Thursday, 25 April 2013

high brow

Hello.  :)

This was yesterday night at Glen Grant's whiskey event.
A private function held at Marini's on 57.

Three of us with our national beauty- KLCC. haha!
All of us wore black.

Usually I am against wearing all black.
But now that I have brighter hair to contrast,
"blonde hair don't care" applies. Lol.

Black gown with slit sleeves from F Block,
black lace platform boots from Forever 21.

 It's so nice to see Cynthia because the last time we saw her
was during the Christmas sleepover at Park Royal. Lol.

But last year Christmas is only five months ago! hehe.

Parked at Mandarin Oriental, their jockey service.
Ahh. I love hotels. I like places where it makes
being underdresseed an obvious thing.

Like the place is so grand, it makes you insecure  :3

Cynthia is also tall like her mummy, 170! 
Surprisingly I know quite a lot of Asian chicks who are 170, espo in college.
HAHA. Most of us are like 160. Cm I mean!

Lucky she didn't wear platforms hehe let short people like me wear plsss ^^

Simple simple. As you may tell I have switched to silver accessories. Lol.
Silver or white gold. :3 I used to be all about gold! Heh

I love that clutch because it feels like I'm carrying nothing.
But at the same time I don't lose anything, because, well- it's so easy to carry.
Jennie also brought a clutch but I could tell she wasn't used to it.
Lol. She always pack her clutch with a gazillion things!:3

 While waiting for everyone.
I hate waiting unless I do something while waiting.
Like chitchat or take pictures. Just anything!

On the right side is Cynthia's mum and her friends.
hahaha! I think it's nice that people get glammed up, even on weekdays.

We took literally three different lifts to reach our venue. 
And then after that we sign our names in the guestbook.
I honestly do not know how they differentiate who is invited and who isn't.

These sorts of events remind me of Gossip Girl a lot.
Except, reality is- the crowd is rich but they are not young nor good-looking.
Ladies, maybe yes. But the good-looking ones? Older ones are married,
younger ones are probably bargirls or someone's... daughter.

Hahaha! Cynical I know.
Add in some irony, that is now when we are young we like these kind of events
but when we are old would we find them perfunctory instead?
Nahh I think I would rather have them than not.
Good question that Jennie asked.

Such an air of ambition when you're in KL.
The buildings taller and bigger, the windows wider and clearer, the cars shinier and posher.

Also Jennie told me it was food tasting so I didn't bother to eat much.
BUT NOOO it was whiskey tasting. They served canapes thou.
Slices of pizzas here and there and a little chocolate.
With whiskey bottles embossed. (!)

With Jennie! Many thanks for driving that day!
College has been tiring lately :3 I think I wouldn't go if I had to go 
back and drive to KL again. lol.
Cos college is in KL! 

I think if they didn't have time to fetch me I'd probably wait in college
and flag a taxi to go KL or something. Hmm.
Driving is so mundane but totally necessary.

I like this shot I took of Jennie.
I kept taking pictures of her and then giving her the camera to do the same.
But I kept complaining about the angles and all. Lol. 
Until she got scared and asked me to have my pictures taken first
so I wouldn't have set standards ~,~

hahahha! But I'm grateful enough for someone who likes to take picture.
I get uncomfortable when people get uncomfortable about camwhoring.
Lol. I still camwhore anyway come to think of it. 

But! People who enjoy pictures are more fun! Hehe.
 I think to take pictures you just have to feel the beauty or emotion
of the subject that you are trying to capture.

I see Jennie's beauty and the background's beauty. 

And this is what Jennie sees using my camera. T.T

Here's a better shot with a tweak of reflection.
My favourite, my trademark :)

I think squatting down to take pictures does make a difference, 
even if you look like a beggar while doing so.
Or just spending time to adjust the angles.
Abby takes good pictures!

But most of the time it is easier to pick photogenic clothes
but on photogenic make up and find a photogenic background
so that you can't go wrong even if the camera/photographer gets glitchy.
Kind of :}

This was taken by J Sern. Sern How. I DONT KNOW.
His fb name very weird.

Cynthia's best guy friend, kind of like Jennie and Kok Leong.

This is kind of the only shot I have of him.
He bought some drinks. 
But lol. I don't mind just having the free flow whiskey.
I think Vincent would like this. I don't drink much :x

I don't see the point of getting drunk. Hehe.
It's like making yourself sick on purpose!
I'm not meant for it. Some people can get really drunk before puking.
I puke before geting really drunk. EEYER.

It is also funny hearing friends who've had friends puking on them. 
HAHAH! Thank God that never happened to me before.

 We arrived around nine but the crowd began to thin around eleven.
Probably because the working group (which is all of them, lol) have work. 
Make sense right.

Also it was very funny overhearing the Cynthia's aunt (her mom's sister)
giving her sister (aka Cynthia's mum) the puppy look because she was enjoying herself
and wanted to stay.

Cynthia's mum explained that Cynthia is having her exams soon and she has to
get home and study, and the aunt hopefully suggested her driver taking her back
so that they can stay longer. LOL. Drunk talk. 

Nahh tipsy probably. Sern How was like if you get drunk, you are either
really sleepy, really hyper, really emo or really quiet.

Usually I just like to dance and talk a lot then I get sleepy and grumpy to go home. ~,~

The neverending shelf of liquor.
Feels so James Bond-ish.
There was also a live band playing.

In the end we went home around 11 but we went to Giza to have supper. 
All in all, I was a bit apprensive and grumpy at first but after that
it was alright when we got some seats and started taking pictures. lol.

Smile and everything turns better! :3
or have some food. lol.

But omg I should exercise I have been so caught up with college lately!
Dad told me not to go out during weekdays, but NO.
I work hard, so I should at least be able to play when I want to.
=.= it's not like I don't go to college because of outings!

But if I have homework or class starts early then no.
I know my limits! Well, most of the time hehe

Thanks to Jennie and Cynthia!


And this. Was college before Marini's event. lol.
Yeah I changed outfits. Don't think I will be wearing like this soon,
will wear short and airy due to weather! lol

Moss green asymmetrical top from Kitschen
Slit skirt and ankle booties from F Block.

Jia Shin and Vency, buddies from college ^^
Also Vency reminds me of Pikachu now. Last time it was rabbit.
I think because her eyes are so rounded that's why. haha!


Also right, before you sneeze you should say "PIKA!"
Then when you sneeze it will be like PIKA... CHUUU *snort all over*

hahahhaa lame i know ^^

So green, so sunny, so good for taking pictures.
But I think models always melt under the sun with heavy make up ~,~
I can feel their pain. 

We had drawing class, have it every Tuesday!
Aka the most relaxing class and the only class we have 
a good chance of going home early.

Sewing drafting and draping?
Higher chance of staying back. 

Yeahh it's tiring too but I think being in Raffles four years
is better than being in The One two years.

It's nice that teachers here don't fuck you up when you do things wrong.
beginner's mercy! 


Lol just realized this look is pretty Paris Hilton-ish 
with the oversized sunnies and all

Okay let's amp it up with tiaras and fluffy dogs.

HAHHA. Just found this in my picture library.
Cabbie is quite cooperative when it comes to taking picture.
I mean it's like he'll just sort of doing nothing and wait till you get over yourself.

I stopped bringing him to grooming at DPC already.
Because I wanted to make an appointment last time and they told me
it was full. And they didn't bother to suggest the next free day or whatever.
So I am not going to bother going to Petsmore for grooming.

Wait damn long okay. Rather go the SS2 Summer Pets.
HAHAH. But I don't know the way yet. 
IF I'm forced to maybe I'd bring it to Petsmore again. 

Cabbie should pay me RM60 for bathing it weyh.
HAHAH. But this doggie know how to eat and sleep only.
And cuddles ^^ 

I think the important part is to blowdry it and comb out the matted sections.
And it will turn out so beautiful. Heck, I should be a groomer.

This was Sunday at Chinoz with my favourite seafood spaghetti.
But only with family because it's RM48 for one plate. HAHAH
 I'm a poor student! 

I think RM20-30 for food is okay.
Then RM60 for hotel, occasionally.
Guys spend a lot on drinking I think.
I hate spending on drinking. Not keen on alcohol
only music ^^

I love rose pink lately :3
And hot pink!

Wore white dress from Topshop. :)

I think it's easy to look boring with black hair 
but you can put on simpler clothes with blonde hair.
because... "blonde hair don't care"


Sometimes in college people randomly grab my hair.
Because they wonder what bleached hair feels like. Lol.
It generally depends on how good you take care of it.
And generally I use hair mask everyday now. Lol. Almost.
When I had black/red hair it was like once a week ~,~

Barbie pink lipstick from NYX! Don't know why so stupid
chose a picture with me before applying the lipstick.
HAHHA. But it's a hot pink colour.

Like in this picture :)

I think NYX is not bad!!! Very nice actually
RM19 only okay and the packaging looks nice.
It's from Sephora. And they could price it for RM50 
and people would still buy it actually lol ^^

It's pretty pigmented as you can see.
And usually it is hard for colour to show on my lips!
Hehe. But that also mean the lipstick is a bit more dry :3

No need buy Dior's already ^^ they're like RM95.
You can buy five different colours of NYX! 

I went to church on Sunday again officially and Rachael made this :')
It's a card and inside everyone wrote cute messages like
welcome back and great to see you etc. HEHE

Feel touched!! Thank you!
It's like those little things that are actually big things that you remember *w*

Happy happy!

 As usual with rose pink craze.

Base coat is Revlon and top coat is Nails Inc holographic special effects :)

And more pink. Hello kitty man.
I used to be OBSESSED. Then I got older and Rilakkuma 
teddy bears were good enough.

But I still love HK. So girly lo ma de ^^

Like Barbie wig lol

I think I would bleach it again but probably not in near future.
Nahh. I mean like half a year. Or few months. HAHA.
Don't know. See how the roots show :3

People do ask me what next colour I'm going to do
because once you've bleached your hair you can dye it any colour.
I think pink? Like hello kitty pink. Or red. But like the dark red not bright neon.
But, I think black hair is actually real classy and pretty when shiny.
God gives us the best naturally. Suit Asians.

But... lol..... We still like to experiment.
And I don't regret.

Because, in life we regret the things we DIDN'T DO,
rather than the things we did :)

Cheeserland style. HAHHA. Mirror ootds.
 I wished I had a giant wall to ceiling mirror with constant sunlight for ootds.
Since I so sad it's not guaranteed that the moment to OOTD comes. Haha!

Top from curve, glitter pouf skirt from F Block (AGAIN? LOL)
pink plaid tote from Burberry, slippers from Curve. BWAHAH

I don't wear heels to sewing classes because I can't get
used to pedalling with additional height. 
It's same with driving :3 

Driving I always do barefoot. Lol.
Not even slippers. HAHAH weird habit.

Three bright heads. Hehe

Room full of Juki and Ericco sewing machines!

Well yah sew and camwhore

That's why my sewing machine is the one NEAREST to the mirror.

With the pikachu! HAHHAA

I wanna get those brown contact lens. big big eyes
If not I really lose already. hahahaha

And Vency said that when she read my blog it's like
I can write about the most minute detail.
 "蚂蚁跌倒都能写" to quote exactly.
Which means ants falling down also can write about it.

Probably because I'm so used to it and I've always been the talk cock sort :3
And pictures help a lotttt! :)

Also people have been labelling me "princess" a lot I hope
not the spoilt part but the hair part. >.<

Seat ootd! Also I got kind of lazy to take off my jewellery so I wear them to sleep.
And to shower. When I shower I use soap to rub them.
HAHA ^^ I'm not sure if it's good for it but I think can tahan one righttt

Diamond ring is the most high maintenance one, the newest one.
Because it's with a lot of accent stones so the setting can collect A LOT OF GRIIME.
And the newest have 88 diamonds so plenty of space for shit to sit. lol.
Grime make your diamond look worthless okay no shine can throw away.
If it's grimey don't wear it lol.

Anyway I went to Youtube, and I learnt! It's just very easy!
Don't need to buy polishing liquid, just use toothbrush and toothpaste.
Basically brush the setting like it's your teeth and rinse.
You can soak it if you want.

I think if you want to clean gold jewellery then you can just soak it
in soap water because they can get scratched. Sadly I did use toothpaste on them before.
But still look okay la ^^ diamonds don't have to worry cos they hardy!~

ANDDD waddd spend on jewellery better than costume jewellery.
Like the Chanel earrings their crystals drop off! A bloody RM1.5k pair.
I think rich people will just chuck it when it drops. HAHAH.
I will bring it to repair, the one year warranty thingy.
I think it's okay as long as you don't buy the crystals/pearl ones.
But those are the pretty ones! :3

Okay enough about jewellery talk ^^

This was today. I got smart and forgot about wearing what I liked
instead thought about the weather and thought of
what I liked wearing that would suit the current weather.

haha not hard la actually my clothes all thin and short ^^
or maxis. all or nothing!!

But the hair yeahh sad that I can't leave it open.
Because it will be like a portable fur scarf. SUPER HEATY.

So I braided it out of the blue.
Never liked it when I had black hair but now okay! ^^
Very cowgirl ish. 

And I loveee the wave effect.

This is after leaving them in braids for half a day :)!

Also I removed make up before taking this picture lol.

HAHAA this is like Eureka moment for me okay! 
Keep myself airy and have waves later. 
Kill two birds with one stone lol.
But that saying sounds so cruel.

Okay lah how about pet two birds with one hand ^^
SAYANG ANIMALS!!! You don't love them 
I don't love you! haha ^^ must love animals ^^

Also the truth is after bleaching, curling thongs make really odd waves.
Like fried hair? So braids are great alternatives. lol
Will experiment with it some day else again, my thongs. HAHAH

Oh pikachu! HAHAHHAA

We did basic skirt with peplum.
Stayed back till 7pm.
But reached home 9.30 because it was so jammed!!!! ARGH
 Nowadays the weather so bad man make roads jam and bodies sick.
HAM MI LA LAI!!! Faster get better yoooo

Oh yeah I desperately need to buy Muslin.
I wanna buy 20 meter one shot. ~,~
I owe Chloe, Darlene and Vency muslin!!

Can buy from Kamdar Midvalley, Sogo KL or Ho Ching Yuen.
Buy buy buy! It's RM4-6 per meter for normal muslin.
So stupid right last time at The One the teacher sold RM15 per meter.
Bloody, that's like three times. Because everyone bigger right didn't know market price.
He said it's a thicker version? BUT THICKER AT MOST RM7 weyh

OOTD! Playsuit from the Curve SRS FASHION.
This place where it looks not quite fashionable...
but I think if you have a good eye it doesn't matter where you shop. Hehe
Pointy kitten heels from F Block and kitty hat from Sungei Wang.

Carpool with Jia Shin today! She drove today so tomorrow I will be driving.
Don't so jam ohh please please. One hour I accept la haha.. around there la okay. :3

Everyone else also got stucked in the jam today. Facebook and instagram can tell. HAHAH
Xuan too, two hours plus! I went to visit her to take back my goldie watchie! Felt weird without it :3
She saw my hair for the first time. HAHAH. Look like Daisie's hair.
The golden retriever ~,~

I think sometimes Taylorians right have to jam such a long way to attend two hours class etc
they sometimes feel like skipping. But for me I can't lol.
Skipping gives no benefit only makes the homework pile up. HAHHA
So far none of the classmates really have skipping class mentality. Late a bit yes yes lo

AHHH tired tired have seven hours to sleep! :3 
because I couldn't resist blogging. So faithful. HAHAHAH
Might go college on Friday eventho there's no class to pass up homework? :/
finish sewing and drafting!!!!! Draft pleated skirt!!!!!!!!

And then there's also IU Day on Friday, Chi Cheng and Xuan going.
Hoho. I'm damn stubborn, I don't like to miss outings!
I rather sacrifice time to work hard and play hard 
than play less and work less. Lol make sense? :3

And then also Joey Ooi's The Hill thingy? Hmm not sure what else.
BUY FABRIC. And shop for prints. Clothes with prints.
Because I have urge to wear but sadly not much prints in my black hair wardrobe. 
BWAHAHA! I think Roxy summer dresses are pretty :333
Gonna find dupes and buy them in bulk. HAHHA

Wookie, that's all! Sweet kisses and great days ahead :**

Tata yo! Stay tuned~


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