Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Shine bright like a diamond!

Heh. A quick update!

I know. Quick right.
Not even 24hours since my last post.

 First time shopping alone.

Sushi roll, mushroom soup and some Icon magazines to accompany me.
To pick up birthday present. Everyone else was like, busy.
And I was like, impatient.

So I thought fuck it, grab car keys and go. 
Empty fingers!

Le bling bling!

I had to wait a few hours for them to resize both of my rings.
The old one and the new one.

Size 12 but I'm not sure what. Probably Italy sizing. I think. HAHAH!
Since they kept saying 18k Italian white gold.


Open sesame! *w*


Of course, a square shape with tons of accents. Heh.

Extremely happy and worth it.
I've been wanting something like this forever.
And not like I can wait until I'm married.

HAHHA. And obviously, get one now so your future hubby will be forced
to  buy a bigger one to impress you. (what theory is this...)

Even the side view looks good :33
I loveee the setting the most.
The accent stones, the halos, the raised center. Mmm.
And the fact that is it square. Of course ^^

I like art deco vintagey rings. I don't know why.
Like something that belongs in the Elizabethan era or something.

Okay no I am not married.
So funny when choosing which ring I wanted to wear.
Ended up two rings on both of my middle fingers.

The salesperson was saying how it could be a new fashion.
And I pointed up both middle fingers and was like, "OH YEAH"
while giving him the bird. And then ooppps sorry sorry :3

I think some people would wonder why I'd spend money on diamonds, and diamond rings
when it's not like I'm getting married or something.

But I've always been the type to spend money on accessories, those useless and pretty 
and put you at the risk on getting robbed. I don't know.

And when I was younger it used to be clothes clothes clothes
but I always see those Oscars glammed up personas and I realized

those are also important parts that can't be ignored.
That's why two person in the same clothes can look so different. :3

I'm really glad that I bought it, because jewelry are capable of keeping value.
Can be pawned off when you're poor, passed down as family heirloom.
That's why one ring can buy so many thousands of pasar malam rings.

The real deal is always satisfying! 
I've tried fake ones, trust me. 

Can deffo see myself wearing this everyday. 
Until late twenties probably. Heh.

That's all! Scroll down for bday bash postie!

Thank you loves! :*

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