Monday, 25 March 2013

Jennie and Karen's bday bash


As you guys know, last Saturday (23rd of March)
Jennie and I held a mini birthday bash at Michelangelo.

 With the guys
With the girls
(as always guys more than girls. lol)

Anddd family picture.

We booked seats for thirty.
Twenty nine came, I am glad we called more people than we should.
Because some people can make it, and then those who can suddenly can't. Mmm :3

But always always tell the host beforehand okiee!
RSVP is a very important party etiquette heh.
Better let the host know!

How the place looked before everyone came.
I mean not literally because I edited the shit out of this picture. BWAHAH

And balloons are really fun for parties.
A joy to take picture with!
Jennie bought the balloons, I bought the cake. heh

The meal was basically buffet, easy for parties.
Usually I go into cheapskate mode when there's free flow of food
but I felt so excited I wasn't really hungry...

And for the first time ever... leaking out our menu.

Actually we planned this party way beforehand.
In the works like two weeks ago? I'm not sure.
But I didn't really say much on my blog because I didn't want to
ruin any surprise or build any expectations, if you know what I mean. lol

The buffet is RM60++, the ++ is basically just the perfunctory service and tax charge (16%)
lol. Do the math yourself if you wanna find out how much we paid.

I think it was worth it, honestly. 
When it comes to money I just think about three things.
Investing, tangible things, and experiences.

Three of them are part of our daily lives but
I think tangible things get a fair share of it. :3

Well food I think takes a lot of our money as well.
Mix and match the items to the menu if you can lol.

The food wasn't that memorable, all I could remember were the people.
And the decorations. And the beloved painting behind, with the sensored lj.
If you know what I mean ^^ (refer previous post) HAHAHA


Creme brulee was memorable though. Heh.
NOT keen on hearing how much of sugar they put to make such a big pot
have such well-spread sweetness. *w*

My twin of the night!

I could FEEL there were so many eyes on us when the staffs came and sang "Happy Birthday".
There's two candles on the cake which is smart actually.
No need to fight. HAHAHA!

And halfway through Jennie did her laugh, the breathe of laugh and 
it blew out one of the candles. WHOOSH. HER LAUGH

And her trying to light it up again. BWAHAHAH

 Look at all our presents slumped on top of the sofas. Heh.

Oh yeah. Forgot to name drop who came!

Nicole, Nicholas, Ping Kuang, Xian Jiong, Theng Loo- they came the earliest.
Vincent and Wen Qi, Rachel and Yen Shen- iDarts gang.
Yi Han, Ee Inn, Jasmine, Wendy- halfff of the eight ladies
 King Jiat, Daniel, Ding- AS ALWAYS, LATE!!! lol
Rysher and Xuan, Siet Yen and Qi Yao- COUPLE
and also Chi Cheng and Mei Yen! :)

here here meet five of my closest girlfriends circa Bestari Batch '94
Mei Yen, yours truly, Jennie, Siet Yen, Chi Cheng, Xuan <3 p="">
love them! heh

so give face right all of them came. HAHAHA! 

 Also huge thanks to Xuan and Jennie for the pictures!
I bought my camera but there's only like one or two from mine. BWHAH!
And Xuan did most of the editing heh. Look, tannify all of us!

And ta dah! Fairify!
Realized three of them are cool skin tone, as in fair with blue undertones.
And I'm warm skin tone, like Chi Cheng and Xuan. BUT. BUT not as tanned.
So it's like in the middle. Which doesn't suit my

But why. I was born this way.

With Rachel! Heh. Damn photogenic lor.

And she was like asking me to join the Amber Chia academy because she sees like
my sohai poses on Instagram. HAHAHAH. 

But cannot lo, studying. Xuan and Jennie also wants to do the nuffnang thing 
but we've never gotten to really got something out of it.

And like, audition at Seventeen or stuff like that. Lol. Who knows.

Actually there's a bit of history behind the dress:

Outfit of the night was basically one huge clothe which Jennie and I went and bought...
two years back...
for PROM.

And two years later, who would know we were using it for our joint bday bash,
finally taking off the tags. AFTER TWO YEARS. Lol.

Do party to not waste the dress, but spend more than the cost of dress in process. Farney.

Flowers. This is my first time getting them, from my bestfriend.
Mei Yen. The one with the lovely laugh <3 p="">
 oh and that's Siet Yen! Heh

My baby!
She was the one who fetched me for the night.
Thank you so muchie!

Here's to a lifetime of friendship. Hope my kids can meet you lo.
I've been friends with Mei Yen since... Form 1.
And I remember seating next to her ever since.
Especially form four and five. HAHHAHA.

Unlikely match we are.
Hope to spend more time also heh.

And not only did I get flowers, but also another present!
Which I wore immediately that night. Heh.


And I remember asking Mei Yen why the wrapper so many Christmas penguins. lol!

Mei Yen initially wanted me to unwrap the gift later, but I COULDN'T WAIT.
Dying to know. You know la, cannot stop and Aries. HAHAHA!

I got permission to open it because I guessed what was inside. 
I asked her was it make up. She said no. I shook it a lil and I think I heard something rattle.
And I remember this Insta pic of her nails.


I love it! :*

This was actually I wanted to get from Sephora.
Heh! Thank you Mei Yen for the perfect pick.

And okay. I haven't explain about my tiara yet.
Basically during history costumer mister laurent would mention about 
how royals have diadems and tiaras and I started 
sticking bling stuff to my head.

It started a month or two ago when I felt the urge
and literally peeled off a rhinestone sticker meant for like freaking iPhones
and stuck it to my forehead like the closet Indian I am.

And then I got this bling halo. The salesperson told me it was a necklace and she was
puzzled when I stuff it around my forehead.


 And then ta dah a full blown one. JUST MY STYLE. HAHAHAH.
I like sparkly things! All my nail polishes are sparkly.
Those which don't sparkle rot in my trays. Serious.

I think next year I should get a bigger one. 
Make it a tradition. 

Jennie has one too! But she wore it for a few of the pictures only :(
Cos she said wear got people so sohai wear tiara. HAHAHA!

Don't la.
"wear the crown, feel the crown, be the crown". OKIE.

Some people were like, hello princess. Like even strangers.
Some would be like. You think you princess ah? lol

Nails of the night. :3

I take very fast to paint my own nails, it's just the drying part I'm bad at.

Bringing the presents home. 
Constipated face because the stuffs were heavy and I hate carrying stuffs.
Unless I'm travelling la ^^

But hey it's PRESENTS!!! I'd break my back carrying them if need be.

We actually have second round, but lemme spotlight on the present before the clubbing part!

Because. This blog post is already so fucking long and I'm a raging insomniac blogging 


 Imagine me tipsy and delirious to unwrap presents like five in the morning.
It's like christmas, but BETTER.

This one is from Xuan, mad love it !!
It has so many different eye shadows and lipsticks. BWAH.
Can't wait to try them. Experiment with new looks hehe!
Opening them reminds of my childhood playing those dress up sets,
except this time I'm grown up and it's for real.

FREAKING REAL. Legal and ready to go.
HAHAHAH sounds wrong omg.

From Chi Cheng, Naked nail polish set to go with my Naked 2 palette :3 
I tried two of it on my toes today. Heh.
Of course I chose the bling bling ones. ^^

From the eight beauties, Yi Han Joey Wendy Shi Yong,
Chloe Jasmine EeInn Corinne! Heh!

Thank you so much! Filling my lingerie drawer with sexy additions.
Love your picks hehehehehe

Siet Yen and Qi Yao's lipstick. 
Coming in handy cos I finished my last one! *w*

This one... memang funniest present award.
King Jiat asked Jennie and I on twitter, what present did we want.
I answered straightaway Rilakkuma because I know he has plenty of them from Taiwan.
But lol. I got this framed picture. If my dad sees, confirm ask who's that guy

Cutie message from Mei Yen, I always get one of them like this each year.
Tradition lo ^^ also other cards, I took it out and keep it in my memoir box.

All I'd like to say is really thank you thank you thank you
for those who come and those who gave presents! Appreciate all of them!

Oh yeah, not pictured is also Kar Chun's hairband, Rysher's ribbon, Jin Fye's hugeee ribbon and bangles. Thank youuus!

I know it's not easy to choose presents let alone have the effort.
Most people would just forget about it. Lol.
So, thank you!!! It means a lot! :)

And of course last but not least thank you to Jennie
for co-hosting this with me ! ***


We went to Bianco, Vertigo next.
Jennie's college friend Derrick was hosting his party.
All out champagne fest, because that's what you can do with a 10k budget. HAHAHA!
Heard he got drenched in Moet. Buy to shower

Did see a few familiar people!
Lol. Teenagers, really clubbing hai.
Can't believe I'm turning twenty next year.
Guess I can't call myself a teen then :3

My neighbour! He was nice to ask if I need a ride home. HAHAH.
He was like, it's okay, live in same area.

Butt! Have to follow Jennie, satu package!

Guan King and Chan Yee, I met them when I came back in to Bianco.
Chan Yee was like hello and I didn't realize until I saw him properly.
Eng Siong was also there! THE KBians!
They very heng drinking now lol

 With Louise!! I used to see her in CHURCH. 
HAHAHA! The ironyyy :3

Damn jelly her flawless skin.
No make up better than got make up. !!!

With the loves. 

Jennie was smart to bring a change of dress.
I was too lazy/forgetful to bring mine.
Bah. Sorta wished 7Eleven sold disposable dresses.

HAHAHA! Siet Yen was right.
usually I'd say she likes to argue even when she's wrong,
but this time. SHE REALLY RIGHT LO.
It's annoying to wear Maxi to clubs, especially without heels.
Dress trailing all over and you just wanna sit down to avoid people
stepping on your dress :3

A random picture with a random gang who was like "take a picture!" so we did.
Lol. So easy to spot with the huge ass balloons.

As long as I don't look ugly, it's alright.
Fire me all the attention you want. BWHAHAHA


This was like the day before Michelangelo
at Beer Fact

And there was like dancing with Pandas

Lol. Because everyone was stucked to the seat and i was excited because
he looked like he came out of Disneyland.



Thank you Kok Leong for the ride!
Heh. Also, typical me. Left my glasses in his car and he had to wait at the petrol station
for me to get it back. HAHAH! Thank you for you patience! ^^

And Vincent treated us this huge ass Long Island. 
I took the umbrella and stuck it to the hair.

Isn't that how they always roll in Hawaii...?
Man, I'm into sticking things to my head lately.
Don't know what else I might put. LOL. 


THAT'S IT!!!!!

Had a lovely weekend.
But it's not yet over. 
Next saturday is Jennie's official bday.
Next next saturday is another gathering. Siet Yen & KJ.

HEH! Peace out lovelies!
I'm glad , I'm thankful, thank you thank you thank you!

Send you my loveeee <3 p="">

The world could use more of those! hehe

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