Sunday, 19 May 2013

Great food, great company, great clothes

*didn't edit this one due to the lightning flash. lol*

... I had a lot of fun shooting recently. 
I think when you start enjoying/believing in something you'll become good! :3
Toted bro's Sony Nex C3 around, pretty heavy but totally worth it 
when the pictures come out clear and crisp~

Saturday afternoon, dropped by @ Desa Park City, Waterfront 
to meet up with baby Xuannie <3 p="">

The weather was really hot, made me melt *almost* literally!
Totally forgot about wearing sunscreen too, but at least I braided my hair. Heh.

Went to the playground instead of the park this time and got some interesting shots.

Second picture, serious squinting action captured lol
But the sun is always, always ever so good for taking picture. 
I don't mind it.

It's hard to not go out to avoid the sun, because- it's Malaysia and therefore it is always 
gonna be sunny. Just something we have to live with.
Not forgetting that "ang mohs" would die for our weather! Bwahaha

OOTD for the day. A little policewoman, a little cowgirl.
Also I wanna get suspenders! It would go so well with shorts and the whole cowgirl she bang.

Tip to toe:-
-paperboy cap from Sungei Wang 
-horsey top from Forever 21
-super duper highwaisted wine bleached shorts, SUNGEI WANG CHEAPCHEAP
(psst. it was RM15. hehe. see! don't be afraid of cheap clothings, have a good eye and pick what's
good, then mix it with high and low)
-black booties from Forever 21
-vintage web boston bag in 13C seasonal colour from Gucci

PS: Honestly I love buying dirtcheap clothes now like RM15/RM25.
But the only thing I don't compromise is... handbags.
I don't know why, but handbags. Lol
I think you can find good bags around RM2k already :3
Like Louis Vuitton Speedy? 

Accessories are worth investing for me, because they can last
and be used with many different outfits. 
Really well-made (and a similarly well-thought price) can be family heirlooms!
I think what most people have is jewellery- white gold/ yellow gold/ diamonds.
Even if you're not that rich I think you will still have those. Because of weddings.
Lol. When you get married, you will at least have two rings right.
And then sure your parents/in-laws/gramma/aunty will give you jewellery too,
what we chinese call "ka zhong".

But bags are more popular now... cos the logos so in your face right 
everybody now how much you spent. lollll
With jewellery it's much more subtle.
But a little sparkle really adds more elegance to any outfit! :)

And here is Xuannie!

So cute right! Retro look and houndstooth is a mad trend right now due to PSY's Gentleman.

Actually if you do notice I tend to pose very little of solo pictures of other people.
But today is an exception because I thought the photos of Xuannie was cute hehe ^^

And I was nagging her to reopen her blog. =.=
So weird right after outing I don't see updates.
I'm too used to it lol. Especially with Jennie too.

Here is Jennie's link. It's been forever since we've seen her
and I think we all miss her.
But I won't call her out until after her exams, June-ish.
Lol. Because I know what her reply would be 
and I so gave up distracting her. HAHAH

Also was supposed to go to this Elegantology event, Rachel invited :3
But she got sick in the end lol and I was shy-ish to go.
But that got me thinking, I should start the nuffnang thing!

So today I went to their website. I don't know what happens next.
They ask you to put an ad. I did already! Did you guys notice??
It's at the side bar, under "Nuffie". 

It would mean much for me if you clicked it ^^
pweddy pwease hehe. I wanna see if it works. :3

Anyway it's kind of like those get more clicks earn more cents thing.
I put cents because I'm not expecting much lol. Just doing an experiment actually.
I wanna see what happens la when I go the events etc, get the momentum.

Blogging is something I enjoy, something I can expand.
Because I camwhore so damn much lol. 
And I do post regularly, I try to keep the best shots for the post only.
I hate pictures from handphone. lol. 
In parties if they wanna take picture they'll always look for me or Jennie. Hehe.
Kind of like a blogger's syndrome sort of thing- or vain people, if you might.

A few more pictures at the playground before moving on to eating. Hehe.

Blue, blue.

Kiddy me, as always :3

I grabbed ViVi magazine from my house because I thought La Casa didn't have mags! lol
Been too long since I've visited there ~,~

Anyways, I love poring over magazines with girlfriends
discussing about outfits and new trends~~ ^^v

So much of those times during Commerce,
Xuan, Jennie and I would be exchanging magazines
while teacher would be talking about IKS. Lol!
Hey, I still got the highest for Commerce both years! Hehehehe

Umm. Looking back I think I didn't put enough effort in my studies.
I should've been curious and open to new knowledge! Lol.
I just liked a lot of free time last time, to draw or read or whatever.
I was the sort of student who would pay half attention in class and get average placing.
HAHAH. When I was younger it was easier la to get number one :3 like standard three lol

After that we headed to La Casa. 

Xuan's pick, I was quite full because cutie papa dabao-ed "Kei Tak Sek"
which translate roughly to "remember to eat". Lol.
At Kepong, sells chinese hawker fare. Love their fried crabs! <3 p="">

Duo. <3 p="">

Oreo cheesecake and chocolate eclairs. 
Xuannie's pick because she and Chi Cheng are known dessert lovers. Heh.
I like dessert because they are cute. The first several bites you feel really happy to savour them,
then after that you feel like ummm can't get full with this.
But still very cute ^^ craving for ice cream espo under such hot weather.

Happy kids.

We actually placed the camera on a stack on magazines not so furtively taken
from La Casa. And utilized the "Smile Shutter" function.

A few times it glitched la and it was kind of funny us smiling like idiots
waiting for the shutter to trip. Lol ~,~

 I ordered some Garden Salad out of boredom instead of hunger. 
Cos right Xuan was having her Egg Mayo sandwich and I wanted something to eat also lol.
But the Garden Salad was TERRIBLE!!!! Bleurgh.
Totally did not agree with my tastebuds- I felt like a horse gnawing on grass lol.
I think it would be better if I ordered Caesar Salad instead! :3

After our meal we went to meet baby Chi Cheng,
who was at DPC to coincidentally to meet her friend.

Naw. Cutie smile. 

Chi Cheng fell sick too cos of the weather! Hohumm :3
But luckily just flu, nothing serious!

Umm. Come to think of it, when I was younger I used to get sick real bad.
HAHA. After SPM or so I didn't really have those episodes.
They were those episodes I couldn't sleep with noseblock and running nose,
sorethroat and fever. Wanna sleep but I can't, I felt like dying lollll.
But know that it will always get better!

After that we went home. Hehe. 
Get ready for dinner. Lovee the weekends man.


For dinner with family, I was kind of happy because I got to pick the restaurant! ^^
Before going out I was like, paaa I wanna eat that Thai food restaurantttt.

Cos if not sure we would've gone to Ying Ker Lou or Dragon-i!
Lol. Some reason I don't like chinese food when eating out. 
But I do love dim sum!! Dim sum is loveeee <3 p="">

The decor is real cute, decorated with boxes of Coca Cola memorabillia with LIGHTBULBS.
I suppose the owners had a thing for em? ^^
It lends quite a quirky and quaint touch! 

Opps, forgot to introduce to place.
It's "Absolute Thai"!

Here is the menu.

Even the menu looks cute :3
Like a page out of the newspapers.

The tomyam soup and fish came the quickest,
followed by the rest.

Pineapple rice and tomyum plus pandan chicken!!!
Best combination ever.

I love pineapple rice. It's bursting with flavour and there's also bits of
pineapples and sometimes raisins and they *pop!* in your mouth.

Last time we always ate at COCA at 1U actually, but they closed downnnn :(
Since a couple of years ago. They still have a branch in Bangsar if I'm not wrong!
Anyway they serve Thai Steamboat and they have yummy fried prawns~~

So that was my Saturday!!



Friday, I stayed home in the afternoon I finished up my assignment!
Singular because there's three actually and I finished one -.-
HAHAHA. Asssignments never-ending. Must take it slow and steadyyy.

Mei Yen helped me to take those pictures above. <3 p="">
Thank you Mei Yen hehe she's improving already.
I think Xuan is good with this camera, cos she has DSLR probably. :3

Hair long like waterfall naw. ^^
Quite a lot of people comment about it when they first see me. Lol.
"So bright! So blonde! So long!" 

Pinstripe collar shirt from H&M
high waisted skirt from Sungei Wang (same as the one I wore to DPC this post,
except this is different colour! ^^)

And behind the scenes, this is a non-edited and NG shot.
HAHHA! Just to show you that it takes mutiple tries sometimes.
I think if you have a good vision in your mind then good photos aren't far from reach.
but if you are pretty right, use handphone take never mind also,
sure still many people like. bwahaha

baby Mei Yen <3 p="">

Glad she came to visit me.
I wanna watch Great Gatsby with her!
Cos I went to Prada's website and there was like a trailer-ish thing there.
The clothes inside looked INCREDIBLE. Flapper dress and elaborate bejewelled accessories,
the glory of 1920's. It was written in 1925 indeed.

Friday was also when I started experimenting portrait shots, landscape style.
Sounds ironic, but it actually works!! Cos I see like Chuckei's blog and all they like to use this angle.
Before this I was skeptical because I thought it would make me look fatter and my hair shorter.
But... it's a fascinating angle to play with actually! Especially with flash hehe :3
Those with flash, don't even have to edit lol, the flash so kao~

After that, I rested for like two hours then went to church.
Meet little Natapoey, the sweetheart who's always out to do good!
HAHAHHA! I don't understand how someone can be so nice lolol.
I wished I was more like her! Hehe.

After church, I went to Giza. 

Hor, my not so little ji mui. ^^
If he calls me out I'm quite on now, cos he's leaving soon to US! ;(
Like July soon!!! To study in Santa Monica College, lol.

Here I am with Fye fye! Glad to see him of course, he's always so upbeat *w*
And actually I'm wearing his huge huge specs. Lol.

I wore it and I got kind of confused and I asked him, "how much power is this???"
because I thought things looked clearer.
Then he laughed and poked through the rims and there was not even any lens in place ~,~!!!!
Placebo effect apparently. LOL. I felt confuzzled okay.

Or maybe the frames helped to frame things into focus, even without lens.
Haha~ ^^

Left to right- Wen Qi, Guat Tyng, Li Chen, Jin Fye, Shao Yang.

Another two Vincents were busy playing darts lol. 
Forgot to mention, this was at iDarts giza! ^^

The beer was quite cheap, RM25 including the girls. 
Shao Yang wanted to pay for me because he said I didn't drink much,
but I kept rejecting cos I felt bad! 

HAHAHA. It was a nice gesture thou! :3

Also nowadays when clubbing I bring like RM40. 
In case I lose my money or something.
And cover charge is like RM35 at most, and another RM5 for parking lo.
Or mamak! HAHHA. 

When guys pay they have to pay like RM100 if include the girls, especially if Vertigo.
Lol! Feel so sad for their wallet ~,~

So... to make it worth it.. drink until K.O. la hor???? HAHAH
I don't like to drink :3 I only drank until the bottle neck. 
Not even reach the body. Means like 330ml I drank like 50ml. =.=
Cos I feel warm quite fast. HAAHHAA. I don't want to get tipsy.
So damn bad right my alcohol tolerance.

Also bro drove his fancy pansy R8 to Zouk already, so long I didn't see him pou.
Meanwhile Saturday night I am at home blogging. BWAHAHA.
So goody goody waiseh~~~

Random selfies while waiting, forgot what ^^

Signing off, goodnight angels. 


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