Saturday, 16 March 2013


Hello! *w*

Just came back from dinner with the ladies,
Jennie, Xuan and MEI YEN! 
Her name in capital letters cos she usually stays home at night :3
So that's a first. Or third la. Heh.

We went to Michelangelo @ Soho KL.

Look at everyone in different expressions.
Mei Yen took this, not bad la hor. Improved, improved!

And I finally took out my brother's camera. 
Soooo need one of my own soon. HAHAH!
But of course, put bro's cam to good use!

One angle three hundred shots,
yeah thats how the vain chicks roll. 

This is the place we were in, with the huge ass painting behind.
Obvious right, Michelangelo. And I like how the seats look so posh.
And pretentious. BWAHAHA

Inspired by this painting. "The Creation of Adam"
Was wondering what look different when I was in the resto,
then I realized it's the ... birdie.

So sad ! They emasculate the man!! Give him not even a vajayjay!
But I understand la, later everyone get offended. Lol.

And the full body shots.

Cream lace.
Top from Australia,
skirt from Miss Selfridge.

I like the long dress look!
More... formal!

The lovely Mei Yen.
So sad right she took pics most of the time =.=
Not as vain. Hehe

Mei Yen's sex on a PAN. A fucking pan.
Didn't order it because I decided to try something new *w*

I had some ravioli, it was literally spinach pockets.
Quite cute. Hehe. The food came damn fast too.
Like lightning. 

Or maybe because we were too busy talking :p

 Desert, Xuan's order. 
LAVA CAKE. Cos it's like a volcano but bubbling with
harmless ice cream.

Four spoons ravaged it to DEATH.

Picture with all our plates.
The bill was 200, squarely RM50 each.
At least not like Marini's lol. That one bring four times the money please. XD

Aww we look kiddy in this picture.

I don't want to get so old okay!!!

This is me noticing the empty ceiling and proposing that they should
put a fucking mammoth chandelier inside.

WHY NOT. It goes with the chairs
And look at Jennie looking at me with all her love.
Smiling with all her love.

Captured on camera for the FIRST time.

One side curled, one side straight



Okay. I'm oddly sleepy now.
Shut it down, continue more soon probably. :)

Love you guys! <3 br="">

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