Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Power of five

Hihi! ^^

Hehe. It's been ages since we've taken a photo together- five of us.
Not bad right Amelio sign was just right behind.

For those who don't know us- 
your truly, joanne, amanda, chicheng and last but not least jennie.
Jennie's blog if you're curious. (!)

With college and boyfriends and families,
sometimes it's not that easy to find a time where all of us are free :3
Like the complete set!

Amanda almost couldn't make it actually and I was complaining
we have college blablaba we still come.
HAHAH! But I was so happy when she came.

Turns out she didn't have sleep all day, holiday first world problem hoho.

A very simple outfit, the sort of ten minute ones I pull when I'm in a hurry.
Thank god for the shoes I bet I'll look like shit with slippers ~,~!!
In a hurry, because I had presentation (explains the black and white)
Now, now- I can finally let out a huge breathe of relief.
Take down the major projects one by one!
There's four, done two.

Seriously man next semester I'm gonna start everything the minute
the brief is given T.T

Everyone waited until last minute, maybe waiting for teacher to nudge them. BAH!

If there was sex on a plate, I guess this would be it.

Oh man. I still love seafood spaghetti very much!!!
Mei Yen got me hooked. HAHAHAH!

It's so juicy, everything glides on your tongue and explodes with flavour.
Like damn.

Lol. Short stop at DPC but I spent RM70 =.=
I think it's more dangerous going to these near places.
You think it's no big deal then they all add up.

HAHAH! RM50 on food actually because I was so tired from college.
Need to indulge. If not can faint la!!

Chi Cheng is on diet, she pro man.
She can stand the hunger. Strong-willed.
I KENOT. I've never felt sharp pangs of hunger
in years....

Like those starved until dizzy and out of breathe one.

Also Jennie and I talked about birthday celebration.
Looks like we're doing something. HAHHA.

Nono, is con lan firm actually.

On the 23rd, Saturday. I'm 21st, she's 30th.
Nine days apart la :3

We thought of having it at Shangri-La?
But the thing is we're probably gonna pay for everyone,
so we're inviting like close friends only.

Which is hard because that is a broad term.
Siet Yen aka Joanne said. We have too many. HAHHA!
Especially the guys, Vince gang, Daniel gang, Horse gang.
But damn long right never gathering.

We have two weeks to plan it out. Lol.
At least my holiday is coming so I'll be free!! 
HAHAH! March 23rd actually, my holiday starting.
One week holiday :( but BETTER THAN NOTHING.

Oh papi papi! Get ready for the camera.

Not bad right got the perfect shot. 
Such a regal pose Cabbie's in. ^^

Aww look at his paws grabbing my locks.

Okayokay. HAHHA.
I combed Cabbie just now that's why.
Suddenly thought of him.

Oh man I should do it more often. 
After combing, HE'S SO FLUFFY I CAN DIE.
Like cotton ball lor ma de.

I think after sending him to grooming 
he got used to people manhandling him with brushes.
Before that it was damn hard lo.

Last picture of me okay since 
there can never be enough pictures of myself.
BWAHAHAH. I think I have like 10k worth of pichas on my lappie.
Maybe more.

Orite orite. Just a quick update.
Not going college tomorrow, have to let people inject me with needles. T.T

HAHHA. Goodnights! :*

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