Sunday, 21 April 2013

Blonde hair don't care

Start off with a huge picture of me.
:3 full blown post ahead (!)

Well well... I know my hair was already light before
but today I took the plunge and went to the salon again!
It was one of those things again, four o clock in the afternoon 
I suddenly had the urge, grabbed my keys and GO!

By the way the huge bow on my head 
was a gift from Jin Fye. 

Before I went blonde it looked really silly, 
but now that I have crazy hair, I CAN HAZ crazy accessories. 
I guess it somehow works that way? lol

Pink, yellow, white. Forget about everything. 

And then right... after I took of the bow I thought of doing 
a real one with my own hair.

Ta dah! Super easy to do, cheat one. 
Learnt it from cheeserland's tutorial.
Fishtail braid is wayyy harder than ribbon bun.

 Top view. Awkward pose much lol!
I think I should wear this to college.
When I have sewing etc. 

I always tie up my hair because I'm paranoid
of my hair getting ripped off by the sewing machine.
And occasionally also my fingers being stabbed.

And ohhh, here's the tutorial! :)

After that I just tied it up in pigtails 
because I think it is easiest to make wavy hair with braids. 

Also I felt like a geisha with super light hair now.
Hair and skin also light right, you can have crazy make up too.
The colours stand out. Black, red, blue, whatever. 
No need to shy one.

Blonde hair is seriously like nothing at my college.
HAHA! Cos I've seen quite a few people
with pink/green/purple hair!

What made me want to go blonde?
I don't know. I just really felt like it.
And if I feel like doing something,
I will do it with or without people encouraging,
with or without people discouraging.

Plus, I'm young now.
If I wait till I'm older 
I might have to worry that my workplace
will not accept it and whatnot.

Forbid if I have a strict dresscode!
I don't have enough formal/black outfits.
Everything is a bundle of colour.
Black is evil. BWAHAH

I love Rapunzel, with her neverending blonde hair.
And that she's so princessy. Look at the tiara on her head man!

Barbie is fun to be.
I remember I always watched those Barbie movies.
Nutcracker, princess and the pauper, swanlake. :3

AND !!!!!! I just realizeed how mean, 
in Princess and the Pauper, the princess had blonde hair
and the pauper was a brunette ~,~
Stereotypes! lol

My hair is waist length now.

Actually now I realized it's not hair salon that charges me expensive,
it's my hair length that makes things expensive ~,~!!

I went to a salon near my house called K Care, it's like really amateur looking one.
But they sell a lot of hair products, that's where to get bleach all those.

In the end it came down to RM480!
Cos my hair so damn long, and not only is it long,
it is also voluminous. 

Pity the hairdresser she said her spine was going to break.
Three hours was spent on intensively spreading the bleach concoction.
And then after that, 40 minutes on treatment.

In the end I missed family dinner at The Curve :(
but asked them to take away fried rice for me. Hehe.
Dad got a culture shock when he saw my hair.
Haha ^^ but nothing one

Also I wanted to cut it layered too but then I was afraid it would get too short.
Haha. I hate it when you go salon and ask for 2 inch but in the end 
20 inch chopped off. 

Layering makes your hair much shorter. 
But suit the current weather, actually long hair is like
having a permanent scarf, VERY HOT!!!!

Hhahahha. But... not really in the mood for short hair now :3

It was also a lil' hard for the hairdresser to bleach my hair 
because I did the DIY job before and I didn't do it evenly.
Lol. That's why come to salon.

But, also lucky I bleached my hair. 
Because if I didn't, the colour would be much darker.
And you don't want that. Bleach until all the pigments rosak.
HAHHA. That's the point. Bleach is your friend.

But damn pain it felt like it was burning my scalp at the end. T.T
Oh yeah, if I came in to the salon with my hair unbleached
then the price would be different too - around RM600. =.=

Umm. In this few months I think I spent RM1400 ish on salon? 
Lol enough already I'll let my hair rest. 
Maybe do pinkish red next time ^^ or platinum blonde.
Can still bleach more. HAHAHA! Bleach is your friend.

Feels like the... dorothy? Is it.
The one from Wizard of Oz.

I have also discovered a new way of drawing eyeliner.
I mean for my eyes. lol!

It gives a rounder shape. Usually I concentrate on winging at the end,
but it's because I don't have space in front. I have "nei shuang"
eyelids, or what they call the opposite of parallel eyelids.

Typical asian la, got double eyelid but with single eyelid at the front. LOL.
 What I do is just stick double eyelid tape to make the gap wider.

But the thing about tape is you have to take off while making sure
the shape stays (probably have to stick it on for few hours)
only then you have space to draw the eyeliner.

 So better try glue. I tried Abby's, but very hard for my Asian eyelids!!
Or is it because I did it too half heartedly last time? Lol.


I also bought a lot of falsies recently.
But I was smart with hunting pretty but cheap ones!!! Hehe

I was about to pay RM80 for top and bottom falsies.
But at Sasa there was promotion where you can get the 2nd box at RM1!!!!
Sial, grab! It's from cyber colours.
I got four boxes for about RM20. :)

Pretty natural type, not bad!
Also got those individual lashes but they are a horror to apply. =.=
Because I wanna do the bottom. Eek, have to find others.
The pink box with diamante is from Daiso. Because I so cheapskate.
But it is really pokey!!! It's too stiff. Maybe I would wear it on...
festive occasions?

Anyway I've been feeling goofy and crazy lately with styling.
Nothing is too over the top!

Oh yeah I realized this reminded me of Lady Gaga, much!

Bwahah! I think I should try purple lippies. 

Anyway some people will frown and say it's weird
but whatever. It's experimenting, it's just lipstick.
It's purple, yes- but you can wipe it off.
Purple hair, it's bright, yes- but you can dye it back.

Unless you're talking about crazy tattoos...!

Also I think Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj etc
have crazy freaky music videos. With the illuminati get up!!
But it is eye-catching ~,~

Popteen, this japanese magazine that Jennie, Xuan and I always read during commerce.
Funny lo. During high school we came to swap magazines.
Other than this, Vivi and Vogue.

I think right I'm becoming more gyaru style.

Actually this type I don't mind lor.
But looks like a lot of work indeed,
only the vainest person can achieve! :3

Well I'm vain enough. I think.

But I'm really in love with pink princessy things recently.
Juicy Couture's pink suits my hair, yes to toting daydreamer bag! :3

This was Friday with Mei Yen.

We had brunch at Sushi King. 
it was also odd because there's an outing at 1U later
and I can kept asking Mei Yen to go! 

Better everyone meet up at once righttt!
But Mei Yen was busy with assignments :3

And crap, I am too. I have to go college early on Monday 
to finish up my assignment! So sohem, just realized I only have 
zipper footer for industrial sewing machine, not HOME MACHINE.
And I don't know where the home machine one went. Stupid me :(

Okay back to happy things!

I'm into prints lately. I never was when I had black hair. Except floral.
I think it's normal to overhaul your wardrobe when you have new hair.
I don't like to wear black as much. I used to like rock chic.

But I always feel that way. One time I hated floral prints, now I love it again.

Kani Mayo! Mei Yen never fails to order this when dining at Sushi King :3

Had mad cravings for Japanese lately to purge my oily diet.
I mean the canteen serves 90% oily food!!! 
Everything is fried or with sambal. T.T

I gorged on those food for a few days but now I'm disgusted.
I don't want to get fat!! Round is not a figure.

But lol. In the end when the food comes, everything else is forgotten.

I think I was on the phone with Chi Cheng!

Floral maxi dress from Sungei Wang.
(first time wearing it, it was in my wardrobe for two years)
white cinch belt from don't know where. F Block? Don't know ^^
gold t-strap slippers from Michael Kors
(the sole has discoloured like crazy! WHY NO BETTER QUALITYYY)
daydreamer bag from Juicy Couture
(still looks clean surprisingly. will come back to you a year later. lol)

I felt bad that I was rushing with Mei Yen so I treated her lunch :3
and then after that headed to 1u.

To meet them

Ya weyh, everyone looked so distracted. Lol!

Left to right: Siet Yen, Jennie, Xuan.

Siet Yen is on holiday. But just as I am writing this 
her holiday is gone. Lol!  Powerrrr

Jennie is forever on holiday, until her exams in June.

Xuan is also forever on holiday, but I think not now!
Heard they got really strict even with lecture attendance.
Finally they did something about it lol.

Xuan was supposed to go back to college I think.
Yeah. But she didn't. I'm glad ^^v

You know how we took this?
Jennie was taking pictures with her camera 
and we were previewing the pictures
and I was holding a camera to take picture.

Double haolian.
Or is it triple...

With Xuanie! Matching hair lol.
Don't know how my new colour will look like in comparison! Heh.

We also saw this thing, OOTD competition.
I wanted to drag everyone to do it
but apparently, it is not official yet. waddd. 

 Seat ootd shot for Jennie! bwhaha.
Glad she was wearing the top I gave hehe. Houndstooth!
Gave it before the Gentleman music video came out.
Now houndstooth can be very ONZ lo.
Whatever PSY does also ONZ.

 This is super creepy man!!!!!
What is wrong with society now!!!!

Demonic toys weyh. 
There's even a create-a-monster pack.
And their special features is they scream/act possessed
when you hit certain buttons. SeriouslY?!?!?!

What kind of kid would want those toys, no matter how 
ghoulishly fashionable they are T.T

Anyway we were at the toys section of Parkson because
Siet Yen was hunting her crafholic cushion LIKE CRAZY.

And also each of us started taking plushies to pose with.
Xuannie most over the top, she flung out this life size caterpillar from the top shelf!!

But okay, why not pose with it first. :3

Xuan, Jennie, Siet Yen.
With their own petlings.
Craftholic is the thingy Siet Yen is holding.
Jennie has one in her car too. 
I only haz Rilakkuma ^^

A here's a random duckie whom I had great chemistry with.

Lol. grumpy kid and annoying kid. 
Candid shot, probably the only candid Jennie can take of me ^^

 I had this macha ice cream.
Wasn't really hungry because I ate at Sushi King earlier
but had itchy mouth.

I don't like sitting in front of someone while their eating
and I don't eat anything. I feel like.. the unloved sibling.
Because I no food. Lol.

If I'm full then I don't mind la ^^

After that Vincent dropped by. :3

He's always at 1u to do gym, and also because
his house is within walking distance to 1u. 
I wonder if he walks or drives mostly...

And then later he got forced to be photographer. HAHAH

Take One

Take Two :)

Floral maxis are yes yes lo. Princessy feel. BWAHA!
Everyone wore platform wedges that day. 
But other than that we dressed pretty differently.

Hehe. It's nice to hang out with all of them at least once a week.
Sad yoh Chi Cheng couldn't make it! :3
She came back from Macau already.

Webcam shots while I was in front of lappie.
To transfer picha. And I always forget to put the SD card in. T.T
Super not nice when you're outside then only you realize. Sad cabbage.

Also I went church. Was glad to see everyone and they were all really nice!
I think they still look the same eventhough I haven't gone to church in.. two years.
Yeah, didn't realise it was that long! 

I remember I stopped when SPM was around, and I started driving independently.
Kind of ironic how I would wake up my dad to fetch me to church every week
then when I could drive I didn't go =.=!

But now I am back! The reason I didn't go?
Because I got lazy, and because it's hard to wake up on Sunday mornings.
Because Saturday nights are like.... party nights.....
Lol So bad right. Got will got way

And the reason I went back , was because I felt like
I was becoming so thorny and self-centered and short-tempered
that sometimes I felt disgusted with myself.

I don't want that. I want to be kind and loving.
I think the most calming and kind humans are babies
because they are pure and yet polluted by our sinful world. HAHA!
That's why right when you see a baby you'll smile automatically.

And I'm very thankful for Natalie in my life 
because it's a balance to me who's so materialistic and superficial etc.
In the end doesn't matter if you're pretty when your personality is so ugly.

Yahh. Be kind and loving.

And then back to superficial.
HAHHAA. Blog topics.
Styling, make up, clothes, friends, parties. ~,~ 

 Bought these curlers. From Daiso!
Under Xuannie's recommendation. Because since Xuan was young
her hair was her crowning beauty.

I think put them in while my hair was still too wet
and took them out before it was not wet. =.=
And then I went to put them in braids in the end.

The thing about curly hair I guess is that I miss comb drying my hair.

Round bristle brush are for blow drying curly hair but it's a lil... time-consuming.
Will master it one day. Maybe. lol

This was Saturday morning with Natalie.
Went to her house to do something like prayer meeting.
  We got distracted and talked about things like dogs and brains
but I think little distractions are healthy when you have to concentrate for long ^^

After that we went to Ours Cafe. At BSD only!
Also saw Shaun Tan there.

Caesar salad! Help me forget about all the oily food I ate.
Pleazeee. lol

The nice thing is that they have magazines and even chess
(which Shaun was playing) and their food is cheap.
But, their service is ... um. Kind of non-existent. Lol.

Cannot expect much. At least it 's in BSD! So near.

And also a cute balcony :)

It's 1 in the morning now!
Have to wake up for church tomorrow, like 8.30. 
Got will got way!!

Hope you enjoyed this post! 
Have a nice weekend :)

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