Thursday, 16 May 2013

A bliss

Spin me on a tabletop, who knows where I'll drop. 


*taken at Raffles carpark by Vanessa!*

I camwhored sufficiently today, vain quota replenished. Hoho!
And I felt glad that my bro has a micro four thirds camera (and a pink one especially!)
for me to use cos he only uses it for special occasions.

But me... you know la....... before sleeping also can take picture.
Just wake up also can take picture. ^^
Anyway I was wondering what special feature I could use as self timer
and I found the smile detection feature on the Nex 3!!!

Taken using smile detection! I love it!
Really no need to beg people to take ootd shots for me already. HAHAHA.
But the "human touch" is special la ^^

Also I did not have a tripod so what I did was pack stapler into my handbag.
And put it under then lens to balance it portrait-wise. Hehe.
Make it work!!!

Another one... another thing about the smile detection is that...
yeah. All your pictures will be smiling ones cause the shutter goes on reflexively,
so fast you don't have time to change your smile. Lol!

So no duckface :p good thing for you duck hunters I guess?? LOLOL

This was how I picked out my outfit the night before!!
I think I should do this more often. Just splay it on the floor.
Quick and easy! hahahah! Everything flat to see.

As you can tell, I'm still in love with pink!
It's not justttt a colour, but a lifestyle. ~,~
I think what you wear really influences the way you act
and vice versa!

If you are a sporty person you'll wear sporty clothes right (duhhh spandex everywhere)
then if you're shy maybe you're wear more neutrals (colours that blend in! :3)

My tamagotchi. So happy it's a girl :')
pleaseee turn out to be this character with pink fur and fluffy ears.
It's pink and it looks like a dog that's why I like it the most lol!

As always. Jam in KL! 
But relatively okay, took about 40mins only.
Umm. Admittedly it took quite some will for me to get up.
I'm glad I didn't skip though cos later during the day
a few names got called out for poor attendance T.T

But it's like a warning la, so they won't fail.
I think it's good also! Let them change before it's too late~
Who knows right, some college like to make their students fail and retake
for more $$$$! I know Taylors a lot of students retake lol :o

Here is Vanessa. She got da vain bug today.
Lol! I didn't know!! Cos before I was close to her
I kept camwhoring and she made weird faces like I'm abnormal.

HAHAHA. Then today, BOOM!! What poses also come out already. ^^
She says she has classmates who wants to use her as guinea pig to do test shots but she's shy!
Since she's tall and her looks is special la. Mixed. I forgot what lol.
And her skin is actually due to the sun not naturally born!! Can you imagine!
Something like my skintone naturally but tanned to hers. LOL. Surfer's condition!

I think it's okay, photoshoot is not that serious. Just have fun.
Unless they pay you... then you definitely have to deliver :OO
photography is a very subjective term though.

A random staircase shot ^^
The last step always freaks me, it's so creaky!!

Half candid experimental self shots. HAHHAHA.
self shots to me is you take without a person behind a camera. :3

I really loved that I discovered this feature! :3
smile and the shutter goes off. hehehehe

Our break for today was a little longer than usual (two hours)
so Vency wanted to go home and rest. I followed them of course hehe.
My first time visiting their hostel!!!

It's huge seriously. All the hostels are like a mansion :33

This is their kitchen!! Kind of hot cos it was mid-afternoon but not as bad as the college canteen lol.
Vanessa and Vency cooked! HEHEHEHE. 
Lemme show you~

Super healthy okay!
So touched having this meal :') haven't had a such healthy food in a while lolol!
Vanessa basically grilled her Salmon with teriyaki sauce. No oil added!!
She made three portions!! With boiled broccoli and macaroni as well.

She said broccoli and macaroni cannot mix because the macaroni will 
make the water become too starchy lol. I think I'll just throw everything.

If I was a housewife I'd probably cook soup everyday.
And tofu. And fish. I don't think I will cook chicken, sorry :((
I hate dealing with those blood and bones T.T
Maybe I'll make sushi la. hehe.

I don't know. So sad I don't know how to cook T.T
like not knowing how to drive. I don't understand how people can make do without driver's license
but maybe other people also cannot understand how I can make do
with not learning how to cook?? HAHAHA!

I want to learn to cook healthy but so lazy to get started seriously. It's always like that.
I think I will buy salmon and teriyaki sauce and cook the Vanessa way.
Or maybe in the end I'll ask Gene to help me cook lololol.
Cos the kitchen is outside and I'm afraid of the oil splattering!!!

Vency took a picture of me because I asked them how to clean the pan-
"is it just clean like other plates?" and they were like wadd never clean pan before meh?!?!?
And then I thought about it and I realized, yeah.. that was the first time in my life cleaning a pan ~,~
Plates yes la heheheeh. Pan never. LOL. Cos Gene will always clean it!!

Hahahah! Thank you so much both of them for cooking. ^^ cooking mama~~
Envy, I wanna learn soon! Especially soup. Vency made some with baby carrots as dessert ^^

Lol. I don't know what will happen to my house if I ever live alone.
Messy? Most probably T.T

Only place not messy is probably the toilet. I realize my bedroom can be very messy
but I seldom mess up the toilet la. Not much to mess up also. HAHAHAH!

With Jia Shin, she came later cos she went to the doctor.
She was having fever apparently :OO take care  oh girl girl ^^
her body is like weak weak a bit slap her harder a bit right
a mark will be there for at least three days. Lolol.

Smile! :)
Probably some of the more genuine smile caught on camera hehehe.

Anyways I was pissed up just now and made a rant about it but now it's not relevant. Yeah.
I get pissed like intensively pissed but only for short periods of time.
After a while I'll just let go. I can't even hold on to it if I tried. 

LOL. I don't know. I think people will always do things that maybe you don't like.
You can't control them, but you can always control your reaction :)
Know that the world will be a better place with peace and love
and it's just sad when other people don't realize that.

Misunderstandings also happen often and something two sides of the story have reasonable explainations.
Why? Because different people think differently and the gap of communication style makes it hard
for us to accept these differences something.

HAHAHHAHA. Okay. You get what I mean :))
last but not least, happiness can be influenced easily by others but blissfulness 
is a sort of joy that just sprouts from within. 

So, embrace the seed of love. When I will angry I just think,
think how grateful I should be of all the things I have.
My family and friends and all these wonderful people around me 
and the fact that I am alive, well and breathing.

That fact that when I open my wardrobe it is filled with things I want to wear ,
handpicked and chosen for specific attractions.
The fact that I go to a college to study a course and pursue an ambition
I have been dreaming of since young, and that the fees don't come cheap either!
The fact that I have friends to laugh off my worries with and all the wonderful moments together
than no money can EVER EVER buy.

When I lose hope, I can always hug Cabbie the puppy and feel so much love and warmth 
and make me believe again that love is all around because even an animal 
can be such a kindred spirit.

And also when I look into my father's eyes I know this is someone who will protect me 
with his life and given and sacrificed for me the things I don't deserve!!
A home, a bedroom, breakfast takeaways, my dream car, vacations.

HAHHAHA OMG. I feel so happy after writing this, shiok sendiri !!! xDD
you guys should try it to, I bet you guys have a lotttttt of reasons to be grateful for!!
Even the fact that we have internet lol.

Alright. Sleep tight sweethearts! :)

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