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Background looks like steel cage of an asylum right.
Actually just a hallway full of lockers at my college :3

Outfit consisted of... 
sunglasses and bag from Burberry
jacket from The Curve. if I'm not wrong. ~,~
neon yellow tank top from Zara
necklace and shorts anddd shoes from Forever 21 (lol?)

 Ahh, there. One of my seat-ootd.
My angle so good right.

Of course as the efficient blogger I am, always camwhoring at college.
Not hard to find places with a lot of sunlight.
But also bloody sad because when it rains I have to run back my car.
Should remember to bring mini umbrellas! ~,~

Top with Jia Shin, 
bottom with Vency.

Purple looks good on her :3 like barney purple! lol
She's 170cm tall I jelly

So last week right was full of introduction.
This week we are finally getting down to work.
Reality hits- the work never ends.

Nottt really the lakeside of design school.
Since when design school is relaxing right :(
Unless you take fashion marketing, lol! Three classes one week :3
But only for this sem! haha

This was draping class on Wednesday.
Our lecturer is Mister Rooney, always makes me think about Wayne Rooney.
He has bald shiny head but not in a fat guy way, in a dwayne johnson way.
But of course not as buff! omg

We did basic straight skirt and it was the first time I saw everyone staying back after 6pm. 
Lol. I think it will be a routine for us soon.

Because the assignment has to be handed in on that day itself.
But Vency so nice, she took home to do and pin it on early morning the next day!
Because she lives so near lol. Hostel!

It was a nightmare going home.
Jia Shin drove for that day!
This was in the morning, still full of energy. hahha!

Then right. The flash flood happened in the evening.
Sungei wang and Pavilion basement carparks got FLOODED.
Can you imagine how shitty poor fate those cars have. ;(

It took almost bloody three hours to reach home and I had to hold my pee all the way.

Four cars broke down on the way T.T
And guess what? All of them were Proton! WTF man

It was ten o clock when we reached home? lol.
But lucky this semester three out of four days are afternoon. =.=
Can die if have to wake up early. 

This was the next day ^^ 

White all over, with a touch of pink. Girly sial.
Peplum top from Cotton On, shorts from Zara,
Daydreamer bag from Juicy Couture,
purple heart slippers from Sungei Wang!

Wednesday is drafting class.
Our lecturer is called Khai Jeun.
He looks like a student from Raffles, except he's a teacher! lol.
Raffles teacher are mostly guys, early thirties.
At least for my first and second semester ^^

He said the funniest thing ever.
So during all these handiwork classes, we always gather at a table for demo.
I was sitting in front of him and he asked if I watched Oz The Great and Powerful.
He said I looked like.. the princess.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Thank you thank you.
I was like ohhh no la.. but actually inside I'm like

Okay anywayyyy
Draping and drafting are two important ways of making clothes.
Drafing/pattern making is just directly manipulating the fabric on the mannequin,
drafting follows blocks and you can alter on paper.

I like draping more? Draping is something you can do as long as you have 
fabric and a model. But cannot real human la how to poke the needle
to pin the fabric. 

Andy damn gross!!! He kept playing this thing, using our sewing needles 
to pierce his skin and swing it around. 


Like this, except he likes to make his needle go all the way through and leave it hanging T.T
Touchwood one day I pierce my fingers while using the sewing machine.
 Not like this, like the whole needle going through layers of muscle and come out
through your nail. OMG.

HHAHAHA. But I'm mostly careful. Protect the royal fingers!
HAHAHHA do you feel like hitting me 

Okok back to ...
Drafting, is a bit like geometry.

You have to draw everything accurately with rulers and measurements balblala.
Very much like how architects draft buildings.
Except this is for clothes.

I like draping because it's more free and you see the results right away.
I used to do it with the sylvanian family dolls also HAHAHAH
In a naive way. But drafting I don't know shit lo.

Actually in the end Raffles also gives a lot of assignment like The One.
But. I only feel tired. Stress maybe for end of sem.
The One is like.. you feel stress and angry.
Angry because you have to deal with teachers throwing tantrum.
WAH. So glad I don't deal with this shit at Raffles. HAHAHA

Long time I don't have Project Runway happening in real life.
But The One train you to tolerate with stress. 
Raffles is a bit more systematic though because it's big and established already etc

And here is a random cat at the canteen.
They always come and miao here miao there.
I usually love animals but I am not so good with cats.

I pet one during the first week last sem.
It sort of miaoed and bared its fangs and I never bothered to play with them anymore
BECAUSE I'M SCARED. Their teeth and claws are bloody tiny but bloody sharp too!!! T.T

Drafting class is full day.
During break we went to Darlene's house. lol.
So convenient. It really is damn near to walk to her house.
Like Bestari walk primary to secondary section. :3

Jia Shin fiddlling with her make up.Hahhaa!
I also got bored and helped Darlene do her nails.
Actually one nail. Then two. And she wanted me to stop.
But I said, how can. Two only. Look so unfinished, I OCD.
Then five. Wanted to do ten but she don't want :(

I think it's nice to be OCD about nails.
It's so comforting having nice nail polish.
Like they make you feel better about your flaws.
And the fact that you can control what colour you want.
How long you want. HAHAHHAA. Illusion of power and control.
I think that's why most people like be obsessive-compulsive about things.

My nosy face when visiting people's house.
So many nook and cranny to explore but so little time ^^

Random shot. Should do an accessories post one day ^^

With Darlene, always with a jolt of red. ON FIRE.
On da lips!

Suddenly talked about what animal we look like.
Vency is confirm rabbit. She always wears big-ribboned headbands.
And they look like her bunny ears.

Jia Shin is like tiger because she likes to cockstare people.
Especially me because I like to do/say sohai things.

Darlene is a cat. Because of her eyes, the cat eyeliner.
And also because she's very flirty like cats.

Cats so damn bad, they always seduce you purring and all.
Then when you attend to them they bare their fangs. 
Ma de. 

I am probably a dog. A noisy sloppy one.
But still very cute lo.

And loyal.

But noisy.

HHAhaha! Outside their backyard.
Camwhoring before we ran back to class.
The time on our watch was 1.50pm already,
get back to 2 o croc class!

And mirror image. Because one of me is not enough. 
Haha ^^

Naww Cabbie got dirty. Have to give him bath bath soon!
Been sooo busy. But I always let him out when I come home.
Love hugging him no matter what ^^v

wtf photo arrangement glitch ^^
but whatever! ^^

doing those staircase shots.
I don't know, blogs seem to be a fan of these shots.
HAHHA. But must take quickly, later students pass by.
I shy one okay.

Haha. No

Thursday night I went to Sunway Giza for a while.
Beer Factory with Jennie and Kar Chun's gang because it was Kar Chun's birthday.

His terrified face when the surprise came. 
Funnel force feed you and as if that's not scary enough
one big crew will come to make sure you drink up.

Soo much of peer pressure weyh wanna chicken out also impossible.
 Supposedly it was just one glass of beer to chug 
but they added two glasses of Long Island while he was blindfolded.

Yesh, the supersized jugs. RM60 before 10pm only! HAHA
Very popular at Beer Fact now. 

I like cocktails more than Beer.
Or Vodka.

And Jennie so smart right she smuggled in a bottle of Bacardi.
Bought from airport for like RM65?

HAHHA. And we had to be reallyyy sneaky about pouring those baby out.
Because they'll charge you for bringing in alcohol from outside ~,~

I think it was an hour or two before they realized.
They said have to pay RM150. But they were nice la, said let it slide
but refrain from doing it again ^^


I like that their cocktails have plenty of cherries though
HAHAH. Did the cherry knots again.
That was my one good attempt.

The others, basically the stem broke when I folded them in my mouth
because they were too long.

Anddd who went that night? Kar Chun Jennie Louis Hin Seng Nicholas
Kar Ying Yong Hui. 

With Jennie. 

So funny when we saw each other.
Both long sleeve and pouffy skirts. HAHHA.
Telepathy yo!

Kar Ying was wondering why I looked different
until she realized it was my hair. Lol! Funny

Top and bottom from F block, bag from Juicy!

With Louis. Other pictures in Jennie's camera!

Friday night I went to Solaris with Shao Yang. He suddenly called out everyone.
Weng Hock Theng Loo Xian Jiong Phin Chin Guan King and Raymond came.

So nice he came to pick me up. But so sohem!!!
He horned when he arrived. I asked why.
He said, I thought your dad wasn't home ~,~

HAHHA! Not Harrier this time, he drove X1. Out of no where one.

We ate at Ole Ole Bali. Went up to Bon Ga (korean resto)
basically we sat there for ten mins pondering what to eat... and LEFT.
Literally. Never tried that before. ~,~ paiseh

HAHAH. Because everything was like meaty and family portion.
So back to Ole Ole Bali. I loveeee their Barley Lime *w*
it's so thick!! Really big difference from cheap ones mann.
And also ordered chicken strips. Feel guilty eating so much oily food T.T
Will exercise soon I promiseee!

And then we went to Clover Pub. SY's pick, of course very western style.
He said he's going to US, I don't believe him.
July? HAHAH. Maybe he will go.
After all he is known for sudden vanishing acts.
But also just as sudden his appearance comes.

Left early and went back in Xian Jiong's car.
He was fetching Theng Loo too, all the BSD.
Left my slippers in SY's car. Hate it when that happens T.T

That was about it for Friday night ^^
I got back home early!

This... is how I blog most of the time. :3
With Cabbie curled up on my lap, le soft ball of heaven ^^

That's all tonight.

More to come!

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