Thursday, 20 June 2013

End of semester two :*


I'm feeling shooo great today.
Just a few days ago,
I would get mad over the littlest things.
Because of the stress and all.

But, cheng cheng cheng~~~
unknowingly four days of exams has already passed.
Phew. Now, just wait for one week then see our results.

The reason I was so stressed is because I had to make sure
I finish my assignments. Why?
Because I don't want to fail!!

That's the whole point.
Cos- fail means retake, retake means waste money,
waste money then give up, give up then no education,
no education then become poor, poor then no food.

NO FOOD, THEN DIE!!!!!!!!!!1

HAHA okay. Chill first :P

Ootd for today. 
Something I simply threw on actually!

Denim button downs from FOS,
Orange shorts from Forever 21,
Pink tote bag from Burberry,
Heart slippers & headband from Sungei Wang.

credits to shin for picha <3 p="">
Made good use of last day in college.
Nahhh just last day of semester two, lol!

My course works this way- every 3 months equals to 1 semester
and at the end there's a one week break.
That's the longest break we will have.

But I think it's quite manageable this way.
First half of the semester is okay, a bit more relax.
Then when the final projects come and hit you.. yeah.

HAHHAA. Now I know. Do everything ASAP.
And don't absent early in the semester,
leave some for when it's final exam and you are forced to 
skip college to finish assignments.

Everyone just got super high, after the presentation ended.
the last shit we have to do this semester is ticked off the list!!

Hhaha okay more camwhore.

And the girl on right is Wan Ying, she dap pang only.
Our senior! HAHAH.

Seeing the seniors, I feel a bit afraid of progressing to sem 3 actually.
They have to do intricate beadwork, corset and dresses.
BAH. Miss Aisha said mostly jacket and menswear blouse.
And dress :3

But sometimes. You set your own mental block.
When instead of complaining, you get up and do-
you start to learn and get used to it.

yo! From left, Vanessa TOOLSERAM, juicyshin, Vency Tew (miss eighteen out of ten)
and Wan Ying.

Wan Ying, Vency and Vanessa are housemates! They live nearby only.
HEHE. Been to their house a couple of times, I think it's quite fun
to have hostel life too.

Except for me I'll get homesick! ^^

And also Vency Tew is miss eighteen out of ten,
because at the end of presentation Mister KJ would ask us to rate
our own pieces.

Vency said, "eighteen". Mister KJ asked her, "eighteen over ten??"
She said "yes, eighteen". 

!!!! Confident right! No wonder call Vency.

And also during other people's presentation I was forcing to kiss Vency.
Teacher saw lol. "Stop kissing at the back!" ~,~!!

Hiok hiok. College is fun with them! ^^v
friends make everything, better!

Drafting room.
Glad to not see you for a week. Hehe.
I need my rest pweaseee.

The best way to describe the feeling is to imagine a "petani",
who finished reaping his field of "sawah padi".

Hardwork comes to an end, and fruits of labour are in his hands.

HAHAHA. NAH. Imagine if suddenly, oh my gatch!!!
Spend RM3k at least for one subject and do it all over again!

But if retake I would still do it. Lol.
Cos after all the course is two years plus and I told myself
I'm not giving up this type.

I just wanna get my darn cert and learn as much as I can now :3

HEHE. Half a year down la actually. 25% out of 100%.
I think during graduation show I will cry.

Racks of the final skirt.
Some of the junior did some really cute ones!!
A lot of the drafting works consisted of peplums/yokes/pleats.
Cos that's what we learnt lol.

This is mine, with cascade pleats!
It looks better in toile actually, cos I chose the wrong fabric!!!

Because I wanted to skimp expenses on buying textiles.
APA CIBAI. I don't want to skimp anymore.
I rather pay a little bit more.

Because fabric is really important!!
Feel very sad thinking it would turn out much nicer with diff fabric ~,~
I bought it at Nagoya RM7. But it's so thin, ma de.
RM10 can get much better ones already.

Like Jia Shin's jacquard. RM9 ah she said.
Cos she bought at Selayang!! OMG. I wanna stock on cheap fabrics.
The bad thing about fashion design is your progress is hampered
when you don't have tools/materials.

It's not like other things like commerce or history where all you need is a book and a pen.
And maybe a highlighter and lots of reading.
If you want to get shit done you need your fucking toolbox.
And inside your toolbox if something goes missing, also can fuck already la.

Even the little needle screw. It's tiny like an ant.
But without it you can't mount your needle to the sewing machine.
Without needle cannot sew any shit also, can fuck already la.


This is the skirt for draping!
A high low flowy chiffon skirt kind of thing.
This one looked better eventhough 
it's the same fabric. THIN ASS FABRIC.
HAHAH. But don't see the roll hem close up please. ^^

And Jia Shin said it's true lazy people are creative.
They will think in their heads how to save time and skip steps
before they act things out physically.

I'm kind of like that, but also cincai cincai.
Like today when I realized I didn't brown A3 envelope 
when doing pattern pieces.

Lol. I used leftover mahjong paper and some staples.
Ada envelope sudah~

Also I am super happy, because I thought I wouldn't finish my drafting skirt in time!!
I had time cos I finished exam a hour plus early so I went to sewing room.
Sew for like three hours plus actually! Cos Mister KJ gave us extra break.

And when Vency and Jia Shin came to see me.
Vency suddenly like, gasped her usual style.
I asked why, she said my hands were shivering!
Lol. little to eat and little time to sleep maybe.

When I'm really concentrating I'm in my own world,
hardly aware of my surroundings. And I frown also sometimes. 

Yehdiu me with Jia Shin, my carpool partner!!! *w*

Anyways, thankyou for being my very close friend.
And tolerating me when I was "pekcek" doing assignments
or having a rough mood ^^.

HAHAAH. Carpool saves a lot on petrol, just that you have to learn to adjust timing.
To avoid jam and being late. And sometimes also that
one person might finish one thing earlier than the other, 
so have to wait! :3

And also taught me a lot of ways to go home from KL.
LDP is my usual. Then the other "new" ones are 
Kepong MRR2, Jalan Kepong, Jalan Segambut.
And a more recent one, Jalan Duta :3

They all have their own pros and cons!
The those three are Kepong ways.
Jalan Duta is something like a secret road.
Moreee secret than Jalan Segambut ah!!!

You guys know how to use or not? ^^ sure don't know.
Cos everyone always encourage road which uses toll.
Then we complain toll expensive. HAAHA. 

Jalan Duta is, pass by Hartamas and cut into Sri Sinar. :3
Kind of like Segambut except it's shorter.
YEAH RIGHT! Shortcut within a shortcut.

Jia Shin's sister taught her, a road god. 

HHAAHA. I'm not kidding guys... but I think I improved with directions!!
I think because in sewing Miss Aisha always list down so many steps,
increase 9 my memory already.

LDP is still my favourite cos it is highway.
But Jalan Duta is the bomb during non peak hours.
Go KL, feel like going KEPONG JE!!!



My dress very special. It's from Elle, those Tennis sport kind.
I got it when I was like, thirteen. Yep.
It's been six years and it's my first time wearing it actually.
HAHAH. It's comfortable surprisingly!!
Should buy more shirtdress from Elle hehe.
Good for lazy days when going coll.

Dropped by at K Gallery,
I am holding Jia Shin's chatime.
Moe Cafe has changed to Studio Cafe! 
I don't know since when lol.

I wanna go eat there someday! Looks like you can stay there forever.
They have so much to entertain you. Reading materials, darts, wifi & shiz~

Driver of da day yoh.

That was on. Tuesday during fashion drawing. :)


Stylenanda? Bwahaha.

I don't know why but this looks very Kpop.
Jia Shin seems to like this outfit :3
It's not my usual style actually ^^
but good to try.

Black necklace top from Armani Exchange, 
Houndstooth skirt from Sungei Wang,
Neon beanie from H&M,
Burberry ... dustbag as handbag.

HAHAHA. Cos I was lazy to use handbag and wanted something collapsible.
But later realise structured bags still the best :3 
cos my gadgets will get scratched easily!

Looking at you looking at me.
Random shot! :3

 Hehe. Love taking pictures with my Samsung EX2f!

PS:  Negativity will try to touch you
but remember you can always refract it.
And keep shining bright. 


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