Sunday, 16 June 2013

H&M haul and wedding bells


Blogging on a Sunday, then four days exam next week!
And then Weng Hock's farewell on Friday.
And then last minute shopping (for Morib) with the girls on Saturday.
And then pack my bags and go off to Morib on Sunday.
And the next Monday, ta-da!~ Start of my one week holiday.

Lol. So packed.
I better finish my final skirts!!!
So stupid I bought thin fabrics eventhough legend has it that it is hard to sew.
Now I know! lol. Sometimes the thread come out
and when you stitch it again the hole gets bigger so it comes out again.
Yeah, paradox even. T.T

Sunday is always meant for shopping.

purple ribbon tube top from Kitschen
butterflies in my stomach from Forever 21
(okay the name came out of nowhere)
daydreamer bag and necklace by Juicy Couture

The one and only, the best dad in the world!
So true they say, you may find a prince
but your daddy will always be the king.

In everyone's heart of course, their father is the best.
Only they know how much they sacrificed. And it's a lot :3

Happy Father's Day, papa!

We had brunch opposite La Bodega- Weissbrau.
Traitor right, used to go La Bodega all the time.

Le mountain of fresh greens.
They usually put a lot of salmon that's why I like.
This time lesser thou? But still okay :3

Anyway Weissbrau is more known for lager and sausages.
The German way!

I did purple eyeshadow today.
The other side was still bare lol.

Add eyeliner and a bit of mascara if you wish, to complete the look :3
I also added some black and brown at the end of my eyelids 
to neutralize the bright bright purple.

HAHAH. It's the one Jennie gave, from Rimmel. ^^
Mmm, I'd like green yellow blue ones too.

Also purple is my colour of the moment.
And neons/watercolour clashes of yellow pink blue purple.
Honestly I cannot imagine nor stand myself being dressed 
in neutrals or monotone 24/7.

It's like. Why watch black and white tv when there's colour tv.
HAHHA. But some people suit it, the minimalism or gothicism of it.

 Random camwhore!

Also I tried to go without charging my camera until it goes dead
so see how long it would last. Because I had the impression it dies fast.

lol! Quite okay la. I used it for three outings. The first I used 
was the Giza one with Jennie and Xuannie.
That one use quite a lot of battery.
And Xuannie loves previewing pictures! lol
Jennie will always shout "don't delete AH!" if Xuannie sees her camera.

And also, damn stupid. 
I risked it because I was going to bring my powerbank 
and charge in case it really dies. 
Cos Samsung camera charger is same as Samsung handphones.
But when I opened my bag in the car -,-
I realised I brought the cable but not the powerbank.

HAHHA. And I thought of using potatoes.
Cos I read sumwhere potatoes have energy. Well I don't know.
If you spell oranges backwards, you will also it reads "gullible".
Try it.

Ya okay.
After brunch Dad said he was going to walk to H&M
so everyone tagged along ^^

I wanted to go Fahrenheit 88 for Agape Boutique
(the transparent shoes)
and Machine store to get iPhone cover for Father's Day thingy.

But I ended up getting distracted and didn't buy both...
then Daddy said it's Father's Day but I spend money lol :(
And the funniest thing was actually that my brother bought him 
the iPhone cover. I didn't tell him I wanted to buy that.
I think we kinda notice how his cover is so torn but he didn't bother to buy 
a new one. Lol. 

Yeah, Dad is the type who doesn't really care much about having the best for himself.
He's the family type, cares more about giving the best. 
And I'm grateful for that. lol.
Must remind myself not to take it for granted!

Guess what I found... bikinis!!!

HAHHAHA. I was like gasping to myself when I saw the racks and rows of it.
And the best part was of course, being able to try it first before buying.
It's like RM40-RM60 for those mix and match bikins.
Quite a good price!

I picked this in the end.
Blue, especially turquoise blue- looks great when you have yellow hair to match :3
Actually I am glad I bleached my hair because it makes myself stand out.
It's just one day I imagined myself to be that hair colour.
Just like when I imagined red. 

A lot of people said it's very damaging for the hair etc.
But it's okay for me, because you can grow new strands. Duhhh.
And hair treatments.

If I liked black hair than of course I wouldn't do anything.
But I don't feel like being black or brunette now, just blonde.
Or really light brown. Or pink.


I have to say also shopping in H&M, the Lot 10 branch- is always such a rush.
Everyone is like a madwoman. I keep grabbing shits and whispering "excuse me".
My bag got very heavy and I didn't feel bad until my dad told me.
And then I looked around and save most people's bag were like 40% full only.

But hey. I can save like a poor beggar then indulge.
I'm not the type to spend a lot consistently.
I'm more of the type to save for a period then spend for a period.

H&M is still as crowded as the first few weeks it opened.
Well, almost. Your chance of getting pushed is lower but it is still pretty darn crowded.
Sharene says she likes to shop at the Paradigm mall one or Setia City one (not crowded).
I didn't know they had one at Setia City!

But actually I find the crowd and mad-grabbing quite... exhilarating.
HAHHA. So shite.

An upcoming collaboration, Isabel Marant x H&M.
I don't know when it is coming but I perceive there will be a long long queue
many many hours before H&M opens. o.o

Please do Louboutin x H&M please. HAHAH.

I finally got ankle strap heels.
Pfft. Knew they would suit me. ^^
Pretty comfortable for the height too, because of the strap I guess.
But I haven't worn it for like more than three hours straight.
Most heels feel like nailbeds after walking three hours.
I mean those four inches and up. Which is anyway the majority of my heel height.

HAAHA. Pro editing or not?
It's like heaven and clouds. Lmao.

I got this pair for RM120.

And I also got a lot of accessories.
Here's a part of it!

HEHE. Purple x flowers.
Can wear in the beach. Or at college also.
Anyway I'm really into headgear nowadays.
Hats or headbands, whatever.
They can really add a pinch to your outfit.
Plus, it covers black roots!

I also finally got a huge flippy straw hat.
It's like rattan in ombre green. Not too hard to match actually.

And of course a kaftan/kimono which seems to be trending recently.
I suppose most people would wear it as a coverup.
But it looks a bit more casual that way.

And usually for me if you can make it look overdress,
than say fuck off to casual.

HAHA. Wear your cover up as a dress.
Take a belt and tie it up as a kimono.
Should wear it to outing next time.

Of course some things will look controversial.
But it doesn't mean just because others are afraid to try it- you should to.
In fact, always try what others are afraid of. That way, you won't miss anything.

At H&M they also stuff EVERYTHING into one bag.
Like everything. Even the shoes and hat.
But I didn't ask for extra shopping bag.
Also lazy to carry more bags :3
and less eco-friendly.

Mini haul!
Got sixteen items for about RM816. 
Not bad because I did buy quite a lot.
The clothes are under RM100.

WHAT. I don't want Sungei Wang already now I want H&M.

Whole family bought, so four bags.
Spent a little more than RM2k.
But bought a lot actually.
H&M is like high street quality but much cheaper than say,
Zara or Topshop.

Also overseas Forever 21 is really cheap!! Like dirt cheap USD5-10 cheap sometimes.
I WANT. Primark too.

After shopping we bought ice cream.
Durian and Strawberry!
Today's family outing was fun hehe :3
I also saw the pineapple/watermelon crotchet bags and kind of regret I didn't get it.

And I would also like transparent chain bags and metallic envelope clutch
and transparent shoes. Ya okay that is all.
And also some beach colour aka turquoise hot pink rope giant bead bracelet etc.
Ya okay.

On weekends sometimes I wake up not to brush my teeth
but to take Cabbie upstairs to hug him to death.

My cousin Scott and the bride in the house yo~


It was like a buffet in the house sort of thing and the place was
really really far like further than Sepang.
I don't know. Somewhere Klang.
After Setia City. :3

From the buffet there was this buttery fish which I really liked
it raped my tongue real good.

Blue flower printed dress from.. online shop.
The only time I ever bought something online.
Lol. I had to wait for like two weeks. Or three.
Cos it was preorder.

Can die man waiting for it.
I still prefer shopping in the GOLDEN TRIANGLE!!

Sungei wang level 2 and level 6, the huge ass Forever 21,
the huger ass H&M.

This is my brother's girlfriend of FIVE years and counting, Chooi Yee.
She looks so young next to me.
When in fact I'm four years younger...

Mini wedding pictures bookmark style that was given to guests.
They went for shooting in Taiwan. So many cute sceneries!! Look a bit like Macau.
The photo package was RM18k and NOT including hotel acc and flight. 

What. Photographers can earn a lot ah.

But... I think most people will fork out the money.
Since it's once in a lifetime, and it's something worth remembering.
If your marriage isn't, I wouldn't know what is!! :3

Haha so cute. Cannot wait to do mine next time.
omg. I want five photobooks.
And a wall to ceiling photo. ya.
Wedding photo become wallpaper.
Why not right Paris Hilton has a wall to ceiling one of herself.

Their photobook looks like a giant iPhone casing. 
Apparently they have Swarovski crystals inside the wooden frames. :3

This is the smaller one and they keep it in the bedroom because they were afraid 
it would get shaken and stirred badly lol.

Little Clairie. 

Pfft. Kids do what also look cute. 

After dinner it was like 10pm, cos we reached late.
It really felt far! Anyways, guys know how to drive to anywhere.
hantam with the signboards.

If it were me... I would demand a GPS, at least.
Before I piss myself.

Ya okay that's all for bubu aka efficient blogger.

HAHAHA. Wtf. See you soon!!!

Work work work these four days my ass off.
Then holiday.

And tell myself to do the best, giving up is not even in the options.
Not in the cards. It's just two years. 
Time goes by quickly, it's already half a year.

Just keep swimming just keep swimming swimming swimming~~~

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