Saturday, 15 June 2013

Blue lights



Went out to meet Xuannie and Jennie for a while at Beer Factory.

Ootd was simple, blue dress by Topshop,
chain bag by Prada.

Lol omg. The only other time I wore this dress was
two years ago at Ci Min's party. Giza Fullhouse!

Short black hair and didn't know how to make up.

And also Giza Fullhouse is being renovated into Coccoon Club now.
Oh hoh, so many clubs nowadays. 

Xuannie baby. She was oddly energetic eventho she has work tomorrow :3


I wanted to go out to test the camera with my girls only actually.

Jaegarbombs from Kenny. Kenny the steward.

Felt a bit awkward actually. 
Everyone donig their own thing.
HAHHA. Lucky Xuannie came!

Xuan said she didn't dress up but she looked okay -,-
Falsies sumore okayyy!

Jennie looked like her style two years ago, 
black and blue, denim and tees!

Forgot to add also, heels are from Charles and Keith!

Monkey see monkey do.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

I would say speak no evil is probably most important!
Sticks and stones may hurt your bones but words can hurt you more.

I think it's really important to watch what you say.
Haters will hate, rumours will go around,
 but the problem is when people close to you
are into all these rumors as well..

It's okay, just smileeee.

Was also in a bad mood while blogging this
cos my car was drive out and I didn't have food -.-
Luckily, Mei Yen came to save me with her chicken rice!!!!
Love her love her. *w*

Last pic at Giza!

Emo side view.

Actually. I was testing the flash and went behind my bedroom curtain 
to make things darker. It worked lol

Programmed flash is wayyy to burned out and overexposed,
leaving my eyes and hair only. :3

Okay that's for that night!

Life is always a paradox.
Don't dress up- ugly.
Dress up- slut.

Study- nerd.
Didn't study- lazy good-for-nothing.

On Wednesday night, I slept 10pm-3am.
Then woke up and sew for five hours straight, then go to college!
lol! Actually I didn't feel that tired.
Until I got in the car and collapsed.

Jacket assignment. 
I only used muslin so it was easier, classmates used PVC and ETC
look so nice! Cos they plan to wear it out.
Lol. I was too lazy :(

Still have two more skirts to sew.
SIGH. The fabric is freaking thin, hard to sew.
Backstitch until break.

Felt very emo and pms actually.
But going out makes me feel better.
That's why I'm the type to work hard and play hard.
I don't have motivation to just work hard.

We went to Intermark's Internation Food Court for lunch.
The ambiance look okay, but look at our plates!!!
The food weren't so appetizing lol.
It's like hawker food! But RM10 one plate.

It was fun to run back from Intermark to Raffles though.
Like less than 1km distance I think. 
Hehe. Realised how much I missed running.
With Lucian the sled dog.
And Ai Lynn walks everyday cos she takes KTM. So fit ah!
Pffttt need to exercise!

Split shot again!
HAHAHA. Now I know, is you're the one who moves- not the camera.

In the classroom. Lecturers take twenty minutes to cut fabric maybe
but we take an hour lol. Always have to overestimate so we don't underestimate.
Always take long long time!! T.T

Looking through my wardrobe and found this skorts.
Forget it was I even bought it actually!
From Sungei Wang and top from F Block.

Bunny bunny hop, yoyoyo.


that is all. Bye bye

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