Thursday, 27 June 2013


Hello bibis.

Three and a half more days till my holiday vanishes into thin air.
Time is really like the sand that sifts to the bottom of an hourglass.
Slips by your hand so quickly, so furtively.

My little cuppy (Cabbie) got sick.
This is how I blog sometimes, with Cabbie on my lap.

His eyes got swollen, because he somehow managed to hurt himself. 
And it's so funny the way he tries to look at me with one eye open.
Sohem oh. Like a poor poor doggie ^^

 took him to the vet and he came home like this.
With the cone of shame oh my gatch!!

And the funny thing was he scared himself when he was in the cage.
His cone kept hitting the cage and he gets startled and whines,
then hit another side of the cage and whine again.
Rinse and repeat.

HAHHA SOHEM WEYH this dog. Noob like me.
But now the eyes big big already, because I kept helping him to
apply eye drops.

Actually quite fun to play as the nurse also ^^v
My patient sooo cute.

But heartbreaking la during the first day when he looked so pathetic :(

And then I went with J Bibi to 1 Utama, to do errands.
I hate doing errands. Use so much of time and moneyyy.
I went to fix my glasses. Will debut it when I get it. HAHAHA

Also met with Xuan who was coincidentally at 1 Utama with her friend.

We ate at Shihlin. Well, actually Jennie did la, cos everyone ate except for her.
So we just sat and chit chat. I think I saw Meng Wei and his gf next table but not sure :3

Also I don't know what to do for Friday night.
There's a private party in SS3, I know Yi Han gang they all going
long time didn't see them oh! 
And college friend asked me to go The Pool, but I'm not sure laaa.
Sometimes right have too many events in the end go none. HAHAHA.

OOTD, top and bottom from Sungei Wang. Super cheap like RM20/30 I think.
Ifff I'm not wrong la ^^ the whole sungei wang I see it like RM20 only their clothes.

Lace sneakers from Agape Boutique,
Bowling bag from Gucci.

Actually blogging because I am too free.
Feel super sad ya know holiday ending.
But too free also not good, dilemma sial.

Okay, that's all for my short and sweet update <3 p="">

hahha okay sohem bye byebyebyebey

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sun, sea and sand



Beach, bikini and bitches

Life really feels like a holiday right now, 
I feel blessed I've been given the respite I truly need.
Use everyday as much as I can. lol.

And of course, rediscovering my love for swimming.
Because I haven't gone swimming these few months,
bikinis were left rotting. Not now lol.

Tuesday, the day after coming back on Morib,
went out to meet this stewardess sister.

Damn long I haven't seen her weyh.
One or two years? HAHAHA.

But nothing one, no awkwardness at all :p
She's sampat as ever. 

Invited us over to her place, Armanee Terrace.
The whole place looks so cute! Two stories oneee the condo.
That's why called Terrace. HAHA

She kept calling because she was afraid I would get lost driving there.
But quite easy to find! Thanks to her sis-in-law's directions.
I thought I was road clueless but Vivi worse eh!
Sit too much of aeroplane lol.

We changed into our swimsuits and was about to go swimming.
But the rain outside was, drip drop drip drop.
Nevermind- we had plan B.

Spa! HAHAHA. They had indoor jacuzzi, sauna and spa.
Ahhh just realized I didn't go to steam myself in the sauna.
Should right, since there's haze and all.

But honestly I don't give a fuck about haze.
Just like I don't care about what I can't eat or drink during period.
Cannot eat cold la cannot eat fruits la.
Cannot go out cos of the haze la what la.

#YOLO all the way only.
I know some people can't stand drinking cold water during their period.
But for me I am so damn used to it, it doesn't affect anything. :3

Two jacuzzis for us to dip into, a cold one and a hot one.
I say hot because it was so warm we shouted when we tested the waters. 

There's also a huge wall to ceiling mirror and rocks all over.
Reminds me of Taiwan, a lot. 
This hotel that I lived in. :3

Step in!

Kiss kiss? :* CHUU

HAHHA. I didn't know how long three of us were in there.
An hour maybe? Gossip and gossip.

She was from Kepong Baru. Anyway, mix mix one lo.

Now level up to college.
Taylors, KDU, KBU, Segi, Sunway. 

HAHHAHA. Vivi told us the pros and cons of being a stewardess.
Quite interesting la actually.
I think working is hard and I'm scared of it.
I am scared of responsibilities.

Signing a one year employment contract or 
doing bungee jump a hundred stories up-
I would feel more shiok doing the latter.
Would happily comply.

HAHHHA. Dilemma sial.

Cat ear headband with flowers is from H&M,
white bikini top from Triumph.
My first bikini and still my favourite good ol buddy.
Bottom from. I forgot la. Speedy ah. Triumph ah.

Xuannie borrowed Vivi's bikini.
VS inspired, so nice!

From Singapore.
Vivi has a lot of things from Singapore actually -,-
go work like go shopping. HAHAHAH.

I wanna shop in Bugis neh.
Like KL's Sungei Wang, but different.

#yehdiu face

After that, moved on to the swimming pool when the rain stopped.
I was so excited when it did.
Because I really wanted to swim and exercise a few laps. lol.

Xuan kept herself out of the pool, because she fell and trip in Vivi's bathroom before that.
HAHA. Damn funny o.
Xuannie is always a little lacking in balance one. 
I think should get a walking stick ^^

A guy also came and told us better not to swim due to the haze and rain.
But he didn't really act forceful or what, just advise us la :3

This is the corridor.
So cute right their door/gates. 
Like... thai mix chinese type of decor.

After that, BOOM!

Miss Vivi helped me to do make up.
I was lazing on the bed getting all comfy actually.
But she sho fierce barking me to come to her.
I complied. HAHAHHA.

But glad I did, very cute o.
She put fake eyelashes sumore.
I told her , "I feel like an air stewardess dy".


With the MUA.
She wore make up to swimming!
The Chanel powder. But it didn't come off lol.

I think make up doesn't have to be waterproof.
Just apply light make up and don't rub it.
Can come into contact with water, but don't RUB.
That's all! :3

But for me, damn lazy la.
Lazy make up to exercise or swim.

After she helped me to make up I thought of going dinner.
Hungry eh after exercising. HAHAHHA.
Lose calories, terus wanna gain back the calories.

First person I thought of calling la, this GOU GOU.
Got college but like holiday.
Mayor of Beer Fact, Movida, Boathouse, Paladok.
Don't know where else.

He's aiming for Vertigo but that one damn hard to get lol.
Can la if you work at Gardens. Or work as their club ambassador.
By the way why is G6 closed AHHH!!!

Xuannie stayed a while before going home to eat cooking mama's dinner.

I think very heartbreaking also if I cook for my kids and they don't eat.
I will cry in front of them. Cibai.
Spend three hours of kitchen in the end nobody eat.

Buttt, I think it's a very blissful thing to cook for someone
and watch them enjoy your cooking. Mmm. 

Boathouse has darts actually.

And!!!! I saw a Poodle downstairs!!!
After that Vince told me actually Boathouse is famous for allowing pets.
Hmphh. I wanna bring Cabbie come drink wine with me!!

And also Cabbie has fallen sick.
Swollen eyes and constipation.
Must bring him go see vet!!!

Act macam yes, what to do. :3

The guy in grey shirt in King Chew.
he is staying over at Vince's house.

Among friends, sure got some friends
are like orphanage, always adopt friends.
Like Siet Yen. And Jun Wen.

I think very fun also right.
Sometimes I wish for a sister. 
Like one or two years younger. :3

Ordered half foot long Mushroom Bruschetta!

HAHAHA. SoHEm. I forgot to bring my wallet, so lent from Vincent.
Only realized when I was at Armanee guardhouse and the guard asked for my license.
Petpet, whole wallet left at my house.

Luckily I just told them my IC number, settle.
HAHHA. I don't like going without camera/handphone/wallet/keys.
No "an quan gan".

On the way home the Harrier's roof  open sesame.
WAISEH. Damn high ya know.
When the car is going quite fast
and your body is feeling the wind waist up.

HAHAHHA. Better than alcohol.
Vincent kept shouting for me to come down.
Asked him why cannot, he said because no seatbelt.

HAHAHA. I thought bo diao one, since the movies always show
a bunch of friends sticking their heads up.
Feel like dog enjoying the wind.

And then went home oo.

Look like little kid.

Sometimes when the fringe blocks me I sweep it to the side!
I think bangs give a very cuddly feel.



Short and sweet trip with the girls. 
Only girls. Just for one night.

Cos Xuannie and ChiCheng has college.
But in the end also cancelled actually cos of the haze!

We booked our hotel by using Groupon voucher.
RM168, so around RM50 each person.
So cheap right!

The normal price was actually RM588 per night!

I wanna go Redang with everyone like ten to twenty people.
Then Bangkok for shopping with the girls.
But before that August 4 for Korea!
Hope don't have too much assignments harrrr.

Chi Cheng and Jennie came to my house for Xuannie to pick three of us up.
Chi Cheng was the first to arrive!

Always live the furthest the one who's da earliest.
Xuannie will be moving to Sungai Buloh soon, like finally.
Jibai loh, all become Sg Buloh gang.
KEPONG gang la!!!

Jennie came like this!!!!!!!!1
The shirt she wore it the day before.
The day after that she also wore it.
So she wore this shirt for three days straight.


Here is everyone before going off!

Jennie's juliet on top. HAAHAH.
So nice also bring juliet, got pillow.

I used to be very reliant on my teddies.
But after a while I hugged bolsters more.
I think after I got Chuckie la, hug doggy more. <3 p="">

First of many packs to come.
Junk food everywhere man!!

I don't know how long the drive took.
Two hours maybe? Jennie and CC fell asleep on the way :3

Reached! A huge ass sign greeting us.

And there were suprisingly a lot of people waiting to check in at the lobby.
But Morib is nestled in a really kampung place actually. Banting!
Also Sepang. I don't know which ohhh exactly.
Both I think.

As foursquare people commented.
Jacuzzi! HAHAHA. 
Saved it in my mind to use it later.

Our room had a cutie balcony.
Quite basic, but has the necessities covered.

Taken from our balcony.
The view of the water theme park :3
Looks so inviting right!

It's like a mini Sunway Lagoon in a hotel.

Difficult angle ya knowww.

After that everyone quickly changed.
No time to waste!!
Cos CC has to go home early!

Group pichaaa.

Pink peace bikini from Sungei Wang.
RM50 only!! For three pieces, top bottom and skirt.
Ended up really liking it!

Chi Cheng's monokini is from Bangkok.
Xuan's top is from H&M, bottom from Publika.
Sim Kuan's set from Roxy.

I bought like six or seven separate pieces of bikinis to mix and match.
lol. I used most of it laaa.

Everyone pushing for some camera space ah.


Damn long didn't wear bikini ya knowww.



Xuannie and Jennie

Xuannie and Jennie and Chi Cheng.

HAHAHA. Just that I ran out of ideas for captions actually :p

Sort of ootd.

The curtain makes for a really nice background!
All of us used it to take pictures :3

I think we spent a lot of time adjusting our outfits and taking pictures.
An hour maybe? Don't know oh. HAHAH.

Girls can take forever looking themselves in the mirror.
Or taking pictures.
Anything to do with their reflection, they can linger there. 

Okay, the thing behind is my favourite ride.
Others are... umm. Not scary enough I guess? :3

It looks really nice to take photo with.
But very quickly one, to play finish the attractions!
Sunway Lagoon more stuff to play definitely. But ticket also exy ahh.

Most of the pichas in the theme park are from Jennie's camera! 

Hehe. Glad also she didn't take it back to the hotel.
Cos we were in dilemma of whether or not to keep the camera in the theme park.
Should we keep it in the hotel? Give someone to take care of it?

In the end Jennie hold it and asked everyone to take picha. Lol.
I was just scared she would miss out on the fun cos she had to take care of the cam!
But turns out fine lol.

I'm very paranoid of losing or breaking things.
Especially expensive things.
And guilty.

So have to watch, with a pair of
EAGLE EYES. piuuuu

Dreaming face. Look damn fu hin right.

Little seahorse is here to massage you! ^^
I like standing under those. Heavy sprouts of water.
AHHH. So good for my backbone.

Ootd with Jbibi. HAHAH.
She hit her buttocks/tailbone on her first ride.
Got blue black.

For me nothing really.
Got so much meat as padding. HAHAHA.
The advantage of having a big ass!

Look so happy.
Cos I fished her shades out of the water.
Don't know why it dropped suddenly.

AHAHHA! Anyway, have to say shades are really great for taking pictures while swimming.
Eyes look so small when swimming!
Shades give glam factor x10 already. INSTANT

Kept begging for rides. ADOPT ME!!!
Bring me! Piggyback ahhh

HAHAHA SOHEM. Like baby.
Must sayang me ya knowww.


We went to the beach after swimming.

Bubu for bubuchahchah, my cutie blog. BWAHAHA.

Anyways, I really have a soft spot for the sea and the sand.
It feels so calming.

To just close your eyes and listen to the waves crashing down.
To just feel the sand beneath your feet. Throw away your slippers.
Let the wind caress you briefly.

Jennie or forgot who saying wanna shoot something like VS.
And I laughed so badly.

HAHAHA. I cannot imagine.

I have this habit of slapping muddy sand all over my limbs.
It's so gooey and cooling. I like it.
Like mask or scrub jer.

I want abs. :3 bwhaahha

three clueless peepo.

Actually Penang sea looks cleaner, this one more brownish?
And less peddlers la. Like jet ski and horse all those.
I think Morib concentrate on theme park more!

Love this shot!

The sea and sand is always so great for taking pictures.
The sunlight and limitless horizon.

I would definitely wanna live in a beach villa for a period of time.
Wake up and fry myself some sunny side up and toast.
Then slip into my swimsuit and dive into the sea.
Good morning to the fishies~~~

I knowww I'm a city girl and into big crowds,
but I do appreciate the beach!

Clockwise from top: yours truly, Jennie, 
Chi Cheng with her cherry tattoo and Xuan.

There were also a lot of sand mounds, the holes little crabs dig out of.
I saw a guy with a container full of em!!!
I felt bad because he's probably picking it out of their habitat for his amusement.
Sure DIE lo after a few weeks. Unless he really knows how to take care.
But imagine if you are in Malaysia then suddenly a huge guy thinks you are cute.
Kidnap you out of the country away from ur family and all. SAD CASE!!!

HAhAHHA. I remember though when I was in Bali or don't know where,
I asked my dad to help me steal a huge box of sand.
I put it out on the newspaper and played it in the hotel. DAMN MESSY YA KNOW.
Lolol. Sand was my favourite thing to touch last time.
Sand castle kits were my favourite things to bring to the beach.
Got seahorse mold la starfish mold la crab mold la apa lj also have.
So cool ya know! :3

Changed into something else for dinner.

H&M purple spotted Kimono, worn as it is.
With shorts underneath. Definitely something to wear for lazy days.


Camwhores with everyone. 
We all took turns to shower.

Look tired *abitttt*.
HAHAH . I think go seaside, better to go with guys.
Cos they are more active and will force the girls to do shit.
Girls ah, everyday take pictures only. And think of what to wear.

I forgot what was happening.

Oyah. There's a video of me mock raping CC.

Around like seven pm, Danny came to pick CC up.
To rush for family dinner.
Sad sad oh that she had to go! ;(

After that, we went to eat seafood.
Of course, very the fresh! ^^

Can get personal pondok for one table. Quite cute ah ^^

The menu. 
Funny thing is they don't list down their price at all!
But pretty cheap in the end, RM20 per person.

Friend pumpkin, four seasons vege,  lala, prawns.
I liked the prawns the most!

After dinner we went home.
And opened the Bacardi Jennie brought.
It's damn heavy la I know.

HAHAHA. Thank you Jennie for bringing it. All the way from UK hor.

This was what happened to Xuan la after a few glasses of Barcardi.
Lol. She kept losing oh ma de.
We playing scissors paper stone and some cards and the number five game.
And then Xuan roll in the bed liao.

Jennie sohem one, so hard to get drunk.
Should ask Vincent dui her. 

And then I tried to fill up the jacuzzi with water bottle because it was so slow -,-
and nooo my top is not a bra, a bikini top from H&M.

True hor they say bra and bikini has the same amount of coverage
but when bra it's like "DONT SEE DONT SEE"

I think because not all bras look like bikini. Some bras look really boring.
Then those which look nice probably look to slutty.

Anyway it all boils down to the mentality that we are not supposed to show strangers
of us in bras/underwears. Bikini is likeee you prepare for it already.

And also I fell asleep waiting for the friggin three person Jacuzzi to fill.
It took like more than thirty minutes.
Jennie kept calling me but I didn't really open my eyes.
She's a lousy salesperson. HAHAHA.
If she said got bubbles sure I wake up liao.
Then when I opened my eyes I saw Xuannie holding bubbles, I jelly.
Terus jump into the jacuzzi.

HAHAHA. Bubble baths are my favourite- it's so relaxing.
Used to sneak into my dad's bathroom for that.
And what more bubble bath jacuzzi. The jacuzzi make all the bubble come out.

Regret I didn't buy some LUSH bath bombs! :33

HEHEHE. We finished the whole bottle of bath bubbles. 
Cute leh. Oh my gatch.

And Jennie didn't want to cos she was scared it would make the blood pressure go up.
I think it will because it is warm and all. Feel dizzy when I come out of the jacuzzi.
Soaked in there for an hour like that lol.

But shiok la, YOLO!

Then we had breakfast, cute seaside buffet place.
Except the utensils and plates were not clean properly la
so picking them was like playing Russian Roulette.

Lol ;( Had congee which was quite nice because I loaded it with toppings.
And some perfunctory cereal+milk.
Or to be exact, honey stars and coco crunch, laaa.
Honey stars was my favourite.
And coco crunch was my bro's favourite.

And, why ah I seldom see Trix cereals??A?A
The many colour one with bunny bunny.

Jumpshot yoh Jin Fye's favourite ^^
the cliche things people do at the beach.
Including writing ur name etc.

The trick is to ask the person to jump on the third count, then 
wait half a second before pressing the shutter.

kick jump!

Look at the little chalets behind!
^^ apparently it is open at night.
I saw crates of beer.

Perfect for drinking ah, can puke into the sea.
But I don't know why drunk people always say
they wanna swim or go to the beach when they are
drunk and in an island ~,~


Look at the little crab holes.
In the morning the tide was very low.
Can walk damn far out compared to the evening before :3


Do you see me? BWHAHAH.
Kept bugging Jennie for pictures as my cam was dying

Groggy faces in the morning.

Another cliche thing to do, take pictures of your feet. BWEHEEE ^^

Dress from online, first time wearing it <3 p="">
I love wearing dress during trips actually, I realized.
It's so easy. No need to think, just throw it on.

But I would deffo wear this dress someday else,
with heels and make up and make it glamorous.
As to not waste the dresses' potential.

I think sometimes when you dress too nice or feel too attractive and go shopping
it is also not good because you buy things that you feel might not look nice
when you feel attractive.

HAHHAA. Like someones an outfit depends on how you feel about yourself tooo.

Checkout day we went to the theme park one last time!
Since we are already here rightttt.

Everything is from H&M,
except for headband and slippers which are from Sg Wang ^^



HHAHAA. Put my camera on the balcony railing and shot using self-timer.
Held my breathe everytime I did it, because it would KILL ME
to lose a new camera =}

Take One.

Take Two.

And now for the most glamorous shot............



Take three ^^v

HAHA ^^ 

we went back to put our bags in the car. 
cos it was check out time!
Used the speedy bag, the biggest one.
It's like a blackhole. What if someone used it as a handbag lolol.

Parking also can pose ya know ~,~

HAHAH. Very convenient that their parking was so near.
AND. Free of charge. I appreciate free parking.
Because I always think of asshole Pavilion, park a while more than ten bucks already.


Jump jump jump shot hahhaha

With Jennie. HAHAH.
The breakfast lady.
She was tired in the beginning but lucky got her energy back up :3

 Last shot at the balcony!

Again at the theme park.
Love the mushrooms too, so friggin cute! ^^

That's about it for Morib :3

More trips to come definitely, 
and glad it happened.

Goodnight, xoxo! <3 p="">