Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Candy Barbie


As promised, I tested my new camera these two days.

Can't stop loving pastels.
The candy, the sweetness, the romance.

Pink croptop from Topshop.
Skirt with suspenders from Sungei Wang.
I need more outfits with suspenders! They're so cute and playful :3
Silver platforms from Agape Boutique,
Bag from Gucci,
Minnie headband from Deeper Harder.

Also a split spot feature. 
Now I know why Lookbook is full of it!!! Lol.

Taken with self-timer.
Gee, I could do this all day.
Jia Shin asked what if my neighbours gawked.
I would feel self-conscious, for like two seconds.
Then go on. Cos life's too short,
to hesitate doing something because you're afraid of what others think.

Little cuppy.

Mummy love you always :*

I used to have a childhood dream of opening a bakery.
Clipped on the Che Che cupcake purse on my skirt.

At college! 
I have assignments to do. 
Saturday afternoon will be reserved for it.
As is today night and tomorrow!
But other than that. 

It's still the same- work hard, play fucking hard.

Happy kid with le Mickey D.

I went down to BSD MCD, not for Hello Kitty this time, 
but for their new items-
Spicy Chicken McWrap and Shaker Fries. ^^

It was indeed spicy, and left me panting like a dog.
But the wrap was actually quite... nice.
Prefer it more than Chicken McDeluxe.

Also when the lady opened the window at the drivethrough today,
she saw my headband, smiled and said


Here is Andy.

He asked if I was, Mickey, Minnie or Daisy.
At first, I was like... Daisy?

But looking at this picture,
I have to say the resemblance is actually... legit.

Vanessa, who took the plunge and side-shaved her head.
Thumbs up for being daring!

Dip dye used to be special, the *IN* thing.
But now it feels so common!

Chloe joked for us whole class to do side-shave. HAHAH. WHY NOT.

Also Vanessa has been said to look like a lot of things.
1. Frog
2. Kimora Lee Simmons 
(half Jap, half Korean and who knows what else)
3. Nigger
4. Korean
6. Mongolian

And also a new one, I think she really looks like those 80's girls.
With dramatic poses, neon leggings, big earrings, afro hair. 

HHAHA. but whatever as long as it is your cup of tea.
Honestly I find it unfreshing when people go like,
oh my gosh how can she wear that blaalblaba.

And all you are, standing there in your stupid jeans and t shirt.
Gee, don't criticize someone for daring to experiment.
They didn't criticize you for being boring. 

HAHHA. Justttt saying.~

The interior design studio,
which reminds me a lot of IKEA.

They have do not touch signs everywhere.

Look at the jam.

During peak hours, it takes about 20mins to get out of KL.
After that it is 80km/h and up all the way.
Then LDP will also jam a little.

So usually it's like 40mins-70mins to come back from KL during peak hour.
Non peak is 22-30 mins.

But after hearing Taylorians jam like freaking two hours,
I feel grateful enough!!

Changed my perspective. 
Nohhh KL is not that jam.
But longest one I tried was 3 hours, that one was some 
raining and car break down problem. :<

Came home and saw a bucket of oranges and apples.
HEHE. In our Malaysian weather, fruit juice is always
a godsend to the palate.

After college I am always extremely sleepy and sometimes
I fall asleep by accident.

Which is not good considering that my sleeping hours would be more fucked
than it already this when I wake up in the middle of the night.

This was the day before.
Ironing room! HAHA
Hissing noises all da time.

Of course, I got distracted and played with the self timer.
We had overlock exams that day.
HEHE. So glad I came early and did some last minute practise.
Helps, TONS.

Naked face and trying to do homework.
Of course, I got distracted yet again.

 Okay. I have done unloading my pictures.

All of em taken with Samsung Ex2f.
Overall this camera is a fun buddy, the flip out screen and many extra features.
Mobilelink, split shot, filter effects, quick timer switch.

It can get dark indoors, that's why I love shooting outdoors more.
I can't stop taking pictures.
Wanna travel so bad, wanderlust.

see ya soon.

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