Saturday, 4 May 2013

peace, GE13

-*short GE13 rant prelude*-

GE13 is here, results will be announced 6-7pm tomorrow.
Current government is like a whiny kid who wants to stay on stage.
Buys audience to fake cheering.

Beneath these false cheers, are the people groaning to be free from this whiny kid.
Newspapers all having bullshit news, euphemising everything the government does.
Facebook is more truthful actually.

So many scandals.
Banglasia. Free ICs given out to foreigners so that they can vote.
Not just a few hundred. But 40k -60k headcounts.

BR1M RM500 given to citizens to vote BN.
All they know is using money to monopolize others.
Because they are the ones who are monopolized by money.

People saying Mahathir did "eat" money and all
but at least he did something for our country.
KLCC. Lol.

Najib? Wtf. Raise tax, inflation everywhere, use our tax to feed his wife's spending habits.
Her handbag each more than RM100k, can buy houses already.
What is RM500 to buy your vote, when if they are still the government
they can have our taxes, have our resources. When they can monopolize everything.

But what is great is the people are standing up finally.
After being oblivious for so long.
That's why Bersih. That's why so many people are voting for the opposition.
My father my mother my aunt my auncle, my friend's father and mother auntie and uncle.
All going for opposition.

Who you voting? They just give this knowing smile and said, "the opposition".
Because. Anything is better than this current government.
Doing the most despicable things out in the open, and we all feel so helpless.

Law is not law. Law is just something for the poor.
If you are rich, the law does not apply.

And. I don't mind if our leader is Malay, Chinese or Indian.
As long as he's a good person wishing for the best, what matters?

But in the coming days. More scandals will come.
It won't end after election.
When two opposing parties are against each other so strongly
the friction is too strong.

If BN wins, Opposition supporters will go on with more demonstrations.
If Opposition wins, well BN still has so many lubangs they can buy with money.

During family dinner we discussed about politics. It's such a hot topic now.
Grandmother recollected stories of 513. Opposition won but the ones against it were unhappy.
Buildings set on fire, parang taken out.

And then she also talked about when the Japanese invaded Malaysia during WWII.
It's amazing. She's like a living history book.
She said her mum dragged her everywhere, took out a blanket and slept in the jungle.
Rice and potato everyday, if you don't eat it you'll just die of hunger.

I just hope for the better.
It's always the darkest before dawn.

-okay not exactly short but... *end of prelude!* ^^-

loll *sudden cheerry chick pops out *

With Mickey headband! 
I am pleasantly surprised that the novelty has yet to wear off :3
And wearing a big ass headband does get heads turning. 
Hahahhaa. for good or bad, I don't know.

But you know what they say- there is no bad publicity.
Bad publicity is still publicity.

Also it is totally stupid when celebrities complain about paparazzis.
Dude if you want them to leave you alone, just remain unknown. As in fameless.
Then they won't care. Lol. I know it's annoying.
But.. nothing great comes without sacrifices. *w*

Three of us were at DPC.
Sat down at Coffee Bean to chit chat.
It was raining real hard. Like half an hour after we came.
Thank goodness fifteen minutes before the rain came 
I saw the gloomy clouds and ran to my car to grab the umbrella.
Eventhough it's so far away. lol. 
Umbrella is life!!!

They thought it was fussy of me but in the end both of them 
 tumpang my umbrella cos it was raining so damn heavily!

I remember I got pissed once at Grand Union when I asked for extra plastic bag to shield myself
after paying because it started raining suddenly and the lady cashier said no.
Umm. I was pissed because I am fussy about rain touching my skin. Lolll
The only time when I am not fussy is probably
when I am running to my college carpark. hehe

bodycon dress is good for side shots.
hahahah! it's just a tank top from Kitschen! :)

as always it's not about what you wear but how you wear it,
I think. hehe

We camwhored before the rain came, luckily! :')
I must say, Xuannie's photography skill improved suddenly.
Hehehee I always thought her as more of the editing kind.
Jennie is good when she doesn't mind squatting down etc etc.
When it's rushed then it comes out like shit la.

HAHA! She also missed this outing because she accidentally napped.
Siet Yen came an hour plus later because she was caught up with college.
By the time she arrived DPC Chi Cheng and Xuan had to go back lol.
I stayed to eat.. Rakuzen! Japanese yes su !

Back to pichaaa

HAHAH look at my hips.
I have big hips. Thank goodness not big waist because big waist + big hips...
can kill myself.

BUT ALAS. God is fair.
No la actually. Depends how you take care of your own body.

Forgot to insert OOTD details!
In case you guys were wondering...
headband was from Deeper Harder.
black peeptoes from Charles and Keith
saffiano tote from Praprada

Kissy kissy. Xuannie loves to emulate VS Angels much~~

A random angle I quite liked *w*
also loving AB colour effect. Gray and orange filter. 

More similar filters! :*

Yeppp. Glad to have friends who love posing and taking pictures. Hehe.
For a vain person to not have time nor place to be vain- it's torturing.
For a vain person to not have a person to vain with- also torturing.

Lol. ;(
I asked Natalie, if she didn't knew me... what would the first impression be.
These three words came: fashionable, rich, arrogant.

WHATTT. So superficial. lol.
And then I started saying hers and it was something along the lines of..
"obedient. kind. likes to help others even when too caught up."
etcetc. She felt bad because I said until so nice.
But it's because she's a nice person that's why :3

I like nice people. I don't like negative people.
Those people who criticize whatever shit all the time.
MY!!!! My ears also rosak.
Lol. Light-hearted jokes I don't mind.
I don't like it when people you like bitch about other people you like too.
It's like.. so caught up in the middle.

Okay that was my short Friday outing.
After DPC I went church.
It rained for ages.
My dad said why must go etc etc.
I just answered him "must". No time to explain lol.
Then he said when I don't go, I don't go for so long.
Then when I suddenly wanna go, I become so persistent.

Yeap. All or nothing once and for all. Lol

And then during church Vincent the dog was like "beerfact".
One word only. Already know what he's asking.
Simply write "ON". HAHAHA.

Because nowadays Friday night go late outings better, Saturday nights 
if I go I won't get enough sleep for Sunday morning church ~,~
Butttt I always balance work and play =D
pou hai and college hai. church hai also.

But cannot hai here hai there since I go church.

Changed outfit. Prefer shorts now when going clubs etc.
Easier to move around and dance. HAHAHA

With Wen Qi, the only girl there.
HAHAHA. Don't really mind because Beerfact is second home
and dogs are close friends.

But Kok Leong found it weird, like drive alone also come.
For me it's not a big deal la eesh.
Because I don't like to be off hai. HAHAHAH.

Wanted to go home at 1 but went home around 2.
Was glad I got home safe!

They ordered a lottt of things for the bday dude.
The one in black shirt. Called William.
Mostly Taylor's gang. HAHAH. 

Flaming lamborghini, a dozen of jaegerbombs, flaming shots cake, beer funnel.
I think the ones with fire looks really cute.

because... the whole bottle actually fell off the table 
a second or two after I took this picture.

WHAT!! I could feel something hit on my clavicle.
The glass pieces. But lucky I was quite far.
HAHAH. No one got injured. Just felt shocked for a while.

Also saw Daniel and his friend.
Played cards with this guy, King Chew ah?
And one two jus. To entertain ourselves.
Hahaha just like primary school.!


Saturday I just went to McD with Nat hoping to get the second Kitty, Grimace.
But it was sold out Grrrr. Gonna try and find it. Because I think Grimace is really cute /.\

loll now I know why years back people queued ten yards long at McD to get those Hello Kitty dolls.
Everyone has a little hoarder in them. When awakened, gee.
It's like they'll do whatever to complete their collection.

And. . . assignments? Plenty.
When people ask me if I finished them, I can't answer them!
It's impossible! Say I finish sewing assignment today. On Monday there's gonna be a new one anyway.
Every day when I have college la, lol.

Sewing basic skirt, drafting draped peg skirt pattern pieces and sample,
drafting pleat skirt mp/pp/s, drawing facial features.

Grrr. Drawing is the easiest. Others all I feel lazy to start
need to take out hell a tools. But once I get started I don't like to stop hehehe.
Also went to Jia Shin house on Friday. She has an overlock machine hehehehe.
I want one! I didn't dare to ask for one because I thought it would be like RM5k.
But it's actually less than that! :33

Also was shocked that Siet yen told me Esther quit The One already.
I'm just glad I pulled out early and started anew.
But after that day I gave up The One I told myself I won't give up so easily 
and make it a habit.

Even when I worked at Burberry and it was tiring, I knew it wasn't an option to quit!
In reality sacrifices are always needed. I guess I have always been cosseted and kind of spoilt.

When I was a kid the only thing I worried about 
is probably whether or not I will sit next to my bestfriend. =.=
And spend my pocket money on anything pink and hello kitty ?!?! =.=

HAHAHHA. But in two years time I will finish college.
Spend a few months for prerequisite internship. 
Pushed out into the real world.

I wanna work overseas because when the currency is converted it's so good $$
and also throw myself into culture shock and sudden indepency.
Because I have been SO FREAKING DEPENDENT.

lol. Wake up call. Look nice but cannot do anything,
like rubbish to society only!!! HOW CAN.

HAHAHA OKAY. Fight! Fight for a change!
#ubah #inikalilah #pakatan #rocket #GE13

HHAHAHHA JK FOLKS. I know this ain't Instagram ~,~
nightsie! :* 

keep calm and carry on, love each other no matter what. <3 p="">

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