Friday, 19 April 2013

good souls

Hello! I accidentally took a nap so I can't sleep now. HAHA
And I thought of my blog baby.

Also there is a little treat at the end of this post.
Bwahah. Read on :3

Have been really busy with college lately.
I guess it's like four full days and three off days with Raffles?
Sewing drafting and draping really take like eight hours to finish one assignment.
So even if stayback it's still hard to finish!

Sumore so funny the guard said have to get letter from Student Service etc.
Funny right students in our college all dying to stay back
but college don't let ~,~

 With Jia Shin. Haha.
Carpool buddy oh.
Monday and tuesday I fetch then she fetch.
Wednesday and Thursday she go to my house and sit my car
or vice versa. Because Thursday class starts so early ~,~

This was drafting class.
Usually I cannot remember which day I took the pictures.
But college is easy, espo classroom pictures.
Because every class = different classrooms. Hehe

I like having different classrooms each day.
Won't get bored so easy.
Need a lot of concentration okay to sit through three hour long demos T.T
And then by the time lecturer finish explaining how to pin this and that
they hand assignment. HAHA. No time to finish :3

Quite stress, but the lecturers here like angels.
Never throw tantrums. But sometimes can see they gritting their teeth.
or clenching their jaws. Trololol ^^

Some guys clench their jaws a lot. Can see the muscle moving.
Mister Rooney is like that! But so far I hadn't seen him burst yet.
Those people right have patience of a goddess and then when 
they finally burn out they have fury of a tornado god okay.
I scared scared oh!

Dining room table shall be my nest now.
Because the table is big enough :3 
But I have to bring all the tools etc.

Sometimes it works that way, because if I keep all my tools there in the end
the table will be as cramped as my bedroom table also =.=

And I was cutting pattern pieces with Cabbie the puppy on my lap.
Usually he's easily contented and will fall asleep.
But then my maid came with my Maggi Laksa plus egg for supper and he completely flipped.
And I dropped my scissors :(

Very heartbreaking to drop scissors okay it can ravaged the entire metal structure
and render it useless T.T lol lucky still can cut but I think need to tune it up also.
I wonder why last time the lecturer like to bang scissors on table, won't spoil meh??
I mean at The One. They bang the biggest effing scissors. HHAHAH.

Tired face.
Funny lo Jia Shin was squatting down don't know what she 
was doing on the floor so she helped me take this. lol.

And then right....
She told me that she knew someone who frequently got possessed by spirits etc.
But okay won't say who la sounds private.
Then after that I went home and googled everything and omg really man.
Will have high fever and vomit etc.

And after that I got real scared because I read about other things as well.
They emphasized on give and take account, aka karma.
And it's measured in like units of unhappiness and happiness.

So if say you swindled someone of their entire fortune and they are left so destitute,
the next life they might reincarnate as your son and you may love him etc
but in the end maybe your son will die early/ act rebellious and give you
similar amount of pain.

Basically we have most give and take account with our spouse and parents.
So every life cycle we meet them again to settle it back.
But, they might be your spouse this lifetime and be your parents the next.

And you know like love at first sight, you don't know why you're suddenly so attracted etc.
They say it's because in your destiny you have to settle the give and take 
so you guys will be close. 

No wonder right I'm always waiting for someone 
who will catch my eye but don't know why it happened nor how. BWAHAH!

Another interesting thing is they say in homosexual etc 
it is probably that a female ghost is having an effect on a male host...
that's why predominantly the male human will have attraction towards other males.
At night. Huddled under the covers. On my phone screen.

I read everything on this site .
Called spiritual research.

And then... they also said in this era, 1999-2022,
it is a period of unrest and evil and then ultimately after the good has won
the bad, then we will have peace. Supreme peace. Everything perfect etc.
Everyone so grateful that the bad things has passed.

BUTTT. You know right human nature.
After a while we will soon revert to being evil because
after a while of everyone being so peaceful and angelic they start to stray.

That's why right nowadays so much of terrorist attacks, Boston marathon 9/11 what also come out.
Possibly world war three too. Like Korea trying to start one now. Lol
They say right also spirits from hell will find humans with low spiritual levels
and high malice to carry out these attacks. Like Hitler omg starting a world war.

Also many people predicted 2012 will be armageddon.
Nostradamus predicted the world war 3 la then 2012 the mayans.
 And then they say this will be the last cycle. 
But the cycle lasts very long like few hundred thousand years so... 


Very creepy they said this thing about addiction.
It's those lower ghosts from hell or negative energy
targeting people with low will to do shit like gambling/drugs/alcohol/smoking.

Those people addicted with drugs.
Genting a lot of those lo ma de. HAHAHA!
Actually I feel very creeped out also writing this. Sleeping alone sumore!
Lol. Okay , you go read la slowly very interesting.

Oh yeah, that's why I wanna go back to church.
Because now that I think back I used to sleep early on Saturdays for church
and then now I come home early in the morning from clubs =.=

If I do that and still feel good okay la, but recently right 
I feel so selfish/impatient/bossy. I don't want man.
I used to be so kind and loving. I mean when I was like 9 years old.
Lol ^^ don't know what happened ^^. I loved animals a lot and I remembered
crying because the turtles on hurt on National Geographic.
Then my dad asked me to diam. HAHHAA. But my mum was like manja-ish.

I think yeah. Should be good to everyone and expect nothing in return.
Also also right, became so materialistic now omg.
Can desire to look good but have limits!

Also also right they said because this period like the evil is so heavy against good,
if you do good things at this era it will be mutiplied like 1 year of spiritual practise
equal to 50 years of the same thing in another era.

Lol. Who don't want. I don't want to fall into hell. Omg.
Fall into hell very hard to reincarnate. 
Being alive is very good already, have a chance at everything!
Okay yeah.

I know it's very superstitious but I think it makes sense
that's why I believe. And right those thieves who stole from me gonna
get their karma lo ma de. Made me cry. HAHAH but my fault also.

But I think it's such a proper way to say that
the loved ones are the ones most capable of hurting us most.
Because we care. 

Oh yeah one more thing the period of gap when we reincarnate could be 
few hundred or few thousand years, but they say the most important thing 
that decides is whether at that time on Earth the people we have
most give or take with are alive.

I mean if they are somewhere else waiting to reincarnated no point also get born. 
HAHHA. So that's how it works. 

Ya super the interesting okay I shuddup now.

This one was today.
Zara fringed long sleeves
Topshop pleather circular skirt
Nose orange pointy mules.

Also so funny this Nose shoes. It has like a two inch kitten heels
but... my 5 inch shoes feels more comfy man!!! The lining and fit sucks!!


Also have to complain this Zara top how can you fail me Zara.
Lol. The fringe is super ugly now, so different from when I first bought it!!
They unravel faster than I can trim them off. 

And this was like two hundred bucks! ~,~

Vency's carpet. So cute it's all red. 
I should buy some for my car :3 
But lucky my car is already bright on the outside. Heh.

Vanessa the surfer girl and Vency the make up artist :3
Vanessa looks like Hawaiian but she's actually Chinese. lol.
Pro right her tan

Also works as a fitness instructor, not bad oh the pay!
Can get RM100 an hour. But depends if you have customers. :3
I think you act like very hot then will have a lot.
HAHHA. Issit?

At Pizza Hut, smiling as I look out of the window but actually
really wondering WHERE'S MY FOOD!!!

Ah here it is ^^ forever grateful for food.
Hawaiian Chicken.

Also they said right there's like sattva raja tama going decreasingly kind.
Sattva likes clear food and generally sleep less (4-6 hours)
raja likes SALTY /pungent/hot food and sleep like 8 hours
tama is the bad one, like to eat processed/frozen food and sleep like 10-12 hours.

But lol the main thing is how they treat others la. HAHAHA.
But I just thought it was interesting because I really like salty food.
Which means I should become kinder then I should prefer clear food and clean lifestyle
and then lose weight. But if like that, that's more like a raja intent, the materialistic side.

Jia Shin's cheese baked rice.

Been eating seriously all those oily and unhealthy food too frequently.
Can burst weyh my stomach. Cannot cannot!!!
I have slipped and let go.

Feel like running out to buy detox thing.
I wanna try! Never try before.
I think my intestines need some cleansing also.

Right. Me trying to camwhore while Jia Shin sprinting away.
She's like NO NO I DIN DRESS UP.
You know la one of those days. Lol.

But when I feel ugly I still take pictures.
And then laugh at myself but after that look at the picture with pity ;(

 Look so 50's/ Marilyn Monroe ish because I look plump here! lol

Just realized this mannequin.
Because plastic mannequins aren't used. Only the clothed ones. Lol.
See how they stashed everything and there's a head on the floor creepy sial.

Mister Joseph our drawing lecturer told us this really funny/ridiculous thing.
he said that most dummies are males. Those mini eight head dummies for drawing.
 And the have a broader chest and a V.
He asked us why only male dummies.
We haz no ideaz.

But actually the truth is the whole other side of the world sells female dummies
just that in Malaysia someone once complained the naked boobies looked too sexy =.=
wahbiang, you have naked boobies too go chop them off la.

Lol. Potong stim weyh when people get offended about nudity even when
it is obviously not represented in sexual form, merely in art form.

Some random carpet shop after I ate pizza.
Honestly right I've never really gone to KL to shop eventhough KLCC Pavi is so near.
HAHAH. 12 o clock reach college 6 o clock go home. No time yohhhh

Previous nails I wore this for like three days =.=
because caviar nails are really thick and I did mine seven layers.
I knowww. Because I am paranoid baby about nail polish chipping.

Anddd as promised here's a video.
Completely pointless and for the sake of it.
Played with some basic effects ~,~

You know people complain about me camwhoring.
Well who knows I might start vidwhoring.


Completely pointless right I know. HAHA.
The first part is when I was waiting Jia Shin to finish her food
and I have this habit of wiping my rings with the dustcloth
when I take out my sunnies.

After that since I don't have iPad to watch movie I only watch my hands. HHAHAH.
Second part is when we suddenly started dancing in car.


have a good day peepsies! byesss

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