Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Going blonde & first day of college

Hello! :)

Boom da boom!

College has reopened!
Met a new friend, called Vency! 
There's a few people in my batch who was MIA from last sem
to attend English classes.

She has red streaks in her hair because of a photoshoot.
It was purple before that. bwahaha!
 So IN right you wouldn't guess she's from Muar! :3

EVENTHOUGH, FMM and FD aren't together (marketing & design)
We're still close when we see each other :p

Sneaked out before class and during break to disturb them FMM students! TEE HEE!

Jae Yi, the one I was bear hugging with :3 BWAHAHA!
She and Ai Lynn still take the KTM together, so if one of them finish class
early the other one will wait! So nice hor

Jia SHIN! The one who lives in Wangsa Permai.
Very talkactive with her, cos we click click. BWAHAHA!

Used to see her less last sem cos she was busy with English classes like Vency too.
But this sem she dropped English (just have to tell Student Service, then they arrange
to slot you in next sem for replacement)

Jia Shin taught me how to use the MRR2 Kepong way to go home!
HAHHA! Basically, for two days going home I tailed behind her car.
Her macho Mitsubishi Lancer. With ralli art decorations.

Abby! hehe. Had mucho fun with her last time!
Cos she pandai haolian and take picha, like me.
Everyday shutter click click click!***

Ohh yeah! Forgot to take picha of ASHLEY! :3
 She got so fair! Because she said during holidays she 
stayed at home, lol.

Me too, but how come I no get fairer? :(

Basically, this is my timetable for this sem.
I think Raffles arrange their classes pretty okay.
But this sem very the okay, because only one morning class.
Which means, NOPEEE don't have to suffer the morning jam ^^v
Suffer the evening one only. LOL.

On the other hand, marketing students only have THREE afternoon classes!
DAMN FREE! All of em are lectures. Mine as you can see,
sewing drawing pattern drafting draping.

It's like four different things throw on you. HAHAH!
But lucky lucky I've gone through it some at The One Academy,
sooo easy to draw eight figure in class. Or whatever figure.

But kind of nervous for pattern making, because. 
I hate maths, I hate being so detail-oriented. MA DE.
But okay, take it as it comes :3

Off day hoho! ^^ Last sem I had full day on Friday.


3/4 sleeved top from Armani Exchange
bleached shorts from Forever 21
SM heels from Charles & Keith
(HEHEHE Kelvin thought it was from Louis Vuitton! ^^)
Vintage web Boston from Gucci

Also I put those hair puff to make my crown taller.
Add height. If God willing I would like a beehive as high as

Why not right. Balance out my jaw with a huge crown.
I love pouffy hair on top! SHO princessy.

Anyway today was fashion drawing, did nine head figures.
for like four hours. Thank God Mister Joseph let us out early /.\

My timetable as you can see, all the classes finish around six.
So the jam!! Go home it's already so late.
But hey. At least I don't have to wake up early the next day.

Like right now, four in the morning but I'm blogging ~,~
cos it's afternoon class tomorrow bwahahaha
Betul betul untungLAH *w*

This was like Monday. Sewing application.

I literally screamed when I saw the mirror and flung my bag to the table closest to the mirror.
So yeah. I can sew and admire myself at the same time.
Not kidding. Don't know will stab my fingers or not ^^

Anyone who has gone shopping with me would know that
mirrors are like traffic lights for me. I stop for them.
Also bling bling diamonds. Lol. 

All those sewing machines! :3

Cheeserland is really great with ootdshots with mirror man.
I CAN'T. Never mastered the art.

All I do is stand in front of it and watch and watch myself.

with Chloe and Darlene! :3

Sewing counter. BAH, so long haven't used them industrial ones.
Also also have to gather out my sewing tools. lol.
Where are they?! Bobbin case, footer, zips, threads and needles, chalks

But the first class lasted for like forty five minutes?
Called off because apparently we didn't have our tools.
Wished she would tell us earlier that she would be replacing on Friday /,\
basically we came to be informed, replacement on Friday!

But no problem, so free anyways since holiday. BWHAHA!
Went to DPC with Jia Shin after that,
damn convenient we live near each other!
And both of us drives also so yeah ;)

We went to eat at Amelio's! Wanted Rakuzen but it was closed.
Forgot it had that habit. ~,~!!

Shared chicken pizza and avocado salad! :33 HEHEH
I love food man. 

Sometimes it's a battle between love of fashion or food.
But food is like basic survival instinct so yeah... BWAHAHA
What kind of future fashion designer right.
Make edible dresses. Om nyom nyom

Also. It was so funny! Bumped into Chi Cheng there, with Danny.
We chitchat gossiped gossiped. Amelio then Coffee Bean then the lake. lol.


So like. I went blonde today. Out of the blue.
Which is actually correct in context since the bleach is so blue.

Basically I bleached the shit out of my hair.
It is blue essentially, to take out the warm colours.
The more you bleach the lighter your hair becomes.

And with Asian hair? Boy, you've gotta bleach all you can. /,\

 So basically Asian hair is at the very bottom of the scale.
And you know right I'm so cool, always all or nothing.
So I wanted to platinum blond, which is like 12. the last.

HAHAHHA! Kepala besar I know.

But sooo many people have done it.

And I was afraid that after bleaching, my hair would get spoiled etc.
But it actually feels softer. ~,~ WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?
MIDORI SORCERY I THINK. Explain later hehe.
The secret weapon for healthy hair. :3

What made me wanna go blonde?
Actually it struck me yesterday.
And I dyed my hair today. 

Because I'm an Aries, when the urge hits- it hits hard.
So better do it when I have the urge or else I'll back out or get lazy :p

First is because of trend of course. Getting noticed, experimenting new things.
In Raffles so many people have colours of the rainbow like seriously blonde is nothing new.
But I think platinum blonde is special ~,~ it's so pristine and soft.

Who knows if it's photoshop or sponsored hair treatments,
but Xiaxue's platinum blonde hair was what made her STAND OUT.
Of course people began criticizing her but everyone loves to criticize whatever she does lol.

 Andddd Paris Hilton.
The rich bimbo of the block. lol. 

The funny thing is that three of this girls, they aren't blonde naturally.
No not even Paris Hilton she's actually a brunette.
Damn high maintenance right always gotta touch up the roots.

So it made me think. OMG I CAN DO THIS.
But of course beneath every pretty hair pretty body whatever pretty
there's a lot of work money effort spent on it.

Like Chuckei, see her blog posts from few years ago.
Who knew she'd look so special now.

I just think it's awesome when people have this trademark look.
Whether your bangs, the way you draw your eyeliner, whatever.

After college, I went to K Care shop and the rest was HISTORY.

Most important was the mixer (peroxide). 12% is for bleach.
When I walked into the shop the lady told me everything I needed to know.
Introduced so many products man it's like the shelves unfold stories.

Jennie was the guardian of the bleach. THE GAMMA 30 thing.
She bought freaking half a kilogram of it last time.
There's still much left after I got done with it.

I roved up to her house with my dad's car. lol. 
No time to waste!!! Didn't have to time to drive out my car.
Anyway it was very nice of her to borrow me the bleach because 
the whole tub cost about RM90 after discount! *w*

She used it for her dip dye, if you are interested she made a tutorial 

And other stuffs which I accidentally got...

Dyeing it at home yourself, I remembered three must haves!
Gloves, hair clips and applicator combs.
Shower cap is for doing hair mask.
And umm. Got another hair pouf a la Amy Winehouse. BWAHAH!

Also bought a set of shampoo conditioner mask for bleached hair.
Basically its different from regular ones because they give nutrients to
INSIDE the cuticle, instead of just the superficial layer. :3

Damn good lor the shampoo. With protein keratin shit. HEH.
Bleach strips away that!:3 Along with a lot of pigments.
The brand is called Arane. They were having promotion so 

 And this is the Midori Sorcery I was talking about!
Seriously best secret weapon for your hair.
Sad I didn't discover this sooner :3

It's basically a serum that makes your hair smooth as fuck as well as soft and shiny.
SHINY. ^^ It's like RM54 but on discount (seems like everything is on discount in K Care)
so it was around RM40? Don't know.

Funny thing was I didn't mean to buy serums.
It was because my total was actually RM194 but needed to get to RM200
to join member. Lol. Farney.

The receipt! Basically it's RM250 like that plus the hair dye also.
But expensive mostly because the shampoo set. 
I think it's worth it! For your hair yoh!!!

 A girl to be pretty only needs great hair and make up.
Clothes also can.

But Happy Polla do whatever also same.... you know who is she (he?) ?
LOL. Go google ^^


Moving on to the dyeing process

wait wait bleaching. lol

First find a container and spill in your mixer. 
They say something like two parts mixer one part bleach.
But anyway I just scooped one bleach. This is supposed to be for one whole head.

But unfortunately my head sohai, only enough for like half.
It was pretty hard to get it even because of two things...
my hair was long, AND thick. ~,~

moving on...

Pour in da blue ice cream! Heh. 

Bleach is supposed to smell really bad because it is sooo toxic but this one was
heavily flavoured with menthol so yeah :3

But my eyes still stung. Lol. And skin.
Sometimes it gets itchy when you get the bleach on it.

And then you just mix like a merry bitch. 
It's like a cake mix and the powder looks like sugar.
Just mix it until it dissolves.

Jennie says use it before it turns foamy or the bleach doesn't kill your pigments that well.
I don't know. The only tip I can give is to use it fast and use it much. HEH.

It was also helpful watching people DIY it with amazing results!
And you will think ohmaigawd I should do that too.
But of course what you don't feel is how much work they put into it!

They do. I spent around four hours.
Because... I bleached it 
not once
not twice
but thrice. ~,~

My hair after bleaching!


lol jk.

Wanted to say, I wanted to go platinum blonde to match my dog also.

BWAHAHA. YEAH. this one not jk

 Before dyeing. My hair has a little red base,
because I used to dye it copper-ish last year.
Like three or four times. But the colour doesn't really show ~,~!

It did however showed more after I permed my hair :3

This is after two rounds of bleaching.
During the first round Gene my sweetie housekeeper helped me
but unfortunately either it didn't go on fast or too little so it didn't show much.

Second round I just did my parting and quickly slapped them on my roots/crown area
because that's where people will notice first.

 And this is after third round of bleaching, pictured with flash.
Turns up kind of orange under flash.

They say like when you bleach, you have to go through red and orange before yellow.
Because red is the base of black, and orange the base of brown.

 And this funny thing.

Look. It's yellow, orange red and brown black at the tips.
Like a gradient I suppose? Also shows where the bleach did not get! x)

I think I'll leave my hair like this for like a month.
Then maybe I'll go salon to get someone bleach and dye it platinum blonde.
Because I want an even colour and it's damn hard to get at home!!

Maybe I do it at K Care or 76Style. See how! :3
Oh yeah, K Care is just in BSD! Lol.
Jennie discovered it. It's the row near McDonalds.

I think anyone who feels like trying a new hairstyle or hobby or whatever should
just GO ahead and do it. Sometimes we have these urges.

When we take action upon them, 
they eventually extend into an important part of our personality.
I think sometimes we feel the grass is greener on the other side, 
with hair colour skin colour weather whatever.

But now that I'm blonde I can tell why some people would like to go black.
I think black is definitely more classy and mysterious.
Blonde is on the other hand more playful and outstanding.

Also having such light hair makes your skin darker in comparison,
I think because black gives such a huge contrast and gap of tones? :3
So if you have light hair you can definitely play more on your make up
crazy bright lips and thick eyeliners. Can't wait to experiment hehe!

After all, this is what girls like me should be doing.
Everyone should! Nah wait lol. Then those who experiment wouldn't be special :/
also adults who knew I was going blonde basically they just say
why? no need lah, current hair colour nice.

but the thing is, even if something is good,
there's no harm risking a little to make it great.

I want to find my unique look, like sometimes because of hair and make up
or accents of accesories, an outfit looks so special.

Take this for example. 
Try covering their faces and hair with your fingers.
And suddenly the outfit looks so shit boring.

I think it's so special when you can give so much personality to your outfit
that if there and then someone where to copy your clothes head to toe
they'd still be missing a particular swag.

That's what I want, lo.
To be specially me, the art of differentiation *w*

I'll leave it to this for today :)
Thanks for tuning in :*

Remember, in life we regret the things we did not do
more than the things we did.


<3 br="">

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  1. I was looking for salons around my area and your blog cropped up in the search results. I must say I actually like the end product of this DIY project and hope that you didn't went ahead with dyeing your hair to have a single solid colour again. And hey gradients are like so IN right now! :)