Monday, 1 April 2013


Hello. This was on Saturday. Cheng Ming!

I came prepared for the heat man.
Tied hair up, white t-shirt, sunglasses and cap on.
My brother why I dressed so funny to go pray 
with the bling bling and all. Lol. Nice laaa ^^

With Scott the coussie! 
Sat Dad's Hilux, this coussie complained why the car so old.
HAHAH! Cos it's covered in mud from digging into forest.
My dad was like, "NOT OLD, DIRTY ONLY!"

 The hometown is Bentong, Pahang.
It's a small town, very laidback and ya... laidback.
Those who have ambitions will eventually venture out to KL when they grow up.
Some of my cousins who stay in Pahang will be going to Singapore to work
and they're like a year or two younger than me ~,~!!

ALSO, note the sambal on dada's mouth.
There's two restaurants we usually visit.
Wong Kee and Kow Pow. 

Obviously this words don't mean shit unless you're Pahang.
HAHAHAH! Should take some pictures next time ^^
was too tired that day :3 woke up at four in the morning.

And I know it's a taboo to take pictures of like these places
Even in Instagram when I see these kinds I'm like omg don't post la!


AHA. Bentong has a lot of cemeteries neh.
I mean in near distance. I asked dad if I will be buried there and he said no, 
I protested WHY then he reminded me "Follow husband".

Har but I like the idea of a "ham ka fuk"
like a whole dead families plot. Very nice.

ANDDD some gory effects.


HAHHAHAHA cute right the effect... ^^v


And then later that night was OF COURSE
Jennie's birthday thang.

Threw on a black dress for family dinner at MANKALAN.
Which is how it is pronounced in chinese I know that yongsui and it doesn't make sense.
But no offense ^^ it's Guan Tian's family resto! Heh
 Serving the kind of cina apek food that my dad likes

And then, JENG JENG JENG~~~

Here I am beside Jennie ^^
In her condo, this place where funny things happen.
I remember sneaking into Valencia swimming pool and WALKING back to the condo
soaking wet. lol. Always with the annual Halloween sleepovers.

used to be tradition! :3 

 Jennie dressed like kid lo, so fresh and young and plain.
but managed to drag her to beerfact also.

Haha! I was the first to arrive, then Kar Chun, then Kok Leong.
But actually not first la since her brother was there already..

At first I thought it was gonna be like a 5p sober party 
but since we went beerfact confirm a lot of 
familiar people there lo. Saturday night harlow!

Rachel and Xuannie!

And also while Xuan and I were upstairs we suddenly saw Ding. Lol.
he was with Daniel, and some of his.. umm "business partners".
Look at the dude clinging to Daniel lol

AND OMG. Four of them look so alike.
Small eyes(like me! ^^) ! No double eyelid (notlikeme) ! 
Nose very straight one (like Jennie).
Mouth like horizontal line one. 

Ya. I like to observe facial features.
I remember I said something about Kar Chun's nose bump. Lol.
I talk cock a lot that night.

It's like, I'm not so high- just so hai.
I'm never really high on alcohol, it's always the music or my mood or I'm tired.
You know right when you really want to sleep you'll feel damn hyper if you DON'T.

I like making people laugh but 
I like annoying people more :(



and then we left Beer Fact like two something? 
Damn sien lor so early go back. I napped a while and woke up again.
There's like four person outside the living room, but

But okay la what to do lol bday girl.
So five something Jennie told me she doesn't want to sleepover
so I had to get my ass back home. But tq Jennie for helping me get my ass back home ^^

HAHAHAH! She drove my car home.
Because I was too tired :3

YA OKAY. Next Saturday is Siet Yen's gathering at King Jiat's place.
Ya okay. I would love to have something happening every week please.

I hate it when I have too much of clothes too much of make up
but NO EVENT to use. CHIU. Throw lo ma de.

Hahahha but got la okok. Don't have then make ourself.... right


Sunday! Le family day! 
Brunch at Chinoz, Chooi Yee came too! She and my bro were going to catch a movie.
But the cinema at KLCC seriously damn crowded, lo.
Only ever been there like.. once! the Avengers premiere with Jennie.

And that time I so fucking noob right, got lost coming to KLCC.
Eventhough I come here every week.
Because, you know what I do in the car while daddy drives?
Put earphones and sleep -,-!!

But of course not now, as in no more getting lost.
Thanks to Raffles. BWAHAH! Even have a premonition as to
what times will be more jam than when.

Ohhhh very the yummy.
I ate like a hippo today. One meal, three plates.
Starter, main and desert. HAHAHA!
Ya very nice. I feel happy thinking about it now.
To hell with restraint. ~,~

OOTD-ish. Bleh, lazy ask family take for me.
They're not haolian enough :(
When vacation yes la lol. 1k picha come out.

Oh yeah. Tweed skirt from Jaspal, crop top from Topshop! :)

Also today I wanted to get A lip gloss
but honestly I don't know how I end up bringing all these back home ~,~

But I love it! :3 The Dior Snow Foundation and lip gloss.
I mean I have those at home, but the Clinique foundation is so dark and creamy.
And the lip gloss is like... two years ago? My first lipgloss from Dior. HAHAH!
And also bought a brush, because I always see in those video them
make up artist use brush. 


Actually I think drugstore make up *can* be just as good as high end ones but...
they don't look pretty or classy.
But actually for experimenting eye make up it's fun to try those Japanese brands! :3
for like fake eyelashes, mascaras etc.
Maybelline and Loreal also quite good.

I think I spend more money on lipstick and lipgloss?
Because they're the things that are changeable and portable.

Oh yeah I found a use for the La Senza box the eight beauties gave ^^
with the leopard print sumore. HAHAH!

Put all my lippie stuff in. Some from M.A.C, Guerlain, YSL, Shiseido,
Urban Decay, Topshop, Dior, The Wanted, Rimmel.

But okay I very sad one lor all my friends have mummy sponsor make up
I have to buy with my own pocket money one. HAHAH! 
The only good thing is that you pick out what you like la :3

I know some girls have like ten to twenty M.A.C bullet lipsticks. CRAZY RIGHT.
I think I'm going to stop experimenting and stick to Dior.
Unless they bring YSL make up into Malaysia again, then I'll go with both ^^

And omg Miss Dior Cherie edt damn the nice.
My mum gave me the mini edp once but I didn't like.
Edt is more fresh, orange notes. Mmm.

Gonna be new favourite perfume.
But I haven't got the big bottle :3

Cleaning up the grooming stuffs!
I think I like playing with nail polish and eye shadows the most.
The Dior make up person was asking me if I used eye shadow because my
eye to eyebrow distance SO DAMN WIDE.
HAHHA! A lot space to put those powder. :3

And nails also because my nails are quite big wtf lol ^^

Ya okay. 

College reopening tomorrow, on APRIL's FOOL.
Ya kidding me~!!!! Lol. But it's drawing application :3
I like drawing heheheheheh

And aww Cabbie has been sitting on my lap while I typed away.
SOOO nice to run my fingers over a bundle of fur ~,~

WAH can't wait to eat tomorrow.
WAH I talk like Ah Lian no 2.



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