Friday, 22 March 2013

I'm nineteen today.

Hello! All I can say now is that I feel very blessed.
Officially nineteen, and my whole day was filled with wishes 
and unexpected gifts. *w*

It's the simple things that make me happy on a day like this...

A polaroid taken at Aussie, with my beloved papa.

Every year, during everyone's birthday, he will bring home a cake without fail.
I am proud of my baba, I love him sho much. :3

He said thank god I am nineteen now, as in getting older. Work towards being independent.
He recounted when I was in Bestari and every day when businessmen approached him for 
meetings around 3PM (finishing school time) he must reject and say NO NO NO.

Otherwise he'd be late to fetch me and I'd sulk. Lol. Sohem. 
I remember I slammed the door and cried once when he was late to pick me up.
Like half an hour I think? But I know some other friends who wait until like six in the evening =.=
I know. Selfish hor. HAHAHA!

And I didn't want my to carpool with my neighbour either eventhough she offered. Lol.
I just liked getting fetched by family but at that time I didn't really see that sacrificing a little
would make my dad's life much easier. HAHAH!

I don't know what to do for his birthday this year. 
Anyway I always can't remember if it's October 28 or 29
I think 29. Brother is a stickler with dates and directions,
something I'm shamefully NOT (T.T)

I'm thinking of taking daddy out to dinner, like those cina ahpek Grand Imperial type.
But I don't know if he thinks he's too fussy
or secretly he wouldn't mind it but doesn't want to be fussy. HAR.

Scott my little cousin (who's also in Bestari) 
was the one who pestered everyone about my birthday. Lol!!!
It's like a big deal, for him!

And I know he spent time making my birthday card, it was decorated with 
sparkly rilakummas, 100% handmade. Lolol.
So thoughtful. *w*

He kept asking his mama to come to my house.
And called my dad if there was anything going on.

Lol. Can be event planner already.
He gave me that hello kitty thingy!
Dad bought me a blueberry cake which was surprisingly pretty good.
Aunt gave me a pair of blue ribbon wedges. Hahahah!
It's like the most comfortable high heels ever.
Four inch, but it feels like... nothing. Zero. 
Like slippers. No elevation feel.

Or am I too inured already? lol. 
Those six inch stilettos can hurt me la.
But they're like... the prettiest.
Especially for someone like me whose fat tends to gravitate to ass and thighs!!
But at least not tummy la, lol. ~,~

Dad asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I paused for a second.
So funny he usually tries to avoid this question.
Because when he ask means can buka harga besar besar.
AHAHAH! But like. Deng. Reverse psychology works on me.

I was just like, ohh no need la :3 just birthday celebration enough already.
As in the saturday one, another round.

But of course there is also a few other things I might accidentally buy.
Like Olympus pen mini, or the epl5, or nude ysl tribtoos, or pave eternity diamond rings,
or tiffany&co diamonds by the yard bracelet, or a chanel flap.

Okay okay. You know they say right. If you want too many things, just wait till the next morning
and see if you still want it as badly. Honestly, yes lor for all of them.
But hahhahaa don't know if the answer will change tomorrow.

Buttt, I'm still happy without all these things :3
And I don't like when I spend so much and make it hard for dad.
 I don't know how much I will earn in the future.
But I hope it is very very much.

But also, dear God. If between all the money in the world and luxury and glamour
or just the simplicity of contentful happiness, please please please give me the latter.
As always I would love to laugh on a bike than cry in a BMW.

But. :/ If you let me choose laugh in dirty rags or cry in a Chanel suit I would choose the latter. :(
Because fashion is important. Actually I also don't know. HAHAHA!
Because right, laugh in dirty rags everyone thinks you are some sohai only.
Like not happy, but insane. :( Laugh in tshirt and shorts or cry in Chanel suit then okay la ^^

And deng deng!

Got my present from this girl, the one on top of everyone here. 

BWAHAH! I didn't know she was dropping by my house to gift a present today!
I thought she was going to give it on the 23rd or something. 

Thank you for the surprise hehe and it's Swarovski so obviously it wasn't cheap.
Bling bling glam glam oh, I like ^^

Thank you for being my "boyfriend", my luv, my sohai.

Also it's an earring and I figured to wear it on my cartilage piercings to make it...
more obvious and fairy-like. Dafug lol?

I brough Cabbie to Amelio, DPC with Mei Yen.
Love that they are pet-friendly. Coffee Bean can GO DIE. .l.


Outfit, neon fringed top from Forever 21
Galaxy skirt from Topshop
 Hippie futuristic coordinate? Lol.
Also I find it weird that cheesie of likes to
call her ootds(outfit of the day!! DUH) coordinate.
It sounds like a math lesson, with those x axis and y axis :/

Also right now it's midnight and I'm in my contacts because my glasses broke
and typing with cabbie snoozing on my lap. Wherever he go is his bed. 

Cabbie taking backseat the first time :3
He doesn't try to forcefully come to the front. Lol.
I know some dogs are scared and will always kacau their owners while driving.
AH FOOK! That one like a pompous queen 

Bright, light.

Look at this baby! Some chicken pizza I forgot which one.
I liked the oranges, but I thought the broccoli tasted weird :3
Also this is random but I accidentally typed oranges and orangers.
And also again. 

Because that's like literally how I pronounce it :/

Naww Cabbie in his pink carrier.
Bought it for Chuckie years back, and no matter what dog I get- male or female,
people always think it's.. a SHE. Because I have a tendency to pick out the pink stuff.
Not pink then bling. Like the blue crystal studded collar.

And that was when I was obsessed with The Simple Life and Paris Hilton,
splashing out money for doggie accessories. HAHAHA!

Well I guess it's like a hint of how parents are so willing to spend money on their child.
I think we are all willing to sacrifice a lot to give the ones with love, the best.
Because that's what we think they deserve. ! :)

 Anddd done for Amelio.


Went to Ole Ole Bali with Sim Kuan, at Soho KL.

We had to go there to run some errands. HAHAH. Pay money.

I like restaurant with sofa seats. Or like a lot of cushions.
I think anything that feels like a sofa/bed/lounge.

And also God forbid I was telling Sim Kuan how much I hated guys to sit opposite of me
like during dates. Because it makes them SO far away. 
Beside is justttt fine ^^

These kinds of seatings also reminds me of Korean style.
You have to take off your shoes and everything. 
Also I suddenly remembered this Japanese restaurant next to the old Isetan,
like the old wing old old old. My favourite resto!!

When I was a kid, every weekend that was where I looked forward to.
They had private rooms with curtains and cushions,
and one time I was so excited jumping around I fell back to the curtains
and pushed the next door guest's stroller. LOL.

At least didn't hurt anyone la right.
but I remember my dad yelled at me :(
He cannot tahan most when children makes scene in public. HAHHAA
I think I will be like that next time also.

And sohem, I finally found my Burb sunnies.
It was left in Jennie's car!! =.=! 
She forgot to tell me and I kept searching for it in my house.
But nahh I didn't think I lose it anywhere other than my home.
Because I'm extra careful. Others, I don't know go where dy :(

Accessories are easy to lose man. 
But I always take good care of the ones I really like.
Well kind of ^^

Jennie looking happy with her banana shake.
And their barley lime was also so cream and thick, 
like the best I've ever tasted.

Chose Ole Ole Bali because I went here with Shao Yang once before.
My long lost ji mui. lol!
And with my family too, but I forgot which branch :3

Sipping on my drink, bobble-headed me!

Alright, that's all for today :)

Once again, thank you for those who wished me!! :)
Good nights! xx

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