Saturday, 11 May 2013

budget barbie!

Hello sweeties!

Assignments been burying me in a mountain recently!!
It's like once you scoop off a boulder, another one slams down! *PIAK*
Monday finish assignment tuesday another assignment. 
Spend six hours on one assignment, like lifeless lol. ~,~

But luckyyy, I thank God college is four days a week.
Anymore I can die. :3

So today (Friday) is the weekday that I don't have college!!
Went down to KL with....

Naww, baby Mei Yen!
Didn't really get to spend time with her recently :33

I went to Raffles to actually to drop by my assignment ~,~
But lucky KLCC and Bukit Bintang is so near hehe. 
That's what I like about college. Though sometimes traffic jam.
No wait... is everyday! :3

But I'm thankful I have a cutie car!
And thankful for carpooling with Jia Shin also! *w*

Parked at Pavilion but ended up walking to Fahrenheit 88,
then Sungei Wang! Tired legs. 
But totally worth it!

denim vest and t strap slippers from Forever 21,
denim shorts from Zara,
fluffy tribal cap from FOS,
fluffy daydreamer bag from Juicy Couture

And look at everyone behind me!

Guess what they queueing up for?

GD's world tour la!

Tickets were being sold @ Fahrenheit 88.
Saw One of a Kind shirts too! But they were in a glass display ~,~
So atas meh! HAHHA

It's crazy. Tickets are being sold 11 May. TOMORROW.
And so many groupies are queued outside more than 24 hours BEFORE IT STARTS!

The power of GD! They camp out with like rice boxes, umbrellas, sleeping bags. 
EVERYTHING. I think I would be super pissed if someone cut my queue. Lol.
Confirm righttt.

The cheapest ticket is RM188! So expensive :3
GD's power. lol! And I tell you a lot of students from Raffles
love to emulate GD's style. But it's amazing really
the variety of style he has. 
Thanks to his stylist! 

But he very swag also. HAHAH

Mei Yen's ootd shot!
I think very nice lo her skin is so fair.

I was the guide of the day.
I think I'm so dependent on Xuan and Jennie for directions sometimes.
HAHAH. They're like walking GPS.

But.. Mei Yen needs me. HAHAHHA
I think similarly Mei Yen will be the GPS when she meets someone 
who's more worse at directions than she is. 

We took the Segambut way to KL, the little roads with no tolls.
Super near, but damnnn many traffic lights.
MRR2 doesn't have so many traffic lights but it's more far!
And yeah, road construction too! ~,~

And then also hantam only Raffles to Pavilion.
Road signs help, espo if you're going to famous landmarks! ^^
Look for Raja Chulan or Bukit Bintang. Heee

Then also walking to Sungei Wang.
I used to think it was so far...
But actually, not really lo! Lol

Just get out from Pavilion,
then pass by Sephora and Fahrenheit 88,
then go inside Lot 10's Isetan and there's a pedestrian bridge at the exit.
Walk over, and ta dahhh~~ shopping heaven.

Everything is so cheap and chic, I can't even...~~~!

Outside of H&M we were camwhoring #girlsbeinggirls right.
This caucasian looked sort of amused and he stopped there.
Then he asked if we wanted him to take our picture.

HAHAHAH. I think it's amazing how foreigners can randomly talk to strangers like that!
Malaysians, don't dare lo!

He was like the elderly sort.
He thought I was a Japanese. I think because ....
since when locals camwhore like tourist right?!? >,>
H&M also wanna camwhore! HAHAHAH

but I'm very glad no creepy people stalked us or anything.
It always happens when I'm alone!!!!
my ultimate #firstworldproblm

But I think thirdworld also have this problem.
But instead of stalking only they probably take out a gun and shoot you also. 
justtt saying ://

Talking about third world countries, people from overseas apparently have little clue about our country.
And that is just... sad!!! T.T 
They know Singapore eventhough it's times one thousand smaller
but not Malaysia.

Some even think IT'S A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY okay!!! T.T
And concerning our political situation... last Wednesday there was a rally.

It was like a small thing at first spread on Facebook and stuff.

Apparently not!! Lol.
Look at the size of the crowd man.

They kept making fun of how Najib hired Psy but got like times one thousand less crowd.
Anwar didn't even have to spend much to hold this event but still 
people poured in relentlessly.

More than 80k! A lot of my friends went!! But I didn't lol due to college etc.
It felt like I was in it though, fb and twitter was buzzing about this!

Raining but the crowd still stayed.
Almost everyone wore black.
And apparently the Subang Toll was closed down. Guess what they did?
Park in front of Subang Toll and walk to Kelana Jaya station. WTF!
It's amazing really how everyone had such strong wills.

Hehe <3 p="">

I think hatred shouldn't be the cause of change.
Love and unity should be. 
Somehow in our struggle for a better future we 
got bitter and insulting to opposing parties and all.
Even myself. HAHA! Couldn't stop ranting . >,>

My temper is bad nowadays!!
Must stop. Become the cheesy angelic sort. HAHAH! 
Kiddy! *w*

Back to KL outing hahahaha

 With my Ocean Roll @ Sushi Zanmai.
It was so stupid! While waiting to be seated I wanted 
to leave the restaurant because some of the waiters were rude.

The attitude like I'm lazy to do your business like that.
Step into their restaurant also say excuse me, nonono the line is there.
And it's like three steps backwards.

WTF? Three steps you also wanna count with me ah

HAHAH! But I know la working is very tiring etc.
Haih. That's why Ichiban Boshi is better
Sushi Zanmai service slow like crazy :3
if you 're lucky then it's good! lol

We ended up spending most of our time at Sungei Wang.

I tell you- Second Floor is where the magic happens!
OMG!!!! Aim for the sales one. It's like RM15, RM19, RM25.
For really pretty tops and dresses even.

HAHAHA! I don't know.
I see a lot of potential in those clothing eventhough it's so cheap.
I think more so cos it's so cheap. Feel like I plucked off treasure from the ground.
OH MY!! Don't buy from boutique already.

The same thing costs like RM50-RM80. 
Still cheap but big difference actually especially when bought in bulk!!
And shopping buy one piece where got shiok oneee

The reason I sound so enthusiastic about today is because usually
we only shop at the sixth floor while at Sungei Wang. Sixth floor is 
where they put everything fashionable and organize more neatly.
But still!! I love second floor.

*feel like Budget Barbie*

the reason second floor is cheaper is umm because they are mostly imported from Bangkok etc.
Sixth floor more from Korea. But I think both also a lot a lot from China!!

Ya. I wanna buy clothes really cheap from now on.
RM10 can buy a top already!! OH MY!!
Topshop?!?! RM100 la!! OH MY!!
Givenchy?!!?!? RM1000 la!! OHH, MY!!!

Going home, super happy and excited. HAHAH!
I dress like shit this week!! I mean... not so "kua jiong"
as usual la... :3

Cos when going to college right, have to dress with a few things in mind-
1) The weather. Hot and humid like a giant oven= Malaysia.
Chiffon, is my absolute favourite! <3 p="">

2) Can I open my legs??? Because, draping I need to squat to pin on the mannequin,
sewing I have to open my legs to press the machine footer.
Shorts is most comfy, but flared skirts are okay. Bandage skirts cannot. =.=
It was a hot trend a while ago and I have a lot in my wardrobe but didn't wear! ~,~
Now also hot la, but hot with those graphic prints one. Saw a galaxy unicorn one today.
Lol. Didn't buy. Why? CANNOT BUKA KAKI AH.'

3) Preferably no black. Because of the weather. Lolol.
Black absords most heat ok!!! Light reflects KAO KAO KAO KAO.
4) and wait!!!! also because of the weather, I mostly put my hair in braids.
my hair length is like a portable oven for myself. lolwtf

So you seeee. 

But okay. There's way to work around it.
Summer look can be very fun also and I know caucasians,
die die wanna have our heaty temperature also get snow only.

Snow looks fancy but a pain in the ass to dress for seriously.
So many layers, pee also hard. Sumore even if you get out of your clothes right,
the toilet seat sure cold like penguin nose. DAFUG LO!

Le haul.
Three plastic bags, but it's packed with goodiesss! :33

A glance of the pile.
Slipped out of my mind to fold them nicely before photographing them.
Lol. Sorry. Nvm la next time you see it on my body even nicer ^^

Most of the chiffon. I love everything.
And floral prints. Because of blonde hair and Paris Hilton. 
HAHAH! And pink!!! And white cos of the heat.

The high waisted pants unexpectedly turned out to be something I loved!!
It's hard for me to buy pants okay!! I haz fat ass.
Need to lose weight lo ma de.
Sluggish digestion and feel so heaty recently :(
sorry body, will take care of you I promise!!

Lol. Sure forget everything when assignments and outings come.

And like. It was RM15!! WTF.
By the time I go back to buy another colour also no more already ~,~
you know la on sale items. lol!!

I bought eight pieces in total...
I think Sungei Wang right a lot of clothes look poorly done and all
but. if you have the eye and the look. It fits so well.
Eye for special pieces, and the look to carry it off.
Like for someone it's denim shorts la and for another person it's draped flowy pieces.

I almost shriveled into a pile of dried bones waiting for my parcel.
That's why cannot online shopping right!! ~,~

AHHAHAHA. But it's quite fun, the anticipation and all :3

Again with prints! And pastels in the mix.

I paid using cash deposit.
HAHHAHAHA. I thought online shopping was cheap 
but Sungei Wang 2nd floor is the bomb lo!!

I think online shopping try one time enough ady. lol!!
Cos they look better in pictures. The fabric big difference looo
but what to do right. 

In business as they say in cantonese :
"zhong zhong jik jik, zhong sui hak sek".

which means being on a straight path will only starve you to death.
HAHA. The cruel truth!!

On Thursday! 
Because the classroom is drafting class. HAHAHA.
Was wondering what day I took it ~,~

Jia Shin noh, my partner in crime at college.
Vency and Darlene didn't come for morning class.
Why? You'd think it's because they're lazy right.

But it's because one was sewing until 5 in the morning, the other
was sewing until 9 in the morning. WTF?!?!

HAHAHAH! But I think our pattern is always to leave everything to 
be done last minute style. 

Sometimes it's because we're too lazy.
Sometimes it's because we don't understand what is taught.
Fashion design a lot of figuring things how to be done on your own.
Sometimes frustrating because you have to follow the system, the formula.
Dart placement always follow princess line,
every hem needs a finishing- things like that.

Because we are beginners in this fashion industry, wait
not even beginners lol. Not officialy working yet.
It's like we have to know the rules 
before we break them.

We have to know how to use fabric on straight grain before using them on bias.
Things like that lo. And sometimes I feel really tired.
But I told myself I cannot quit.

The pressure is there because of the margin of failure,
that if I fail I have to retake. And not just a simple retake okayyy.
The word sounds light but its implication is HEAVY.

Sewing drafting draping is like one package.
If you fail sewing then you have to take drafting and draping all over again-
even if you passed both... =.=!!

Each course, is at least RM3k. So......
you think la.. RM10k and waste 3 months (one semester) to retake.
If you don't want... then bye bye. Cannot proceed.
Argh!! if it comes to this right, I'll give my dad the choice.
If he wants me to continue, or switch to Marketing. 

lol. Touchwood mannn.
I'll finish all my assignments :(
I WILL!!! And make sure not to be absent anymore.
Until next sem la, lol.
So far each class I have one absence, draping is two I think.
Eventhough got some I do until very half hearted lolol.

 I should be grateful really
from young this was what I wanted to learn! 
Umm. It's a common misconception that you need to draw to be a designer.
It's more about... guess what?

Nola Making garments mostly lo.
HAHAHA. Drafting and draping.
I think Raffles focus more on making us to become tailors. 
Or now first sem so less emphasis on creativity aka design side. lol.

Blonde curtain and fluffy pippen.
HAHAHA. If it's kitten then can rhyme lo!!!

Poets help me think of a sentence which can rhyme a hair and a dog together please.

75% complete looo
The famed McD Kitty collection. 
Hamburglar, Birdie, and Grimace!
Ronald is the last one.

Almost missed out Grimace okay.
Cos it was out of stock when I wanted it, GRRR.

I got it cos some days later SY and I went to McD.
It was like 7 in the morning. He saw I was online and he was hungry lol.
And he even showed me his visa! He's going to Santa Monica college for real ~,~
cannot believe lo! :33

Gonna miss my ji mui. HAHAH!
He also paid for my meal. So nice! Thank youuu

I tried colour contacts today. Like finally.
The last time I tried it was like Form One okay.
No one cared about coloured contacts back then.
It was a purple one. I don't know why but purple.
I think I was too cool for natural colours probably ~,~

I bought this pair at the Sungei Wang fashion city.
SO CHEAP WTF. I thought colour contacts would be more expensive, since 
it's so pattern pattern like that lol. But not so apparently :33

RM29 for this one. Plano 5.50
No power RM25.

My usual is like RM60 for three (not pair). 
but last for one month. The johnson johnson one.

I asked her after how long should I throw it away, she said.. SIX MONTHS!!! OH MY.
But lol. Very easy to grow bacteria ah!
It's gonna be end of the world for me okay if I have to dress up with my real glasses.
I just feel so high school-like with em on ~,~
The lady told me she throws them away after three months laaa :3

The blue looks really pretty under flashlight 
but stupidly it's the only picture I got with flash! :3

The brand is Duera under Barbie doll eyes extra big section.
HAHAHHAHA. What kind of name is that right.

I wanted brown but the lady told me blue would match my hair. Lol.
I still want brown :3 maybe geo lens!! I wanted geo lens but 
I couldn't find it. Was actually like fifteen steps from 
where I bought my contacts! :33

But naww I know.
It really hurt my eyes at first okie.
It was like bleeding tears.
Which is prolly not a good sign right?!?!
HHAHAHA. Not used to it lo diameter so big sumore!
Will wear it further and test it out.
But it's really pretty ;( espo since my eyes aren't big.

Lolwtf so late only I discover the magic of contact lens!

Nola cannot wear all the time also hahahaha.
If I get used to it maybe.
Those "worm in eyes" video really SCARE ME for life!!

but my eye whites still white la now. lolll
red veins really creep me out neh.
like some red worms crawling EEE :3

No flash. HAHAHA.
My pupils are pretty dark naturally.
So it's like dark dark dark blue under no flash.

And also if you have wide set eyes like me,
cheer up! 

You have more space to play with eyeshadow and 
it's harder to look old. :3
I used to feel sad of my wide set eyes cos my eyes look so small.
But it's okay to be different hehehe. Actually a lot of Asians 
have this type also la wtf >.<

Just put two fingers between your eyebrows.
If you can fit it and maybe sumore, means you have wide set eyes.
If not then conversely, it means you have narrow set eyes laaa.

 That's all today, hugs and kisses! :*

Soo into pink and prints.
Mermaid, tribal, floral, princessy. I loveee.
Slit shoulder sleeves also I LOVEEEE.
Can't wait to try new looks!

HEHEHEEH. Must not give up improving myself.
Education-wise too!!


Night loveliesss~~~ :)

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