Monday, 27 May 2013

My Vertigo

Hey there!

Your smile is so beautiful- so keep smiling, just keep smiling smiling smiling~~~

Look of the day!

Again, with the 70s scarf headband. Pink and lacey~
White slit sleeve top from Sungei Wang.
Fav high-waisted pants from Zara.
Booties from Forever 21.

Five inches but super comfy, great for clubbing when you have to stand for hours!

Picture taken at.... Level Six The Gardens parking lot corridor.
Those pou ka would be familiar with that place! Lol.

Reason we went there?

Dylan Lee's birthday!

He planned and made an event on Facebook like ages ago. Haha.
Two weeks like that? 

He invited most of the Bestarian gang, and also his collegemates!

Took the VIP spot at Bianco, Vertigo.
Bianco is the more "chill" side of Vertigo.
Nero, the one next door- is packed. Like packed shoulder to shoulder packed.

Mostly if you wanna do parties they'll ask you to do next door.
More space maybe? :3 Four bottles to open one table.
Guys RM100, Girls... RM20.

Lol. Dylan called and he said girls have to pay, I asked him how much.
He said RM20. And I'm like, whattt. 
No problem la cos the guys already took the lion's share pity them lol.

But also on a sidenote I find it a turnoff when a guy wants to "AA" on first date.
Ummm. I think I'd prefer to do like, you treat me meals and I treat you movies, something like that.
So awkward right end of the meal you keep asking to split the bill.
Not romantic lo!! If tight on budget can tell the girl let's go somewhere (cheaper)
and I'll treat you. 

Haha okayy back to topic!

Pretty little gwen! She decided to make it last minute.

I'm sure she was glad she did, 
cos Siet Yen didn't go and regretted after seeing the party pichas. :3
Andddd Weng Hock will be leaving to Australia, in the migrating sense,
on June 20th. Can't believe!

Gonna miss the horse mouth dog guy. HAHAHHAHA.
Cos he has a big mouth.

Ya hear he is. Anyway from far you can tell his mouth very big la. 
lulzzz ^^

And mid July Shao Yang is also going to US! But not permanent one, just for one two years.
So right, Siet Yen wants to plan a farewell for Weng Hock (as an excuse to PARTY)
since she's on holiday then.

Ya, a bit sad SY and Whock leaving.

Throwback two years ago Bestarian days.
HAHHA OMG. SPM like party year okie.
All skip school one, buggers!

And Vertigo that night was...

unexpectedly a blast.

Hadn't partied with so many people. It felt like Encorp Strand all over again.
Anyways for great parties you just need a noisy crowd, then some alcohol and loud music.

So many people came man. Lester and Tuan Khiat too.
Would love to see their girlfriends come clubbing.
Ji mun!! Where are youu ^^

A picture of the main character.
Anyway he was real busy getting everyone in.
So most of the pictures was without him. LOLLL sad sad!
Should hire an usherer?  ^^

Jennie girl~~ 
where's yo red lipstick?!

And here is Fye fye and I looking utterly happy beyond words.
And the cutest thing is that his eyes are hidden in a grimace. 
But don't tell him la, cos he doesn't like it when people hint
his eyes ^^

Jun Wen! Whenever I see her it's always in clubs.
Her pou level 1000 already!!

Ding and Xian Jiong and Weng Hock!!
Keep photobomb when the girls are trying to take pictures. lol.
XJ most XXXXX one!!!! Photobomb nevermind, photobomb spoil the picture.

Why u go so near in front of camera lens!!!

Loll camera already slow shutter mode already.
Bully my camera! :(

But the good thing with parties, can edit into party feel 
and work with the "blur style".

Of course, can always add in my favourite reflection edit.
Reflection, twin, double up. Whatever.
I think the symmetry and flip-sidedness is just aesthetically pleasing. 

The background center spot look creepy thou.
This one looks like a buffalo with a star on its head in the middle.
:3 justtt saying!

Naww. Now I realize why I always complain it's not the same when partying.
Because of the crowd. That night it felt complete, because everyone was there! :)

Also some mutiple exposure style shots also came out.
Akin to lomography. So snazzy ^^

The dance area for Nero.
And that is Ding in the middle.
Halfway through I don't know what but Weng Hock was flinging his head
and his spectacles fell off his head. Dramatic betul!!

I think the songs improved. More songs that we know.
Last time it was really more house music.

Mm, can jizz thinking of the music.

After 1.30AM, we were free to go Nero so we switched from Bianco.
But I think it was good also that we stayed at Bianco longer.
Cos after everyone went to Nero it was hard to keep track
who was missing, and who wasn't! 

So packed, soooo packed.

The DJ. He winked at the camera but I think my flash glared ^^
but clubs right if their crazy spotlights shine on you, it's like SUN IN YOUR EYES.
And not the romantic sun set in your eyes kind.
Like, it hurts!

Some dancers also took the stage.
Umm. I think they didn't really danced, but they had interesting outfits.
I mean if you wear like that, even bending down to pick up something is
something to watch..

People mountain people sea.

(say hello to Daniel's unieye effect)

of course, the trinity of party hai.

chicheng was also supposed to come but had family dinner!
missed you!! :*


I hope the pictures speak for themselves.
It was a blast, and I could party without regret.
Cos before that I spent the whole Saturday afternoon at home during assignments.
Five hours! And the day before to. 

I'm glad! It's nice to work hard, then party harder.
Feels like you deserve it.

And it also feels good to go college and feel like you learn something.
I think last time I had loser's attitude :( think it's too hard, give up.
Cannot! BWAHAHA.

Also on fb there's been like random weird things from people I don't know.
The funniest one was someone saying I looked like a kind person.
HAHAHAH. Thank you.

Another one was I looked like KPop star ~,~
nahh I wish I had the IT factor. Honing, honing, dear!
And also a few about my hair. Cos it's bright.
But I think now it feels weird for me to have black hair.
Should also shampoo bleach to lighten it up.

It feels like my scalp delivered some pigments slowly over time.

That night I went home around 2. Which is early for me.
But same also cos we arrived early like eleven-ish.
And I didn't sit for more than whole fifteen minutes during that night.
HAHHA. I'm glad I didn't! So anti-social neh sit there only :3

Just stand up, talk cock and catch up with people.
Hold you drink and listen to the music.
Take picha. If no one wanna take then go photobomb.

Yep ^^ also, the deal is sealed.
End of June, gonna have a trip with the babies.
Can't wait! *w*

-xoxo, till then-

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