Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Jack Daniel's

Hello! :*

Photo above taken at Raffles College carpark. lol.
Free parking all year long! 

It's 6 in the morning but I was wide awake since five.
Taking the "sleep early, wake early" thing wayyy too far. :3

Today was fashion drawing.

Look at my wooden figure.
I thought they were supposed to be stretch in all kinds of positions!
I did it to mine and the right arm couldn't take it apparently ~,~

Fashion drawing is the most relaxing of all the classes
because you just sit there and draw.

Also I have homeworks this week omg that's a first.
Better get em done right after blogging.
It's not good to have them piled up ~,~!

With Jia Shin.

She suddenly thought of going to Darlene's house the day before.
And we did, bringing nugget and sausages. BWAHAHA!

Darlene cooked them, after that we washed the dishes.
Lol actually Jia Shin washed the dishes.
Vency also came, helped us eat ^^ 

Darlene and Vency both live in hostel, very near to Raffles!
The hostel damn big, it's like a huge bungalow converted into a hostel.

Oh yeah! Also started carpooling with Jia Shin. Hahahah! Cos she lives near.
Fetched her today so she can learn LDP way. Tomorrow she'll be fetching me ^^
Actually today since it's like six in the morning lol.

Okay I have a penchant for this type of shots.
Like the sit down and face camera down sorta thing. HAHAH.
When you want to OOTD but no one take for you right, that's what you can do.
But anyway college mates have gotten used to my camwhoring habits.

Sure hope so ^^
 I have a few habits? Camwhoring and swearing. Yah.

Wink wink ;3

Shh, everyone's got a bad habit or two.



See, so hardworking put make up.
I love Darlene's room, she's known as the portable Sephora of the house.
HAHAHAH. Everyone goes to her when they don't have make up. 

Don't believe me?!

This is me trying to camwhore while she was busy applying eyeshadow.
Sephora eyeshadow pot lol.

She also helped me put on some eye make up.
I think girls like to mess with people's appearance when too free.
Or is that what design students love doing.

Andd not forgetting! 
Outfit of the day ~,~!

Jack Daniel's top from Sungei Wang
Glitter pouf skirt from F Block
Jeffrey Campbell inspireds from F21

Also forgot to say the day before I also went to Darlene's house for a while
before class. Because I came too early ~,~

Because I woke up too early ~,~ LOL! Wake up early also problem.
But honestly, better than sleeping late. Heh.

Went to 1U before that to take out the damn sensor thing.
The people at Forever 21 forgot to take it out =.=!!

HAHA who cares.
I have a moustachey earring.


This was last Sunday at Pavilion :)

Where I was feeling all flowery and girly. 
Been a looong time I've not felt that way ^^


Nail polish is by Revlon. 
I love glittery nail polish but I think it's good to try others toooo.
Popsicle colours are yummy. I wanna try lilac. Mint green. Baby blue.

As always, have tea at La Bodega.
It it's KLCC then Chinoz. After Chinoz then Dome. 

HAHA. Really never change one. 

BOOM! Makes me hungry looking at this T.T
button mushroom and bread, tiramisu, mushroom soup, seafood olio.

Taken by my brother. lol

Another one of those sit-ootd.
Should be my new trademark weyh ^^

Bought these heels on that day!
Laced up booties, Jeffrey Campbell inspired. From Forever 21.
I've never seen Jeffrey Campbell in Malaysia.
Though Steve Madden is here! And Melissa shoes.

Nude wegdes, great for floral anddd peplums.
Can imagine myself it in. Or lace!

Both of these are super high and comfy, from Forever 21.
They weren't on sale though ~,~ justtt something clicked in my brain and I thought
I should have it because it was high and comfy. Even though they were a size bigger ~,~

Also that was when they forgot to take out the tag. Of the black one.

Before that I got some nail polish.
Butter London! Always wanted a red nail polish.
But in the end also picked a metallic one ~,~

What is with me and shiny things? Lol ;(

The other one is like a glittery top coat just that they make it more gimmicky.
Like, electric holographic coat or whatever. But it was so pretty thou.
And more than anything, shiny. 

Butter London's nail polish are like RM54? For those normal lacquers.
OPI is RM59. Nails Inc is RM69, because that one is the special effect shit.

After I put both on. Lol. I've been fussy with nails lately.
They draw attention to long fingers! Or rings! 

Though chipped nails are so ugly T.T
High maintenance right, au naturel soo good. HAHAH!
But you know la, people like to be fussy for no reason.

Also bought like an orange red Dior Addict lipstick.
I think lipstick shades that are different but cute and must haves are...
orange red, classic red, coral orange, berry pink, barbie pink, nude pink. YA.
purple orange red pink. 

I don't like dark lipsticks though like plum or brown. BLEH.
Can't pull it off. HAHAHA. Sorry if you're a guy reading this .
Prolly be like wtf lipsticks also can talk so much. 
Naww girls are like that ;(
At home, trying on new shoes ^^ 
oh yeh I also had this dream where Gene threw away my paper bags and boxes
and put an elephant soft toy there.Ok totally random but dreams are like that.

HHAHHA. Thank God for high heels. 
Even though you hurt me at times.
No pain no gain? ;3

That was my Sunday. Accidentally spent five hundred. Daddy nagged. :(
Lol. I don't know how I will be in workforce. It's coming in two years time.
And I'm nineteen. I keep thinking I'm seventeen.

Which means two years passed without me noticing much of it. WTF.
Wo pa pa!!!


As promised, additional photos from Jennie. 
HAHAH! Just realized our clothes went from black to white.
And Amanda is the perfect middle one, black and white fading in and out :3

Ma de Jennie said I didn't dress up. At least wore dress la ok
You look like dark shadow here only!! HAHHAA 
Jk yoh ^^

More snaps, Jennie so eager to take photo.
I think the best time to take photo while drinking, is...
BEFORE drinking.

Everyone is sober. No red faces or shakey poses. Omg!
If you wanna take pictures after everyone has drunk
well, everyone just looks drunk. LOL

Just remembered screaming that I liked this shot.
Because of the visible jawline. Usually what also cannot see ok.

With the apple ladies. 
Amanda and Chi Cheng!

 And last but not least. HAHAH!
We go rainbow~~~

That's all for today! :)

Have a good day!

Just keep swimming swimming swimming

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