Friday, 15 February 2013

Open House

Take One.

Take Two.

Chinese New Year feels pretty chill this year.
Yesterday was supposedly Valentine's Day,
but this year it seems to have less hoo-hah since it clashed with CNY!

The couples at the open house rounds were-
Yvonne and Jason, Yih Wern and Xian Jiong. 

Zhi Qi's mama asked them why they didn't celebrate, give flowers etc.
XJ said, no need flowers, got heart enough.
Jason? No need flowers, see each other enough.

Haha! I guess it's like everyone kinda settled down.
Most of em coupled during Form 5, do you realize that?
They say that's where couples last longer,
compared to Form 3 etc.

Cos you'll be more matured. 
Like Chee Joe and Siet Nee, my brother and Chooi Yee. 
Both of them, five year-ish. Chee Joe's maybe six?

That's a looong time!

As always, gambling!

Who went? Hmm...

Kok Leong, Jason, Ping Kuang, Xian Jiong and Theng Loo for the dudes.
Guat Tyng, Yih Wern, Jun Wen and Yvonne for the ladies.

I always see Guat Tyng, Yih Wern and Jun Wen less.
Seeing them together reminds me of the sampat times in high school.

And omg. Haha! I finally, finally gambled.
Lost 3 bucks, then... won 10 bucks.
I think most of it were Theng Loo's (the dealer) money.
HHAHA! A card game called "ngau" (cow) 
where you have to build a 10,20,30 base.

Won cos I got 10 on top a few times.
You know, the law of attraction.
I kept using my mind as an invisible magnet 
when Theng Loo was dealing the cards. Hehe ^^

Jun Wen was excited cos she won eight bucks from Mahjong. Lol!

I don't really like gambling, I'd prefer like watching tv or shopping!
Because... gambling puts me in a moodswing, happy and excited one moment
and disappointed and annoyed the next! 

With my twin. GGT.

HAHA! I think it's people who don't know me AND guat tyng that feels we look alike.
Those who knows us puts us differently.

Like I never thought Guat Tyng and I looked alike
until her Taylorians kept going on about it T.T

Oh yeah, the mahjong shot was taken at Yee Shan's house.
We went to her house first, it's actually just near Lian Pang.
 Corner house, renovate until damnnn nice. Like SPK houses.

Next was Zhi Qi's house, which is the picha above.

After that I went to Siet Yen's house for dinner.

HEHE. Got quite a lot of angpaus for that day. Thursday!

Also a lot of people are away thou! 
Daniel and CC at Penang, Mei Yen at Thailand (she came back the next day),
Jennie at UK (coming back Sunday).

That's why, this year feels more chill.
And I realised I don't like fireworks as much. Lol!
I got scared with them, a lil

But I still loveee those ones, big ass flower fires during New Year's.
Grand, majestic, brilliant, all-consuming display of sparks.
I want to watch one with my loved ones, every year. ^3^


This was the day before, Wednesday!
Was calling my girls nd they said they were free at night, so went for supper.
At Sunway Giza. Lol. 
But we didn't go pubs or whatever, which is odd not to do while in Giza!

CC Xuan and Cabbie.
Everyone loves, Cabbie. My sweet little, puppy. ^^

They came to my house, then I drove to Giza.

I put him in my bag again, oopsss!
I think this is perfect actually for puppies, the way 
his head can pop out justtt right.

I really don't want him to grow big oh god can I starve himmm? :/
HAHHA! Handbag sized, puppy.

Cheesy seafood spaghetti! 
Mei Yen's the one who got me hooked on seafood spaghettis.
She and her obsession with Honeybear, seriously! :3

That was like 12 in the night, at In House cafe.
24 hours and with dimsums AND spaghetti.

I should come here more often. ^^
 And honestly I think that cafe always has a lot of customers
no matter what hour of the day..

Later there was a mini drama with Xuan's phone,
apparently she left it at my house before going Giza.
When we came back, it was lost.

The shitty part was we couldn't get through her phone, no network coverage.
Then the next day I managed to call through and it was on top of 
the toilet cabinet for some reason?!?! 

Xuan said she didn't put it there. NO IDEA MAN.
Just glad she got her phone back! New phone sumore.

Okie, everyone be careful with their belongings :3
I know how easy it is to lose things, especially HANDPHONES.
My achilles heel, really. ;(

Lol. Also recently during CNY I have been on iPad and Note a lot.
When I look at my own Galaxy M, I'm like DAFUG IS THIZ?~?!

Worse is when I'm on Insta and I wanna stalk handbags but I 

HAHAH! My fault for losing iPhone :3
But daddy has so many gadgets, I'm acting like a parasite lol.

Also this is random but I am blogging with Cabbie on my lap.
He just stays there. 

Oh yeah with Samsung (Note) I'd say the bad thing is battery life and lag?
But I like that is has a back button. And the display is better.

With iPhone, battery life is also so-so, I think it's that way with smartphones.
Like we use it to do so many menile things. APPS, VIDEOS. All over the place.


This one's on Tuesday.
Me happily molesting Claire and for the first time she's happy to let me do it.

HAHA! Cute cute oh.
My relative's house. Aunt.
Technically my dad's sister who lives just down the road, 
like literally so.

Fishie pond. 

 Which I fell into, when it was first unveiled. 
I was probably the first and last person stupid enough to fall into the pond.
Don't ask.

Gambling outside, beside the fishie pond....

Then take it inside. 

Well that's what adults do. 
As long as there's a table, some chairs. 
A pack of cards. Doesn't matter if it's by the roadside or what, ON.

Claire, the little princessy of the house.
Doesn't matter if she's wearing red, there will always be pink.
I wonder if I was always dressed in pink, is that why I like pink so much?
Pink Nintendo DS, pink bags, pink apalanjiao.

HAHA excuse me...

Scott with his tea shop, tending his cina from China.
He happily did this until he broke one of the mini teacups
and everyone got so pissed at him.

For a minute or two. LOL.
Everyone forgives a kid!
Even for bloody murder..

 Yee Sang and homemade dishes.
Ahh. Chinese New Year.
Family and friends, food and fireworks, angpaus and gamblings.
Yep, that's what it all comes down to!


I don't know man it's a freaking red tank top and a red skirt.
HAHA! Just managed to make it look like a dress cos it's the same shade.
I love it when that happens! :3

Then everyone thinks it's some expensive dress.
But it's actually a two piece. BWAHA!

Most of the time I forced my cousin, Scott (tea shop guy)
to take pictures. But I decided to give him a break and do a timer one.
How thoughtful of me!

And if you went near the fence and looked down...

You get to peek into neighbour's fishie pond.
It's like huge enough to be a swimming pool.
The house also has two security guards.
The owner is some spices owner's (maggi? asahi? forgot man)
mistress' house. Yeah. A huge bungalow for a kept woman!
Would you want a life like that? Hmm.

I'd wanna be the wife instead. 
Then ask for reimbursement upon finding out of the mistress.

Champagne pearls on red.
It kills me when necklace won't stop fucking each other 
and tangling themselves!!! ~<~

The little ones in red. 

Kiss gorgor! Kiss gorgor!

Chuuuu! :*

 Aha! Nothing like interrupting gambles with pictures. 

That was Tuesday! :)


OOTD for Monday.
Pink playsuit from The Curve 
(I should get more of these..!)

AHAHA Look at my glorious thighs

Well. Result of iPad being used solely for Candy Crush.
Look at 'em fingerprints ^^

Also I found a pretty novel way of attaching keychain 
that is to clip the keychain to the inside zipper then leave the keychain hanging out
and clip it in the middle.

HAHAA fark I'm not too good at explaining things aren't I :p

 Well nvm, pictures do the work. 
Not quite sure what keychain to put thouuu.

Pending pending.
Like, I want something to differentiate my bag! :3

When I am watching TV and Cabbie crawls up to sit on top of my head. HAHA!
By the way, he is still on my lap. I take like an hour (or two) to blog.

That's all for this post :)
Anyway, a nugget of information.
This post consists of:
32 photos, four days, 1500 words, five places, sixteen people.

Pretty random, but that's about what goes on in my life.

OH HO. Happy Valentine's Day too!

See you soon lovely peeps! :**

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