Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Fluffy Bunny

Harror special ones!
Had a mini photoshoot with Abby so there will be tons this post :3

Guess what? It's already last day of college for me.
Hahahahahha! Bye bye to Raffles.
But come back one and a half week later. lol
Wish to burn all my notes now ^^

Oh yeahh! Left to right: Darlene, Jia Shin, myself, Ai Lynn

We went to Chateau De Caffeinees. 
It's about 10 mins from KLCC. 
But nestled in somewhere called Kampung Pandan, wtf.

Ashley was the one who discovered this place and brought us here!

And so funny, there were six of us- four of us have car.
Ashley was fine with driving, but me, Abby and Jia Shin were... reluctant.
LOL! We thought of cramping in Ashley's car and her face was hilarious.
She waved her hand and said NOOOO. Cos later police catch how right.

And for a moment all of us were stalling in the car park.
So I said why not play scissors paper stone. Loser drives.
HAHAHA! Abby was won first.
And then me. Thank God. Hallelujah.
The law of attraction. I was like. WIN WIN WIN  
in my mind. But kept a totally straight face la. BWAHHA!

So Jia Shin drove, with her crazy macho Mitsubishi Lancer.
Hohoho ^^ thankiu ohhhh.

Mushroom soup. As always, with garlic bread on the side.
Them two are like the violin and bow, like you can never imagine them separate.
I want to be like that with my husband next time. <3 p="">

HAHHA SOHEM. And I read in the newspaper today 
this list of high-profile split. The highest was like two fucking billion(divorce settlement).
Worse than ec13m man. Jamie Chua! The lady who spends her alimony on Birkins.
Lol. Donate to charity!

Lol. But honestly if I really love that guy I would wanna keep the marriage than the billions.
You know like girls can always be a professional gold digger and be richer than most people.
But how can right, use love as currency. Or sex. (!)

Chicken Teriyaki Burger.

Umm. I found it disappointing :(
Because... I was expecting something like a fucking Kissaten burger?!
HAHAH! The food is okayyy, but I don't like that they don't serve flat water.
I don't like it when they do that, how hard it is for you to serve fucking tap water in a glass?!?!

Force people to buy drinks only, buy also not happy. 
It's the little things that count!

And then all the waiters were either PMS or blur-looking, I don't know.
Maybe cos of the heat. Soooo hot like three in the afternoon. HAHHA!

But I think it's okay if you come at night, shisha at the Black Market.
Afternoon I think I would prefer to go Levain?
But I forgot how to go there.
Actually I don't even know in the first place. Direction stupid.


My twin of the day

 Darlene and I wore the same top!
It's like, Level 6 of Sungei Wang.
 When the lift opens, you'll see it. Lol.
Bear and houndstooth. BEAR!

After finishing our desserts (brownie and waffles !)
we ventured outside, and damn. The backyard fucking huge.
Can hold a wedding. HAHAH!
And of course, hold a photo-shoot. 
have ALL the sunlight, mmm!

 A picture with Abby first, because she took most of the pictures. 
Angle queen, this one. HAHAH!

Look at the trees and falling leaves.. Cheat people it's autumn.
But without the tropical-looking tree behind la. Lol!

And we kept discovering stuff to use as background.
The backyard so farking huge. 
Mini windmills, swings, benches, signposts. HAHAH!
Many the thing. Put sheep also la, 

The backyard and myself in comparison. KLCC was also somewhere behind me.
And nooo I did not throw that black bottle on the ground.

Tiny windmills. Actually not really. Decoration. Lol
 Cap and crop top from Sungei Wang,
black ruffle skirt from Mirrorcle (if not wrong)
ankle booties from F Block,
smoked check sling bag from Burberry

A ruder pose. Bwhahaha!
Patxoticfy it.

And the swings. Ashley is the one beside me here!

Funny thing, there was a guy sitting on it actually.
And he could tell he wanted to play with it,
he actually got up and said, "tangkap gambar lah".


This one damn dramatic right.
The power of editing! Or meituxiuxiu to be exact. HAHAH!
If you wanna know, I only use meituxiuxiu and photoscape for editing. :3

This one looks a bit illuminati-ish, the triangle ground and worshipping pose ~,~!
Vertigo! Because I feel dizzy looking at it. Like who the fuck stands this way?
What has happened to gravity?! Lol

Cotton candy trees, the AB colour filter. Have no idea what it stands for, sorry. ^^
Also it's so nice that this skirt has a pretty opaque black lining inside.
I like grabbing the top part.
Actually I like pulling the whole top part up and sit like the rude girl I am. BWAHAH.
Lucky not many guys in class.

Take One

Take Two.

Also my hair got more red and raven-like after curling. 
I think damaged already that's why.
HHAHA! Far far see and onscreen nice.
Close then, err....

A bench which I must say, has rusted in a beautiful way. 

 And the last. Hats off for finishing first sem.
Three months felt like two weeks actually.
The One, walaneh, three months felt like a frickin' year.

And I was thinking of switching to fashion marketing for a while too, but nola hor.
Don't want to change so many times. Umm. Because fashion design
I don't like pattern-making. Sewing is okay, but I hate pattern-drafting.
Half because of how it was taught at The One and half because of myself I guess?

And if I want to be good, I have to stop being so cincai =,=!!
My attitude, main point is to do it quick and acceptable.
To reach the bare requirement in the most minute time.
Because. I am efficient hai.

or in other words, lazy hai ah?! LOL.
Cannot right. because it's always.
Redo makes everything nicer. 
But I really hate redo. Lol. sohem

Okay okay, don't think so much.
Holiday firstttt ^^


 Fluffy hair, fluffy cheeks, fluffy clothes. Lol.

And then my favourite 3/4 angle, face tilted to the left.
With the eyebrows slanting downwards like icicles on a warm morning.

Bodycon dress from Australia,
Saffiano Lux tote from Prada,
Platform Pumps from Agape.

And to clarify those heels are my second most uncomfortable pair,
six inch high. After wearing it four and a half inch felt like slippers okay.
good traning also, lol!

The most uncomfortable one is the heelless, and I haven't even worn it out since I bought it.
No way I can wear it to college, the tarmac is my weakness!
Practically disabled as soon as I open my car door to face the tarmac. Lol.

But I want more pumps! Make the legs long as fuck.
Don't know why but they never really felt comfortable for me.
Need one with a good toe box so I don't get frickin' bunions or something ;(

I want a pair of nude YSL tribtoos!

Made the picture extra large-assed lol.
It is important to make your desires apparent.

But no I haven't gone and begged it from my dad yet.
HAHAHA! I don't want handbags alreadyyy. I mean for now.
Unless it's a Chanel flap. I want shoes. Shoes.
And jewellery. okokokokokokokok

Ini Ah Fook.

 Jennie's master.
HAHAH! Ah Fook as in Jennie's master.
Because Jennie likes to baby him.
Seriously oh.

Walk walk walk, wanna shit.
Sit sit sit, have to give water.
Eat eat eat, bark for more.


Ini Siet Yen. She no wear make up and just woke up from nap.
If like that, very easy only!!
Cover half of your face with you hair.

Aww. We had tea at Amelio!
I love how they always add some quirky shapes on their sauces/toppings.
Smiley heheheh I feel like smiling looking at it too *w*
The little things that count. Their tomato sauce always comes in heart shapes. LOL

Okay. We basically sat around and discussed about this coming Saturday.

HAHAH! To confirm with everything. Event planning yohhh.


This was salon day at A Cut Above.
Got mine done at the Pavi branch, where family usually goes.
I love their dapper cushioned-mirrors. Lol.

floral maxi from Sungei Wang,
wristwatch from Philippe Chariol,
boston vintage web bag from Gucci.
necklace (pictured below, sumwhereee), Juicy Couture

As always, cheap clothes and expensive accessories.

This was when I just sat down and zoom zoom zoom the tea was there.
Don't know when they sneaked it in. They have a few sort of like housekeepers.
Give you magazine and shit.

The before. My hair is really straight naturally.
The last time I did rebonding was like. When I was freaking Standard Six.
Man, that's like seven years ago. I'm old!

It took three hours which was shorter than I expected given the length of my hair.
Still, it was extremelyyy tiring. I mean to the end la.

they did a lot of stuff. Wash, neutralize, the funny brain machine ufo thingy,
the pads and curls, the medusa electricity inductors, the egg carton cups for cream.
HAHAHA. Weird descriptions, I know.

Terms of pricing it's actually just RM350 for short hair.
But my long hair doomed me to the maximum charge, which was RM650.
Lol. And then I also HAD to get the curling cream, so it was RM732 altogether.

Dad was like, ei you spent RM1k recently on your hair. Lol. 
He was talking about the three fifty hair treatment as well
But I'm glad I got it done, just to see what it's like. To wake up everyday with curly hair.

It turned out a little more like beach waves? Cos the big spirals need to be done with tongs.
Style sendiri lo. And it definitely FEELS hotter after curling my hair.
Thinking of doing dipdye on my hair, bright red. Since the top is already red rightt.

But I'm scared it becomes real rough and I'd feel like chopping it away.
I've never let scissors touch my hair for so long. Feels sacrosanct. :3

Going home, the KL skyline. Thrumming with energy.
Our playground, our future. :3

That is all for today :)

Hope you guys enjoyed.

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