Sunday, 14 April 2013

Fanta Fun


It was a hectic day, out and about early afternoon until 3AM at night.
But hey. I miss being busy, life has gotten so comfortable. 
Hehe first world problem wtf

The background is the construction board right in front of La Bodega.
Taken by Amanda Siau. lol! She used to blog too, now stopped.
She wants those dotcom kind, as in not blogspotdotcom. 
So big shot right! Bwahah

Jennie was supposed to come but she was tied up!
Also Chi Cheng has gone off to Macau. 
I miss traveling :(

Maybe a trip with the ladies during june/july?
Heh. I want Universal Studios in Singapore because I miss rollercoasters.
I don't mind Redang too because of the beach and reminds me of Penang.
Or maybe Bangkok for shopping! 

Okie back to current life before daydreaming ahead...

If you are wondering about my outfit...
paperboy leather cap and tribal bear + mod (WTF? ^^) crop top from Sungei Wang
mermaid half leather skirt from Miss Selfridge
ankle platform booties in black lace from Forever 21 
(they are around five inch but more comfortable than my other four and a half ones!!
what sorcery is this :3 I love platform heels!)

Anyway it is easier for me to wear black and not feel bored because my hair is light.
Also bright make up is a "yes yes" for monotone outfits!

 We had brunch at Ichiban Boshi.

It was really funny because I kept raving about wanting to try Hakudo Ippudo.
I wasn't even sure what the name was, just "IPPUDO" somethingsomething.
When we finally got to the place there was quite a queue going on :3

We sat down for like a few minutes and it was like Solaris all over again.
We looked at the menu, had this look at each other face and decide to leave without ordering.
lol. Because they didn't serve sushi.

But I would love to try their unagi don! And shrimp mayo.
I think better for family dining? They seem to be more known for their ramen thou.

In the end I had unagi maki and white soup udon.
Both of them have cheese in it! HAHAHA. Best combo.
Japanese food + creamy sauce + sweet sauce

This is Amanda. She took all the outfit shots.

We kept taking pictures and people who passed by kept staring.
Why the fuck so vain. HAHAHAH.
Some horndudes would do the whistles and all.

Good cop; bad cop

side note: it is a tad too easy to veer on the SM side with leather. omg.
better cute it up lol. that's why teddy bear crop top!

but they're so hidden :3 
and I was talking about how my nose bridge is soo oblivious is doesn't show up in pictures
then Amanda said I look like a teddy bear.

HAHAHAH! Why har people keep saying I look like stuffs from Fairy Tale storybooks.
princess and teddy bear. but I think I am dog only. WOOF

deep in thoughts.

actually my thoughts at that exact moment were probably
"ohh don't fall don't fall must pose properly" ~,~

MUSH! Sunlight is great for photos.
The best photos are always taken in KL.
But Giza also not bad hehe.

Amanda is with her trademark flamingo pink lips again.
Actually it is not called flamingo but it really really does reminds me of one.

Mine was orange, sort of like a coral orange.
But secretly I love orange lips because it reminds me of super rings.

Which is this, in case you do not know.
How can you not know? It is my favourite :(

I have been obsessed with them ever since I grabbed one of those baddies from
Grand Union (town grocer) after school. 

It was heaven, the cheese and crunchiness.
Ahh man shouldn't have wrote about this now I feel hungry damnit :(

Anyways after eating my fingers would always look orange.
And that makes me happy.

Because I'm a fat pig and I know it. Oink oink *w*

A little lip paint I got from Topshop.
I guess you would say it's like lipstick colour except in liquid form?
Pigmented and shiny. Though I feel like these last longer than lipsticks 
because they absorb into your lips.

And you definitely cannot skip removing your lip make up if you put these.
lol. it looks pretty but it's gonna stay there and make up overnight is never a good idea!

But the actual colour is more orange because I layered it with the red one.
Now that I've got the orange I want the red :(
Why the fuck does the grass always have to be greener on the other side T.T

HAHHAA. It's good to remember though.... that in the end...
it is greener where you water it :)

I stuck on falsies because I knew I would be out all day so it would be worth it.
Other times I'm way too lazy. But falsies are better than mascaras.

Mascaras have less impact and are such a bore to remove!
Falsies all the way! Though I keep losing them.
Lost four pairs. Wtf. 

No matter how much you buy it's never enough
if you keep losing them. Personal experience :(
Lol. I really want to not lose things but sometimes
I put things in a temporary place and expect to come back for it
but the next day it's GONE. T.T

hhahaa well no point crying over spilt milk!
We also grabbed some Ochado baddies before going home.
While camwhoring Amanda kept doing gwiyomi poses.
Which is why, as you guys know.. I did the gwiyomi video ~,~
AHHAHA! I think videos are interesting but not so many people 
experiment with it as much as photos.
Quite a few people commented about the vid :3

Amanda drove to KL that day, thank you very muchie :*
And that's about it!

I mean wait no my Saturday wasn't done yet!
lol! I still have family dinner as always.

As always too, it was at The Curve ~,~
but I'm not complaining oh no don't get me wrong
omg. I hate going restaurants that are not in shopping centres.
Also very funny when Theng Loo saw those nearby coffee shops
while Xian Jiong was dropping me off, and asked me if I tried them.
I said, "no wor, not high class enough". HAHHAA

I think he felt like punching me ^^
and I remember I used to tell Shao Yang I had two rules for eating out
1. no plastic chairs
2. must have air conds

But mainly, mainly because my dad likes cina ahpek resto with plastic chairs and
no air cond as in open air. So actually I just don't like those.
But funky plastic chairs actually very cute!
And I do like some cina ahpek resto la, because they have
cheesy shrimps and lai liu har and all those. HAHA ^^ I love.
But dad seldom order those. I hate!!! 

Lol ok shuddup first

We went to Absolute Thai in the end.
Boyyy was it much better than the one we tried last time.
There's another Thai resto at The Curve but it's so shitttt
they always have a band performing.
I mean you can go there for that but don't go there for the food. lol.

Thai food right, all you need to order is...
Pineapple Fried Rice, Tomyum Soup, Pandan Chicken.

Lol wtf I forgot to take picture of the glorious food.
I did remember to take a picture of my fingers though.

Just removed this! The butterlondon metallic red and nails inc holographic gloss.
Now it's back to caviar and I was chatting with Jennie on fb while doing it
and I think after half an hour I only got up to the fourth nail.

lol! Usually very fast one okay 5 minutes slurp slurp slurp!!
Bought some magazines from Popular, Popteen and Bazaar.
Where is the Malaysian issue Vivi! I wanttt

and then after than I had to set up everything and make sure they are packed nicely 
to deliver to Jblock who was lazing around in her house.

HAHAHA. There were five paper bags.
I gave her one and made her think that was it
and she was like thank you oh girl.

Then I asked her if she wanted more presents and opened the boot 
to give her the remaining four paper bags. HAHAH!
So it's like her birthday all over again.

Okay I know this girl she very nervous for the presents she kept asking about it ma de.
HAHAHA! And she's very direct. So she'll just be like where's my present why so
long you stupid bitch.

Ma de. I remember christmas present last year I gave her first 
and she didn't give me it until a month later but I didn't ask her cos I thought she forgot.
lol. I hope she's happy with the presents!

I think packaging is very important when it comes to presents.
It's so fun raping the packaging to uncover the gift. Oooo the excitement.
Cannot imagine if you give something without any packaging like you picked it up 
from the floor omg.

But I think cannot be stingy with presents for friends etc.
It's worth it making someone happy. And somemore right they all
confirm gift you back something just as good, if not more.
HAHAHA! Every year the pressies getting more exy! $$

Okay, then after that I had to zoom zoom and get my ass to Sunway Giza.
I almost died man Darlene kept calling T.T
I'm like my dad, I can't stand it when I have to rush while driving.
I WILL drive like cock. But that night was still okay ^^
cos I know got people accompany her :3

Picha looks sooo in the club wtf.
realized we all wore black and white.

This was at Beer Factory.
Jia Shin is the middle one,
Darlene is the rightest one.

The guys, Joseph, don't know who and Gary Koh.
Lol. The middle one right look so shy but when take picha point middle finger.
Gary Koh knew me because he's Daniel's friend. Vaguely heard his name before.
He was like ohh you're Karen right when I walked into Darlene's hostel.
Because he lives there too.

Joseph studies Interior Design I think.
The guys paid for the drinks. They ordered three beer towers? ~,~
I think it's nice when girls don't have to pay.
Because when I go Beer Fact I just stand by the bar and wait for people to offer drinks.
No need buy one lor. HAHAH

There was a lot of familiar people that night.
I'm glad I went, the place was packed!
Because nowadays sometimes BeerFact can be less crowded.
But not that case for that night!

 Chloe was also there, to celebrate Shaun Koh's birthday.
She messaged me before that and told Amanda to come too but she was tired!
Lol I tell you Shaun Koh's gang damn big all look like him one.
I mean the pattern. hahaha! But birthday sure must have a lot of people.
Han Shen Chee Hong and all. 

They ordered a lot for him, his buddies. 
The funnel beer, jaegerbombs, flaming lamborghinis.

Jasmine was also there! Only two of the eight girls in action thou that night!
The others were busy with college, new sem and all.
I think it's normal la, sure will drift apart a lil after high school ended.
Right after high school and before college-that's the time everyone is really 
so close together. Ah. Like one family! :3

Other familiar people I saw was Choon Lam and Jun Wen.
So nice seeing Jun Wen. bwahaha! She sat downstairs thou, chill a bit.
Vinnie and Camun were there too. The Yanqian and Shiteng.
Noel Chia and his twin.

Carmen Lin and a whole bunch of Jia Shin's friend.
I also laughed when I saw her boyfriend and she slapped my arm.
HAHAHA! Because he looks like a cartoon animator!
But he looks like a fun sort of guy with oversized frames.

Sat down and played card games. Jasmine taught me a new one! :D
It's like each person yells in ascending order of numbers clockwise
like 1,2,3,4 and so on and simultaneous put out a card as you yell the number.
If the card is two and you yell two, you have to faster faster faster slap your palms
on the card like BOOM. 

Last one to do so will have to take the pile of cards that everyone put out.
So essentially the one who finishes the card fastest will be safe.
HAHA. Don't know if you know what cock I'm towking about :3

And then after that right I'm gonna plop myself on the bed and cuddle with Cabbie.
Remove make up, shower, change clothes.
Get into comfortable mode ^^

So that was Saturday!
Miss seeing so many people hehe


Sunday, as usual-shopping day.
This time it was KLCC instead of Pavilion.
(anyway it is only a choice between those two. lol!)


Selca with Cabbie, and cos his fur is so white he looks like the background ~,~
I bathed him hehehehe.

I'm very realistic. I do not like hugging my dog 
when it is dirty. Lol. But I still kiss it.
Haiyo. Dirty or not still so cute. And manja.

Spaghetti Seafood Marinara at Chinoz!

ohhhh god it was sex. :3 
I like it with spaghetti rather than fettucine.
Chinoz's one is a bit pricey thou, like fifty bucks a plate.
Also I miss Michelangelo's ravioli :3

I have been eating out so little nowadays! 
I think last week I ate out on the weekends.

I bought the Bobbi Brown Beauty Book with book voucher.
Used up about two thirds of it? Nowadays so many people
getting their books with book vouchers :3

And also a novel called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"
I think it is pretty geeky how I like reading those rag to riches stories.
Financial bankruptcy to financial abundancy zomg
But I think right humans always spend as much as they earn.
Lol. If keep up like this no matter earn how much, 
will feel poor too. :3

And going home, takeaway Pink Guava while Daddy drives.
It used to be a mystery the road to KL. For the eighteen years of my life
eventhough I go there every week. lol. DirectionLESS

That's all for today's post :)

Signing out, xoxo!

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