Wednesday, 6 February 2013

i Square

Room 8008!

Tuesday after school, went to KL to shop with my ladies.
Hehehe damn nice right since college ends at 1pm.

Above is the owner of Room 8008, she's very friendly and you'd never guess she's thirty!
I love her shop, absolutely fab for taking pictures :3
So pink and girly.
 It costs like RM10k for the cashier stand, ALONE.

And we are behind it. Hehe.
Kiki actually stood out to let us camwhore.
HAHHA! Promote her shop!

She loves all things pink and kitty, apparent through her shop.
It looks fun to be her!
I wouldn't mind owning such a cute shop.
But yeah! Probably a lot of hardwork and dedication!

Kisses for Gwenllian.
And for Jennie the camwoman.

As you guys know, four inch is so last year.
Go six and up!!!

HAHAHA. I finally found these heels.
Lady Gaga-inspired, these six and a half inch heels. :3

The ones on the left are new heels.
Put them beside my kitten heels in comparison.

Bought them inside Parkamaya which is inside Fahrenheit 88.
Hehe. It's my first time in there actually. /.\

It's like Isetan but for the young japanesy-influenced set I guess?

Well for KL Xuan wanted Room 8008.
I just wanted to visit Agape Boutique. 

We only knew it was somewhere inside F88, found it nevertheless~

After shopping Agape it was only then Kiki told us they hiked up their heels RM50 more or so
compared to if you buy it online.

Usually I'd feel very sad, but I saw those heeless shoes at Parkson and they were for
FIVE HUNDRED BUCKS. Rockin' Reptile.

So I didn't care. Haha! Got it for RM160 which is nothing compared to RM500 right.
The platform pumps were RM109.

I guess shoes, nowadays it's all about copying Jeffrey Campbell and Christian Louboutin.
That's what I see most. Chunky heels and red soles, respectively.

OF COURSE you pay much cheaper and the quality is less, but
JC and CL hasn't even reach Malaysian shores yet. And I don't like to buy online :(

From Agape, I'm a size 37 but I took 38 from them.

Anyways, the three of us bought two pairs each from Agape. FUNNY RIGHT.
I think it's dangerous to shop with friends, 
because you'll get influenced so bad.

Like the last week in KL where three of  us bought hats. lol

Nevertheless I am still wearing the hat. HEHE.

YOU KNOW GIRLS? You can be six foot tall.

Say you're an average five foot four petite Asian.
Get six inch from heels, then two inch from a tall hat.
I used to think six inch was like inhumane heel height, but wtf.
It's okay as long as the platform IS high.

Beware though, if you fall, you are falling from six inches.
Good luck. 


Our bags, realized it is all bowling bag shape.
As in the round barrel style.

It can fit a long of things, but the only thing it doesn't bode well for,
is objects that are square/rec and flat.
Like books and laptop ;(

I have to admit I've been a bit more paranoid with handbags lately.
I used to be very chill, because I don't think that people are always out to steal things.
But I've been proven wrong, not once but twice.

And with recent handbags purchase recently, hell no 
I'm not looking to lose anything.
Given a choice though I would lose handphones than handbags
because handbags cost more than handphones and handphones
are so replaceable. New technology and whatnot.

I think Apple is very bad for doing that, naming each different iPhone
in numerical order instead of having different names like Samsung does.
It's like when you have the 5, why have the 4?!

But at the same time they are also smart for doing that,
because they put all their effort in iPhone instead of having so many different phones like HTC
and not be known for shit.

We also took the Monorail. It's like RM1.20. One way.
Hmm thinking back should've gotten the two way one to save time.
Umm. Because we didn't want to walk.

But taking monorail is also fun, hehe.
More efficient than KTM too! KTM is always late. Fuck.

 Ohhh yeah. I always fantasize I'm in the streets of NYC when I'm walking around KL.
HAHA! I love Gossip Girl!

Also I have been downloading torrents omgiash 
it's so much clearer and better than streaming online!!!
I'm never going back from now on.

I used to be afraid of it taking a lot of memory space etc.
But now I just remember to delete when I'm done watching.
Well also nice la no internet connection also can watch.

But dangg, a laptop is useless without internet :(
It's like having an iPhone that can't download apps =.=!

iPhone, I have an itch to get one whenever I load insta on my current phone.
If I get one it will probably be May when my data contract ends.
And I would've used my current phone for half a year by now. 

But then I am thinking if I should get Samsung S 3 Mini since I've been so bad luck with iPhones.
HAHA I think not bad luck right just my own problem. Lack of care.
I think there was a period my iPhone 4s battery life was really retarded and 
I stopped taking care of it properly :/

Hope the thieves will get car accident and die or something like that.
Thieves all their lives, haiyo. Go die better la.
Society doesn't want you.

HAHHAA SHUSHH let karma do the trick


Cutie cutie background.

Bumped into Chi Cheng and her friend MC just in front of Fahrenheit !! 
HEHE. So coincidental. Friends have radars yoh :*

Little twin star. What I bring to school, plus a file for notes and that's it.
WHEN, there's no colour theory. HEH.


With Jasmine who dyed her whole hair pink, purple and orange.
Her mummy's a hairstylist!

Before the lecturer comes. SNAP!

Cap, Sungei Wang
Mirrored horsey dystopia long sleeved button-up shirt. F21! LOL
Bandage skirt with mermaid leather hem (I NEED MORE SKIRTS LIKE THIS) 
-from Miss Selfridge
Heels from Agape.


And oh. Cabbie is growing quick.
Aww look at his paws grabbing my hair.
Do you love dogs? Dog lovers are ALWAYS great people ;)

Also I can throw him on the bed beside and go to nap or whatever
and he'll just follow suit. HEH. He didn't wet my bed.
(except for the first time lol)

Also he doesn't bark much. HEE.
And he goes into his own cage to pee if he's 
left outside.

I think I should starve a lil to stop him from growing too big...


That's for today :P

keep calm and wait for CNY! Heh :)

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