Friday, 7 June 2013

Hop hop, bunny

Hello guys. *waves*

Have a ton of pictures to unload.
I've been asking my housekeeper- Gene, to help me with
taking pictures. Especially OOTD shots.

Who needs a tripod when Gene is here! Lolol ^^

It's just trial run, did it for two days only.
Basically I get ready for college, then spend like five ten minutes outside
to snap some photos.

Mostly very "patxotic" style.
She's a rich Thai girl on Instagram I follow.
Her dynamic and over the top poses. Lol.

And, I think when someone has class they can wear stuff from sungei wang
and make it look like it's from Pavilion. Like make a RM30 top look like 3k.

On the other hand... when someone hasn't quite got their fashion sense yet
something expensive can turn meaningless. Out of context, uninteresting.
It could be they put effort on clothes but forgot everything else.

Rubber slippers instead of high heels. Forgot to do make up and hair.
I used to be like that. You know, puberty stage.
Wear like shit and gush like "ohmy I feel so pretty!!"
Look back the pictures in #horror. HAHAH

But it's okay. We always live to improve ourselves.
We may not be perfect, but to one person we might just be. 100%.

Pink rabbit polka dot hairband from Deeper Harder.
Mustard top from. I forgot where. I used to be crazy about tank tops. 
Collect the whole rainbow spectrum of em.
Fishtail skirt from.. Sungei Wang I think???
Platform glittery pumps from Agape Boutique.
Bag from Juicy Couture and wedges shown later below also from Juicy Couture.
Still sad there's no more Juicy in Pavi!!

The pumps look gorgeous but hurt.
I am quite tolerant with pain but that kind of hurt is
like you feel your toes are bent to the point of toe cramp.
Lol. The things we do for illusion of beauty.

HHHAA. Rabbit ears.
Coincidentally, Vency and Jia Shin also wore headbands. Big ones :3

Nowadays it's really hot outside, to the point where I think
if you crack an egg and put it outside, it might just boil.

Paggie tried it. HAHAHA

So I skimp foundation most of the time now.
Mostly concealer stick.
If you want to cheat and look like you had a lot done,
put colour in ur eyes and lips.

Eyebrow pencil and eyeliner and bright lipstick and you're set.
Serious! Pink, red, orange. And also a nude gold from Clinique that I recently dug out.

Anyway there are not one but TWO make up artists in my class.
Vency and Chloe. Like make up and get paid that type :3
I feel paranoid omg what if I didn't make up good enough.

Hahhaha! But it's fun. Been experimenting with eyeshadows.
Like the purple and pink Rimmel one Jennie from the block gave.

Aww, looks so nice.
Should be on a Raffles College of Higher Education flyer.
I love this camera a lot too. Sony Nex 3.

Super bright and the picture SELDOM turns out blurry.
With compact cameras it's like 30% chance.
Micro four thirds? 5%? HAHAHA.

But I also need a new camera since the Nex 3 is my brother's!
I use it most of the time but if we go on family trips together then can't la.
Plus, I would really like flip out screen ^^v

More on cameras next week heheheh.

Vency's hairband was flat actually but she saw my perky rabbit ears
and decided to upstage me!!! :{ SO BIG ! 
Must find a bigger ribbon. Like the one Jin Fye gave lolol.

Da original rabbit. ^^ 

Thursday class is full day, 9am-6pm.
But I went home early, like three o croc.
Cos I got a little too happy that I finished sewing the pants.

The fabric was cotton twill but looked and felt more like denim.
And it was so thick it made my needle break! ~,~
Fabrics don't have to be too thick on its own to break needles.
Cos when you sew sometimes it can be as much as six layers together.

HAHHA! Solution? Get bigger needle lo!

Andy tried on the pants! 
It looks tight but it's kind of  loose for him actually.

Kept bubuchahchah-ing here and there. -,-

Also Vincent was asking me for a blog name and I came up with

He wanted something to represent gym and alcohol.
So right, people ask- he can say he's a workaholic by day
alcoholic by night. Ta-dah. 

Shall call him Vincentholic now.

Nasi Lemak at college canteen.
Haha! I don't know why but I prefer outside ones.
Like the hawker stalls near my house.

I love eating curry puffs with nasi lemak.
And sushi with cottage chips and sweet house.
Their existence is meaningless without each other.
When they are together, it is when great things happen.

My Jia Shin baby ^^

My dad saw this picture while I was on the laptop and he thought she was a nurse. 
How cannn ^^ 

Anyway she hasn't been feeling well this week and 
I don't know what's the pain like for her :3
Sorry that when she wanna go early, 
it ends up her boyfriend fetching her home. Lol ;(

But so good got boyfriend :3 stuck in Penang also
sure come and rescue you.

Right? ^^ in the name of love.

My eyes look like the silhouette of a fish when I do the signature wide smile.
I think I shall smile more than doing duck faces now ^^

Pink is still my favourite colour, all along in my heart.
Rediscovering it now. Shall have more pink clothes.
And polka dot. And pastels.

Tomorrow, I'll be going KL with the girls!
Shopping hunt trip.

I have a few items on my wishlist!

A clear clutch, like the one in the top row, middle.
I think it would be classy if it was clear and bore the shape of 
the Chanel No.5 perfume bottle!

It would also be fun to put lipstick in.
Decoration for your handbag.

High waisted swimsuit. I need it!!

I got curious and tried making one with my tank top just to see how it'd like.
So much better than low-waisted! Pear girls suit high waisted, trust me :3
Cheat people into thinking you have godlike figure.

Xuan was the one who was really excited about bikinis for the upcoming trip.
And I was like, whyyy so excited. Then now I'm like that too!
She kept posting bikini pictures to infect us. ~,~

Also, how I wish underwear can be used as bikini.
Each girl would have soooo many bikinis!! #^.^#

Next, I've been lusting over is... shoes!!

I love pointy toe shoes because they really elongate your legs.
Just that the heel can't be too high or blister may attack.

Valentino's studded heels. :( The most famous and iconic of Valentino's shoe.
Laughed when I saw a drawing of it on shitbloggerswear.

Daffodile Strass, pretty right?

That's why I wear the white pumps. It's because in my mind this is what I want.
So classy and dramatic. With six inches of elevation you can stand head and shoulders above others.
Even if you can't, your feet is still wrapped in prettier things.

HAHAH! But guess what? It's RM18k. RM3k still can swallow but 18??? LOL. Die.
The other ones without swarovski crystals like the pretty Pigalle is like 625 USD, still okay!
I wonder when is Louby coming to Msia...

And also pumps are so classy. Such clean line on the legs with no straps in the way.
I need more. I wanna see Charles & Keith! Or Bershka.
The one from Agape Boutique hurts because the shoebox is really hard with no give.
So I can only wear it for dinners or taking pictures. HAHA

Wedge sneakers. Have comfort and style at the same time, this one I like.
Wait. Comfort and style PLUS elevation of height without the pain of heels.
HAHAHA. The most comfortable heels I have is the Forever 21 black booties.
It's like five inches but it doesn't feel like it because it's like platform sneakers.

I would like a gold one. Sporty bling bling. Or those crazy orange green pink combo like the
came out of Fanta bottles.

And the simple ankle strap heels.

I don't know how comfortable it is? I think okay.
Very minimalist and for some reason the lack of straps seem to make legs slimmer ~,~
I saw a pair at Steve Madden. But I didn't try it lolol.

I used to be very cheapskate when it cames to shoes.
Until I realise shoes really can make or break and outfit. :3
What I want is, style height AND comfort.
It's always style and height but no comfort like the Agape ones.
Or comfortable but no style nor height like slippers.

Slippers are in my opinion the UGLIEST thing ever to do OOTD shots with.
The slippers I am talking about is those ... well picture first

So fucking ugly man. 
But very comfortable I know. HAHAH

They belong to the beach, and toilets. 
I think it's a waste, like if the slippers were switched to heels
an entire outfit could be saved!!!

But. I wear rubber thongs too. Lol wait not the rubber ones.
I take it around when I'm afraid I'll get too tired from the heels.
Because it is flat? But this type of slippers really damn ugly lo.
Crocs and Birkenstock also. Sorry ^^

Last time damn a lot of people wore Crocs. Now it's Birkenstock.
Feel bad for the crocodile, nobody sayang him.

But if you have long legs than you can make Birkenstocks look good.
For me I have short legs so I can't ^^ that is why.

I think I should do an OOTD shot with same pose same background same clothes.
Except one I do it with a nice pair of heels,
another with rubber thongs.

Then can see la big difference.

Ya okay here is my face.

Hot pink three quarter sleeves top from Armani Exchange
Electric blue sheer maxi skirt from F Block
glitter pumps from Agape Boutique
Eva clutch from Louis Vuitton

I didn't start dressing up until Wednesday! lol.
I think if you feel bad you should always dress up the next day.
You will feel more confident thus feel better.
And if you dress nicely people will compliment you then you will smile and suddenly
feel so friendly.

If you are feeling happy you should also dress well to maintain your mood.

Gene took this.

Hehe ^^ Ya know. I find the angle, hold it there, ask Gene to come,
then I run to my spot and ask Gene to press da shutter.

Also I fooled around with some effects.

Reflection! But a more abstract version this time.

Mutiplication!! Abstract until headlights become my eyes.

If you are wondering, I used Photoscape to edit these photos.
Sometimes I use Meituxiuxiu, sometimes Photoshop.

But I would say mostly Photoscape.
I didn't know much of what to do with Photoscape last time actually.
I was like... 12? I don't know. I remember Emily was the one who recommended.
Anyway. I find that it is always more beneficial to fool around with things
and find out the answers for yourself, than ask for help the moment you're lost.

Then you'd be forever needing a guide. Why not be your own guide?
HAHHAA. Sometimes I feel lazy also, wanting to depend on someone.

Malaysia is sunny, but hey- it's great for pictures.
Caucasians LOVEEE our weather, would kill for it.

Eventhough the weather makes me sweat sometimes, I still love it.
Love it better than waking up to cold toilet seat. LOL.

Using their industrial grade iron.
Iron RM50 can buy right? WRONG!!
industrial iron can easily cost a few thousands.


Hahaha. Also, people said I looked like indian because of my "diadem".
Aka the shiny band around my head. 

Before that Thailand. And quite often Korea.
Another one thought I came from Japan.
APA LJ??? lol.

This was at Chinoz KLCC, inside their restroom.

Anyways, I do not know why KLCC's toilets are soooo not strategically placed.
I always remember to go to Chinoz one to avoid confusing myself. ^^
Their lighting. I took pictures at the same exact spot four years ago.
Every weekend CHINOZ! Lol.

Also by the way, I miss afternoon dimsum sessions.
Because we go out so late now, like 3pm! 
Dimsum tutup. 

I miss going to hotel for dimsum!
And Grand Imperial!

Dessert was Meringue with Raspberries.
Starter was Mushroom Soup.
I ate that, and french fries :33
No main, I ate Aunt's congee before this!

Le brother. HAHAH.

Since he seldom ever appears on my blog, here he is.
Damn haolian right WXR 83 he thought of changing the back plate to

Scott! My brada from another mother ^^
Nola, my nephew actually. 

I want his baby skin :3

Smile, wide!

I see cheesecake.

And my beloved papa ^^
who dabaos food for me everyday ^^

Oh oh tee dee. Simple!
Flowery dress from Sungei Wang.
Red heels from Charles and Keith.

I also bought a dustplug to spice up my business-looking Samsung.

Hehehehhehe I'm sooo glad I'm no using Galaxy M (aka Y) anymore.

Isn't this pretty? :3
Chanel nail polish cover and Chanel flap dustpluggie.

But it suits iPhone more, *sadface*.
Nobody sayang Note, all make covers from iPhonehai only!! !@#$%^&!!!!!

HHAHA OKAY. Big phone is like that.

Celine luggage dustpluggie!!!
I wonder why have I not come across them before ~,~
it's sho popular! 

I think it would be nice to buy them in many different colours
and our friends would wear it. Matching but different. ^^

Seatootd! bwhaha. I have not forgot.

Another pose, staring into space pose.
A good way to practise candid camwhoring.

What is candid camwhoring???

Well. It is you taking a picture of yourself,
while making it look like you are no aware anddd
that someone else is holding the camera. 


Saturday at The Curve for dinner with family!
As you can see. I'm into drawing heavy eyeliner at the ends. 
And wing it a little.

While waiting for dinner to be served. At Dragon-i 
I like to bring a book to keep myself entertained!
I was reading Malcolm Gladwell's "The Outliers".

it basically explains that some people are successful, BECAUSE
they are given the right opportunities.

Being born in the right time and place. Bill Gates being one of the few people having access
to computer due to his school. It was very rare and precious to have a computer at that time.
Therefore, he could hone his skills way earlier than others.

HAHAH. But also because he himself was hardworking and would sneak out to 
spend some time on the computer. Not "some" actually, but A LOT.

Anyway, they always say it takes 10 000 hours to be good at something. Be professional.
2000 hours is enough to be averagely good. 
8000 is what sets you apart, heaven from Earth.

Which means I have to sew for 10 000 hours? 
lol :x can one can one!

Remember that I have college to learn and parents who agree with my ambitions! :3

Hot and cold, cold and hot.
Mango Sago and their signature chicken.
I don't know what chicken la.

Dad order, I eat only! ;(
It reminds me of popcorn chicken. 
I like it cos it's oily and crunchy muahhaah ^^

Dragon-i also renovated their premise.
Similarly, the price of food also increased to match the new ambiance lol ~,~
But still okay. Cos I like their chicken. 

When it comes to china ahpek food at least I prefer Dragon-i more than Ying Ker Lou.
I don't know why :3 but Ying Ker Lou's business also very good, expanded to two shops!

That's all for this post! :))

Appreciate what you have,
before God gives it to someone else who'll appreciate it more :3

Have a fun weekend ^^
I loveee weekends.

Throw open my arms, 
and welcome it like a mummy welcome his boy from NS.
Wait BMT since BMT longer. 


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