Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Retro bunny


A lil' update to recent happenings!
Here we go!

On Sunday it was as usual, shopping in KL!
hehe I'm very grateful that Sunday is family shopping day.

This was at the heart of KL and there were chopping trees to make way for a building.
And basically all vehicles had to stop for like ten minutes to wait until it fell. 
Scared scared oh imagine if like final destination or what right
the tree fall on you. Lolll

But trees also can feel pain!!! 
So pain let people chop ~,~

And they say right if you talk to trees and plants and show them love
it will actually grow faster. :3

I think very sad la to be plants cannot move. T.T

HA! My tamagotchi is still alive and kicking, 5th generation naw.
Haven't die, TOUCHWOOD! :3

It gets sick sometimes because during college I silent and forget about it.
Same as my phone lol. ^^

I want to have a girl and dress it up
and give it pinkie wallpapers.

HEHEH see the girl characters so cute and fluffy. 
Anyway just now I realized my tamagotchi was old enough to do matchmaking.
Fireworks and *BOOM* I have a girl now ^^

I look like a kid har with the hair and round face. HAHAHA!
But round face harder to get old. Take picture a bit fat la, must adjust angle ^^

Camera was running out of juice and I kept rushing my bro to take picha.
But it died before it could ootd me. Nvm, got the big ass Note to cover my ass ^^ 
backup bwhahaha

 Ootd, trying my previous sungei wang hauls.
Really really cheap okay! Slit top and floral bottom was from sg wang. :3
Booties from Forever 21, tote from Prapraprada

Been loving retro 70's and bunnies lately.
Polka dots. Sleek hair. Cat eyes. ^^

And sumore right the 70s is so heavy with prints and colours,
like someone threw buckets of paint at you.


Super fresh salad, also-

I LAIK!!!!

Caesar salad with smoked salmon,
had our brunch at Weissbrau in Pavilion!

Yummy. I feel bad I always eat unhealthy food :x
I don't know how to be healthy /.\

Walked from Pavi to Sungei Wang.
Sungei Wang is the bomb, so cheap!!!

Got the Geo lens, RM35 with power.
And a cutie bear bear contact lens case.

I thought of opening it now but I'm still using the blue one.
And they last for three months, so after that only I try the brown one!
Cos if I open both right, I just don't like that I have to clean them everyday even 
if I'm not using them.

If you don't clean right... later the solution become same colour as your contact lens.
LOLLL. It happened okay to this random contact lens I got.
That's why I didn't wear colour contacts after a while. :3

But I think Geo lens is okay! Can find them at Fashion City level 2.
The shop is called Geolens Town. lol.

And I also got some hair goodies. Pink and polka dots and rabbits, I like oh.
And houndstooth shorts. Hehe. 

I spent less than RM100 la.
If stay in Pavi one top also RM130 haiyur

So that was my Sunday ^^
come home to this fellow.

HAR, Don't so cute can???!

Love die you hahahahha

... on a sidenote my aunt also told me my hair looks like Cabbie's fur.
lol!! If I bleach one more time? hahahah

Will retouch it but not now. Let my hair (AND WALLET) rest.
And cut bangs maybe?!?!

Also right maybe I bleached my hair cos my childhood hero was Sailormoon ^^
who knows right. 

next time right I do this finger as my trademark pose.
Shot die you. PIU PIU PIU~~

HAHAHHAA. Don't pls

This was like Saturday.
Was supposed to go Shi Yong's/Wendy's/Sathit's birthday
but ended up going for Mother's Day dinner with relatives!

Lol. Timing problem la with transport and family dinner :3
I used to be like very 100% on for outings.
But now I think I shouldn't la. Outings when also have right?
Though sometimes I just love an excuse to dress up and hang out. HAHA

Also a new way of tying hair!!
Like sailor moon hahahhaha!

Just pull your ponytail like REALLY high, 
then split it into two sections and bring those sections to your front.
As near to your ears as possible. ^^

Very 70s feel lo. But if you want can also make it futuristic feel ^^
The only bad thing is after a while your scalp will hurt
cos you tie it SOOO high and tight.

But if you hair is less voluminous then I think it should hold up fine :33

Tuesday, touched down in SOGO KL
to buy fabric!!!

Thank God we learnt the way. Thanks to Jia Shin ^^
cos we need to buy our supplies.
Haiyo, why college no mini textile/haberdashery shop =.=
that's the thing about studying fashion design.
If you don't have the materials you can't do anything!!
And those materials are frigging hard to find if you don't know where to go!!

Basically to go SOGO KL just turn right at the traffic light near the Tune Hotel.
Then go straight and turn right when you see SOGO!

We go to Nagoya for muslin. But they call it calico.
if you tell them you want muslin they don't know.
It's RM4.80 per meter la I bought ten meters cos
they finish so quick. !

And then there's this harberdashery shop which sells footer and zippers and everything.
But the stupid bias tape piping right the whole JALAN TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN
don't have T.T 

Ampang park only. Blehhh. Thank you Darlene for getting it for me!!! <3 nbsp="" p="">
heheh. If not I can't sew anything for the assignment. :3

After we finished buying we went to takeaway food.
Cos canteen food so unhealthy can die from cancer eating them oh my!
I also wanted to walk to Petaling Street to get the piping 
it was like ten minutes away.

But Jia Shin couldn't make it she was like fainting. T.T
how does she go traveling!!!!!!! 

Lol. Travel in Hong Kong walk until buttpain okay don't know how many km.
I think cos she didn't drink enough water :33

HAHAHA. Wore my houndstooth shorts I bought on Sunday.

Here we were outside of SOGO.
Hot like crazy. Means good for taking pictures. ^^

I laughed when I saw this picture cos I really look like a duck.
A surprised duck with the mascara-ed lashies and all. ^^

I drove that day! Take turns to carpool hoho

With da Jia Shin. Lol. See her lips so pale!! Almost going to faint already
Hhahaha no la. Maybe if few more hours... :o

With mahjong paper.
We had drawing that day, relatively relaxed class.
Actually I have an assignment to pass up like twelve hours later but I haven't finish. LOL.
Here I am blogging =.= dutiful ma hhahahaha.
Not so much, student-wise lol.

Look at Cabbie's eyes!!!! 180 degree ah>!?!?! HAHHA

I tried using self timer to selca.
This was the only good one out of twenty. 
HHAHAHA! But mostly only like two out of  fifteen shots I will
feel it's right to be up on my blog.

I don't like half-assed photos!!! Hate ugly pictures wtf can burn them.
Lol ^^ jkjk

Used the self timer because I was itching to get a new camera, especially before any upcoming trips!!
I don't knowww June/July supposed to have one with the ladies but nobody done booking anything....
August dad said Korea during Hari Raya BUT he hasn't booked yet so it's not official!

HAR! So long time didn't travel I feel sooo itchy already.
I miss going to the airports lol. And walking all day.
Seeing new places. Packing my bags.

I don't know. I find it fun to pack bags and making sure I have everything.
Fill up the places with my shit. Ohh, something very satisfying about that ^^v

ANYWAY. YA. I want a camera with flip out LCD.
I thought of Olympus Epl5 but I wonder if I really need micro thirds...
what if I spill ribena again?! T.T

Should I sacrifice quality a bit for more compact cameras/!?! OMG DILEMMA.
The camera I use is Canon Ixus 310 HS.
It looks quite ugly la but the quality is quite good.
Considering I drenched it in freaking Ribena before wtf !=.=
now the camera you can't preview the photos la, 
cannot delete them in your camera also.

Just snap snap snap and import to computer.
LOL. A bit like film camera la you don't know what you are going to get!!!
And I always have to run to the camera to preview the image which lasts for like TWO SECONDS.

Anyway what I want is really a flip out screen!!!
I used to have one, the Samsung one. Took damn a lot of portraits.
But the thing is that it wasn't so good in low light la so will get blur easy lol.

It got stolen :( I think I don't take care my cameras too well. LOL.
The unscatched one is I think my brother's Nex 3 which I borrow sometimes.
the huge ass micro four thirds lens.

Samsung started the portrait thing like wayyy back
but Casio is also placing quite a bit of power here.
Cos they market to bloggers and vain girls.
Clear market target lo. HAHAH.

And right the picha above is Zr1000 you can put it on the floor with the tripod it has behind
and wave and the camera will snap.

OMG. Can take ootd shots without begging bystanders.
That's a good plus la lol! 

The sample images look okay, instagram got a lot lol ^^ 
but ootd shots look a bit blur???!? Dilemma lol.
I think must try in real life first :33

If I ask my dad for camera right sure he ask why again. HAR! How to explain...
sure he think I use it to take picture of food only T.T
But I did told him like the begining of this year...
just that I got sidetracked and ended up buying handbags... =.=

LOLL okay but I still have a camera so can tahan a bit.
Cowgirl look! For today~

braids and ruffles, trololol.

Rabbit headband. BWAHAHAh!

My kitty kingdom!
HAHHAHA. One more left. 
Mister Ronald McDonald himself. HAHAHA
He's coming out tomorrow!!

Ronald is a he but Hello Kitty is a she... 
so is it a he or she?!?!? Or a transgender?!?!?!
HHAHAHA. But it's cute and that's all that matters.

I think right I'll buy something solely if it looks cute.
Eventhough it's useless. I MEAN
Don't lie la you girls won't.
So many people buying the Hello Kitty now LOLOLOL.

Dreamy or not? hahhahaha
goodnight sleep tight!

Gonna let the assignment bite first before I sleep!


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