Sunday, 7 April 2013

first week of college hehe


Loving my current hair colour
excuse to wear it for a month to "rest"
before changing it to a lighter colour. Hehe.

And hair serum is a life saver, seriously! :3

Picture above is with Darlene!

College has been fun, first week.
Mostly introduction.
Sewing, drawing, draping and pattern making.
A lot of things to do! I shall play hard and study hard.

 With Jia Shin hehe.
Thanks to her I now use MRR2 when going back.
It's just like going all the way straight. And save money on toll,
I reload my touch N go until bored already ~,~

But going to college I still use LDP. Used to it!

 With Vency! <3 p="">

She so freaking tall!!!! 170cm. 
I JELLY.  Jelly die me lol.

Love them all hehehe.
Two redhead and two brown hair.

OOTD was simple. Into orange and neutral tones nowadays.
Also, it is easy to pull off heavier make up with brown hair. Lol.
A word of warning- it does washes out your skin :3

 fluffy cap from FOS
top from KL boutique
shorts from Forever 21
wedges from Juicy Couture

This was while waiting for lecturer to come.
I know right. This is what I do all the time in college.
Camwhore here and there. LOL!

I bring a lot of shit to college. Like going overnight trip.
Sweets, oil control sheets, lipstick, mirror, name card holder, bank notes holder,
jewellery pouch, charger ~,~

Now I can't go back to small bags T.T

Anddd very important this semester is toolbox!!!
I feel like DIY man seriously.
Need to have all your sewing tools inside, if not come to college empty-handed 
you can balik rumah already!!!

Pins, bobbins, seam reaper, tracing wheels, threads, screws, footers.
Measuring tape, scissors and fabric also very important.

Love the fact that Raffles library sells Muslin.
The cheap cheap kind, I like. Lol.
It used to kill me (I mean my wallet) buying muslin.
It's RM15 for five meters here.

At The One it's... five bloody times. RM75 =.=
Eff, no thank you!!! 

Friday night, this was what I was up to.
Equidistant curves and straight lines.
Feels familiar all these assignments. Lol.
With the little Brother sewing machine, bought when I was like 15!

Heh. I should have those industrial machine (traditional, high speed, big ass)
but don't know where to put it man seriously!! T,T

Raffles has damn ass a lot of sewing machines and you can practise whenever you want
but I'm sooo not used to removing my needles/footers/bobbins after I'm done.
At The One I used to just leave it there because it was one person using one machine!
The first batch lol. Don't know if they still do that since more students have come in.

But yeah. Everyone knows I'm happier at Raffles now.
I'll make the most of it!

Heh. I alwayssss camwhore while waiting.
Waiting for lecturer, for traffic light. Whatever ;3

 Anddd at home too while getting ready.


This was draping class! :)
Conducted by Mister Rooney.
Jia Shin took these pichas of me pretending to be candid. lol

With Vency and her bright red streaks! :*

Take One

Take Two!

Both of us have blue shoes on hehe


Denim top from FOS
Grey skirt from Kitschen
Blue-ribboned wedges from Old Navy

 For this sem the class starts like half an hour earlier, maybe more.
So some students got confused. Jia Shin was afraid to come in because
she thought it was the usual 2PM instead of 1PM. Lol

But I told her to come in!! The lecturer quite chill one.

Anyway I'm glad she did because otherwise she'll have to do extra work :3
I wanna finish everything in class man seriously!!!


This was at night, dining with oysters at home :DD
Super happy Daddy brought this back :')
Cos usually right dinner at home is ummm not so appetizing T.T

It's like sex. Never paid attention to oyster before but damn they good!
Espo when fresh hehe. DIYed melted cheese on top. The thing is like so huge!
There was like ten of em.

Happy tummy is happy girlie!


This was Friday morning :)

I'm loving bright colours! On hair, face. Whatever!
Also if you wanna be daring, please go for it now!
When you are young and free *w*

Floral maxi dress is from Sungei Wang!!
I remember that time I damn noob, NEVER thought 
so many cute clothes can be found at CHEAP CHEAP CRAZY CHEAP prices.

It was like a myth, always heard Xuan do clothes haul from Sungei Wang.
At that time it was mostly like Topshop Forever 21 for me.
When I saw that dress for like RM35 I think?
I grabbed four, in different colours. Lol. Farney!

But nowadays I'm less clothes crazy,
more on hair and makeup and accessories.
Mix and match

Again camwhoring while waiting hehe =]

Also, nowadays damn a lot of police ronda.
HAIYO. Don't cause traffic jam please!!!
If the tenacity of giving summons would be applied to 
catching thieves/criminals who actually endanger society
it would be MUCHHH better.

I know when you get your stuff stolen and you report it...
they will push responsibilities, say it's not their district.

And then okay you go to that district.
You have to find the person in charge and they will meet you only when
they are free and you have enough evidence.

I know, I've tried it before.
It's like trying to push a dead cow to mow grass.
Okay I don't know where that came from. But you know what I mean!

Politics hot topic now, election coming.
Jib gor siam la :3

HAHAHA! Taboo subject. Later they close down my blog omg.
Okay back to myself that one I'm good with.


And I've been using Xuannie's bronzer that she got when she was in Aussie! :D
Never used to wear bronzer when I had black hair.
Because it made my skin dull. But now I just feel glowy with it =]

Friday night felt like a weekday this week!
Cos of the replacement class and no activity at night /,\
I wanna go Maison!!! The music on their website sho on.
And of course try clubbing with college mates hehehehe
High school mates a bit less on! I feel like we're growing old which is true :3

And Jennie also reverting to off mood cos her mami has been pestering her about studies.
Studies is the one thing she's always worried about because being a lawyer
you have to pass so much of shit, fail a bit waste humongous money and time!

But I think Jennie will be fine, confirm can pass- just go college and study!
Work hard and play hard!



Fluffy hair, fluffy dress

HAHHA so easy man to dress like those girls in Popteen.
Haven't put in fake contact lens only ^^

Dress from forgot where.
Sorry ^^ wait. I think somewhere in Giza. Lol

This was on Saturday.
It is now Saturday as I'm writing this, but five in the morning :3

OMG. MY lovely dinner from heaven.
Ichiban Boshi's Unagitama with Rice. :)

Was supposed to eat steamboat at DPC.
But I... umm.. not so keen on steamboat.
Wear make up and all but have steam blowing all your face, grosssssie
And wanted Rakuzen but Siet Yen had a lot of sushi (LUCKY HER ~,~)
so we went to La Casa but full full full.

So went straight to Giza was supposed to go karaoke after that anyway.
And ate at Ichiban Boshi :3

Chi Cheng's Dory Tempura on FIRE~~~~

Siet Yen :3

Somehow I think black hair matches her?
Since her skin is naturally fair!

All my friends are either very fair or very tanned.
And I've always had medium skin-tone. Adui!!!
But gotta work with what you got!

And Chicheng farney!! She used to be really fair but after one summer
in Bali? Phuket? Somewhere with a beach.
I think Thailand! After that her skin was always tanned. Lol.

I've thought of going tan but I don't wanna stay tanned for more than three months.
I've thought of being fair but honestly being fair fucking hard lol.

Chi Cheng, always photogenic :*

Loveesss :* 
Chicheng pandai make up already with falsies and all!!!

Without flash

Siet to the Yen

So right, as you can tell... we didn't go karaoke in the end.
Siet Yen was supposed to go early. But met her sister at Giza lol!!
And she was at Beerfact with her friends.

Which means it is Jennie, Siet Yen and my sibling's friend.
Cos our siblings are all same aged ! ~,~ funny coincidence ohhh, four years gap!
They were like, why didn't bring my brother! lol

Chee Joe offered me some jaegerbomb but I cannot.
My alcohol tolerance still shit.
But I never puke in loooong time okie ^^
I control like a nun. I just like the music.
And meeting people. :)

See Siet Yen's eyeliner? She drew it after we've arrived at Giza lol.
Borrowed ChiCheng's. Cos she couldn't stand it. HAHAH!
But I think if we didn't put make up she could care less.
Peer pressure yoh ^^

And this da Jennie. So good girl yoh her dressing:3
Xuan also came!

But most of the pictures of that night were in Jennie's camera and damn did we camwhore a lot!
Will post them when it comes, don't worry :*

Jennie funny oh kept asking me to take pictures with random guys I was talking to.
But I haolian, I love the camera shutter going off. HAHAHA sohem.
And it's nice to have people offer drinks.

There was like whiskey jaegerbomb sex on the beach beer.
But my tummy and liver no problem :)
I take one hour to finish two glass. HAHAHA.
by the time everything got digested alreadyyy

Chi Cheng's friend also came, Guan Hong I think.
He was the one who told CC he saw me at beerfact dancing with the panda lol.
That fluffy panda who pulls people up on da stage.

Also went to Movida a while, cos apparently people like to open one too many bottle at Movida.
A few moments later another group also same case !
Damn long didn't go there, I always think of prom there.

Beerfact a bit less people that night, I wish to go when there's event AND the attic's open.
I think nowadays right so many clubs cropping up, getting competitive.
Zouk mist vertigo maison stage G6 ETC ETC ETC.

I think right more people should give birth lo.
Make KL more happening. BWAHAHAH!
Or I'm not looking in the right places.
I miss having a clique feeling as well!
Like gathering, everyone on and everyone go crazy together.
but now it's a bit harder man, everyone busy with own shit also.

I can see why eventually people have family and no friend :3
but I don't wanttttt. I want friends too!
I want everything :3

Also it was flattering hearing people tell me I looked beautiful.
HAHHAHAHAHA shiok sendiri

Because right, those who really know me will know how rude I am in real life.
LOL ^^ sorry ^^ but I can act very polite mysterious etc when need be.
I think laaa

Wokiee that's all :)
keep up the updates! hehe.

Live an interesting life.
Or at least make it look interesting :p

But wtf, I'm very interesting ^^ NO LIES.



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