Seafood pasta, of course. Mei Yen the one got me hooked.

Chi Cheng also came after that. 
I also get paranoid of putting handbags on my table I mean like anyone could just 
pass by and grab it, RUN. I don't underestimate things like this anymore.
So many thieves out there.

Haiyo. Jib gor, why you no do everything?
Why everyday kidnapping case, KIDNAP KIDNAP KIDNAP.

Go police they also don't diao you, LAZY SETTLE. 
At least the ones I've met. Haih.
Talk talk talk say I'll be there then later tells you it comes with a CATCH.
You have to get some report first, bablabla. Shit like that.
Not police report, like report from the shopping centre.
Then the shopping centre security also... lazy settle.

Haih. How to catch the motherfucking thieves?
maybe I should start a sendirian berhad company to catch thieves. HAHA

After dinner, we went to... SY's house!
A lot of people man, didn't know it was that many!
Even the Smarties came!

Not bad yoh, they stayed till quite late, like after midnight.
Siew Wah got prettier! Heh.

With Chi Cheng, my gorgeous Beebo :*
She dressing so hippie nowadays? HAHAH!
Triangles, neons. 

Rachel also came to drop by :3
The honeymoon stage! HAHHA!
Yen Shen's girl.

HAHAH! She's pretty photogenic.

With Yen Shen the bobblehead.
I mean in this picture! x)

Gwennie the purple lady and Cherlyn the "A" STUDENT!

Simone! HHAHA! 
So long didn't see her.

Oh yeh, I had time to curl my hair as well.

He gon fatter like he ate half of himself!!! Jennie's Ah Fook also!
But Lucky more. Like SY fat fat! HAHHA

Gamble ah! Huat ah!

HEHE. That's all for today's post :)
Have fun peeps!

Till then. :*