Friday, 8 March 2013

A dream will always come true

If I had a perfect birthday bash, 

I'd like to have it in a five star hotel 

driven to there by a limosine, 
 (why not a white Bentley)

 with my group of favourite friends (you know who you are).

Beforehand, I would be at a salon getting prepped and fussed with 

hair and make up.

I would pick up an extravagant gown from racks of beautiful frocks,

rocking pompous gowns as they did in the Victorian Era.

And of course, do not forget about the tiara.

Lastly, I would finish off in jewels, piles of em.

And that there would photographers shutting away,
and a red carpet rolled out.

I'd like to have a champagne tower to get everything started.

Have my guests seated in a private area.

Everyone would come on time,
and no one would miss it last minute (HAHA touchwood)

And then we hit off to second round (with a change of outfits)
to a club. 

That's Rootz by the way!

And then as we spend ourselves adequately,
we will retreat to our hotel and sleep off the hangover.

The next morning, we have high tea with macaroons and tiers and tiers of pastries.

And then we hit the stores and drop our cards.

Bringing home beautiful souvenirs for beautiful memories.

Actually it sounds more like an out of town vacation.
So add private jet at the beginning okie.


 And of course right I would also like to have a party planner to plan everything.

Realized I've not posted up this picha! HAHA.

Truth is I'm an ordinary kid, behind the lappie.
Writing out her fantasies.

But who says you can't dream?
I have a feeling it will happen someday, near future.
Like before 21st hopefully.

And obviously what I like is simply Hollywood Glam.
If I lived in the olden ages, than it would be. well, a royal party.
Like in ballrooms, with ridiculous gowns and fans to flirt and seduce.
For some reason I am really attracted to Victorian Era.

The romanticism, the dressing, the arts, the architecture.
Mmm. Everything is indulgent and fine.

But at the same time also uptight and rigid. Lol!

And on the very last note, I would like to thank every blessing God has given.

Yesyes always appreciate what you have! Nanights! xx

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