Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Just , ootd.


Today is justootd day, because. ..
Well it's pretty hilarious come to think of it.
We were having a ladies outing at Giza,
and sitting down Jennie was talking about making a group
where us girls post our OOTDs in one instagram.

As simple as that!
Inspiration from OOTD magazine.
And we were talking about names,
at first it was something totally haolian and vain out of this world
like KL angels and OOTD queen and what not. HAHHAH!

And then Jennie said Just Ootd and I was like okay, done deal.
It's catchy, it's easy to remember and it's functional.

So we created the group right there and then with Jennie's iPad.

By ladies, I mean Jennie, Chi Cheng, Xuan and I.
Sometimes also Siet Yen and Mei Yen, and I thought of like guest stars.
Feature different people.

Kind of like Keep Calm and Snap On but more informal
and done on smaller scale.

Nana by Mandy Gioh for Keep Calm and Snap On.

Style nanda, I love this type!

I like reflections, or many of myself in a same picture.
Like I have so many twins, like having one of you ISN'T ENOUGH.

Our shoot, white walls are simple but good.
Starring CC and Gwennie, both of them match each other.
Le Apple ladies!

Grey wrap dress from Curve,
belt from somewhere in KL,
sunglasses from Forever 21.

Jennie. So nice right I edited for her.
her favourite blue! Lmao.

Sporty and rock look.

Sneak peek.

This funny mock up building at Giza, posh British-like.
Cute to take photos!

My meal, it makes me so hungry to look at it T.T

I just woke up and I don't dare to eat cos it'll be hard to sleep back later...
Ur body thinks it's breakfast therefore freaking no sleep time!

At Ichiban Boshi, featuring white soup udon and tuna maki roll. MMM~!!
And the food came SO fast, so much better than SUSHI ZANMAI ~,~!

We were laughing so bad at this idea. Just ootd.

Well well, we still made it in the end :P justootd!
Not bad, it's pretty easy to promote because there's four of us
and we all have insta fb twitter whatnot. BWAHAH!

I wanna target 3k followers.
I want this to be the next IT thing.

I know people are probably gonna be gossiping like who do they think they are, bla.
I know because I like to gossip as well. Bwahah! 

But  actually, I'm like. Immune. Because I have thick skin.
No secret that I am vain. Sometimes I also panic and wonder
if I have the dreaded "princess syndrome".

There was this girl, she had it so bad- she made her boyfriend do Valentine's Day
celebration... for every MONTH. That's 12 times a year and they celebrate more Valentines
in two years than a normal couple would in TWENTY friggin' years. ~,~

I think like everyone has their head in the clouds sometimes. Especially girls who think they are pretty, are entitled blablala.

Everyone wants the looks, the money, the fame. 
But none of that matters if you don't have the personality to keep your
loved ones around :3

Also on another note I deleted my twitter account for like a few days.
And then I needed to use it and now I don't know what to do.
I just wished twitter had a delete all button

I'd hate the notion of people going through my stuff, like ages ago.
And I've done things i'm not proud of etc. 
The idea of a fresh start is also tempting, reviving.
Sometimes back to the beginning IS the place you want to be,
not the place which was your destination.

I don't know.

Awww look at Cabbie! 
Took him for grooming, I don't want him to be dirty!
Later I hug him and get dirty! I want my baby to be beautiful always.

Anyway it is only RM35 for small dog, (the smallest)
but Cabbie had matted fur so it was RM60. =.=
Nifty pricing yoh they all.

This was taken during one of my college days.
Nude long sleeved from KL, 
headdress(was a necklace) and shorts from F21.


Well edit the dreamy way. ANGEL LIKE.

OKAY that's about if for today.
Have the mood to dress up recently.


will be thinking new ideas to shoot. Bwhahaaha!

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