Tuesday, 30 April 2013



I don't usually blog early in the week because I'm caught up with college,
but... tomorrow's public holiday so that explains itself. lol
Labour Day!

I actually gave myself a self-proclaimed holiday today because I fell sick.
Counted the hours, I was awake for 21 hours. 
No wonder I fell sick :(
Exhausted. Never tried not sleeping more than 24 hours. ~,~

Anyways I was rummaging across the shelves and came across this:

If you know what they are, I wuv you <3 p="">

I had the first one when I was nine years old.
I remember sneaking it to Bestari so that I could
connect with Jun Wen's tamagotchi.

They're something like cyber pets you take care of,
in a cute little egg.

Those are the black and white ones, looking so pixeled. Hahahha!

Come years later, a coloured version came out.
How cool is that :(

It was around for quite a while but I never got around to buy it.
These few days I had the urge. And when the urge kicks, no one can stop me.
Went to Pavi yesterday but to no avail.

So I went to 1U's Toys R us.
Went around the store twice but couldn't find it.
Wavered between driving to KLCC or giving up.
Decided to ask them if they have it, just to clear my mind.

And there it was. Hiding in the cashier counter shelves. Whattt!
Because they are a bit more expensive maybe? Hmm

The black and white versions in the picture before this
cost about RM90 each. RM89.90? I think.
But some of the different version cost about RM120.

I think if you don't feel attached to this whole tamagotchi franchise 
then you wouldn't feel RM200 is worth it, AT ALL.
But if you do, then... well. A dress is also RM200
and you wear it once. Tamagotchi can keep for longgg time.

HAHHA! I mean look at the pink one!
I've had it for 11 years now. It still works.

This is actually the Tamagotchi P's.
I wanted the ID L version which was an older version but in English.
P's is in Japanese!

Hesitated about whether I wanted to buy it or not 
but I was so desperate at that time. Aih.
So I thought I will buy the ID L later. lolol

The little heart on top of the egg can actually be removed
and replaced with other "tama deco". They come in different shapes
and unlock different things.

And then after that I decided to crotchet my own Tamagotchi cover.
Got inspired by other owners who did it :3

It was quite a while since I've crotcheted anything seriously.
Hahaha! But it was alright I guess. Do only.

Usually I refer to patterns from books to make dolls and mini hats and what not
but I couldn't find exactly a tamagotchi cover pattern.. lol.
So I just guessed the size and sort of minus and add the stitches along the way.
At the end you have to weave in all the loose ends, especially if you change colours.

Ta DAH! Added in Mickey Ears last minute.
Like my Mickey headband :3

The ears were actually quite easy to make, 
sew two identical round bobs and attach it to the top!

Quite pleased with it.
Will do another one if I have time!
With beads and lace maybe :3

And I also thought of doing a cover for my Galaxy Note!

Also added a cat charm on a mouse cover.
My tamagotchi is asleep already :3

And here are the yarns I made the cover out of.
It used be really hard for me to find yarns and hooks.
My favourite hook is the Susan Bates one!
Got it from eBay ~,~ really was hard to find crotchet hooks last time.

Yarns are the fun part. 
I used to buy them from Art Friend at Midvalley for RM15 per ball.
And then one day Redbook opened and they had so many balls of yarns.
So many colours. Less than RM5 each. I was in heaven.

That was ages ago.
I think as a kid I always had itchy hands.
Handiwork and drawing were my favourite!
Making clothes for Sylvanian Family and making beaded bracelets

Felt like I spent my evening being a kid again, yarns and tamagotchis.
But with flu. Gah. My nose is like a water pipe now T.T
wanna bang wall

This was the day before and I did need tissues but it wasn't so bad. lol =(

But it's okay. Minor illness. Will shoo away soon for sure!

I love Pavilion because you can always walk next door to Fahrenheit.
And Sungei Wang though it can be a bit far if you don't have the will. Lol.
They were having some Oriental style acrobatic performance outside.
Feels sooo festive outside. HAHAH!

We walked to Sephora then to Parkamaya.
Parkamaya is fun! Young, trendy, thrifty!
I loved their little nails section.
And F block.

Ate Unagi Cheese Maki. Mmm.
Couldn't stop shoving them in my mouth.

A little camwhore, before Draping class. 
Bah. Haven't done... drafting's hipster denim skirt master plan and pattern pieces.
Today's drawing homework. Yesterday's sewing for cotton skirt with pocket
and draping's back bodice. !!!@#$%^&*

I wonder if college is open tomorrow. Hmm.
Should be righttt. Need to catch up catch up!
But a lot of people haven't finished also lolol

After coming home for Pavi I couldn't wait to try out the nail goodies.
You see. I love manicures because they have such huge novelty factors.
Novelty fades in a week or two, but coincidentally it is accepted
to change manicures every week or two. FITS WEYH.

3D fruity stickers stuck on my nails. 
HAHAHA! They remind me of Sticky candies.
They had the whole stick ones where you can cut them out
how thick or how thin you want. But I lazy lol.
Whole sticks are cheaper. Maybe I get them after this one. Hmm.

I got them from Naga Nail. RM16.90! Quite cheap.
To do this manicure you just need a clear nail varnish 
and a sparkly glittery bling bling die one.

Tweezers are also pivotal for this manicure. Not to be underestimated!
Picked them one by one and slabbed some clear nail varnish as glue.
Then quickly stick it on your nails (must but base coat right before this as well!)
And then add some glitter.

Relvon for the clear varnish.
Nails Inc for the sparkles.

They are surprisingly fussy to do, more so than caviar nails.
Because you have to press them while they're drying so 
they contour to your nails. Yeahhh.

I was afraid to shower and run my fingers through my lush forest of hair at first.
Did it. Lol. None came out. One or two came out, but that was before shower.

Anyway you can always top them up. The clear nail varnish
is easy on mistakes!

Ya I damn free I know.
But Japanese girls even worse lo!!!
They bling everything with rhinestones and put wigs and falsies.
Nothing is too much work to be kawaii-fied.

End with an old picture. Outside of Sephora. :3

Also. BWAHA! I practised some danced tutorials.
Gentleman and some pitbull mixes. Burn fats and get some CHOK.

Gonna cheat and wake my Tamagotchi up now.
Brew sleepy mood hopefully. Hahah

Till then guys! :)

Sunday, 28 April 2013

polka dots

I'm lovin it with Mickey D's and Mickey headbands. ;)

As you guys might have noticed, my blog has undergo quite a drastic layout change.
Because... I felt like the old layout wasn't relevant to my current taste!
It was white and minimalistic, with the rock chick header.

But... I am all about pink now. :3
Barbie dolls and fluffy dogs. 
Hello kitty and disneyland.
Fairytales and Paris Hilton.

Yeah. Hope you get the gist haha!
The post font is also so cursive and fancy now hehehe fancy butts!

This is precisely what I like now.
Like a 12 year old.
I've always liked pink but strayed away from it as I got older.
But now I shall be as unabashed as possible. 

Don't say I didn't warn you! :3

Wink! ;}

I am so girlish now it's weird. hahaha

Dressed up a lil because I was heading to IU Day.
Wasn't sure if I was going actually!
But Xuannie was up for it, so I was too. :3

Xuannie drove and it was really scary because it was raining so hard.
  Drove to Xuan house because I got ready early and because I knew..
Xuan is never on time lol ^^

The road was barely visible through her windscreen ithoughtiwasgonnadie T.T
But nahh I arrived in one piece hallelujah! Haahahha

Cos Chi Cheng had an accident the other day while it was raining.
Lucky she didn't got hurt. And I also got terrified watching this clip
of an accident near KIP. I always pass by that place!
The daughter was shouting for her dad who died on impact :(
and stupid me I watched before sleeping and it kept me awake!

Anywaysss hehe back to IU Day!

Wore this lace dress with ruffles.
It looks bridal-ish/princess-ish.
A lot of people has been telling me I look like barbie. lol
Even during IU Day! And then sometimes people call me by yelling "blondie"

Hmm I guess hair is a really important part of ourselves!

Lace dress from Sungei Wang. MUAHAHA
I don't know how much it was. Like RM60 or RM70.
Damn cheap I know! I wanna go Sungei Wang soon!
Anyways if you know something suits your look then you can definitely
buy what suits and ignore the price. Work it work it~

For Accessories, had the usual on.
Silver bead bracelet from T & Co
Gold watch from Phillipe Charriol

Diamante slippers from F Block if I'm not wrong.
It's comfortable but it was also too mid heel ish.
Like three inches? And everyone was so much taller!
Argh. Short chicka needs height!

But looking back it was funny that I wore this 2 years ago
for Bestari's concert and I thought it was quite high,
but now it's like BLEH. 
HAHAHA! Those days were before discovery of six inch heels! :3

Masquerade masks was given out upon buying the ticket.
I thought that was a really nice added touch! *w*
They had an Italian theme, "Italia Romantica"

The ticket was priced at RM25.
They served refreshments after performances too
so I thought it was pretty worth it hehe.
Better than going clubbing and suddenly RM70 *poof*

The performances!
It felt pretty short thou?
But they were all pretty entertaining so maybe that's why ;)

The picture above is a dance by Ki Ni. 
And Yueen Lu. Anddd umm Mei Thing?
I'm not sure! hhahahha! 
Super hot their dance a bit like flamenco too. 

Another memorable performance was the magic show!
I loved that part the most. And the part where GD's crayon randomly came up.
The performer was called Wen Khang I think. The other one I don't know :3
 Haha!! I think it's really cute when someone has the performer's flair.
Not many people can go up on stage and not tremble from jitters,
let alone charm the audience.

Probably comes with practise and natural charisma :3
Aww. Sometimes I wish I was in the show bizness.
Suit vain people. But... nah! Maybe next life hehe
This life I'm a fashion designer! :)


With my partner of the day, Xuannie!
So cute we both wore the same colour palette.
I think she looks very polished like that, bodycon dress and side parted wavy hair. 

And then of course the fun part was also catching up with everyone else.
Although it was weird that from our batch it was only me and Xuannie
unlike last year! :3

With Paggie. Her dress was pretty eye catching!
HAHHA. Because I like pastels maybe.
 Here is her blog link if you please. ;)

And here is Amanda Chong! 
She has bleached pink hair done at 76 Style.
Her school allows because it's an international school (Y)
She got it done for RM500 bucks!!!
Same as mine but mine was just a random salon! 
Argh always have bad luck with pricings.

But I think worse is car mechanics.
They go crazy with pricing especially when you are a girl.
More so when you are a young girl who *looks* well off.
RM50 polish can charge RM150!!! And I actually bought it ~,~

Anyway her bloggie link is here!

This is Chi Lam. 
So sweet seeing her and Chong Chern lolol.
Couples are always sweetest when they have just began to go official!
Or like the first three months I think?
Courtship is also sweet.

I think it's funny when a guy is like an angel during courtship
then half a year into dating he's like a totally different person.
But then from a guy's viewpoint, it's unrealistic for us to expect
courtship behaviour to be maintained.

He basically justified by saying, everyone wears formal suits to interview,
but you can't expect everyone to wear formal suits all year long.
HAHHAA. Reasonable also.

This is Mei Ying! She's one of the organisers of this event.
And dang does she has nice legs hehe

Hui Shan! She looked so mature for her age.
Can be sexy already. HAHA!

Also glad to see May Chee because I haven't got to see her 
in a really long time! Studying in SMK Kepong now :3

And of course the beautiful pool.
How nice if I can come here and swim everyday. HAHAH!

After that we went 1U. Supposedly Giza but it was raining anyway
so change of venue!

And this is ever my favourite ;(
Sushi. Any sushi. 
Known to drag along friends to eat sushi.
Whoever, whenever ^^

A lil polaroid shot courtesy of Jia Huan.
Regret not bringing my fujifilm!
It has been rotting on my shelf.

The films are so... expensive.
Should bulk buy them :3

And of course! With Chi Cheng the beebo!
She came all the way here by herself.

That's what I love about her.
She always makes time to see us hehehehe.
I love that kind of effort friends make ^^

Everything is just a matter of priorities, I suppose.
24 hours a day is muchooo enough for me!

Of course. Camwhore with apple ladies!
Take One.

Take Two.

Take Three. 

Wei Wei also tagged along, Xuan's little sister.
She is the cutest twelve year old I have ever me.
But she looks beyond her years.

HA. So cute lor.
Xuan doesn't like it when her friends say Wei Wei is cute. Lol.
Okay Wei wei is more on cute side. Xuan is more on pretty side.
But Wei Wei cute until so cute don't know how to describe.

Same angle shot with le older sister.
HAHAHA. We kept stopping every few steps to take pictures.
Some of the aunties were like hushing.
Probably like wtf need to camwhore so over ?!?!

NEED WEYH. Blogger syndrome. *shrugs*

And that was that.
Also I think I should do make up of the day as well.

Ahem. So today I write what I'm wearing only okie.
Next time I take picture of my tools and bottles. ^^

Chanel Lumiere Base then Relvon concealer (under eyes/ spots).
Left out foundation because... I need to rest my skin ;(
Chanel eyebrow pencil and Canmake eyeshadow powder.
And then stuck on falsies from Cyber Colours.
I forgot which eyeliner I used. HAHAH
If it's... liquid= Anna Sui, gel=Kate, pencil= Skinfood.

PENCIL smudges like crazy but looks pretty at first with the
eyeshadow effect and all. Especially since it feels on using anything other than
pencil on lower lashline.

I used to hate the Anna Sui one because it was sooo runny and took so long to dry
but now that I've had experience, this one actually smudge less
than the gel one because it takes so long to dry. HAHA. Fair game.

Apparently my lipstick was faded in the photo
or I didn't put yet. HAHAH.
I usually always put lipbalm first but when I touch up later
I tend to forget about lipbalm. Lazy yoh.

Lipbalm is Paul Frank them lip smackers, Maybelline Baby Lips (CHERRY?!)
or Dior Lip Reviver.

I love lipsticks!
Orange red is Dior Addict.
Super ring orange is Topshop.
Barbie hot pink is Nyx.


I better do a make up post with full-blown pictures next time. :3

Also my granny had cataract surgery recently.
It happens to everyone when we get old! Vision getting cloudy etc.
I lent her my oversized sunnies.
She looks fabulous.

Saturday morning I watched this bugger with Natalie ^^
Iron Man 3 hehe. 

Not the greatest Marvel movie- but definitely, definitely worth watching.
Tony Stark is still coolishly snarky.

I took pictures inside the cinema.

With flash also.

HAHAH. I think it's okay if you take picture without flash.
But the flash was so damn obvious.
A guy came to tell me not to use it etc.
But it was okay because he was polite.

The one I didn't like was the one at FOS The Curve.
Not going there again. He was like "you cannot come in".
Bitch it's not even ten.

Umm. I really hate people telling me what not to do and what to do.
Especially by security guards. Don't you have better things to do?
Like catching thieves? And more so when they aren't polite.
It'll be two minutes before the F word comes out of my effing mouth.
HAHHA. No seriously.

I didn't say fuck you thou. It was more like what the fuck.
With the cockstare. 

If you used a different approach I wouldn't be like that.
But to come at me like I did something offensive?
Seriously? And think I am going to comply?

Another bad one was the Valencia guards.
Come on. Damn wasting my time to deal with your frills.
Go one neighbourhood need to spend fifteen minutes to wait for you
to write down my carplate call the owner etc etc.

WTF. Time is precious!

HAHHA OKAY. Moving on.
iz my pet peeve sowie

Pink die you.

Ootd was a very old top from Calvin Klein,
washed out denim shorts from F21,
vintage boston bag from Gucci.

During traffic jam you can always camwhore with your face.
Then with your outfit.

And also with your fingers.

I don't what else if the jam was longer.
Feet? Toes? Belly button?
HAHHA. Jk yoh.

Rilakkuma okay. The ambassador of my car.

At night was at Ying Ker Lou, The Curve.
Surprisingly their business is so brisk that they are expanding.
I love the new section. Look at the decor! HAHAHA

Like out of an antique time TVB drama. :3

Saturday night I thought I was gonna stay at home actually but ended up going out.
Cos Vincent called! Gathering at Beerfact, Giza.

With... Vincent WenQi Rachel Yen Shen Kok Leong Guat Tyng Lichen
Jin Fye Hoe Hoe Wai Khong Cheng How.

And coincidentally the giant ladies group were also there.
Wendy and Chloe they all. HAHHA!

The main point was Joey Ooi's birthday!
They came to Giza from The Hill.

She looked so cute with her polka dots!
Like vintage barbie hohoho

I look like shit here
but it's the only picture I have with her, lol!
Didn't bring my camera.
Paranoid of losing things in clubs.
HAHAH. But I think the small one okay la.

Shi Yong! The bear. cos her name sounds like bear (xiong)
HAHAH! Feels like a long time I didn't see her :3

My smile makes it look like I wanna rape Jasmine.

Kah Lip? ya kah lip. Hahhaha

And Chloe :3
she dyed her hair back to black surprisingly!
Like what Xuan thought of doing.
It looks shinyyy.
Chloe always have had brown hair.

I think we should experiment and go crazy
then go back to black.

Or stay black forever.

Or go crazy forever.

HAHAH. Actually no point stereotyping.
Different strokes for different folks!

I went home quite early because I was driving home.
Almost 2? And I had church the next day.

But I'm glad I went out, beats staying at home.
I mean on a Saturday night la. Hehehhee.
other nights I'll be happy to stay at home!

Other than that I felt proud for myself too that I came
eventhough my ladies didn't. Umm.
I can't be like you on only I on anymore.
Because they are currently busy ish!
So if I follow them I will be off also already.
I still have on mood lol. FOREVER ON.

I think Jennie wants to come out but she tahan la.
June then she come back out and go crazy again.

But okay. I play hard and work equally hard.

Glad to have Vincent this ON dog. Forever into alcohol oneee.
Hahaha. And in church right there was this question,
what embodies a friend. I just said qualities of a dog.
Because they are faithful, loyal and friendly.

That's why right got dog gang this name. heheh

Saturday night club, Sunday morning church ~,~
ended up with five hours of sleep.
I think sleep less than four hours is the mind numbing ones.

I came home and napped straight away for like three hours.
Oddly though I still didn't feel well-rested!

But have to go out also. Hmm

This was after church, shopping in KL.
Dome KLCC. Notorious for bad service.
Today was okay, have seen worst.
HAHHA. But there's still many people at Dome ~,~

Bladah behind.
Probably playing some super high resolution games on his iPhone. ^^

Had minestrone soup and caesar salad with salmon.
I want to have a purge, a cleanse. Whatever.

Chooi Yee said right, don't eat during dinner.
Richvan did that also to lose weight.

I wanna exercise, join a gym.
Kepong Celebrity Fitness probably cos it's so convenient.
I used to go BSD Club but the membership has long expired. T.T
Also I wonder if my hair will turn green if I swim often.
HAHHA. They say blonde hair will react to chlorine like that sometimes :/

Ya. I wanna lose five kgs in two months.
I think at first I just wanna go like real skinny
then only gain muscle.

I DON'T WANT fats become muscle.
Damn chunky. And then right it would also be nice if my
skin got clearer and my eyes got brighter due to a healthier lifestyle.
HAHA. But being more energetic is a given. I NEED THAT.
Everyday sit so long through college and at home.

Also our physical appearance is an important asset, as is our communication skills,
attitudes, etc. I've having an unhealthy lifestyle lately. CANNOT!

Sometimes right crazy ideas take root in my head and it grips me violently.
Like turning blonde. The night before I was looking pictures,
the day after I was putting on bleach on my head.
Church is also same.

Like.. these urges. Uncontrollable.
If I wanna do something I'll do it will all my will.
And that is... a lot ;}

Casual look. Was pretty tired actually ^^

ALSO!!! I wanted to walk from Pavi to KLCC but a bugger followed me!!!

This is like the fourth time already GAHHH can someone give me a break ~,~
What's so nice about tailing people? What do you wanna do with them anyway?!?!?
Seriously damn lifeless lo.

It's quite dangerous to walk alone, being a girl and all.
That's why right must bring pepper spray, have some karate moves
and always have a clear awareness of your surroundings.

So I wanted to journey from KLCC to PAVI. I've walked to there quite a few times before.
It was pretty okay. But this time..., I didn't even make it out of the Convention Center.
Because of this stalker =.=

Basically. No one followed me when I was walking through the park, the fountain park in KLCC.
Then as the path ended there was this dude, kind of Latin/Pakistani looking.
In white tshirt and jeans and sunnies. Mid twenties.
Tall and buff sumore if he was puny I wouldn't be so paranoid!

I was wearing sunnies at that time and I could see him looking at me cos I was alone and all.
Then he followed me through the Convention Center.
I didn't notice at first. You  know right I always have a habit of looking a mirrors.
Well this time it proved helpful.

In the mirror I saw the same guy trailing my footsteps.
So I stopped. Like abruptly. To test if he was following me.
That's a good trick to do. To stop and look at his face and identify him.

And then right, okay la he continued walking straight and I just stood there.
I had to walk straight to get to Pavi too but I wanted to wait until he was gone.
But the stupid thing was he walked straight then turned back. -.-
how obvious?!?! SERIOUSLY!??!

So I went to the toilet to avoid him and hoped he would be gone when I came out.
AND WTF. He was still there. I got kind of pissed at that time already, not scared.
I decided to go back to KLCC and forget about Pavi because
dad was in KLCC. Beat up anyone who cari pasal.

He followed me back to the park but on the way I found a security guard there.
With his yellow striped vest and all. HEHEHEHE.
It was like, "we found love in a hopeless place".

I wanted to burst out laughing seeing the pakistani guy turn back and walk so quickly
in the opposite direction. He walked at first. And then he ran -,-
Because he was so full of shit that's why!!

The sight of me approaching a security guard scared him. lolol

I pointed at him to the security guard and asked if he's always hanging around near the park
waiting to follow people.

Okay. Then I went to find my dad and told him the story.
He didn't feel worried also. =.= I was kind of scared.
But later pissed because I needed to go to PAVI and he was cockblocking.

I think it's better to be angry than to be sad/scared
because to be scared is to put yourself in a victim's place.

I feel lucky that eventhough I've had four cases of random guys following me but
nothing has happened to me before! HEHE.
because I always find security guards. lol. They helpful ^^
I know right I scolded shit about them earlier. But that was more like boutique ones la.
HAHAH. The public ones are the ones I look for.

The first was in Australia, this big fat uncle.
I was cycling in the park, alone again.
And he kept going after me.
It was more like an uncle trying to treat you ice cream.
Act very kind but don't know what the eff he wants.
Quickly cycled away.

Another one was also at KLCC. =.=!!
Vincci. Another big fat guy.
I forgot his face. He was foreign.
He kept asking me questions and following me around.
Again I was scared and then angry because LEAVE ME ALONE

And then right opposite Vincci there was Isetan supermarket.
At Isetan supermarket there was... TADAH!!1 Security guard.
I walked up to him and TADAHHH lifeless stalker disappeared.
Yeahh stalking would be the right word.
Online stalking is like.. not so bad but
footsteps stalking?!?!? LEAVE ME ALONE.

Then the third time was at H&M.
This time finally the guy who stalked me wasn't a big fat guy.
He was a short chinese guy.
I went to this rack he went to this rack.
I went upstairs he went upstairs.

Until I got annoyed and frowned. I actually went up to him and asked what he wanted.
HAHAHHAHA. Didn't know why I was so brave.

Okay... to this day I don't know why random people stalked me.
But itt only happens once in a blue moon, thankfully so.
Sometimes I wonder what's their reason really...
So that I can avoid this from happening again.

Because it annoys me to feel paranoid and uneasy when I'm alone.
BAHH. Best to be in company of loved ones right. HAHHAA

Okay. That was my little story.

I had a pretty eventful weekend.
I love people. HAHHAHA

See you soons! :*