Friday, 1 February 2013


Oh hello. Outfit of yesterday night.

Black with some bling,
finish it off with policewoman cap.

Leather flare skirt from Topshop, 
black tank top from Zara,
layered necklace from F21,
boots from F Block,
cap from Sg Wang.

Venue of the night was Stage, at Avenue K.
It's just opposite KLCC. :3

There are so many clubs near KLCC omg.
Rootz, Zouk, Butter Factory. Just to name a few.

But it's more wild in KL, and also a lot of police.
They were everywhere at the Stage entrance.
Stage feels like a bigger version of Movida.

Nicholas, Jia Jia, Kahlip, myself and Darlene.
Artemis is the one taking the picture.

Lol. I didn't know anyone of them except Darlene actually. HAHA
But they were like, friendly.

Went to stage because Nicholas had a bottle of whiskey left over.
He said he was a bartender. Then some car modifier or some shit.
Endless professions ~,~

Keep it mysterious in black. Hoho.
We stayed at Stage until like 2AM.
I wanted to go home around 1 actually. 
Of course it didn't happen :(

Went to Changkat next round. Oh man.
I drove that night. But my car can only seat four.
The others had to take taxi lol.

And guess what happened?

A police block.
I mean I've seen many police blocks before but I've 
never been stopped by one.

Also it's interesting to note that as a Malaysian citizen,
when I get stopped by police it's more like...
I'm thinking they want bribe more than
I did anything wrong.

SEE. Police are supposed to help us.
Not just take bribes from us and say sayonara. Cibai.
I don't see them being so hardworking catching thieves.
Ronda for duit kopi, YES.

So anyway.

They asked for my IC. 
And I was like being retarded.
I asked the police why I should give him since I did nothing wrong.

Cos I read some shit about citizen rights.
Anyway, they say if a police stops you without uniform you don't need to diao.
Two, even if they are in uniforms, you can ask to see THEIR ID first
to confirm that they are police. Or to act lansi.

That bugger even asked me how many glasses I had.
harlowww, not even one glass!
Ma de. I hate it when they get to that tone.
Reminds me of the government sohai who wanted duit kopi. :(

Then they brought the breathalyser.
My heart was thumping a bit when the thing was processing my alcohol level.
Came out, ZEROOOOO ^^v

HEHE. See. It's good never to drink much.
If I'm driving, less than two glasses.
And even if it's two, I'll dilute it like shit.

Bwah, thank God didn't let Nicholas drive. 
He kept asking to let him drive. Nooo my car my responsibility.
I just look a bit tipsy but I'm not.
I'm more high on music than on alcohol.

Hey, it's not illegal to get high on music.


Cute Mini Cooper behind. 
The classic kind. There are so many man.
Mini Miner, Austin Mini, mini dontknowwhatelse.

The one with specs is the hostel owner, Jimmy.
He bought everyone drinks :3
HAHA I damn useless weyh people treat drinks also no use.
I don't drink muchhh
They all live in hostel except me.
Lol, quite interesting to see their hostel life.
Butttt their hostel are like bungalows really.
Huge ass mansions with ten toilets. Yeah.

Also it's scary to hear that Darlene had her handbag snatched
by some petty thief on a motorbike. 
(while walking home to her hostel)

See, theft happens everywhere!

Jia Jia who's also in Raffles :)
but I've never since her before, in diff course hehe.
Interior Design!

Darlene again!


Chilled a while at the hostel.

That is one of the housemate's snake.
He has three actually, this is the smaller one.

And oh yeah. Snakes will literally piss in your hand
when they're scared. Nicholas had one shit in his hands before, even.

It's so creepy the way they slither. 
the way they hiss with their tongue :(
their skin is smooth, and cold
Like some dead chicken's feet but softer.
HAHHA fark.

Also the couples live in a room.
Damn chun, it's like they're married already.
The snake's owner's girlfriend is also a snake lover apparent.
She came out greeting us with one coiled around her neck
like it's a fucking normal day with a puppy or something :(
Lolll different tastes :3

They almost made me regret parking my car inside.
Cos they kept asking me to stay until five or six and I'm like
wtf for! I need to go home before that.

I'll just get sleepier. They said it's dangerous because I'm driving a Cooper and 
I'm like flashing dollar signs.

Haiyo. I've done it plenty times before. 
I don't like sleeping over! I like home the most :3

In the end I took the gate keys while they were distracted.
Heh, cannot force me! I hate people forcing me.
The reason I drove is to go home whenever I want!
And the freedom is LOVEEEEE

That's all tonight!
I need my own micro four-thirds!!

Ever since using my brother's camera.
It's like when I use digital compact,
The only thing better than micro four-thirds would be DSLR,
but who has the shoulder strength to tote them for hours mannn :(

That's what I need to do with my cameras! HEHE.

Write again soon,
bye babies! ;*

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