Monday, 11 February 2013

Year of Snake

Hello sweeties!

Happy snake year, hoho.
They say that... this year, dogs will have a flowery fatie year.
HHAAHA. Sorry. Basically means, a lot of flirty luck.

Also, my bro is back from HK/Macau <3 nbsp="" p="">Which means camera is back, good quality pichas are back. *w*
Trust me babeh.

Sooo the CNY feel.
Also there's a lot of fresh flowers in da house I can't take one without them
creeping up the edges. Not that I mind. HAHA!

I sacrificed sleep to have extra time to get ready.
Curl hair! ;( But hahaha it did pay off.
Relatives were like you got pretty dy oh skinny dy oh hagagamuahegegifefur

Also also, the way I curl my hair? I cheat
The first time I took like an hour. Now fifteen mins, ding ding.. Enuf!

The front part, do small strands. Get bigger to the back because no one cares.
There. Actually if you are so lazy, you can just curl ur fringe and pin it up. lol

The weather wasn't so hot this year! Hehe. 
Initially wanted to wear a red dress (never worn)
but it's too HOT. Ma de, that's the problem with dresses 
made out of man made fibres.

No air ventilation at all !HU!IHI@W

Haha! Wore white dress from Topshop.
Was supposed to be CNY clothes but I cheated and wore it once before actually.
Cheat laaa. 

You know the best way to preserve at dresses' novelty is to
wear it with diff groups of people. High school friends, college friends, family.
Yada yada. And then when you've exhausted that, repeat again with different accessories.
They make a hell of difference.

Brada stole my miao cap.

As always, Dad the designated driver.
Count on the man!

Accessories. The zipped compartments, made for stuffing ang paus!

We start on our journey.
Using Kepong MRR2, passing by the place that reminded me of... the way to Penang!!
I remembered the walkie talkies, warning each other of a car highlighting them on the right lanes.
Then you can see four cars sim 7 to the left lane, like a chain reaction! Haha!

Dad drove like drifting, never got off the right lane. Beh.

Our destination? Bentong, Pahang yoh!

It's my dad's hometown, where he grew up.
He always told me, told us- 
how he used to live in a wooden house and the rent was RM25 a month,
and that he only had 30cents a day- enough for breakfast not enough for lunch.
How? hailat.

I think having this kind of upbringing instilled him to have hugeee ambitions.
When you're so comfortable living at DPC Valencia and wherenot.
Haiyo, work what. Parents forever there to rely on.

That's the generation now I guess?

But it amazes me seeing how far Dad has come,
the fruits of his decades of hardwork.

The shoplots, dating back to the 70's and 80s.

I used to not appreciate going back to Bentong when I was younger,
because I only thought of how hot it would be, etc.

Then when I got older I feel glad to come back,
well they say no matter how far an apple strays from the tree
it'll always return to its roots.

Actually, no. I just made it up.
But something along the lines laaa, okie? ^^v

The house we always go to, adults gambling outside as usual.
Taken early in the morning before like fifteen more people came. Heh.
That's why the house looks a bit empty.

But honestly it never is. THERE'S LIKE TEN KIDS THERE.
Living under the same roof yoh.

And guess what, they're all boys.
The funny story, well known.
There's two pairs of married couples.
Both of them kept getting pregnant to have a girl.
Well. Ten for boys, zero for girl. LOL.

Then they decide, give up.
Dang, the dude chromosome match is so the strong.!

Also I noticed there were a lot of improvements around the house.
New tv, WIFI(!!!!), a Pekingese puppy.

The guys stop studying somewhere during high school, Form 3-ish.
Then they go work. Dog breeding, clothing retail, etc etc.
Work to buy their own laptops.

Hmm. I see a lot of potential in them, they remind me of my dad a lot.
I guess because the childhood is kind of same. 
 And the grandmother, the monarch. LOL.
Bosses them and disciplines them well.
They shout at each other a lot. 

Majibai all those come out. HAHA

Also they may not be rich but they have rich principles.
You can put your belongings all over the place and no one would steal it.
Unlike in KL, cibai.

 Friends also steal friend's belongings. Cibai dog.
I hate thieves the most. Go learn from others, earn money yourself neh.
So cibai useless, society don't want you. Go suicide better jibai.

HAHHA OKOK. Chill chill CNY OH.

Lemme show you the Pekingese.

I swear when I saw it I was wondering why is this soft toy moving. =.=!

Viewed from the top, fuck.
Like a white cotton ball. It's white all over.
Fat, round, white. SNOWBALL LA.

He's called... LALA. HAHA

No one named him so they end up calling him LALA
But some also calls him Bob.
Lala bobo.

He has clothes as well.

Angpaus! The loveliest thing of CNY.
And also the gatherings and the food and seeing everyone again.

HAHAH! I brought iPad and played Candy Crush a lot of the time.
While waiting adults to gamble. Bro is into the gambling scene already.

We finished dinner around ten, went home after.
It takes about an hour to go back home.
No jam

Chehh, go KL also one hour. In the morning. LOL

What I stuffed in my bag.
Finally took her out.

Gucci wallet, Nintendo DS Lite, The Balm lippie, YSL lippie, Burberry sunnies.

I also ended up stuffing Sony Nex 3, a lomo cam, my handphone, iPod Nano.

And eek. Have to really careful storing make up. Would freak if it spilled and got into the lining.
It happens. Bahh, make up bag needed yoh!

Also, something caught my eye recently...

YSL heels! Tribute sandals!
Preferably in gold metallic or nude ? ^^

And behold, YSL Tribtoo pumps.

That elusive pump which is seen everywhere on red carpets.
The heavy bottom and slim pins silhoutte...

Mmm, sexy yoh. Preferably in red or black.

Of course I can get my heels at Charles & Keith, but it's not the same thing, is it?
Hehe. I think it's around 2k in Malaysia. Hmm.

Save money first yoh.
I think as a teenager you have so much time 
that you always think of what you don't have instead of what you already have! Haha!

Also also, I need to regain my passion man. For design.
I used to be ambitious, but The One scared the part of me a lil'.

It's in me I know! Just need a spark, a light of fire to coax it out.

It's important to have ambitions. It's like your main goal in life.
Without it, you are just aimless.

CC called after that! She came to visit, so nice hehe.
Actually planned to see each other at Bentong but timing not right lol.
But she was nearby BSD so yep!

In my pyjamas already.
Well actually I don't have pyjamas. 
It's always tanktops/tshirts and shorts. HAHA.
Which is something college girls like to wear? But I wear it to sleep only lol.

Wait wait! What I meant to say! Forever 21 makes cuteee sleepwear!!
Candy pinks, lace and hearts. 

Gives meaning to catching up on your beauty sleep :p
Plus it's affordable for college students hehe.

CC left around one. Or two in the morning. Cannot rmbr thou it was just now. Lol
Gossiped and chit chat. What girls do best. BWAHA!


This was reunion dinner, I'm among the younger set.
The oldest there, fuck. !! Nineteen, hahaha!
Maybe I should enjoy getting old.

This was reunion dinner @ grandmother's house.
Justttt at Kepong, near WSK. And ji de shi. Remember to eat.

Posing with grandma's seriously vintage cupboard (from older house).
Prolly at least twice my age. AT LEAST.
I've seen in forever.

It was like buffet. Lol.
3rd uncle cooked most of the dishes.
Grandma and Gene cooked too.

Look at everyone, eyes on the food only :3


Chicken pork prawn soup fish abalone vege apa lanjiao pun ada

And don't forget the red buckets of goodness!!!!!!! I WUV THEM.

Can find them everywhere in ANY chinese's house, GUARANTEE.

Even if they don't buy it, sooner or later sure someone give. HAHAH!
 But cannot miss, along with mandarin oranges.

Popular biscuits- kuih kapet, nga ku (FAV!!!!! I finished half bucket at relatives house. GUILTY! ^^)
peanut biscuit, almond melts, pineapple tarts, choco chips.

There used to be these sisters who did CNY cookies every year,
I mean like special one with crazy sprinkles and fillings.

But they stopped like last two years ;((
Miss it!

Hehe. That's the first two days of CNY.



Aww let mama smush kiss you! HAHA

Have not done selca with it cos I only like using micro four-thirds with pets.
They move to fast!

Maaa majestic puppie, tralalal~

Took it for injection already! The second one. 
Will never miss any. Must protect it from cibai heartworm,
the bitch which took away CHUCKIE!!


But I'm happy to have you Cabbie :)!

You brighten my days, always.
You are the cutest in my eyes! Hehe.

Even if there's another most well-groomed dog in the world,
I would have wanted Cabbie in a heartbeat.
Because if you have a puppy follow you since young,
it will grow familiar to you, grow on you.

And nothing else feels right :3

HAHAHA trample on my bed all you want.

Nah he doesn't. He just sleeps there like a soft toy.
So, so, guaiiii. Dai sek :*

HAHAHA. Sorry for grabbing you like that.
Clueless pup!

And the last one! :)

Hehe, thanks for reading sweeties!

Have a fun week, see you guys soon!


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