Monday, 4 February 2013

A real shopping spree

Helloooo! Hehehehe.

Having a good week :)
I loveeee CNY SEASON.
The few weeks before that.

Everything is in abudance.
Food, money, gatherings. Haiyo. I love it.
Friends and family, everywhere.
 Meow *w*

This was Vinoth's gathering.
The dog gang, as you can see.
 So funny to see them again. :3

Correction, to see them get tipsy again I mean.
Afraid to say anything mannn.
Whatever you say will be used against you.
To "zat"/insult you. Lol.

Vinoth, our commander! Hoho.
He'll be going back to Aussie next Friday.

There was BBQ. His family were sooo nice to have us!
That's his mummy cooking the sausages.
Hehe look at her squinting.

Well if you take a picture with some big ass flash camera and they squint-
it means they're not vain.

Vainpots would've had their eyeballs flashed by cameras a bajillion times.
Whatever flash you give, they can handle.

With Jennie from the block. Hehe. Reunion.
We found our way to Vinoth's house by GPS.
Thank you for the ride dear!

And thank God for GPS.
But guys, they throw GPS away.
I don't get how people aren't afraid of getting lost.

Conversely I'm not afraid of walking, because everywhere is your road.
With cars, it's like one way, traffic lights, and so many other rules :3

Chi Cheng, she came early with Daniel.
I mean Jennie and I came late. Lol.
A lot of people asked if we were coming.
Don't worry, on da wayyy.
If we say on sure on one.

Xuan and Siet Yen FFKed, both tired. HAHA
Saturday how can tired.


Look at my sweetie. :*

Ding doing his pedophile face, like no one does it like him.

There were a few moments were the two tipsy guys of the night also fought, but thank God NO.

By now we all know Ding has the tendency to get out of hand when drunk. Lol. But very funny when he's drunk, seriously.

I think it's really fun to go to a party and stay sober,
then watch the drunk people to retard things.

Like really retarded things.

There's also this video of a lady(or not so lady) stripping off to her thongs and bras on Facebook.
Like, in Movida Sunway Giza. LOLLL.

I can't imagine how I'd react if one day, I woke up to videos of me stripping on the internet.

Well you know drunk people.

They wanna slap each other this moment
and hug each other the next.

And lol. They did slap each other.
Ding asked Han Yuen to say sorry in this tone like he's about to throw a tantrum.
Han Yuen said Thank You. Then Ding laughed.

We went home around. One? Two?
Jennie's curfew is supposed to be midnight. Lol.

And a happy smile. :)

I have a wide wide smile.

So that was Vinoth's gathering. Hehe.


For Sunday. I don't really have a decent OOTD pic man sorry.

Below will be completely brandwhore galore.
HAHA! Don't proceed if you're not into designers. 

Shopped at Pavilion and finally it was not just window shopping but really shop.

Basically it was Burberry first, but what was fucked up was 
Gucci was next to Burberry
and then Prada was next to Gucci.

HAHA. Go into these three enough already.
Few shoppings bags, 20k gone.

It was also nice going into Burberry and seeing my once supervisor.
It's funny how someone who used to ask you to do this and that
is now polite and soft spoken.

It's like. Man. Reversal of roles. Lol.
But yeah, I know the feeling.

Of getting incentive. ^^

Also I came to Pavi wanting to get just a camera.
Which was supposed to be RM1.6k but it was like 2k at Pavi 
so I thought fuckit I'm gonna wait till I go Low Yat or something =.=!

But hey I'm glad I got something else instead :3

Basically I have been wanting handbags forever
and girls always want handbags like forever
and also diamonds and sometimes gadgets and whatever not.

But ok, handbag or no handbag still so happy :)
Got friends and family always happy :)
Gave daddy a big big hug to thank him,
because it's really a lot. 

Like suddenly. I never expect he would buy it for me. :(
I know how hard it is to earn money...
RM2k is hard enough to earn, have to go work until you have no personal life,
and the worse part is having to smile and nod when ur supervisors fuck you.

HAHAH. I think it's amazing, and what I would want more in this world
is my dad's tenacity. Hardwork and patience, never stopping until 
he gets what he needs.

And that he is also always so selfless.
Haiyo. I don't know how to find hubby.
How to compare with my dad? HAHA

A fortune teller once told me that
I would be the bossier one when married. Lol.


So anyway I got a handbag from Gucci.
Which I really liked.
And it was a seasonal colour and the only one left.
Which means, fat chance of bumping to someone with da same bag :3

And then went to Prada which was next to Gucci wtf.
And like. The Saffiano Lux.

Yeah. :3


It comes in a huge ass box.
I love it when I buy bags and they come in thick hard posh box.
It's like a house for your bags, nooo?

I hate it when they give a cibai dustbag only. HAHHA
Eee, people spend several thousands sure must have box rightttt



come to mama!

The inside. It also comes with a strap.
But that thing is kind of heavy since it's full leather.
But very structured because of the double zip and material :3
Heeee, I like structured bags.
And bags with a lot of details and hardwares and fussy fussy things.

The Saffiano Lux Tote has five sizes. YES five.
it's like the flagship of Prada. The trademark and classic.
Like Speedy and Neverful what you think when you think LV.
And flaps when you think Chanel.

For Prada it's that , and the Gauffre tote. 
The many stitches bag. LOL.

Prada is sooo expensive to buy in Malaysia though.
The mini size is RM6950, but around RM4k-5k if you buy in UK :/

I got the small size, which feels like a medium to me wtf.
Petite girl that's why. 

Umm. The small one is RM8k. Yeh I know :/
But it looks so classy. It'll be my special bag for now.
HOHO. I don't want to use it so much.
But I mean. I wanna keep it for 10 years.
Use it gently.

The Gucci one bring to college ah maybe? HEHE

HEHE. Here they are.
Unboxed and out of their wrappers.

The whole experience is just. I want it man.
Choosing the bag. Unpacking the bag.
Buy online or ask someone to buy for you overseas may be cheaper
but it's like.. the experience isn't complete...


Yeahh, they are both pink. 
But easy to match because I know my wardrobe well.
I have a lot of pastels and white, so it will go well :3

Added the Gucci keychain from another bag.

I think I picked the Gucci one because it reminded me of Cinnamoroll subconsciously.
HAHAH. The kid inside of me.

Seriously look like lor!! I meanfuck.
The bag has brown which is Cinnamoroll's outline
then the pink which is C's cheeks.
And the blue and white stripe which is
it's eyes and fur. HAIYO. 



Let's try what fits. 
Tried with the Gucci one since it's smaller.
So conlfirm what fits inside G will fit inside P.

It looks small, but fits a lot.
Well, at least for everything I need.
because I don't carry much.

But I think I'll be graduating to bigger bags.
And it'll be hard to look back! HAHA

Cos you don't feel so secure carrying less I guess??

But it's alwas good to go light once in a while :)

Magazine and daily planner.
With bowling bags it's a lil trickier to fit book-like items. 
It has to be kind of flexible so it can fit at the base.

Chanel compact, pen, hand cream ( I use handcream as body lotion 
because they always come in portable size and smell great like fuck)
iPod, handphone and sunnies. And camera.

Mama and papa for both of them. Lol.
The black one is the one I'd use for rock chick looks I suppose?
Others all look lady and sweet.

Girl's obsession.

Lol. I never lose accessories. Only gadgets.
Yepp. Also need a cheap bag for clubbing.
Ah, so glad I lost Aldo bag the other time. HAHA

Okay. Going to buy pepper spray and carry with me at all times.
Eesh, hate those people who don't have brains and do things like
rob and steal and whatnot. :(

Don't la, got soupkitchen and job vacancies everywhere.
Always choose the right way!

Random picture of this beautiful toufu from Dragon-I.

It's like hard on the outside and soft in the inside.
The sort of contrast that makes life, beautiful.

End this post now, end of the day

I am very happy with what I have
but most of all I feel most lucky to have 
friends and family.

Well anyday I'd rather throw away all the precious belongings 
and have my current circle of people
than be rich but have none of you guys.

Money is nothing without love.
It is something that is the icing on the cake, 
but sometimes people forget that. 
And make the money the cake. BUT IT DOESNT WORK THAT WAY.

Hmm. Just love my papa a lot, he's never been anything but THE BEST.
HEH. What have I done to deserve him.

The only thing he asks is that I concentrate hard on studying.
And also don't go out late so often because yeah it still bugs him.
He asked me to earn money and buy in future. YAYA DADDY! I WANT TO!

But of course only if extra money comes.
Others spend on stuff that has investment value, okie okie.
HEHE. Oh yeah also Prada is doing the raise their prices each year.
Lol. Glad I got it. 

Can't wait for CNY. I love it.
HEHE. Love it love it!

See you guys! I'm still psyched!

College tomorrow, lol.
Five in the morning.


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