Sunday, 10 March 2013


Hello! Here comes the update of recent outings and happenings.

Met up with the ladies. The clique of '95 batch. BWAHAHA!

I had lunch at Watami with Xuan because I thought Sushi Zanmai's service was so slow.
In the end, went to Zanmai to meet with the girls also. Lol. 
But yeah. I think I prefer Zanmai over Watami.
Ishiban Boshi, the best.

Or any of them in Tokyo Street *w*


Dap pang at their table. HAHAH! Cos Chloe was running late.
Xuan doing candid look. ~,~

Hanyonya! With the peplums, both of us!

And the girls ALL wore flatforms!

Also a very funny (or not so funny) thing happened.
We were at Corinne's shop, Bauhaus, when Jasmine realized her iPhone was missing.
Then Corinne called her phone, it was still ringing. LUCKY!

You know la, first thing those petty thieves do is turn off your cell because they are

Haha! Anyway, after a while someone picked up. (!)
And turns out Jasmine left her handphone at Bluunis!
I thought it was very nice for them to return it
and very lucky for Jasmine to get it back :3

Because. Thieves love Samsung and iPhones. Serious.

And oh! I did bring my camera out.
I should use my camera more.

It's like, handphone, canon camera and sony camera.
YES. It is confusing trying to transfer them.
Most of the time I don't even remember the dates :p

Aww Cabbie! I think this was after bringing him to grooming.
Pet him until the fur on his head all messed up lol.

This was like.. Saturday! Just yesterday.

For Wen qi's surprise party at iDarts, Giza.
She looks so pretty with her hair all done up!!

Not bad ah I must say ^^

Li Chen came too hehe. With her gym trainer boyfriend, also called Vincent.
Jin Fye and Guat Tyng missing in action.

And after that we went beer fact. Well more like Sim Kuan and I.
And I felt bad cos Sim Kuan wasn't enjoying herself! Lucky some Iranian dudes entertained her.
Beer fact is like home, but a kind of dangerous home where things happen.

Okay okay. 

The night before was

And this was with ALL of the chicks. 
there's like eight of em. HAHAH!

It reminds the three of us how we used to be like them.
So nice omg. Everyday the question is just, "where to go?"
Everyone is free, everyone has wings. Time and money in abundance.

HAHAH! It was Wei Xian's bday.
Look at his epic expression- "come at me, bro". Lol.

They ordered champagnes and black labels.
Peviter and his cousin, LACQUIN? LUCKY?! paid most of it I think.
They got the VIP section. :3

With baby gwennie, so exotic looking right
with her blonde hair and green eyes. HAHAHA


Had fun rolling or shutting my eyelids because I had falsies on.
It's like I have fans.

And totally not acknowledging the camera but purposely stood there. HAHAH!
At the most left is Wai Yee, Wei Lun's gf! She was still sober when taking this pic. lol.

I think looking to the side should be my new facial expression.
Other than the duckface. 

Like, they always look so candid man.
Candid, wholesome. I fail terribly being candid. Lol.
Jennie knows this well, the moment she says she's taking a candid 
is the moment I pose. Sohem.

Oh yeh here's Jennie :3
Canon is the bomb for portrait camwhoring. BWAHHA

Of course eye make up is not complete without a little wing.
Or a lot in this case. HEHE

We bumped into Jin Yang, Yen Teng (who were in the same table, TAYLORIANS)
and then also Aaron (who is also TAYLORIAN). Vertigo- damn a lot of Taylorians man.

A few of em also danced on the platforms. HAHHA
Look at the girls work it work it.

We went home 2.40AM! I remember I checked the time before leaving.
Gwennie dropped Jennie off at Giza.
Then back to my place.
Thankiu oh for driving!


This is in the morning when I drive to college,
it is so sunny I look like a vampire. 

It is pretty ass SUNNY.
But I think hatchback cars filter more rays because the tops are so high.
Heh. And yeah. 

My secret is to use spray on sunscreen.
I can bet that if it was those lotion type I would NEVER apply em.
Always hated the sticky feeling. 
If it's before bed where I'm not touching much then okay la ^^

And then I do this at college. HAHAHA!
This was part of making a mask, some assignment.
So the many assignment since the first term is coming to an end.

ISH. Now I know. Won't ever leave everything last minute. =.=
I'm gonna start the moment they give out the brief. 
And I never wanna retake anything! 
Now I know how Jennie feels.

I don't want anything to cramp my schedule.
I hate doing the same thing, twice.
Because it's stupid to do the same thing and expect diff results :/
or maybe also part of my lazy nature, HAHA ^^

That's Jae Yi behind the mask by the way. lol

With Abby aka Yabii. DA PRO PHOTOGRAPHER.

HAHHA! She's pretty patient when it comes to taking picha.
Somemore got feel one.

Bright, bright.
Well at least the heat was good for pictures. Lol.
It's been so hot nowadays. Bang wall.

So hot .


That's all for this post.
Will write more next time, got a lot of assignments recently :3


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