Sunday, 3 March 2013

Looking for magic


I've never stepped into a salon for more than half a year.
Well you must've thought I went there to cut my hair, right?

Hahaha. Do hair treatment only.
I thought of perming or dyeing it, but I didn't want my hair to get krusty.
So do treatment first :3

It was at A 'Cut Above, inside Parkson Pavilion.
I thought it was supposed to be RM200, but it ended up being RM350.
Hmm, can dye hair already.

I went because my dad goes for his monthly trims there. Heh.

The steamer! How long I've never done this. BWAHAHA.
I never noticed the difference when I was younger, but now...

My hair got smoother, shinier, bouncier *w*
Don't know how this magic will last.
You know la the thing about hair salons. ~,~

I want big big waves like Kim K.
I WANT. Shiny bouncy smooth soft big curls WHOOSH.

Actually I wanted to make it healthy only :3

And then she asked if I wanted to blow it straight or curly.
And I thought, I get straight naturally anyway, blow curly okie.

But then the hairdresser started blowing my hair for like one minute or so.
And it was obvious it wasn't going anywhere so she took out the curling thongs.

I went in not knowing whether I wanted to dye or perm later, but perming it is.
BIG BIG WAVES. Plus my hair is so long now.
I don't like it when the hair is long but after curling it becomes not long.
So better have your hair super long la. HAHHA.

Also she said long tresses have dry ends more easily
because all the nutritions are taken by the strands nearer to the scalp.
Aww, sho sad. Treatment is like, to give the nutrients manually? Lol.

La Bodega Spanish tapas don't know what
Had my Caesar Salad. Mmm. And then some button mushrooms.
And tiramisu.

With some magazines by the side- yes, thank you.
Also started reading again. :)!
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is my current book.
Quite interesting, read about 100 pages (bought it yesterday)
If it's not that interesting I won't get that far. Haha!

And so sad right. Everyone's so busy on their phones and apps.
Me too. Social interaction at the table, ba boom!


the Street is also greats for people-watching.
I squealed seeing a mature couple french-kissing like 
they were having some puppy love fest.

HAHAH. Obviously, they were NOT Malaysians.

And also I was supposed to blog yesterday, but wtf good also la hehe.
After the salon visit I camwhore like 999999 pictures. HAHHAAH

I'm gonna let my hair rest for a week or two then do digital perm.
BIG WAVES, MMM. Save up first. HAHAH.
Don't have five hundred don't dare to visit salon.

But honestly now that I see the difference, I think it's worth the money.

Cabbie at the back. :D
HEHE. He can conquer whole staircases now.
Welcome in my room! <3 p="">

More outfit shots, with police cap. 

Edited on my phone, FotoRus. 
HAHA! I love vignettes and reflections.
That's what I like. 

Now become Insta addict once more.
Ever since new phone. Don't know if it's good or bad ~,~!

Outfit change. 
And ohh. I finally found a diadem that I LIKE. 
Success! Got it while having Saturday family dins at The Curve.
It was about RM50, but it was shiny and a perfect fit.

 Also, something new from this hairdresser trip
was also that I finally used my left parting.
I hadn't used it in AGES.

It's always middle, or right.
But don't try to guess from pictures okay because
I always flip my photos. HAHAHA.

Anyway chinese reading they say you can tell which area a person is concentrating on
by their hair parting. Middle is like, balanced.
If you are a girl, right means you are the priority.
Left means ur spouse/ father is your priority.
HAHHAA. If you are guy, then vice versa. 
Left is yourself, right is for yo spouse!

My pissed face that ever so often appears while taking pictures.
I think. In real life also... HAHAHA.  

... :?

Also I have been utilizing my camera timer for selcas as you can see.
For good half-body shots.

Because before this, like 99999 pictures on my Insta were
OOTD, full body shots. MAN.

And this was I forgot when 
but lookie! I had my white fluffy cap on!
You'd think it's easy to match but the...
red patterns on top deny that.

The original picture was pretty shit actually.

See?! Sohem.

So dark and dirty =.=! Like, if you were looking through the photo gallery
you wouldn't even begin to notice its potential. But you justttt gotta try.

Shit pictures have a lot of improving potential! Just like ugly humans!!
Looking good is not hard. Looking good ALL THE TIME? Yeah.

The reason why handphones, I mean smartphones- work so well for pictures
is that they have so many apps to make any shit photo look amazing.

So thank you, all the inventors.
For Meituxiuxiu, Frame Magic, Photo Fancie, FotoRus, Photo Wonder.

See, I so nice right by thanking them I also leak
the editing apps I love the most.

But of course I never "lanpro" about such things
because it can be found on the Top 20 photography downloads and WHATNOT.

A surprisingly okay photo without make up.
HAHHAHA. Did you realize ze eyebrows?! xD

Also I lurve, lurve using sunnies as headbands.
Because they give my crown added height.
I love them better than real headbands.

And anyway if it gets sunny or you want to stare at someone,
there you go, flick it down.

I was doing some dress up.
And I tripped at college for the first time in those heels.

Haih, the things I do to look glamourous.

Oh yeah, also recently I started sticking those half falsies.
Like the ones that are for the last 3/4 of your eyes.
Because I have an epicanthic fold (well, truly Asian one) 
the falsies at the starting of my eyes will look like they grew out of nowhere.
And sumore half falsies are lighter and more dolly. BWAHAHAH.
Forgot to take picture. 

 Okay I know it looks creepy but you have to look at it.
At least it's dolly wink. HAHAH!

Half falsies are like the ones on the last two row.
I like those hehe. Have yet to try others.

Umm. I was pretty diligent at first but after a few days I forgot to apply.
BUT! Darlene told me she used hers for a month which was amazing.
Cos I thought you were supposed to use it once then throw.

No wonder people buy like fifty bucks falsies. ^^ BWAHAHA
I ripped the pic off the internet btw.

With Scotty! Aww. Look alike a bit right.
My cousin! ^^ 

He begged his mum to go The Curve with us. HAHAH!
Not bad ah create activites for himself.
He's SUPER relentless when he wants something.
Kids, kids! tsk

Blue top with crazy sleeves, F Block.
Shorts which were coincidentally the same colour (SO ME) , F 21.
Glittery glittery belt, F21.


If the past tapped you on the shoulder, would you turn and look back?
HAHAHHAHA. This was my caption on INsta.
Or something like that.

Honestly? I would turn back and glimpse.
To say Goodbye, bitch.

Let me distract you! Cutie cabbie! WOOF! *w*

Donnie Yen, in Ip Man!

Look who was at my college!!!

With JY. So cute her leggings!
So nais she could make it work :3

Dar dar, who's in heels eventho she walks to college. HAHHA! APPLAUD!

Also, I was justtt shitting you guys.
He was the Donnie Yen lookalike-lecturer.
HAHAHAH! He speaks with a slight British accent.

 With Ai Lynn and Jae Yi!
Both of them take KTM to college.
So they have to dress sensibly, smart also ok.
No one can peek under ur skirts or dresses.
It's like heaven for guys.

Gave her my cap cos I thought it would look good with her oufit!
Jae Yi is always smiling *w*

Love this shot.

HAHAH! A big thank you to Abby for taking my pictures!!!
She has amazing visions, can do so much with a camera phone. WTF

 This is her. HAHHA! Have to camwhore properly with her soon *w*


Look at this. Lapsap camera also can turn into a useful and artistic capturing device. HAHAH!

And finally! YES. You've reached the end of this post. 

Wooo! Congratulations to you for reading this post!
and me for finally writing it ^^

HAHAH! Till then, 


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